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Petition to Colorado Governor, Millie Hamner, Kerry Donovan

Help approve Tesla as a Luxury Car in Colorado

Please help qualify Tesla as a luxury executive car in the State of Colorado. I bought a used 2013 Tesla Model S in 2015. I thought that I could "Uber Tesla" to help pay for the car and to help reduce the carbon footprint in Aspen. Over Christmas I started driving for Uber. I learned that my riders were thrilled being chauffeured in a Tesla. I had other Tesla owners run down the street to flag me down. I had riders who waited patiently at charging stations for rides from Aspen Airport to the Grand Junction and Eagle Vail airports when Aspen was snowed in. I had a rider who convinced her husband to buy a new Tesla after riding in mine. Rider after rider said "This is the nicest Uber I've ever been in!" I gave 400 fossil fuel free rides in Aspen over the 2015-2016 ski season. The only problem was $. I work daylight hours and due to the problematic nature of the Uber app when surrounded by 14,000' mountains my net was $6 an hour. Even after qualifying as UberSELECT I was unable to make more money because UberSELECT is not an option in Aspen. My next best option was UberBLACK but you need to qualify as a Luxury Executive Car with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission to be an UberBLACK car.  What to do? I like driving, I like my riders, I love my home and I'm a "Greenie" but I still have to make a living. I don't need the $90 an hour local limo drivers charge but I need more than $6 an hour.  So, I decided to pursue a Luxury Executive Car license through the Public Utilities Commission of Colorado. Ooops. Tesla is not listed as a Luxury Car manufacturer in the State of Colorado. The Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) which regulates Taxi and Limo Licenses has a list of cars which qualify as luxury executive cars:(II) Executive car, which is a motor vehicle that has four doors and is: (A)a sedan, crossover, or sport utility vehicle manufactured by: Acura, Audi,Bentley, BMW, Cadillac, Ferrari, Infiniti, Jaguar, Lexus, Lincoln, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, or Rolls Royce; or(B) one of the following: Chrysler 300, Hyundai Equus, Saab 9-5, ChevroletSuburban, Chevrolet Tahoe, Ford Excursion, Ford Expedition, GMC Yukon,Hummer (all models, excluding sport utility truck version). Tesla is not on that list. In order to get Tesla listed as a Luxury Car manufacturer the PUC Board must change a rule. So what qualifies the Tesla Model S as an Executive Car? 1. Price tag $75K and up. 2. Four doors and seats for 4 passengers. 3. Leather Seats and a state of the art electronic system including a 17" touch screen. 4. The The US Department of Energy, the EPA, Kelly Blue Book,  Consumer Reports and Forbes Magazine all call it a luxury sedan. In side by side comparisons with other cars on the 6308 luxury car manufacturer list Tesla is not only comparable but in most cases gets higher ratings. 5. There is already Tesla Limo Service in Denver and there are at least 8 other States with Tesla Limousine services: Arizona, California, Idaho,  Illinois, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Washington. You may be thinking- well why just change a rule for one person? First, one person can have an impact specifically:  400 rides in 3 months. Second, if this can be turn into sustainable model then others may be inspired to do the same. "Some initial studies suggest that one Uber car can take four regular cars off the road. " NPR "The Newest Public Transportation In Town: Uber".  More Teslas = less fossil fuel. Third, Tesla matches the criteria in the PUC rule it's just not on the list of manufacturers let's level the playing field. I need to petition the PUC (Public Utilities Commission) to change a rule. Well, here's a petition. Please help qualify Tesla as a luxury executive car in the State of Colorado.

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Petition to Manohar Parrikar


