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Petition to Gladys Berejiklian, Stuart Ayres, Rob Stokes, Brad Hazzard, Anthony Roberts, Luke Foley, Anthony Albanese, Tanya Plibersek

Safeguard the Health, Safety & Well-being of all Children at Rozelle Public School

Objection to WestConnex M4-M5 Link I write to express my strong objection to the WestConnex M4-M5 Link motorway concept design. I object to this design as it: - Proposes 3 to 4 years of 24/7 construction of a tunnel entrance/exit on Victoria Road approximately 200m from Rozelle Public School and Preschool (the School).- Proposes two unfiltered tunnel exhaust ventilation stacks; one 200m North West of and at a lower elevation to the School in line with prevailing winds, and the other 600m South of the School, also in a secondary prevailing wind direction, which will shower unfiltered emissions and toxic particular matter down on our children while at school, as they walk to and from the School, as they play at the School and in their own back yards and at local parks, and while they sleep in their beds which will lead to adverse health effects on our children due to the unfiltered exhaust emissions.- Proposes buildings adjacent to or nearby the School being demolished for construction sites, leading to more dust and noise pollution, and unsafe demolition methods being used as evidenced at other WestConnex sites which poses a serious risk to our children’s safety. I am opposed to construction for the following reasons:- Construction within 500m of the School between 7am and 6pm Monday to Friday will result in adverse health, safety, educational, developmental and well-being effects on children due to its proximity and during exactly the entire time that our children are present on School grounds.- Construction noise and vibration from trucks and tunnelling for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a period of months or years which will;     - Adversely affect our children’s opportunities to learn and play during these times;     - Adversely affect those of our children in Preschool to adequately rest during nap-times;    - Further exacerbate and potentially endanger those of our children afflicted by pre-existing respiratory conditions;    - Be deleterious to learning outcomes for those of our children suffering learning disabilities.- Construction is likely to result in the disturbance of lead and other soil pollutants known to be present in the soil throughout Rozelle which will be dispersed throughout the surrounding area, including the School. - Construction will have an adverse impact on our children’s sleep, leading to impaired cognitive processing and compromised learningwill adversely affect the children living to the North West of the construction site, in the area between Victoria Road, Springside Street and Byrnes Street as the road closures will isolate them and make it impossible for them to walk to school.- To use all or part of King George Park and Oval as a construction site due to its proximity to the School and the use of this site will;     - Impede the children’s ability to participate in the School cross country carnival or the athletics carnival which are normally held at King George Oval, and pose a safety risk when the children walk to and from the School and the Oval to attend the carnivals     - Be detrimental to the health of the children participating in the School swimming carnival which is normally held at Drummoyne Swim Centre due to the proximity of exercising close to the construction site.     - Be detrimental to the general health and well-being of the children who use this park, playground and oval as their only means of recreation, as Rozelle is already severely lacking in safe open spaces for children to play in. I am opposed to the ventilation shafts for the following reasons:      - They will increase car emissions, which are already responsible for the high levels of lead polluting the air at Rozelle, and the increased traffic volumes due to the tunnel will result in increased exhaust emissions and toxic particulates from both the tunnel entrance and the unfiltered exhaust stacks;     - They will increase the concentration of air pollution at the tunnel entrance, given that the Iron Cove Bridge and Victoria Road in Drummoyne are already at capacity, which will lead to stop/start and slow moving traffic at the entrance; I am opposed to the tunnel at the Iron Cove Bridge for the following reasons:     - The tunnel will increase the road safety hazards to our children when walking and cycling to school during construction due to the volume of heavy construction vehicles as evidenced at other existing WestConnex construction, in particular along Victoria Road, Darling Street, Wellington Street, Terry Street and all side streets adjacent to these roads and within 200m of the School;     - SMC offers no traffic plans for children to safely walk and cycle to School after construction, particularly near tunnel entrances;     - SMC Offers no traffic plans or contingencies to prevent rat runs and increased traffic volumes in residential streets in the catchment area by drivers seeking to avoid tolls;     - SMC provides no assurances that current pedestrian crossings across Victoria Road between Toelle Street and Terrey Street, Moodie Street and Terry Street are preserved, or safe and convenient alternatives are found both during and after construction;     - SMC provides no assurances that current bus routes and stops on Victoria Road are preserved, or alternative safe and convenient routes and stops are instated both during and after construction;     - SMC provides no assurances that current cycle paths on Victoria Road are preserved, or alternative safe and convenient cycle paths are instated both during and after construction;     SMC does not provide adequate information to provide more detailed feedback and objections, and without any consultation with us and our community, we must object to the current very vague and potentially disastrous proposals being put forward by SMC. 

