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Petition to Mark Deaville, Staffordshire County Council

Reverse the decision to cut Arriva Midlands funding - save Sunday services

Staffordshire County Council have made the decision to stop subsidies to Arriva Midlands which enables them to run evening and Sunday services from their Cannock depot (serving Cannock, Stafford, Huntington, Hednesford and Great Wyrley). This means all evening and Sunday busses will be withdrawn from April 1st 2018 and affecting hundreds of people, particularly the elderly, will be unable to travel during these times where there are no alternate operators. Some elderly and disabled users may have little opportunity to leave the house, and by cutting bus services back this leaves even less opportunity. A regular user of one of the Cannock services relies on Arriva to care for his disabled brother; he still requires the same care on Sundays, but how is he able to travel to him?In addition to this, users paying as much as £520pa for a Cannock/Stafford region, or £800pa for West Midlands region bus passes will receive less value for money. This is unfair to hard working commuters who deserve to use their pass for leisure evenings and weekends.In Walsall and the Black Country, operators such as National Express and Diamond run regular services throughout the week, as frequent as every 7 minutes. The people of Cannock and Stafford have the same needs. *Simon Mathieson, of Arriva Midlands, said: "It will become financially unsustainable for us to continue to cover the overheads we incur opening our Cannock depot on Sundays and we have made the decision to cancel all services that run from our Delta Way depot on Sundays with effect from April 1.”We are waiting for Arriva to confirm all affected services, however, the services potentially at risk of withdrawal are: 2E - Walsall to Hednesford (via Great Wyrley & Cannock)3 - Walsall to Brownhills (via Pelsall)8 - Parkside to Moss Pit (via Trinity Fields)9 - Stafford to Highfields (Circular)70 - Cannock to Wolverhampton (via Cheslyn Hay & Featherstone)75A - Stafford to Cannock (via Penkridge)76A - Stafford to Wolverhampton (via Penkridge) Arriva have said they will announce the affected services on their website in due course. Please sign this petition in an attempt to convince Staffordshire County Council and Cabinet member for Commercial, Mark Deaville, to reverse their decision and maintain funding for these vital services. Thank you.* Accessed 15/02/2018^Image taken by Jacob Peatfield-Straw, via Facebook

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Petition to George Freeman MP, Breckland District Council, Watton Town Council

Reinstate the Railway Line to Watton from Thetford

In the 1960s, a very short-sighted decision was made to close a large amount of railway lines in the United Kingdom, this made travelling in rural counties such as Norfolk difficult and longer as many smaller towns have poor or lengthy bus coverage to other towns with railway stations. Watton is one of these towns, about 7,200 people live here, and we have to either drive to Attleborough station (10.9 mi), or either go pop on the bus to Norwich station (26.5 mi, including the walk from the bus station to the train station), having a railway station back in town would ease travel times for people leaving and entering the town. The line could become a Community railway, or could become a heritage line with steam engines running as a shuttle between Watton and Thetford The line would follow the route of the former Bury and Thetford Swaffham Branch and terminate near the old station at a new site on or near Griston Road, where there are no houses at the far end of the road. There would also be an option to add request stops/halts outside the village of Great Hockham and in the village of Stow Bedon. A station for Watton would also serve surrounding villages such as Carbrooke & Saham Toney The line would be single track, be standard gauge (So trains could continue beyond Thetford) and would either have wooden or concrete sleepers. Trains could be once an hour or once every two hours.

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Petition to Barry Murphy, Elon Musk, Tesla, Dublin City Council, UCD President

