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Petition to Jeremy Corbyn MP, Nicola Sturgeon, Caroline Lucas, Tim Farron, Other party heads and independents who are not further right than tories!

Call For Progressive Alliance – The ONLY solution to keep the Conservatives out

“We have far more in common with each other than things that divide us.” Jo Cox Labour, Lib Dem, SNP, Greens and others do agree on one thing: Conservative rule is dangerous. If those party leaders step back and open their eyes, they will see that their current divided strategies can ONLY lead to that dangerous outcome; an era-defining loss for All of Us! We know 2 things about this general election: 1 - It is the most nation-defining General Election in a long time. 2 - If nothing ‘outside the box’ happens, then Conservatives will win. There is only ONE solution – And it is not exactly what you think. But if we do not wish to see Conservative rule, then this is what we need of our leaders, whether our hearts lie with Labour, Lib Dem, Greens, SNP or others. The solution is NOT: Parties running separately & adding their seats up after the count. - That way the conservatives still win. That is because there are constituencies where Tories beat the main opposition by a slim margin and would win those seats The solution IS: Parties joining forces as a cross-party Progressive Alliance BEFORE the election. - To make sure the votes of the progressive-minded public can count as one to keep Tories out! - The power of this solution lies in those many constituencies where the conservative vote would be outnumbered ONLY by adding together the votes of other parties. This is the simple truth. It is the only way we can stop Tory rule. It is not a perfect solution, but it is FAR less imperfect than the otherwise inevitable alternative. Our Party Leaders must not fail us. It is time to unite for the Greater Good, put aside differences, and focus on what we have in common. No good solution can be without difficulty – but with the combined intelligence of their experts, these difficulties can be overcome. And it is the ONLY solution where all those parties will have voices in power.All parties those will see benefits and come out as winners: - Labour will be happy as they will have a prime minister - Lib Dems & Greens will be happy as people who support them but vote tactically  elsewhere can vote for their party knowing it counts for the Progressive Alliance - SNP would be happy as they will have a voice in Westminster policy. - MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL, everyone would be happy as the Tories are kept out. Today Theresa May told us to drop "Tribal Politics' - Let's show her what that means! All our politicians need to ask themselves the question: Are they in politics for personal aspirations, or to make the country better?Because here is a true chance to do that, and it is the only one we have. And we call on them to take it, for the good of us all.

Nima Tehranchi
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Petition to Apple

Please add an Attack helicopter emoji for those of us who identify differently!

After seeing a lot of progress in accepting those who don't identify with their binary genders I was disappointed to see that there was no Attack Helicopter emoji, or a person identify as an Attack Helicopter emoji at all! How are we going to make progress if we don't include everyone in our path for peace and acceptance? The Attack Helicopter is a sexual identity seen by many Attack Helicopter people as a part of their way of life. Most people that identify as an Attack Helicopter have expressed that they see themselves as Attack Helicopters rather than male of female, We have emojis for bombs, police vehicles, other identities, not to mention a water gun that not everyone sees as a suitable amount of firepower for bringing justice to your enemies, yet we're missing an emoji that will truly help to capture the world's amazing diversity and willingness to respect other identities. Emojis have slowly started becoming more and more progressive, so what better to combat online hate speech and bigotry that many Attack Helicopters face for identifying as an Attack Helicopter than an emoji to show our solidarity for those who identify as an Attack Helicopter? Now, more than ever, we need to voice our support, though this may seem like a small step, I can guarantee to you, that just like the LGBT+ emojis, these Attack Helicopter emojis will be warmly accepted among many communities. This is your chance to see change happen! Sign the petition to help your fellow Attack Helicopter friends, and spread the word! Please, it'll definitely mean a lot.

Apache Helicopter
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