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Petition to Lewisville ISD, Plano ISD, Jeff Crownover, Angie Cox, Kronda Thimesch, Katherine Sells, Kristi Hassett, Allison Lassahn, Tracy Scott Miller, Jenny Proznik, Sara Bonser, Theresa Williams, Missy Bender, Yoram Solomon, Nancy Humphrey, Jeri Chambers, Angela Powell, Tammy Richards, David Stolle, Mark Allen

Reverse Nathan’s Punishment & Change District Policies at LISD & PISD

Jake's son, Nathan, was accused of consuming THC at Hebron HS (Lewisville ISD) in Carrollton, TX. Nathan has passed 4 different drug tests. One includes a hair follicle test that goes back 90 days at a lab. Nathan's mom and Jake both agreed to transfer Nathan back to Shepton HS (Plano ISD) where Jake and Nathan's stepmother live. This is the district where Nathan attended middle school, and he still has friends in this district. Hebron HS punished Nathan with 30 days of DAEP (alternative school) despite the drug test results. Once Nathan transferred to Shepton HS, Plano ISD refused to reverse Hebron's (LISD) punishment and will not even consider the drug test results. Nathan is an AP credit/Honors student. He has already lost AP credits as a result of this incident, and he was removed from the Hebron JV and competitive cheer squads. Nathan and his family members have experienced various appeals in both districts, and Jake even hired an attorney for one of the appeal meetings. Nothing has changed the minds of the of administrators so far. Jake has already contacted numerous attorneys, administrators, and all board members at both districts. We need your help to get their attention to assist us in resolving this matter in a fair, honest, and ethical manner. We will protest every school day at each school during the time Nathan is required to attend DAEP. Signing this petition will help us notify the staff, administrators, and board members at Lewisville ISD and Plano ISD that students should not be punished for an activity they did not engage in. Nathan did not consume THC, and we have irrefutable scientific evidence proving that he did not consume THC.  We can also prove that this is the charge that Nathan was punished for. During interrogation, school administrators at Hebron HS threatened Nathan with a drug test when they haven't administered drug tests in a decade. Now, they are unwilling to abide by the results of Nathan's drug tests at an independent testing facility.  These particular districts should also change their policies and procedures. If schools punish students for consuming drugs, parents should have the right to obtain independent drug testing to exonerate their children. If administrators are willing to threaten students with drug tests during investigations, they should be required to abide by the results of the drug test. Furthermore, if parents are willing to transfer their student to another school because of an unresolved disciplinary grievance, schools should be required to consider any evidence provided that will exonerate a student, drug test results in this instance. During the discipline appeal process, parents should be provided a copy of all evidence (redacted if necessary) prior to any hearing and should be given the same amount of time to review evidence as administrators are given.  This certainly did not happen at Hebron. We appreciate everyone's help and support. Taking a stand for Nathan means taking a stand for future students in Nathan's shoes at Lewisville ISD and Plano ISD in Texas.    

Jake Drew
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Petition to Mayor London Breed

Appoint TRANS YOUTH ACTIVIST Mia Satya to Board of Education!

In San Francisco’s November 2018 election, not only were three progressive candidates elected to the Board of Education, the election of Board of Education member Matt Haney to the District 6 Supervisor’s seat means that the vacant position will be filled this January by Mayor London Breed. London Breed will be appointing a Commissioner to that open seat on the Board of Education.  This petition urges Mayor Breed to appoint trans youth advocate MIA SATYA to this seat. Mia began her adult life as a homeless trans teenager on the streets of San Francisco, and has worked tirelessly for the rights of youth for the last decade. She has worked to help establish the Free MUNI used by 40,000 low income youth, reinstate the Public Enrichment Education Fund that brings over $100 million annually to after school programs, arts programs, mental health care, pre-k, and more, created landmark LGBTQ sensitivity training for city employees, and worked with the District Attorney’s Office of San Francisco to address bullying with the urgency it deserves. Mia’s platform includes the implementation of Wellness Centers in every SFUSD school, the protection of students who engage in political demonstrations, the protection of UESF and educators’ salaries, and the creation of gender neutral restrooms in all schools. Just as importantly, she brings her direct experience as a youth advocate who has personally experienced the disparities she seeks to address. With an administration hostile to the very personhood of transfolk in America, and a rate of attempted suicide among trans youth that nears 50%, we feel Mia Satya is the person poised to protect and expand the rights of these students in a way that will both protect our students and set precedents that will make a difference nationwide. And with a history of working for students and teachers alike we feel she is the ideal fourth new member to join the new crop of electees in creating a new era to be proud of in education! In an op-ed published in the Advocate, Mia Satya wrote to transgender youth: "While I don’t know you, I do believe in you. You have power, whether you feel it or not. Being trans is an asset that has made me a more compassionate and powerful leader. It’s OK to be scared, but never, ever give up. The world needs to hear your voice." By signing this petition, you show your support in urging Mayor Breed to appoint Mia to the San Francisco Board of Education to bring her expertise, experience, and energy to the Board of Education to make history as its first trans member!   You can read about her here or watch her in action at Mia Satya/Huffington Post See also the Bay Area Reporter’s endorsement for Mia’s appointment here: Mia Satya/Bay Area Reporter   ANYONE CAN  SIGN THIS PETITION! IF YOU BELIEVE IN TRANS RIGHTS AND PROGRESSIVE CANDIDATES, YOU CAN SHOW YOUR SUPPORT BY SIGNING.      

