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Immediately install SkyCop camera(s) at Monroe St & Douglas intersection in West Toledo OH

Due to the greatly increasing number of armed robberies, shootings, burglaries, and other crimes happening in and around the 4100 block of Monroe Street in West Toledo, Ohio, we demand the City of Toledo and Toledo Police immediately install PROVEN technology, SkyCop surveillance cameras, to deter crime in our neighborhood at and near the intersection of Monroe and Douglas. CVS and Monroe Pharmacies located in the 4100 block of Monroe Street have been particularly hard hit by successful armed robberies in recent months, sometimes with both pharmacies being victims of armed robbery within the SAME DAY, by different criminals. CVS is a huge target for opioid seeking addicts and criminals due to being the only 24 hour pharmacy in West Toledo. Monroe Pharmacy, directly across the street from CVS, has also been hit by armed robberies recently, IN BROAD DAYLIGHT. In fact, the most recent armed robbery suspect was successfully caught by Toledo Police using an unmanned drone to follow and apprehend the suspect. News articles: Robbing Pharmacies a New Trend in Toledo CVS Armed Robbery TV news coverage and reporting CVS Pharmacy robbed again Toledo SkyCop cameras proven to deter crime Other businesses on the block have also been hit by armed robbery attempts such as the MetroPCS wireless store located next-door to CVS. Further down Monroe Street in the same area/neighborhood, Burger King and Subway restaurants have also been victims of armed robberies. A man was shot a couple of weeks ago near Monroe and Douglas at or near the Valero gas station. Other businesses such as the Beirut Restaurant are broken into and burglarized REGULARLY and REPEATEDLY. As a first step, we need a minimum of one SkyCop camera installed at the corner of Monroe and Douglas, with the camera aimed at or trained on the 2 pharmacies constantly being robbed at gunpoint, in an effort to deter criminals from attempting armed robbery in those 2 locations. We may need additional cameras on other stretches of the 4000-5000 blocks of Monroe, where violent crimes like these are increasing. We urge the City of Toledo to allocate budget for this first camera, and for Toledo Police to install it and begin 7x24 live monitoring of the camera ASAP. Since we realize such an installation can take time, we urge the City and Toledo Police to place a mobile temporary SkyCop camera at the Monroe/Douglas intersection until a permanently mounted system can be installed and tested. Police Chief Kral recently committed publicly to increased Toledo Police patrols in the area, but without a more consistent, visible presence in the area, the crimes continue at an increasing pace. Someone is going to get harmed or KILLED. We need more technology to patrol the area(s) when Police aren't available due to being on other calls or due to police staffing or budget constraints. Neighborhood residents, Justin Renquist, recently interviewed by Toledo local tv news on 13ABC, and others, are organizing a community meeting and mini grassroots "task force" to address these crime problems and work with City officials at City Council, the Mayor, and Police Chief Kral on real, measurable solutions. We call upon City of Toledo officials, City Council members and the Mayor, as well as Police Chief Kral and Toledo Police to move beyond "just talk" and work with us to implement REAL, PROVEN, and INNOVATIVE solutions to crime in our neighborhood. People are scared. Rightly so. We need HELP. URGENTLY. Thank you for your support, collaboration, and URGENT ACTION, Neighborhood Residents of West Toledo, Ohio

4000 Monroe St Corridor Toledo Crime Prevention
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Petition to Supreme Court of California

Keep Charles Manson Cult Killer Leslie Van Houten from Being Paroled

On January 19, 2018, CA Governor Jerry Brown reversed a parole recommendation for Charles Manson cult murderer Leslie Van Houten (CDC#W-13378).  Your support is still needed by signing this petition that will be submitted to the court during the appeal of the Governor's decision. New court dates and updates on this case will be posted here as they become available. Ms. Van Houten broke into the home of Leno & Rosemary LaBianca on August 10, 1969- after Charles Manson had gone into their home & tied the couple up. She placed a pillowcase over Mrs. LaBianca's head & tied it with a lamp chord. She held Mrs. LaBianca down so Patricia Krenwinkel could stab her. When the knife bent stabbing Mrs. LaBianca in the collar bone, Ms. Van Houten held Mrs. LaBianca down so Tex Watson could come in & stab her.  Ms. Van Houten then stabbed Mrs. LaBianca in the lower back several times. Rosemary LaBianca was stabbed a total of 41 times. Words were written in blood on two walls & a refrigerator door. Ms. Van Houten then took a shower, stole one of Rosemary LaBianca's dresses to wear, & ate food from the victims' refrigerator before leaving. She claims to this day she did this because she believed she was going to live in a hole in the middle of the earth with the Manson cult. For years she showed no remorse at all for her actions. When asked during her trial if she ever cried about the murder of Rosemary LaBianca she replied: "Cry for her death? Why? She's not the only person who has died." Ms. Van Houten should not be paroled & society cannot trust someone who committed such a heinous murder without showing any remorse for years. If you do not want this random murderer who was convicted by two separate juries of her peers to be released into free society, please sign this petition to let the court know you do not want to see her released. Thank You- Ms. Debra Tate(Sister of Sharon Tate) www.noparoleformansonfamily.comwww.sharontate.netTwitter- @debra_tate9Facebook- @TFLegacy-  for continuous updatesAny donations made to in the name of this cause for this petition are kept by to promote the petition.

Debra Tate
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