Lobby for a Hyperloop Network between UCD and Coppers

We, a group of energetic, ambitious and sesh hungry students of University College Dublin hereby call upon our Students Union to lobby strongly the government, City Council and SpaceX for the construction of an underground Hyperloop network between UCD and Harcourt Street. The Hyperloop network, which we propose to name Hyper McLoopy, will provide easy access for students from UCD to the various sesh havens on Harcourt street on nights out to enhance the student experience (aka sesh). At present, there is no direct bus route and it takes feckin ages to reach Coppers or DTwo on a nightout after pre drinks in Belgrove, enough time for the place to be infested by them smelly boyiz from DIT and Trinity and the 12 year olds from Smithfield with fake ID's making it impossible to get free entry. This is a major problem faced by the student population since sesh is probably the only thing which keeps us going in the big shmoke. This project shall also serve the purpose of scientific research as the Engineering and Science boyiz and gals can study the effects of being projected at near supersonic speeds (1200 km/hr) on the human body while the rest of yous can just go "weeeeeeee" and enjoy the ride. Once completed, travel time to Harcourt street will be reduced to just 17.4 seconds (250 times faster than the existing Dublin bus) giving just enough time to down 2 pints of Fosters or sort out the maskcara. This service will also run through the night  ensuring that students can get back to UCD safely even at 4:00 am without having to share a cab with other drunk people and also allow students to reach city center on Fridays ensuring they can get  to Heuston in no time to go home for the weekend and also link with the Luas and DART. The proposed network shall also pass through Rathmines and Rathfranham (with a stop in Rathmines) for the benefit of students who are deprived by the erratic 17 bus. It should also provide easy access to Trinity college should we require to mobilize forces into College Green in the event of unprovoked aggression from Trinity. It will also be operated using renewable energy and be more environment friendly than the Dublin bus. We estimate the cost of a round trip on the Hyperloop to be just 3.50 and students can swipe their leap card like usual for cheaper fares. We propose that the project will be funded partially (10%) from the residence fines and repeat fees along with sponsorship from large some audit firms in Harcourt street (20%) , Librocop's cryptocurrency investment gainz (20%) and the rest will be an anonymous philanthropic donation. There is already existing infrastructure in place in UCD and the secret tunnels under Newman can serve as a starting point in UCD and since most of our network will be underground, there will not be any major effect on existing infrastructure. This will be ideal for students who wish to finish their pre-drinks at Belgrove or Ashfield and also allow for late night study in the Library followed by Coppers. As a part of our strategy to get Elon Musk (aka Musky boyy) to agree to test his prototype in South Dublin, we propose that the Students Union seduce (bribe) him with 1,500 Insomnia coffee vouchers, the Coppers Gold Card from SHAG week, the original Wingin It handbook, the James Joyce Award and also premium access to the Rodeo penis at next years SHAG week which should be tempting enough. Since the Students Union claims to be Our Voice and so far they have been working on boring stuff (like RAG week, Repeat fees etc. *yawn*) , we hereby propose to call a referendum on this major student issue in March and hope that you will support the cause. Sign the petition with your name and student number as well as school (don't forget the school)  and we are looking for around 1200 signatures to call a referendum in March.

Things not to do in UCD
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Petition to Secretary of State for Transport, East Midlands Rail Franchise Consultation Co-ordinator, Minister with responsibility for rail

No service cuts & keep ½hourly Intercity trains to Bedford, Luton, Wellingboro after 2019.

East Midlands Rail Campaign ( The Department for Transport consultation on the replacement East Midlands rail franchise ( proposed there to be no more Intercity trains for Luton, Luton Airport, Bedford, Wellingborough, Melton Mowbray or Oakham, and limited Intercity services for Beeston. It also proposed a reduced service between Leicester and Kettering.On these proposals passengers between Luton/Luton Airport/Bedford/Wellingborough and Market Harborough/Leicester/Loughborough/Beeston/Nottingham will have to change onto the reduced number of Intercity trains that stop at Kettering (p29).People that currently rely on these services will be struggling to get to and from work, or to visit relatives, when they have organised their lives around the current train service that will be cut. The proposals would make the problems of 'limited connectivity' (p18) worse, and are contrary to the expectation of passengers to "be rewarded for their loyalty" (p6) and to be respected (p24). As such, we (as individuals and as part of the East Midlands Rail Campaign oppose the approach of the consultation.  It is fundamentally wrong in strictly splitting services between electrified 'commuter' services and bi-mode Intercity services.  The distinction between a 'commuter' market and an 'Intercity' market that the consultation makes does not match the reality of "peak time" services (full of commuters) between London, "Nottingham, Sheffield and Derby" that the consultation talks of (p18). We also oppose the connected decision to cancel electrification between Kettering and Leicester/Nottingham/Derby/Sheffield.  By ending the strict split between electrified 'commuter' services and bi-mode Intercity services, Melton Mowbray and Oakham should retain their Intercity trains. The consultation proposal is to increase capacity on the Midland mainline.  This should mean better services for all. The extra train compared to current timetables should be an hourly train London/Luton (or Airport)/Bedford/Wellingborough/Kettering/Leicester/East Midlands Parkway/Long Eaton/Derby, sometimes going on to Sheffield, sometimes to Manchester. We also believe there should still also be hourly trains London/Luton Airport Parkway/Bedford/Wellingborough/Kettering/Market Harboro/Leicester/Loughborough/Beeston/Nottingham (our opposition to the opproach of the consultation should be explicitly taken as support for continuation of these existing services as well as Intercity services to Melton Mowbray and Oakham, as well as the stops that provide a second Intercity train per hour serving Market Harborough, Loughborough and East Midlands Parkway).  Improving the "door-to-door journey experience" can only be acheived by increasing, rather than reducing the number of through trains, requiring all existing through services to be retained.  Rather than cutting stops and services, we consider that since the next operator is to "come forward with plans for modern, fast, efficient and comfortable trains...including...Intercity trains" (p6), that those trains should be specified with enough/wide enough doors, specified for positions within the coaches that enable quick entry and exit.  We consider this to be a better overall approach to reducing delays by calling at intermediate stations (p18). We call on the Department for Transport to take account of our views in drawing up the new franchise Invitation To Tender for the East Midlands. 

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