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Petition to Department of Defense, U.S. Department of State

Test Federal Policymakers for Dangerous Personality Disorders

Psychopath Test all political candidates security clearances, and all US policymakers! Psychopathic lawmakers are self-serving; their focus on power and greed takes precedence over the well-being of the people. Testing needs to be implemented immediately to safeguard the United States of America against domestic enemies. (TL:DR below in bold) DEFINITION of psychopath: A person with a neurologically impaired (lack of) conscience. Designation of someone as a “psychopath” is not meant to be an insult. Psychopathy is a limitation that prevents a person from feeling empathy or having remorse, and makes them extremely self-serving. Here is the official Corporate Psychopathy behavior checklist B-Scan 360 by Dr. Robert Hare (PCL:SV), and Paul Babiak (Snakes in Suits), et al. Psychopaths are estimated to be 4 percent of the population (Martha Stout). This means that there are 12 million psychopaths in the United States alone. Psychopaths like to control and manipulate (covertly) and are drawn to positions of power. The danger is that their neurological lack of conscience causes them to act against accepted community morals; breaking vows, pulling scams, and using people with no remorse. They make their own rules in contrast with societal norms. A society in the hands of psychopaths brings misery to the citizens and harm to the environment.Psychopaths in government are responsible for the genocidal policies that allow corporations to wreak havoc on society, as well as the laws that blatantly disregard the Constitution. Psychopaths (aka sociopaths) are impaired neurologically, and like drug users, are not fit for positions of leadership. Psychopaths in leadership need to be identified because their void of conscience means they can NEVER be trusted. No matter how civilized, or prosocial a psychopath appears to be, they are neurologically unlimited in their capacity to destroy people, harm the environment, and create worldwide havoc – without any care at all. Again, without a built-in conscience, there is NO limit to the material and emotional damage they are capable of doing, in addition to the violence that some exhibit.“We would not allow a color-blind person to safely work, for example, as an air-traffic controller… society shouldn’t let a clinically-diagnosed psychopath be in a position of power (..don’t give the pyromaniac the matches or put a pedophile in charge of the day-care center).” –Jose GudePsychopaths have full intellectual faculties and have no break with reality. (Movies, TV, and mass media give people the wrong idea that psychopaths can be spotted because they’re obviously deranged. Wrong! Psychopaths are not psychotic.) Most psychopaths are not obvious, and are not overtly violent. They are false friends, pathological liars, and clever con artists who take advantage of the fact that we are not taught to identify them among us. ***The Homeland Security document "Identifying Personality Disorders that are Security Risks: Field Test Results" states: "Certain clinical personality disorders, namely psychopathy, malignant narcissism, and borderline personality organization, can increase the likelihood of unreliable behavior, poor judgment, and compromised motivation to protect classified information and/or sensitive materials." The Defense Personnel Security Research Center (PERSEREC) performed research to review and rescind Department of Defense Security Clearances. They used: a personality disorder screening tool (the Shedler-Westen Assessment Procedure [SWAP]) and a metric of security risk developed from Phase I (Dispositional Indicators of Risk Exposure [DIRE]). According to swapassessment org, "We have partnered with agencies of the United States Federal Government to develop a special edition of SWAP for security risk assessment. The National Security Edition is used to assess personnel for sensitive positions such as those requiring access to classified information." As noted by the Harvard University PUBLIC RELEASE: 5-JUL-2017, "Probing psychopathic brains": "Using a mobile MRI scanner to image the brains of prison inmates, Harvard researchers have found that the brains of people who show signs of psychopathy are wired in a way that leads them to over-value immediate rewards and neglect the future consequences of potentially dangerous or immoral actions." It is my personal view that Federal SWAP/DIRE Personality Disorder Tests, (and MRI exams), should be legislated to be performed on all political candidates and policymakers. My website: http://DomesticEnemies.Org Please sign the petition if you are in agreement that mental health exams for dangerous personality disorders on USA policymakers need to be implemented immediately to safeguard against domestic enemies.