Rozelle Public School P&C
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Petition to Darren Chester MP, Anthony Albanese MP, Andrew Constance MP, Jodi McKay MP, Thomas George MP

Save the tracks now or the Casino to Murwillumbah Railway line will be lost forever.

Our roads are so bad. There's too many trucks and too many road accidents. Traffic congestion is growing fast as tourists pour into our region and our population is constantly increasing. Carbon emissions from transport are growing and are currently 18% of our emissions. Trains could cut that by 60%. We need to let State and Federal governments know we want trains on the Casino to Murwillumbah track as soon as possible. The last thing we need right now is to lose our railway track and rail trail legislation in any section of the line would mean losing the current protection of the whole rail corridor. Tumbarumba rail land has now become crown lands following the recent rail trail legislation and the State government can do what they like with it. The North Coast of NSW has a high proportion of elderly, people on benefits, indigenous people and students. Many are unable to drive or afford a car. The lack of public transport causes suffering to the most vulnerable groups in our community. We need rail services on the Casino to Murwillumbah rail line because of the urgent issue of climate change. Mass transport and rail are the most efficient and safe means of travel. The disastrous effects of climate change can be seen in the March 2017 flood in Lismore. All across the world nations are turning to rail as the most equitable and sustainable mode of transport.

Beth Shelley
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Petition to Gladys Berejiklian, John Barilaro, Anthony Roberts, Andrew Constance


For far too long there has been a serious imbalance in State Government  spending when it comes to vital infrastructure in the bush. While the cities repeatedly get billions of dollars spent on upgrades to their public transport systems and tollways, in some regional areas, there are no regular bus or train services. This gross imbalance in spending needs to be rectified. In Tottenham we have been lucky enough to be given a new weekly mini-bus  service, but other country towns are still missing out. In 1974, several passenger services on branch lines were closed down and when that happened dozens of small rural towns scattered along those lines, like Tottenham, Tullamore, Bogan Gate and Trundle went into economic 'free fall'. We urgently need to reverse this ongoing trend - where businesses are closing down, streets are lined with empty shops and people are making a mass exodus to the coast to look for work. The way to stop this from happening is simple - we need to reinstate daily  passenger rail services on all branch lines. Across the UK, modern, state-of-the-art one and two carriage pacer trains keep small communities connected with regional centres. We need to do the same thing here in NSW if this State is going to grow and prosper.  The time for spending the majority of the infrastructure budget on Sydney is over. The NSW Government needs to look after the whole State, not just towns on the eastern seaboard. There is a new tech minerals mine being opened up at Fifield which will be generating hundreds of new jobs, but without public transport it will be very difficult and very expensive for those people to commute to work every day. On top of this, there will undoubtedly be new industries being established along the Bogan Way which will want to take advantage of the resources the mine produces and the people working in those factories and distribution centres will also be looking to access affordable public transport. We also have an aging community in the west. We also have many young families in the bush who cannot afford to run a car, or for some reason, no longer drive. We have people who would like to be able to commute to a job in a nearby regional centre, so they can buy an affordable house and raise a family. We need to provide public transport options for all these people which is cheap and easy for them to use on a daily basis. Reinstating passenger train services on branch lines, many of which are currently under-utilized, like the Tottenham Branch Line, is the most practical way of fixing this spending imbalance and will generate massive economic and population growth in the bush.  At a time when 'Decentralisation' and the 'Central West and Orana Regional Plan' are being discussed, it is pretty obvious that if the Government is really serious about stimulating the economy in the Central West over the next twenty years, then public transport infrastructure needs to be an essential part of any future planning strategy.  You can't expect people to commute via car every single day, when fuel is so expensive. However in the report released recently by the Hon Anthony Roberts MP, public transport infrastructure barely got a mention. This oversight needs to be rectified. . (Pictured is a 144e two-carriage Pacer Train which is ideal for use on branch lines in the Central West.)  

Sarina Sharp
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