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Petition to Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, Hilda L. Solis, Mark Ridley-Thomas, Sheila Kuehl, Janice Hahn, Kathryn Barger

Save the Venice Pride Flag Lifeguard Tower

Last June the first-ever LGBT public art project in L.A. County history was unveiled at an oceanside ceremony. Located at Brooks Ave. on Bill Rosendahl Memorial Beach in Venice, CA the Venice Pride Flag Lifeguard Tower has become a beloved destination for locals and tourists alike. In nine weeks thousands have flocked to photograph the dramatic tower and broadcast its powerful message of equality and inclusion to millions across the globe. On September 8th the rainbow-colored tower is set to be erased... forever. At a time when so much of what the LGBT community and its allies fought for is under attack, the L.A. County Board of Supervisors should save the Venice Pride Flag Lifeguard Tower by designating it a permanent public art project. Funded by Venice Pride, a local non-profit dedicated to saving LGBT lives, and Dunn-Edwards Paints, the tower serves as an important visual reminder that Los Angeles will always welcome people no matter whether they are gay, straight, lesbian, bi, transgender, queer or questioning.  With only 37 days left, we need everyone's support. Please join me in urging the L.A. County Supervisors to pass a motion designating the Venice Pride Flag Lifeguard Tower a permanent public art project by signing this petition now.

Colin Campbell
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Petition to City of Vista, Joe Green, John Aquilera, John Franklin, Amanda Rigby, Therron Dieckmann, Patrick Johnson

Support the Alley Art Time Machine Sculpture to remain in Downtown Vista

This petition supports the Alley Art Time Machine Sculpture to remain in downtown Vista following the 90 day probation period. Alley Art Festival 2017 brought another sculpture to Downtown Vista from Randall Art Ranch through the Vista Art Association Foundation. The Alley Art Time Machine Sculpture is installed in front of Straightedge Barber Co. and Edward Jones on the corner of Indiana and Broadway. A Public Art Application was submitted by Randall Art Ranch in the beginning of June, individuals and the public were encouraged to view and comment on the proposed steel sculpture to be installed on the corner of E. Broadway and S. Indiana Avenue, Vista, during the public viewing period which occurred from June 10, 2017 to July 9, 2017. No comment was made during this period. From Vista City Council meeting minutes on 8/22/17: DISCUSSION D1 "TIME MACHINE" SCULPTURE IN DOWNTOWN VISTA (CC) Recreation & Community Services Director Therron Dieckmann introduced the item. Rick Randall described the sculpture and answered questions. City Council members thanked the Randall's for their work and all that they have done. City Council members discussed the following: • Notification of businesses within view of the proposed site • Approval of a simple majority of businesses impacted • Interest in a sunset review period to encourage the rotation of art pieces • Interest in other types of art being displayed downtown and throughout the city • Time frame for approval of public art by the City Council • Temporary installation of 90 days for the "Time Machine" sculpture MOTION BY GREEN, SECOND BY FRANKLIN, TO ADOPT CITY COUNCIL RESOLUTION No. 2017-116, APPROVING THE INSTALLATION OF THE PUBLIC ARTS COMMISSION'S APPROVED "TIME MACHINE" SCULPTURE FOR TEMPORARY DISPLAY FOR A PERIOD OF 90 DAYS. MOTION CARRIED 4-1, RIGBY OPPOSED Click here to watch video of meeting.   

Vista Art Foundation
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