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Petition to Dr. Jennifer McCormick, Dr Vince Bertram

Principle Star Hardimon miss use of school police & illegal ban from school grounds

This petition is to help stop Mrs Star Hardimons miss use of power to issue said trespass orders and harassment via phone call at 8:30am the 3rd week of April 2017 over said Facebook post which goes against Mrs Webber's First Amendment rights to Free Speech.   Perry Township Douglas MacAuther Elementary Principle Star Hardimon may be endeavoring to retaliate against Luvmi Webber for the flippant lampooning of school matters and her exercising her First Amendment Rights and right to publicly comment on School affairs. It would appear that in inference might be done that Mrs. Webber is being punished, not because she is representing any sort of threat, but because her posted on Facebook. Witnesses are availing that school officials routinely check(ed) Mrs. Webber's Facebook account and were incensed by its content. Previous  Facebook Live "rant" which was offensive to some appears that Perry Township did nothing punitive after the "rant". In fact Mrs. Webber was permitted to return to the Elementary after her "rant" and even passed a background check which was conducted so she could volunteer in her children's class's. While probable demonstrating some puerility, would not permit banishment. Yet it's been agreed that Mrs. Webber would take a more mature approach with Douglas MacAuther in the future. Mrs. Webber has taken it upon herself to contact her lawyer who has sent a professional reply April 27 2017 , asking that the Trespass order be lifted. Principle Star Hardimon failed to life ban. Do to the fathers handicap nonone was able to take the twins to  their graduation.  The children's father is disabled and Mrs. Webber is in de facto sole care provider for her children and therefore needs to be able to interact with the school in order to perform basic functions essential to being a responsible mother.  PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION IF YOU FEEL MRS WEBBERS BEING TREATED UNFAIRLY AND MRS HARDIMON SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED. Sign this petition if you believe rules should be followed and measures should to be taken before issuing said trespass orders. Do you believe ones power is not to be use to have said paperwork issued? Everyone should be treated with fairness! We seek help via donations to sue. Link for those who'd like to help. Please &  THANK YOU > WE BELIEVE IN THE FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS TO FREE SPEECH & EGUALITY 

Luvmi Webber
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Petition to Maureen Henry, Bill Heidenreich

Maureen Henry: End ignorance, welcome change. Don't just hear us, listen.

Valley Stream South High School is known to be a school of character but the character of the principal, Maureen Henry is in question. Mr. Visone, teacher of an 11AP United States history class started a project where students were urged to make a positive change in their community. This could be in the town, in the state, or even in the school and several students decided to pick the school as their place of change. When students began wanting to speak with Ms.Henry, she shut down the project. Ms.Henry "does not have time to speak with these kids" and so she told Mr. Visone that he must shut down the project immediately. We are students trying to make our school a better place, a true school of character but Ms. Henry is standing in our way. We are coming to her wanting to make positive change in Valley Stream South High School but we have been told that we can't. She has not even began to meet with students, but when she heard that students would be coming to her to make change, she couldn't allow it.   Ms.Henry has not only not allowed students to make positive change but she has been allegedly racist, homophobic, and disrespectful to many among South's Student Body. This is a principal who has defended the use of the word "faggot", fought against the creation of a GSA, has told girls that they must change because they are "distracting boys", has scolded students for exercising their right not to stand for the pledge of allegiance, and much more. Ms.Henry must allow Mr. Visone to continue his project "Operation Affect Positive Change" , she must be held accountable for her actions, and attention must be drawn to the true character of Valley Stream South High School's principal. We need a principal who fights for us, not against us. We need a principal who will empower her students, not intimidate them. We need a principal who shows her students and faculty respect. The South student body will not let Ms. Henry silence us any longer. Dr. Heidenreich we are asking you to please listen to the students of Valley Stream South High School and make the change in leadership that we so desperately need.

Ariel Mangual
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Petition to Bangor Public School Board

Calling for the Resignation of Bangor Public Schools Board Members and Superintendent.

**We will not release your personal info, if you sign. This is a good way to show support, without fear of retaliation.** The recent events surrounding Bangor Public Schools is the straw the broke the camel's back.  We are tired of the good ol' boy network. This system ensures their friends get jobs in the school system. Which is why we have a Superintendent that makes $178k+/yr, which is much higher than any surrounding districts. What do we get for that high salary and approx. $12 million worth of taxes per year? A school system that ranks 10 out of 11 in our area; second from the bottom, in our region, and only narrowly beating Covert Public Schools.  Students that aren't prepared for college.  Students forced to hire tutors to get up to speed before they can go to college. Cuts to important programs. Low teacher pay. Extremely high administrative pay. The way our Public School is run affects everyone in the our community. In order for Bangor Public Schools to grow and be successful, we need leadership with integrity. Leadership that is constantly striving to better our school system.  This current school board and administration is involved in scandals and cover-ups. Hiring unqualified Administrators, then creating new positions for them, once the State found out and fined us nearly $40k. Not to mention, the additional money being paid to the chief financial officer, for covering as the acting superintendent. So, we as taxpayers, get to foot the bill to make sure the Superintendent maintains his $178k+ salary including benefits like $400/mo car allowance. Not to mention, the alleged affair between 2 administrators. That seems to have boiled over, during a school day, this past fall. They are not the kind of leaders we need in our school system. They seem to be more worried about their extremely high paycheck, than their students’ educations. This is proven by the test scores. The public tried to talk to them. They hid and continue to hide, by cancelling a public forum. Then, they postponed their board meeting, to avoid answering to the public and our concerns. It is time to hold them accountable for their actions over the past several years. Great leaders are necessary for our school system. The current Superintendent treats people poorly and has proven he isn't a leader. The School Board refuses to hold him accountable and has failed us. They have cancelled the "Workshop" they scheduled. They postponed their regularly scheduled board meeting, because they are afraid we will confront them with the facts. They clearly don't care what the people think and are doing whatever they want.We know people are scared to voice their concerns because of retaliation. Just know that we stand behind you and will fight hard for you, our students, our children and our community. Now is the time for our voices to be heard; for Bangor to take back its school system and make sure the students receive good quality educations.  It's time to make sure that the money we spend on our school system gets to the classrooms and stops being soaked up by overpaid and under qualified administrators. We will no longer be bullied, no longer be intimidated, no longer be pushed aside, no longer stand by silently while our students' educations are sidelined.  Bangor is a great community and we need to fix our school system, so that we can grow our great community.  Join us today and tell the Bangor Public School Board that it's time to fix the problems or step down. Let the Superintendent know that we won't back down and it's time for him to step down.

Bangor Rising
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