Defend Against Domestic Enemies - DomesticEnemies.Org
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Petition to Lebanese University

Stop the confusion between Psychologists and Psychotherapists! Act to amend Law N.8!

The “Law N.8” was issued on 10/02/2017 and approved by the Parliament. It was published in the Official Gazette and it addresses the organization of Psychologists’ profession in Lebanon. We have long waited for a law that regulates the profession of psychologists in all fields and branches. A waiting that was inherited from our professors who have always presented ideas and contributed to the ascent of Psychology and its subfields at the Lebanese University, and others. After lots of efforts and a continuous seeking, for the past decades, of the official recognition of psychologists from different schools and orientations, especially that many psychotherapists and psychoanalysts have reached prestigious scientific standards in Lebanon and throughout the world; the mountain has labored and brought forth a mouse. That is because the law that intends to organize the profession has in fact caused chaos in terms of its explanations and definitions. Psychology students and graduates from the Lebanese University and other, private universities are directly affected, due to the lack of vision clarity, scientific standards, and fogginess of the content. These are not adequate with the nature of the specialization in the Lebanese University. Where do the Lebanese University students stand, then, and what is their role in regards to the making of laws that protect them and are in accordance with their university programs? Confusion between Psychologist and Psychotherapist is degrading to our future. Subordinating to a medical committee means nonrecognition of our specialization.What is the Lebanese University’s role and why is it being marginalized? The Lebanese University is the reference; every law should pass through it first. Why is the Lebanese University marginalized while it has the role of leading other universities, as stated by governmental law. That is why we, students and alumni, stand alongside the LU to demand for our rights and ask for its major role and function be returned. Therefore, we, current Lebanese University students and alumni, along with students from several private universities, have decided to take steps and measures and make a movement, withing the legal framework, to amend the clauses of the Law N.8. May the signatures of the students from all university branches supporting this petition be the corner stone for any future steps. We also value the LU’s efforts and professors in their quest for fairness and our equity, and we invite them to intervene in order for everyone to be given their rights.   صدر بتاريخ 10-2-2017 ,القانون رقم 8 الذي أقره المجلس النيابي ونشر في الجريدة الرسمية,والذي يحمل عنوان تنظيم مهنة النفساني في لبنان. فبعد انتظارنا الطويل لقانون ينظم مهنة النفسانيين كل النفسانيين,هذا الانتظار الذي ورثناه عن أساتذتنا الذين لطالما قدموا الأفكار وساهموا بارتقاء علم النفس وميادينه في الجامعة اللبنانية وغيرها,وبعد جهود عديدة وسعي مستمر منذ عقود مضت في سبيل الاعتراف الوجودي للنفسانيين بمختلف مدارسهم واتجاهاتهم على الصعيد الرسمي, خاصة وأن الكثير من المعالجيين والمحلليين النفسانيين وصلوا الى مراكز علمية راقية في لبنان والعالم,وبعد كل ما ذكر تمخض الجبل فأنجب فأراً.  فالقانون الذي يحمل عنوان التنظيم أثارت فقراته فوضى في التفسير انعكست بشكل خاص على طلاب وخريجي علم النفس في الجامعة اللبنانية وباقي الجامعات الخاصة, لما فيه من عدم وضوح للرؤية وغياب المعايير العلمية وضبابية في سرد الفقرات بشكل لا يتناسب مع طبيعة الإختصاص في الجامعة اللبنانية. فأين مكانة ودور طلاب الجامعة اللبنانية بصياغة قوانين تحميهم وتتناسب مع جامعتهم.  فالخلط بين النفساني والمعالج  هو تحجيم لمستقبلنا وخضوعنا للجنة طبية هو عدم اعتراف بإختصاصنا.  أين دور الجامعة اللبانية ولماذا تهميشها فهي الجامعة المرجع وعلى كل قانون ان يمر من خلالها ودورها يجب ان يكون الرائد الاساسي في لبنان كما هو منصوص بالقانون, و نحن مع الجامعة لتطالب بحقنا وان تعيد لنفسها الدور الاساسي لذلك قررنا نحن طلاب الجامعة اللبنانية الحاليين والخريجين منا وطلاب من جامعات خاصة, القيام بخطوات والتحرك ضمن الأطر القانونية لتعديل فقرات هذا القانون على أن تكون توقيعات الطلاب التأييدية على هذه العريضة في كافة الفروع حجر الأساس لأي خطوة قادمة,كما أننا نثمن جهود الجامعة اللبنانية وأساتذتها في مسعاها لإنصافنا وندعوها للتدخل كي يأخذ كل صاحب حق حقه.  

