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Petition to U.S National Park Services

Don't Ban Sports & Recreation on the National Mall

There are few things more American or uniquely DC than playing a recreational sport in the shadow of the Washington Monument or the National Capitol Building. Unfortunately, the National Park Service (NPS) has proposed a ban on all sporting and recreational activity along the National Mall from 3rd to 17th Streets.  The ban includes eliminating currently permitted softball fields around the Washington Monument grounds and the first-come, first-served policy on the plots from 3rd-14th Streets.  The proposed policy is an extreme position and massive change from long standing practice. Among the NPS-cited concerns, their primary reason offered thus far for the total ban is the perceived impact sports and recreation might have on the recently installed grass turf.   Context:The total ban is antithetical to the purpose of the Mall.  Through the inception of the National Mall dating back to the L'Enfant plan of 1791 and the redesign by the McMillan Commission of 1901, a main intention of the Mall is to serve area citizens and the city by providing open recreation space. The National Mall represents the vast majority of open grass space in the city and is often cited as a contributing factor to the city’s frequent ranking as a best place to live or fittest communities.  The NPS over the past 2 years has already successfully managed preservation of the newly installed turf along the Mall by resting sections when necessary and working with local stakeholders.  At its peak recreational sports typically use portions of the Mall merely 4 workdays a week during a 3-4-hour early evening time frame and light use of some weekends.  This small time frame represents, at most, a moderate use of the Mall but has an over-sized impact on creating a foundation of well being for the city. Even those who do not regularly participate in the games, tourist and local residents alike, will often stop to watch the activity and reflect positively on the games and at times, join in themselves.  The NPS ban would dampen the vibrancy of the City by directly restricting access of tens of thousands of area residents and touching a much larger number of people through its negative impact on health and wellness and the local economy.  Exacerbated by an existing shortage of available play space throughout the city, the NPS ban would further stress the existing limited resources of the city and restrict groups like Congressional Softball, Senate Softball, House Softball, Flag Football, Soccer, Rugby, Ultimate Frisbee, Bocce, Kickball and others that have become a DC institution and part of the fabric of the city.  While maintenance of the turf is certainly a worthy priority we do not believe it should be put above the recreational, health and economic needs and interests of area citizens.  This uniquely Washington DC, and indeed American, Institution must preserved. Our Position:Access to 3rd to 17th streets should remain open for sports and recreation as it is vital to the vibrancy and health of the city. We seek a dialogue with the National Park Service and other stakeholders to solve this impasse of access to the open space between 3rd-17th Streets.  We are ready to collaborate with the NPS to establish best practices that balance the need for recreation and the integrity of the Mall turf. Please help us maintain access and recreation on the National Mall by signing this petition and spreading the word.  You can get more information and learn about ways you can help at - A Coalition of stakeholders, concerned citizens and players on the National MallSUPPORTERS: Congressional Softball, DC Chamber of Commerce, United Fray, Social Sports Foundation

Robert Kinsler
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Petition to Elaine M. Howle, Jerry Hill, Kevin Mullin, District 22, BCDC Chairman R. Zachary Wasserman, Edmund G. Brown Jr.

Stop the BCDC Shakedown Of Westpoint Harbor

Reinforcing the adage about letting no good deed go unpunished, Westpoint Harbor, a new marina in San Francisco Bay near Redwood City, is facing more than $500,000 in fines and an uncertain future as a result of hardball enforcement actions by the Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC), which regulates bay front properties. Despite winning international acclaim for its environmental design, Westpoint has been targeted repeatedly by the BCDC enforcement committee.  Among other so-called violations, the agency is trying to levy a $30,000 fine for -- of all things -- harboring the Redwood City police and fire boats.  BCDC calls the presence of the boats an “illegal and unauthorized” use of the facility.  Never mind that these vessels are there to save lives and have routinely conducted water rescues.  Mark Sanders has devoted nearly 30 years to building an ecologically responsible marina with the latest technology advancements to make it the cleanest harbor in the Bay. The marina was carved out of a former industrial waste site.  It now offers the general public and boaters of all types access to an incredible waterfront, with sweeping views of the Bay and an abundance of wildlife. BCDC’s Enforcement Committee met in San Francisco on Jan. 18 to vote on issuing a Cease & Desist order (CDO), which could lead to even higher fines and possible bankruptcy of the marina. During the meeting, BCDC had a closed-door session and decided not to hear the new CDO 2018.01. Faced with public outcry, the did hear public comments though. They backtracked to the CDO 2017.04 to be sent to the full Commission and the next opportunity to support the Westpoint Harbor case with BCDC will be at the BCDC Commissioner's meeting scheduled for February 15, 2018 or at a later date. The allegations of the BCDC are unfounded, outdated and are at odds with other federal and state rules. More concerning is that BCDC operates with no oversight. It is an unaccountable bureaucracy that sets its own rules and levies its own fines. Last month the Solano County Superior Court issued three judgments against BCDC over similar allegations, with the judge calling the infractions and imposition of $752,000 in fines as “vindictive” and without merit. Sad to see that the very agency created to protect the Bay, safeguard endangered species and provide public access and enjoyment of our waters has gone off the rails in a shakedown of small businesses around the Bay. We invite you to lend your support by your signature to the following: Call on BCDC to dismiss ALL allegations and proposed fines against Westpoint Harbor Call on the California legislature and State Auditor to investigate the activities of BCDC enforcement actions and sky-high fines Support the rights of equal access to the Bay for ALL relevant water-oriented recreation groups Enlist an independent, fair, objective and knowledgeable agency to review this case, and shine a light on this aberrant behavior. Time is short, and the clock is ticking.  Do we want to see a beautiful marina damaged or even destroyed by the wayward actions of BCDC?  We’re calling all boaters, sailors, rowers, paddlers, anglers and environmentalists to act now and stand up against these abusive tactics by an agency that was intended to serve the public interest! NOTE The Friends of Westpoint Harbor has NO fundraising associated with this petition.  If you see a "suggested" donation and decide to give, know that those dollars will go to not to the Friends of Westpoint Harbor. If you would like to do more to help Friends of Westpoint Harbor, please sign the petition and Share, Share, Share the petition widely in your social networks!  Thanks, so much for helping  us achieve our goal of stopping BCDC from shaking down the Westpoint Harbor Marina in Redwood City, CA.     

