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Improve Idaho's Property Tax System

We are looking for leadership in lawmaking. This is a bi-partisan petition from people who care deeply about their neighborhoods. Homeowners in many Boise neighborhoods feel that property taxes are going up so fast, we fear being forced out of our neighborhoods. Sharp increases make it harder for long-term residents to stay. Even newer residents are frustrated by annual increases that exceed inflation and income increases. If it keeps going this way, only the wealthy will be able to live here, destroying the diversity and character of our neighborhoods. We are not anti-taxes, just wanting fair taxes on what, for many of us, is our single largest investment. (No other investment instrument is taxed annually on possible, unrealized-sale value, as is real property in Idaho.) Like our country's founders, we need representation in our taxation. Please explore legislation that ties property tax percentage increases to something closer to residents’ real lives and ability to pay. Perhaps an improved basic matrix can include annual rate of inflation, household income, length of residence, or age. We need a new approach that does not penalize committed residents for staying in, paying for, and improving their homes and neighborhoods. The property tax appeals process, hardship exemptions, and the circuit breaker program do not meet our concerns. We are troubled by the current system, which requires leadership to correct. This situation affects the well-being of every Idaho homeowner. We are voters trying to let you know that many constituents think the system for taxation seems flawed and requires your attention. Please help. Note: This is not a complaint about public employees doing their jobs. We want a better system, with which everyone can work. Boise neighborhoods starting this petition include:  North End, Highlands, Central Foothills, Sunset, Adams Street, Somerset, Rainbow Estates Subdivision, Harrison, Highlands Hackberry, Boise Heights, El Pilar, Collister, Highlands Hackberry on Torridon, and others. Thank you for representing us and caring about our neighborhoods.  

Idaho Property Tax Payers
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1% Property Tax Cap!

I am a Real Estate professional licensed in New York & CT and live in New York. Most of my expertise lies in selling clients' homes in NY and moving them to CT or down south - all to escape the high property taxes in NY. It is the NUMBER ONE reason why people are moving out. Our property taxes are out of control, especially the school taxes. The high taxes are forcing home sellers to lower the price on their houses to compensate buyers unable to afford the home when property taxes are factored into the mortgage payment. Many homeowners are paying 3 - 4x what their property taxes were just 20 years ago. Just since the crash in 2008 many taxes have doubled.  THIS IS UNSUSTAINABLE! I have had clients literally cry in front of me when I tell them the price they need to sell their largest personal investment for, due to the ridiculous property taxes. The high taxes are driving down the value of their homes. To make matters worse the state infrastructure is horrific and they cannot even pave a road any more - despite the highest taxes in the country!  What do we get for our money as homeowners?  Other states educate their kids for 1/4 the cost and have nice roads and bridges! I propose a New State Law or constitutional amendment to Limit the cumulative sum of ALL PROPERTY TAXES levied on any parcel of Real Property to not exceed 1% of the full market value of that property, residential or commercial. Therefore a $200,000 home would be $2000 per year, a $500,000 home would be $5000 per year, and a million dollar home would be $10,000 per year.  If a Home Depot Shopping Center was worth $10,000,000 they would pay $100,000/year. So on and so forth.  Its time to cut off the gravy train to politicians and let THEM fix the messes they have created - with WHAT THEY HAVE! Just like we have to do in our families. I LOVE NEW YORK, I raise my kids here, it is steeped with natural beauty, historical roots that go back to the very founding of our country, and economic potential rivaled by few other places in the world. It's time to renew that, end the silly tax rebate games and institute some REAL change. ITS OUR STATE, LET'S TAKE IT BACK!!! This petition was delivered to:

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