Mario Abboud
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Petition to CIIS community!

ICC CHANGE- diversity and recognition in the CIIS ICP program

Please sign, if you agree, and are a member of the CIIS community.  We want to engage in conscious dialogue.  Thank you! February 29, 2016 Dear President Subbiondo, and Barbara Morrill, Chair of ICP: We, the undersigned, are concerned members of the CIIS community. We are asking for: 1) Transparency in the CIIS Integral Counseling Centers (ICCs) selection and rejection process for practicum placement for Integral Counseling Psychology (ICP) students 2) Clear and detailed affirmative action policies to address the lack of racial diversity at the ICCs, especially of note is the low number of women of color born in the U.S. accepted to the ICCs 3) Investigation into possible racial discrimination regarding the high percentage of placement of people of color in the mandatory pre-practicum clinical lab course that a small number of students are required to take for practicum placement, and the development of a transparent and helpful process around the assigning of this course, if the course continues, and apologies and refunds for the hurt students who were forced to take the class 4) A list of approved program supervisors that are racial, diverse, Transgendered, Gender non-conformist/queer and of different sexual orientations. We need this information and more for students to aid them in selecting a supervisor for practicum. There is a clear lack of transparency in the CIIS Integral Counseling Centers selection and rejection process for practicum placement. It is a competitive process as there are limited spots available. Being rejected from the ICCs not only can create a huge emotional toll on the student-therapist rejected, negatively impact self-esteem, and send a message that the student is not ready or as competent as her/his/their peers to practice therapy, but also can delay graduation and cost a significant amount of money and time, since practicum placement is not guaranteed. The onus should not be on the rejected student, who is in the vulnerable position, to seek why they were rejected, but should be clearly communicated by the ICC directors. We are seeking attention be placed on the lack of racial diversity at the ICCs because it is a disservice to the community served by the ICCs to have clinics with limited cultural perspectives, and a lack of racial diversity in the clinicians. Some clients in the community want therapists who are people of color, in order to feel comfortable and safe. It is also a detriment to the white students to not be practicing in community with students of color at the ICCs. It prevents the enriching of their perspective, and the lack of diversity decreases cultural competence. There has been shared sentiment from some students of color that they would never apply to the ICCs because they don't feel safe and welcome there. There are few people of the color also available on the list of individual supervisors and students have to dig to find these names. This creates a need for more parity in services and support for students of color at the ICCs and external practicum sites. Finally, we have, either through our own observations or conversations, noticed a trend of a high percentage of people of color being placed in the pre-practium Clincal Lab course, which is mandatory only for some and required for practicum placement. We believe this could be demonstrative of racial prejudice, whether unconscious or not, and needs to be investigated and policies need to be put in place to prevent this trend from continuing. We are not sure if this class is continuing. If it is, we are asking that students who are placed in this pre-practicum lab class receive clear, on-going transparent evaluations and feedback, that are available on myCIIS, around why they are placed in this class, receive continuous support around the reasons they have been assigned to this class, and the option of appealing having to take the class. Students who take this class should be guaranteed placement at the ICCs, and the course fee should be waived. Even if this class is discontinued, hurt students deserve an apology from the school and a refund. Race is not the only issue of diversity concern at the ICCs. We hope that this petition will encourage further examination of the lack of diversity in other ways at the ICCs and contribute helping the ICC selection process be more in the spirit of the CIIS 7 ideals. We have been in conversation with the Dean of Diversity, Denise Boston, and the Dean of Students, Yunni Yip, and want to be in continued conversation. Thank you for your prompt attention to our concerns. In community,ICC CHANGE

naas siddiqui
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