Dear Manoharbhai, Tourism is the backbone of Goa's economy and tourists across the world & India are used to services like OLA/UBER, it's time to allow them to operate in Goa. Besides,  Goan taxi drivers never use the taxi meters required by law and charge exorbitant fares for their services. Here are benefits: Boost to Tourism Cheaper commuting for all with no return fare Less cars in crowded cities - easier parking Shared OLA will reduce traffic congestion Easy to calculate fare based on GPS - no surprises Cashless payment with online receipt for every transaction Taxes paid directly to govt. increasing tax collection Its upto the driver to find the best route Gainful employment of sincere drivers and can instantly decide to work whenever they have time even if its 2AM - Basic need for airport/hotels Instant decision to Taxi hire saves time Don't have to keep driver waiting/circling in city Old/young/designated drivers forced to drive have alternative - less accidents School kids can be dropped/picked up for school/tuition through shared ride system Automatic GPS based tracking system provides better security Instant feedback to customer service regarding experience Immediate and automatic update on driver rating based on feedback Prompt refunds if applicable Eco-friendly - reduces pollution - less no. of cars owned People don't have to drop/pick others - both save time and obligation People don't drink and drive - particularly Tourists Taxis don't have to wait at Taxi stand and can be available anywhere 24 x 7 People from outside Goa don't have to come with their own cars, instead use local taxi - help businesses. We request that our elected representatives provide improved alternative which encourages innovation and competition instead of our broken taxi system and not to give in to the voice of Taxi drivers looting Tourists and Goans. At least allow online taxi due to LACK of proper public transport system. Please sign this petition so our honorable CM can look into the matter.- Aditya Bhide- Armando Gonsalves- Avelino D'Sa- Chinmay Kamat- Mahesh Sardesai- Milind Barve- Milind Bharne- Mousinho Reis- Nilesh Borde- Ricardo Pinto Rebello- Rohan Govekar- Ruben QuadrosN.B.: Please refer our Complete playlist of videos -    (please note this is a team effort)Facebook Page - linkWhat you told us - linkPetition Comments (5 days) - link

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Petition to Ron Nirenberg

Support my application for the Manager of sales & ride share services with VIA

Public transportation is an important part of every community– and until recently hasn't been a major focus in Texas. VIA has paved an accessible future for generations to come and continues to push innovation with their new ride share program. My passion and sales experience provide me with an adequate foundation for the role and I've provided information below to support my consideration for the position. Public transit users are healthier. It is proven that those who use public transportation get over three times the amount of physical activity per day than those who don’t. Public transportation promotes positive interactions between neighbors and other city residents. This leads to an overall happier community with active and healthy neighbors. Buses create community cohesion. In San Antonio Over 80% of cars traveling to and from work occupy only one passenger. Communities that have public transit reduces the amount of cars on the road and decreases your likelihood of getting into an accident. In addition to decreased traffic and safety, its highly affordable with its monthly pass equivalent to a tank of gas. It saves you money, and the risk of harming others while giving you time back you would spend in traffic.  Public transportation improves access. It improves access to education, employment and everything people need to be independent.  12% of transit riders are traveling to school and 60% of transit riders are going to work.For individuals with disabilities, riding on buses is also safer due to the amount of accessibility features available.  Ramps, lifts, securement belts and more make all Pace buses accessible to entire communities. My knowledge doesn't supersede my love and aspiration for this city. Since I've joined the biking community and subscribed to a monthly pass it has allowed me to see the beauty of San Antonio in its infrastructure, system and people. I'm devoted to not only participating but fully contributing to making sure San Antonio is a future city of tomorrow. 

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Petition to Commonwealth of Massachusettes


What is happening: The Pioneer Valley Transit Authority and other regional transit authorities are lacking government level-funding to operate at the current service rate Why is this happening: The current system is supported by a percentage of funding (level-funding) through the Massachusetts Commonwealth. The government has budgeted for $80.4 million for the past four years. Because inflation continues to rise 2-3% each year, this level-funding of the RTAs is effectively a budget cut. To maintain services, the government would need to increase the funding at least $8 million dollars and for the budget to be where it should be at Why it matters: Services throughout all of Western Mass will be reduced and/or eliminated Fares will increase by 25%. A typical month pass (31 days) will increase $6-9 depending on where you purchase Who does this effect?: Significantly impacts residential riders in the Western area of Massachusetts area to get to work, health care, food, etc. Primarily impacting lower-income communities, communities of color, and the elderly Non-Residential students will not have the same level of access as they did before limiting their options for access to other college campuses, medical concerns, work, etc. What you can do: Sign this Petition! It will be hand delivered to Representative Jeffrey Sánchez’s staff. (Representative Sánchez is the current Chair of the Massachusetts Ways and Means,) This will happen Thursday, February 22, 2018 This petition will also be delivered to the different elected representatives where the PVTA Service Area resides in (i.e. Westfield, Belchertown, Amherst, South Hadley, Etc.)  Continuous advocacy for representatives to affirm their commitment to maintaining this crucial form of transportation throughout Western Massachusetts in addition to this petition. You can find your representative here. Click here for more Information!

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