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Petition to Manohar Parrikar


Dear Manoharbhai, Tourism is the backbone of Goa's economy and tourists across the world & India are used to services like OLA/UBER, it's time to allow them to operate in Goa. Besides,  Goan taxi drivers never use the taxi meters required by law and charge exorbitant fares for their services. Here are benefits: Boost to Tourism Cheaper commuting for all with no return fare Less cars in crowded cities - easier parking Shared OLA will reduce traffic congestion Easy to calculate fare based on GPS - no surprises Cashless payment with online receipt for every transaction Taxes paid directly to govt. increasing tax collection Its upto the driver to find the best route Gainful employment of sincere drivers and can instantly decide to work whenever they have time even if its 2AM - Basic need for airport/hotels Instant decision to Taxi hire saves time Don't have to keep driver waiting/circling in city Old/young/designated drivers forced to drive have alternative - less accidents School kids can be dropped/picked up for school/tuition through shared ride system Automatic GPS based tracking system provides better security Instant feedback to customer service regarding experience Immediate and automatic update on driver rating based on feedback Prompt refunds if applicable Eco-friendly - reduces pollution - less no. of cars owned People don't have to drop/pick others - both save time and obligation People don't drink and drive - particularly Tourists Taxis don't have to wait at Taxi stand and can be available anywhere 24 x 7 People from outside Goa don't have to come with their own cars, instead use local taxi - help businesses. We request that our elected representatives provide improved alternative which encourages innovation and competition instead of our broken taxi system and not to give in to the voice of Taxi drivers looting Tourists and Goans. At least allow online taxi due to LACK of proper public transport system. Please sign this petition so our honorable CM can look into the matter.- Armando Gonsalves- Avelino D'Sa- Mahesh Sardesai- Milind Barve- Mousinho Reis- Nilesh Borde- Rohan GovekarN.B.: Please refer our Facebook Page - linkWhat you told us - linkPetition Comments (5 days) - link

Mahesh Sardesai
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Add Bus Route 894 weekend service (Saturday)

We are a large group of people between San Diego, CA - El Cajon, CA - Jamul, CA - Tecate, CA and Lake Morena, CA - We all commute Monday to Friday via (Bus Route 894 - ) due to Work, School, Shopping, Dr. appts... etc.. etc. We are pleased with SDMTS providing rural service trough the years and with time the increase of people using public transportation has become a crucial important necesity in our daily life. This is a petition regarding: 1- Please add Bus Routes 894 on weekends. It will benefit people going and coming from work, specially on Saturdays, as other commuters going shopping etc. etc. We are asking at least (ONE) service departing early morning from Campo CA 6:54am to El Cajon CA and (ONE) late afternoon service returning from Pkwy Plaza El Cajon CA 5:36pm... (2 years with this petition and will continue until we reach our goal ) To everybody out there please help us!!!.... For those who commute via any public transportation we know you understand... For those who don't, imagine a normal one hour commute... For us sometimes is double. Please sign this important petition, and also we welcome you to sent an email supporting such to:   We need your help... We appreciate your support... We thank you very much, Commuters Bus Route 894 /

Commuters Bus Route 894
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Petition to Joseph Lhota, Andrew Cuomo, Bill de Blasio, Robert Carroll, Brad Lander

MTA- Bring Contactless Payment to Ft. Hamilton Station First

The "Summer of hell" may be over but for the hard working people and MTA customers of Brooklyn, the woes of subway travel seem to be never-ending. While steps appear to be underway to make improvements, such as countdown clocks and other behind the scenes upgrades, there is still a big problem that needs to be addressed immediately. This problem, while not unique to one station, is having a big negative impact on the Ft. Hamilton F/G Station in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn. That problem is with both the MetroCard vending machines as well as the readers on the entry turnstiles. There are many reports on neighborhood boards and listservs of MetroCard vending machines taking payment from credit and debit cards but not actually adding that value to the MetroCard. In addition, many times customers will swipe their card at the turnstile reader which will indicate payment but not unlock the turnstile. A subsequent swipe will indicate the card was just used or will take an additional amount off the card. There are other times where the reader simply does not read the card at all or is even not functioning completely. We fully understand the MTA recognizes these issues and is working on implementing a new contactless payment and entry process throughout the entire Subway system by 2022. However, the Kensington/Windsor Terrace community can wait no longer and can not afford to lose additional hard-earned money to the very system we rely on to get us to and from those precious jobs. Therefore we would like to propose and and request that the Ft. Hamilton station, as well as possibly the Church Ave. station, be put at the top of the list to have this new system implemented. At the Ft. Hamilton station, specifically at the Ft. Hamilton Pky. entrance as there is no booth or agent at this end. Even if the system is still in the trial and testing phase, having one of the three turnstiles at this entrance would allow the MTA to get tremendous constructive feedback and data. The Church Ave. station is obviously much larger and would be able to provide invaluable and different data to be reviewed as well. There is little doubt that this is one of the fastest growing areas not only in Brooklyn but all of NY City. One only has to look at the amount of apartment buildings recently and still being constructed as well as the addition and growth of the local Public Schools. Not only has ridership increased tremendously in these two stations over the last 10 years but continues. In fact, the MTA even reconfigured the Ft. Hamilton entryway less than two years ago in recognition of that. The amazing Kensington/Windsor Terrace community is once again asking and offering to help the MTA in helping all NY City commuters. Thank you.

Steve LeVine
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