Lynn Hauser
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Petition to Bensalem Township School Board, Rachel Fingles, Kim Rivera, Heather Nicholas, Marc Cohen, Stephanie Ferrandez, Kathleen Lesnevec, Anand Patel, Pamela Strange, Vanessa Woods

Keep Arts Charter Out of Bensalem

The Arts Charter is not needed in Bensalem Township, or Lower Bucks County, PA.  We, the undersigned parents and guardians of students, together with teachers and other community stakeholders of Bucks County School Districts petition the Bensalem School Board Directors to reject the application for Charter from TLC Arts Schools, LLC or any other corporation that may apply with the same intent.   The aforementioned community members petition the Board to reject the above charter application on the following grounds: Public schools in Bucks County already offer the following programs for academic credit: Creative Writing, Journalism, Dance, Instrumental Music, Theatre, Vocal Music, Visual and Graphic Art. The students who have graduated from these programs have gone on to successful careers—on Broadway, on International News Stations in a top 4 market—as playwrights, and as authors and musicians who have received awards for their outstanding work in their fields (including a Pulitzer Prize and a Grammy). They have also gone on to successful political careers, professorships, entrepreneurial endeavors, and countless other professions which continue to shape the next generation and positively impact our global community. This short list is not all encompassing and does not even begin to scratch the surface of the thousands of success stories that have been born out of these programs in our public schools.The “majors” offered by the proposed charter are duplicative of the well-established programs that have existed for generations, and which continually evolve to embrace new technology and trends. Put simply, this charter school is utterly unnecessary. If the proposed charter enrolls 400 students then it would, at a minimum, drain $6,000,000 from the taxpayers of Bucks County (this number does NOT consider any special education costs which would more than double the cost of any student who attends the school).   Charter schools are paid approximately $35,000 per student with special needs, regardless of the actual cost to educate that individual student.  Any student who requires special education can get those accommodations at the public schools in the arts programs they desire. In fact, students who attend a public with an IEP MUST have their needs met, while a charter school may not be equipped or inclined to do so. As a charter school, the teaching staff is not held to the same certification standards as our public school teachers; they do not need to be highly qualified, or even certified by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. When charter school teachers are contracted on a year-to-year basis, those teachers have no job security. As a result, there will always be an air of instability for students, teachers, and parents.  Continuity of programming will depend on whether or not teachers are offered a better job in any of the surrounding public school districts. Like many others, this charter school claims to be “non-profit.” However, inadequate oversight and a lax law have allowed some charter school operators to defraud taxpayers.  Charter management organizations are permitted to spend unlimited taxpayer dollars on expenses that are unrelated to educating children including political lobbying, 7-figure CEO salaries, and advertising. Thomas S. Lubben, the man who is leading the charge to open this charter school, appears to have no allegiance to quality education or the arts. Instead, he seems intent on making money on the backs of taxpayers.  In 2000, he left his job as Executive Director for Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Performing Arts BEFORE it even opened for a more lucrative position with for-profit charter management organization, Mosaica Education.  Mosaica Education was responsible for opening the first charter school in Bensalem, Mosaica Academy Charter School. In 2001 Mosaica Academy chose to sever ties with Mosaica Education due to poor management, and the school was reopened under its current name, School Lane Charter School.  More recently, Mr. Lubben’s last four petitions to open Charter Schools were REJECTED.We don’t want to give Mr. Lubben the chance to make his next fortune on the backs of Bucks County residents at the EXPENSE of our children in public school. We, the undersigned, respectfully request and DEMAND that the Bensalem School Directors hereby REJECT the application of TLC Arts Schools, LLC. They are not welcome and not needed in our communities.

Leann Hart
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