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Petition to Vincent K. McMahon, Paul Levesque, wwe fan services

Induct Frank "Bruiser Brody" Goodish into the WWE HOF class of 2017!

Frank "Bruiser Brody" Goodish was the quintessential brawler who could match up with the very best grapplers in the history of Professional Wrestling! Bruiser Brody was old school. He was widely known for connecting with his fans in the crowd. He was arguably the most entertaining professional wrestler of his day.  After being discovered by fellow wrestler Ivan Putski in San Antonio Texas, Frank "The Hammer" Brody was on his way to Legendary status. After beating the famous Rocky Johnson (yes that Rocky Johnson) for the Florida State Heavyweight Title, Killer Kowalski saw him working and scooped him up and took "The Hammer" back with him to New York to begin working in the WWWF for the McMahon family. Soon after, Vince McMahon Sr. changed his ring name to "Bruiser Frank Brody" and the Legend was born!  Brody was alleged to have been in a shoot with minority owner & wrestler in the WWWF Gorilla Monsoon and Brody was given his walking papers. Actually, it was his flying papers because Brody found himself wrestling in New Zealand & Australia and he began to sharpen his craft! 2 years passed and Fritz Von Erich brought Brody back to the states. Brody would develop a friendship with the family & the promotion that would be his base for the next decade with the Von Erich's and World Class Wrestling. Now Brody's star was shining bright. He was an imposing figure, he was big & massive, he was powerful, vicious, he became more frightening with every "HUSS, HUSS, HUSS" he growled.  Brody became the biggest pro wrestling draw from territory to territory world wide seemingly overnight. His brawling style was hardcore before there was hardcore. He helped innovate the wrestling scene in countless ways from being known as one of the toughest men in the industry, to taking the action from the ring into the crowds, being a monster, refusing to job to anyone, to having creative control, to beating down his opponent until he earned Brody's respect, to not staying in one territory too long, to becoming one of the bloodiest bladers in the industry! Brody became a super hero of sorts, a super human while working in Japan in singles matches, or winning championships with tag-team partner & best friend and HOF'er Stan Hansen. Brody reached unparalleled success, fortune & fame working for Shohei Baba & Antonio Inoki in the land of many islands. He made his entrance to the ring to Led Zepplin's "Immigrant Song" as the Japanese looked in awe as Brody approached swinging his chain or 2x4.  Some of Brody's wildest, roughest, & bloodiest feuds were against Bruno Sammartino, Abdullah the Butcher, Kamala, The Funk brothers, Ric Flair, Harley Race, Dusty Rhodes, Giant Baba, Dick the Bruiser, Nick Bockwikel, Wahoo McDaniels, Black Jack Mulligan and many, many more. Bruise was the master at making the fans think & believe that what they saw was real! He was the most in demand wrestler of his era! Brody really understood the business. He had great psychology. He was always thinking about how to get the fans back week after week. His mic work could scare you or shock you with his eloquence. He was one of the greatest in-ring story tellers ever! He could get a near epic match out of who ever he faced!  It's safe to say that Bruiser Brody was the godfather of hardcore wrestling!  So, please join me in petitioning the WWE, and Vince McMahon to induct Frank "Bruiser Brody" Goodish into the WWE HOF class of 2017 !!!  We aren't stopping at 100 signatures, we want as many as we can possibly get! Lets get it done !!!  Finally, after signing the petition, please go to Facebook page"Bruiser Brody Hardcore Before There Was Hardcore" and join our awesome group. Please leave us a comment and let us know that you signed the petition. Thanks so much !!! Please sign this petition:  tweet @WWE and @VinceMcMahon,@TripleH #BestForBusiness, email, or call WWE Headquarters directly at (203) 352-8600 right now, or do both !!!

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Petition to Joe Lacob and Peter Guber

Warriors Ownership...It's Time For Official Team Merchandise That Also Recognizes OAKLAND!

