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Petition to godaddy, scott wagner

Tell GoDaddy: We won’t stand for white nationalist hate-fueled campaigns

On August 11, 2017, a group of proclaimed white supremacists began a rally to “Unite the Right.” They chanted “white lives matter” and made monkey noises in the face of University of Virginia students of color who came to counter protest. It was a horrific 24 hours that turned deadly. Now a white nationalist clothing company, Right Brand Clothing, is raising money on GoDaddy to fund the legal fights of four men who were arrested for violence at the Charlottesville protests. Right Brand Clothing directly funds a hate group whose members, all white nationalists, have committed acts of violence towards others. Demand GoDaddy take down this hate and violence-fueled campaign as they have others like it in the past. GoDaddy has taken down other crowdsourcing campaigns for inciting hate and violence in the past — but they are refusing to take this one down because, as they say, “it does not incite violence.” The clothing company in question funds the Rise Above Movement, a hate group whose members have committed acts of violence towards those in not only Charlottesville, but also in Huntington Beach and Berkeley, California. GoDaddy’s policy is that it will not censor speech, but it will take down campaigns that incite violence towards others. They kicked off neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer for derogatory comments following the violence in Charlottesville. So why won’t they remove Right Brand’s campaign?   Your voice matters. Urge GoDaddy to remove this campaign that is aimed towards helping neo-Nazis who committed acts of violence towards others and were arrested accordingly.  

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Petition to eHealth , Emergency Assistance Plus, HotelPlanner , Medical Concierge Network, American Cellars Wine Club (Vinesse Wines), Association Group Insurance Administrators (AGIA Affinity), Direct Long Term Care, Global Rescue, Long Term Care Resources, ManageYOURiD , Clearent Credit Card Processing Services, , Life Insurance Central, Transamerica , Aig , Mutual of Omaha Insurance, Protective , Prudential Life Insurance Company, Holiday Card Central, Genworth Financial

Tell companies to cut their ties with the NRA

With 96 Americans killed with guns on the average day, and murderers targeting our schools, churches and concerts, the American people are getting fed up with inaction on the part of our politicians. Although the majority of Americans favor stronger gun control measures, they never seem to happen. This is in large part due to the actions of a single organization, the National Rifle Association. Historically, the NRA supported hunting, marksmanship, safety training – and common sense gun laws. But a faction takeover of its leadership in 1977 brought into power a group with extreme views, which have now become the NRA party line. Many members of the NRA don’t support its more extreme policies. For example, 74% of NRA members support requiring background checks for anyone purchasing a gun, and 71% support prohibiting people on the terrorist watch list from purchasing guns – positions that are the opposite of the NRA stance. So why do they remain members? One reason is financial – NRA members receive valuable discounts on things like insurance and hotel stays. The myriad of discounts offered to NRA members by corporations are listed on the membership benefits page on the NRA site. These partners of the NRA include MetLife, LifeLock, eHealth, Norton Security, Allied Movers, NorthAmerican Van Lines, Hertz, Avis, and the First National Bank of Omaha. Indeed, the NRA touts the many special discounts as number two in its list of reasons to join the organization, and stresses the “access to hundreds of dollars in savings.” These corporate partnerships not only help the NRA attract and retain members, but also provide funds for the NRA that help fuel its extremist agenda. It’s time to tell companies that it is no longer acceptable for them to be associated with the NRA. Let’s send a message to the NRA membership benefits partners they must end sever their relationships with the NRA. This petition is aimed at 25 of the companies involved in the NRA membership benefits program. This is because 25 is the limit for a petition. Let’s start with these 25, and then go after the others later. In addition to signing and sharing this petition, please look at our Google document which lists all of the partner companies and contact information for them, and consider also reaching out to the companies directly to show your displeasure.

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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate

Let the CDC Conduct Research on Gun Violence: End the Dickey Amendment

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has not been able to do any research on gun violence in America since the Dickey Amendment was inserted into the federal spending bill in 1996. The amendment states that “none of the funds made available for injury prevention and control at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) may be used to advocate or promote gun control.” In the same spending bill Congress moved the $2.6 million from the CDC's budget that was used to study gun violence into other areas. While the Dickey Amendment does not completely prohibit gun violence research, its removal of all CDC funding has created a strong deterrent against researching gun violence at all. Beyond the lack of funding, prospective researchers have faced literal death threats while pursuing research into gun violence. Our representatives in Congress refuse to have any real debates about gun use in America because they state that there is just not enough research into the matter. The only way to fix this problem is to have Congress repeal the Dickey Amendment and to put funding back into the research of firearms and gun related deaths. Only then will we have enough research to figure out why mass shootings, and the deadly use of firearms in general, is so common in America. Even the original writer of the amendment, former Rep. Jay Dickey of Arkansas, whom it is named after now regrets the limitations it has created in conducting research into the matter. He simply didn't want to “let any of those dollars go to gun control advocacy.” The problem is that the amendment stopped all research on gun violence and because of that we are lacking a lot of key information that could help not only Congress, but the American public, understand why this violence keeps happening. Even the American Medical Association has called gun violence a “public health crisis” so it should receive the same amount of funding and research as any other health crisis so we find the underlying problem. Examining the impact of firearms from a public health perspective is not an argument for or against anything. It is simply a means by which arguments can, and should, be informed. It is about gaining knowledge so we can have a better understanding of how to help the American people. Please sign this petition and let our representatives in Congress know that we wish to repeal the Dickey Amendment and to put funding back into the research of gun violence in America.  *Please also contact your local representative and let them know that you wish to have the Dickey Amendment repealed:

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