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Petition to Eric Garcetti, Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez, Councilmember Mike Bonin, Councilwoman Nury Martinez, Councilmember Paul Koretz, Seleta Reynolds


One year ago, on June 20, 2018 at approximately 2pm, Ryan Patrick Blanks (son, brother, and beloved friend to many) was tragically killed in a collision with motorcyclist Weslee Davis (father, brother, and beloved friend to many). The lives of both young men were taken in an instant. Disturbingly, this violent collision occurred at the notoriously dangerous intersection of Wentworth Street and Wheatland Avenue in a residential area of Shadow Hills in Los Angeles, California. According to official reports obtained from the LAPD Foothill Division approximately 30 families have fallen victim to life-threatening motor-vehicle collisions that have occurred in this particular intersection from January 2015 through October 2018. It has become common knowledge to residents and commuters that traveling on Wentworth Avenue is extremely hazardous due to visual blockages and outdated traffic systems that promote speeding. Together these factors contributed to this tragedy that we as a community have been forced to endure. The community writes this petition to the Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, the Los Angeles City Council and to the Los Angeles Department of Transportation as a call for justice for the family and friends whose lives have been devastated. Together we respectfully demand our city officials to react and prioritize human life by installing a traffic stoplight at the intersection of Wentworth Street and Wheatland Avenue in Los Angeles, California. We join the residents of Shadow Hills in the knowledge that the installation of a stoplight in this intersection would force commuter traffic to slow down and come to a complete stop. This would prevent further tragic and unnecessary loss of life in this intersection.   Please spread this public health concern to family, friends and anybody who feels passionate about reducing traffic related deaths and keeping our elected officials accountable. Thank you,

Sarah Poblano
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Petition to Philippine Nuclear Research Institute, Department of Science and Technology, Mr. Raymond Sucgang

Name the vinegars with cancer-causing artificial acetic acid and save our adobo!

Vinegar is one of the most commonly used household food item in the Philippines. According to, "no Filipino cupboard can exist without vinegar." In addition, the world famous filipino dish, Adobo, is not possible without vinegar. Not only adobo uses vinegar as the signature ingredient but other common filipino dishes too such as paksiw, sinigang, ensaladang talbos ng kamote, dinuguan, and many others. Also, vinegar is commonly used as dipping sauce for barbecue, lumpia and as a dressing for salads.  However, a news broke out last May 8th 2019 published by The Manila Bulletin (source: that according to the researchers from the Department of Science and Technology - Philippine Nuclear Research Institute (DOST-PNRI) that 8 of 10 local vinegar brands are using artificial acetic acid (a chemical that makes vinegar give it distinct flavor and sourness) which can be a cause of various degenerative diseases such as CANCER, MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS, OSTEOPOROSIS, RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS, and many others (source: With this, it is very worrying that this common household kitchen item might be all along the cause of some of the common diseases in the country, given that most of the household are living below the poverty line. Last May 11th 2019, another news broke out published by GMA News (source: that Mr. Raymond Sucgang, the lead researcher of the DOST-PNRI's Nuclear Analytical Techniques Application System that they are prohibited by law to identify any product brands tested in their study. Thus, PNRI refuses to name the vinegars that are potentially life-threatening! It is very ironic that DOST-PNRI are using public funds to conduct this research that meant to improve the lives of the Filipino citizens but yet refuses to directly share to the public their significant research results. In addition, at least three of the basic consumer rights were violated by DOST-PNFRI by refusing to name these vinegar brands.  RIGHT TO SAFETY that ensures protection against products or services that are HAZARDOUS TO HEALTH and LIFE;  RIGHT TO CHOOSE which gives the consumers the right to select among products and services at competitive prices with an assurance of SATISFACTORY QUALITY; and RIGHT TO CONSUMER EDUCATION which conveys that right to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to be an INFORMED CONSUMER. As a Filipino citizen that duly paying our taxes through the services and goods we purchase and through the annual income taxes that we remit to the Government and as a consumer of basic goods and services, we assert our basic consumer rights with regards to this issue. Moreover, we also demand DOST, DOST-PNRI, and Mr. Raymond Sucgang to release to the public the list of vinegar brands that uses artificial ingredients that has serious health implications.  This way, we will be effectively guided and protected to the goods and services we will purchase and avail in the future!

Filipino People
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Petition to Missouri State House, Mike Moon, Wayne Wallingford, Robert Ross, Joshua Peters, Lataisha Jackson, Maria Chappelle-Nadal, Scott Sifton, Bob Dixon, Courtney Allen Curtis, Shamed Dogan, Allen Andrews, Ed Emery, Gina Walsh, William (Bill) White, Todd Richardson, Bill Eigel, Ben Harris, Missouri State Senate, Gary Romine, Missouri Governor, Missouri

Petition to Pass HB 71 to regulate Microblade with MO State Board of Tattooing

As a MO State Licensed Cosmetic Tattooist I have over 8000+ procedures as a 8 yr Master Artist. I have over 300 hrs in a 1 year apprenticeship that I required my supervision for licensure train me in that time frame as there was so much to learn & precautions to be met with blood borne pathegons & public health safety. No one in the any health field or that of Tattoo should consider a weekend & 2 week certifications enough to be in a regulated profession dealing with the public health. Microblade has been a marketing loop hole that has presented itself as "semi" Permanent therefore skipping around the regulations of a professional board requiring proper training & a tattoo license. In the current State of MO Board of Tattoo it states that "any pigment or ink implanted into skin that leaves an indelible mark is Tattoo". Nothing about Microblade is semi permanent. It is permanent pigment implanted into the epidermal layer vs dermal layer of skin of which is Tattoo. The only difference is the tool that is used to do so is a hand tool much like that of Japanese Tattoo "stick poke" or that of "Soft Tap". It does not penetrate as deep like machine Tattoo which is why it's "marketed" as semi-permanent because it's closer to the outer layer of skin thus it fades faster. Machine work last longer as it penetrates deeper & needle gauges dictate the level of penetration. As well does training, technique & skill. Education from those in the industry that are full time tattooing should be the authority on the language that is placed into Board regulations & bills that are trying to pass. If the education was sought out, the language in the regulation is already there. Marketing by those who are just wanting to make a quick dollar offering a "trending" service and not invest in the regulation requirements to be Licensed in Tattoo which for most of us was 20k investment to protect ourselves & public health. The only persons currently under the Mo State Board of Tattoo that are exempt from licensure are Drs. All nurses, hair stylist, nail salons, estheticians or any other profession that are currently slipping through the loop hole with only a weekend or 2 week course to Microblade are & should be required to meet the Board of Tattoo training for licensure. We who are licensed are currently regulated & have to meet inspection to Microblade. Those who are not licensed & microblading do not. Microblade is TATTOO. Please pass HB71 for regulation & public health safety. More information on Microblade as Tattoo can be found & Thank you, Lynette Trares Licensed Cosmetic Tattooist 

Lynette Trares
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