Friends of Westpoint Harbor
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Petition to Steve Bellone, Kara Hahn, Bridget Flemming

Please - Immediately Repair Cranberry Bog Preserve Bridge, Riverhead, NY

The Cranberry Bog Preserve is well loved and used by local residents and visitors from across Long Island. It's known for its beauty, ecology, and cultural value. The loop trail and it's interpretive guide, engages the public in environmental education, appreciation, and a continued conservation ethic to appreciate and value Suffolk County's treasure of open space. And it offers a reason for people to get outside and exercise and to reduce stress by being in Nature. But around two years ago, the bridge crossing was found broken and in need of immediate repair. Suffolk County Parks' response was to close off the bridge and do nothing else. We watched the bridge deteriorate. Quality Parks attempted to work with a Boy Scout on an Eagle project to rebuild the bridge, but had no success. Last week, we were contacted by an irate citizen demanding action, as our name, Quality Parks, would indicate -- that we cared. The irate citizen said that they contacted Suffolk County Parks and nothing happened, so they contacted us. We learned that many local citizens care about the Cranberry Bog Preserve and want the bridge repaired.  They are in support of Suffolk County finding and allocate funding to immediately repair the bridge. And so do we. Learn more: Please sign our petition to show your support.

Quality Parks
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Petition to Cuban Athletics Federation, Cuban Olympic Committee, National Institute of Sport, Physical Education, and Recreation in Cuba

Legitimize Surfing in Cuba

Today, surfing is not a legal sport in Cuba. A group of dedicated athletes on the island has dreamt of changing this for their entire lives. With sweeping political changes on the island, and the introduction of surfing to the 2020 Olympics, these surfers hope their chance to prove surfing is a true sport has arrived.  This petition is the first step towards their dream of surfing without restriction, both at home and on the world stage    BACKSTORY:  In Cuba, unless activities are explicitly stated as legal, they fall under an enforceable category of “not legal”. Ever since it originated on the island, surfing has lived inside that zone of illegality. For the past several years, a case to legitimize the sport has been building under the leadership of Yaya Gurrero, who is known on the island for spreading the sport to empower women on the island. The group aims to demonstrate that not only is surfing respected worldwide, but there is a rich history of the sport in their own country, and there is cultural and economic value in being granted permission to pursue the sport freely.   GOAL: Many people in Cuba don’t know what surfing is, and many more don’t believe there are even waves in the country to support it. The main battle for the Cuban's is against this lack of knowledge - to prove to the people and the government that surfing is a viable sport. This petition's purpose is to showcase solidarity within the sporting community, and arm the surfers with undeniable proof of the global support for their mission.  As a legitimate sport on the island, Cubans will be able to compete internationally, import surf supplies and most importantly form an official organization capable of advocating for the needs of surfers and ocean health around the island.   MORE INFORMATION AND THE COMPLETE STORY: Online, this campaign is being organized by Makewild, a group of filmmakers from Maine who befriended many of the Cuban surfers when US/Cuban relations began to open. Over the course of 2 years a film and friendship grew and as friends, Yaya and her group have asked for global support in the endeavor. This petition became the first stage. Outside support of this petition doesn’t guarantee the acceptance of the sport in Cuba, but hopes to provide momentum and scale for a presentation that could shape surfing's future for generations to come. > For press inquiries (or any inquiries) please e-mail:  > Visit to learn about the film. > Visit Instagram to further assist and follow this project. Join the growing crowd of supporters: sign the petition and share it with all the surfers and athletes in your life. Use #surflibre so we can track the campaign's spread. Thanks!

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