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Petition to Rt Hon Chris Grayling, Derby Telegraph, BBC Radio Derby, BBC East Midlands Today, Charles Lawley, Alistair Forbes, Simon Spencer, Barry Lewis, Rt Hon Patrick McLoughlin, Theresa May MP, Vikki Bonsall, Peter Stanton, Tom Hague, George White, Jeremy Miles, Paul Williams, Kate Smith, Jo Johnson, Ruth George, Martin Yallop, Christian Wolmar, Adam Wain, Jake Kelly, Sue Burfoot, Beth Atkins, High Peak Radio, Buxton Advertiser

Re-open the Railway between Matlock, Bakewell, Buxton and Manchester

Citizens of Derby and Leicester together with citizens of Loughborough, Kettering, Bedford, and Luton are probably unaware that there was once a main line railway between Derby and Manchester which formed a second principal route between London St Pancras and Manchester with many trains continuing to Liverpool. This line was closed as part of the Beeching axe and left the east midlands with very poor rail links to Manchester and the North West. The section between Matlock and Chinley is completely closed to passengers but the route is still in place. Ideally this main line should be reopened , but it would be costly although demand would undoubtedly be huge. Therefore we suggest about four trains a day should run from London St Pancras to Manchester calling at Luton, Bedford, Wellingborough, Kettering, Market Harborough, Leicester, Loughborough, Derby, then via the longer Hope Valley Line to Stockport and Manchester. Assuming these trains prove successful then consideration should be given to reopening the direct line via Matlock.

James Wyatt
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Petition to Mark Deaville, Staffordshire County Council

Reverse the decision to cut Arriva Midlands funding - save Sunday services

Staffordshire County Council have made the decision to stop subsidies to Arriva Midlands which enables them to run evening and Sunday services from their Cannock depot (serving Cannock, Stafford, Huntington, Hednesford and Great Wyrley). This means all evening and Sunday busses will be withdrawn from April 1st 2018 and affecting hundreds of people, particularly the elderly, will be unable to travel during these times where there are no alternate operators.  Some elderly and disabled users may have little opportunity to leave the house, and by cutting bus services back this leaves even less opportunity. A regular user of one of the Cannock services relies on Arriva to care for his disabled brother; he still requires the same care on Sundays, but how is he able to travel to him?In addition to this, users paying as much as £520pa for a Cannock/Stafford region, or £800pa for West Midlands region bus passes will receive less value for money. This is unfair to hard working commuters who deserve to use their pass for leisure evenings and weekends.In Walsall and the Black Country, operators such as National Express and Diamond run regular services throughout the week, as frequent as every 7 minutes. The people of Cannock and Stafford have the same needs. *Simon Mathieson, of Arriva Midlands, said: "It will become financially unsustainable for us to continue to cover the overheads we incur opening our Cannock depot on Sundays and we have made the decision to cancel all services that run from our Delta Way depot on Sundays with effect from April 1.” Affected services, as of 26th March, include: 2E - Walsall to Hednesford (via Bloxwich, Great Wyrley, Cheslyn Hay & Cannock) No evening or Sundays; & not serving Hednesford or Pye Green 8 - Parkside to Moss Pit (Circular) No evening or Sundays 9 - Stafford to Highfields (Circular) No evening or Sundays 12 - Stafford to Doxey (Circular) No evening or Sundays 21 - Shoal Hill to Cannock (Circular) Complete withdrawal 25/26 - Cannock to Pye Green (Circular) No late evening or Sundays 60/61 - Cannock to Lichfield (via Norton Canes and Burntwood) No evening or Sundays 62/62S - Cannock to Lichfield (via Hednesford & Burntwood) No evening or Sundays and route change 70/70A - Cannock to Wolverhampton (via Featherstone & University) No evening or Sundays 71/71A - Cannock to Wolverhampton To be replaced by Select; no evenings or Sundays 74 - Cannock to Stafford Hospital (via Huntington & Town Centre) No Sundays 75A - Stafford to Cannock (via Dunston & Penkridge) No evening or Sundays 76A - Stafford to Wolverhampton (via Penkridge) Complete withdrawal 825 - Stafford to Lichfield (via Hixon, Little Haywood & Rugeley) No Monday-Thursday evenings or Sundays ALL of the above will no longer run on Sundays or evenings (except 825 on Friday & Saturday evenings). Arriva have published the specific changes to routes here -  Please sign this petition in an attempt to convince Staffordshire County Council and Cabinet member for Commercial, Mark Deaville, to reverse their decision and maintain funding for these vital services. Thank you.* Accessed 15/02/2018^Image property of Reiss Laventine (thank you)

L Murphy
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Petition to Department for Infrastructure

Keep private taxis out of Belfast bus lanes - sustainable transport NOT private profit

The Department for Infrastructure (DfI) has launched a public consultation on a proposed experiment to allow thousands of private taxis to flood all of Belfast’s bus lanes for at least 12 months. This is madness - it's the next step on the way to a permanent arrangement and it has to stop now. Please sign this petition but more importantly email your objection to DfI by Friday 6th July 2018 - do this at Our city is grinding to a halt through congestion, it’s choking on record poor air quality and a public health crisis deepens through inactivity and obesity. Bus lanes are there to prioritise sustainable transport: buses which do the work which do the work of 50 cars at a time a new Rapid Transit system based on speed and reliability to attract drivers out of their cars growing cycling levels which combats both congestion and obesity wheelchair accessible taxis and taxi buses which provide socially-important services Private taxis are one of the least sustainable forms of transport – half of all journeys are run empty of passengers – and this experiment will load 4,500 taxis into Belfast bus lanes. For comparison, the entire Metro bus fleet is around 300. Belfast's £90m investment in the Glider bus rapid transit system is meant to start lifting our city out of our congestion hell - yet just weeks before Glider launches, DfI is proposing to fatally undermine it by dumping thousands of taxis into bus lanes. Taxis which will be legally entitled to park up and wait for two minutes even if a Glider bus is stuck behind it in the bus lane. While we wait endlessly for DfI to build a cycling network, bus lanes remain one of the few safe spaces for cycling in Belfast. This experiment will frighten away existing cyclists and make the roads less safe for people who DfI are supposed to be encouraging to take up cycling. DfI seems determined to torch its own policy commitments to sustainable transport in the Programme for Government and make this city a worse place to live, work and travel in. You can raise your voice now say no to hobbling sustainable transport, from which the only positive effect will be to line the pockets of the big business interests of the private taxi industry. Sign the petition, share it widely and visit to email your objection - only doing that offers a slim chance of stopping this madness.

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