Oakland California is a true sports city. Even more so, it is a true basketball city. Bill Russell, Gary Payton, Isaiah Rider, Jason Kidd, Antonio Davis, Paul Silas, Brian Shaw, Paul Pierce, Leon Powe, and today's NBA star Damian Lillard, among several others, were all either born or raised here. Therefore, it is undeniable that Oakland, CA has contributed much to the legend and lore of the NBA over several decades. Which brings us to the matter at hand, the "Golden State" Warriors. The sad but plain truth is that despite having been the host city of the Warriors for the past 45 years, the Golden State Warriors organization has never acknowledged Oakland on any official team merchandise. A Little History: -When the organization was formed in Philadelphia in 1946, they bore the name of their host city, and called themselves the Philadelphia Warriors. -When the organization moved to San Francisco in 1962, despite being the only professional basketball team in the Bay Area(just like today), they still bore the name of their host city, and called themselves the "San Francisco" Warriors. But 9 years later, when they moved to Oakland in 1971, for some strange reason, all of a sudden, the rules changed. The team completely refused to identify with its host city, Oakland. Rather, in a move that is completely contrary to every other team in the NBA that has multiple teams playing in one state, they chose to label themselves with the ambiguous moniker of "Golden State". Now the official Golden State Warriors mantra is that the Warriors are simply the "Bay Area's team", which supposedly justifies them using the nationally ambiguous identity of "Golden State." Yet at the same time, they regularly and brazenly showcase their retro "San Francisco" and "City" jerseys all over the NBA, even putting a San Francisco "City" logo in the middle of the Oakland Oracle Arena court, for the world to see! They have committed themselves to taking the team from Oakland, and moving them back to San Francisco by the 2018/2019 NBA season. They even went further, and publicly flirted with changing the name of the team BACK to the San Francisco Warriors after the move! We believe this is disrespectful and unfair to the city of Oakland, and to that we say, Enough is Enough! If the Warriors can proudly display their pride in San Francisco, a place that only hosted the team for 9 years, then even more so they should recognize and acknowledge the city of Oakland, who has hosted them for 45 years, spent over 100 million dollars of taxpayer money, hosted 2 championships, and supported the team through thick and thin, even while the Warriors were the laughing stock of the entire NBA!  We think it's time that the Warriors finally have alternate jerseys that pay homage and respect to the city and fans of Oakland and the East Bay, who have been the lifeblood of the organization for 4 and a half decades! We are proposing alternate jerseys that say "THE TOWN", a name that we Oakland residents have affectionately called our city for over 30 years. I have included examples of what the jerseys could look like, but any similar style can also be discussed and suggested. The main point is that the Warriors should ALSO have official team jerseys, that fans can purchase, that acknowledge their host city, Oakland CA, and the fans of Oakland and the East Bay, who have been the lifeblood of the Warriors team and organization for over 4 decades! Is there precedent in the NBA for this? Well consider: -The Portland Trailblazers have "RipCity" jerseys -The Charlotte Hornets have "BuzzCity" jerseys -The Houston Rockets have "ClutchCity" jerseys -The Golden State Warriors have proudly flaunted "The City" jerseys around for years, despite not even playing in San Francisco for the past 45 years.So it is only RIGHT and FAIR that the Warriors also have official team merchandise that says "The Town", to represent Oakland, just as it has official team merchandise that says "The City", to represent San Francisco. Not to mention, it would increase team revenue from merchandise, as I'm sure these jerseys would be extremely popular league wide!  Let's see...16 years in Philadelphia, 9 years in San Francisco(Daly City)  45 years in Oakland. Oakland loves and identifies with the Warriors. We always have. But it often feels that the Warriors don't want to publicly identify with us. We think it's long overdue for the Warriors organization to show Oakland some love! Join us in urging Warriors ownership to finally do the right thing, before they move back to San Francisco, and all remembrance of Oakland and the East Bay, becomes nothing more than a distant, forgotten memory!In addition to signing this petition, don't hesitate to message the Warriors organization directly, and let them know how you feel as well!jlacob@warriors.com For more on the background story...

Warriors Love
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Petition to the Baltimore Ravens, Larry Hogan, Maryland Stadium Authority, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake

Tell the Ravens that the Ray Lewis statue should not be moved!

Word is that the Baltimore Ravens are considering re-locating the statue of Ray Lewis that currently stands outside of Gate A of M&T Bank Stadium. The story below says that "Many Ravens fans have complained that the statues of John Unitas and Lewis side-by-side clutter up the entrance to Gate A and word is Ravens management agrees. The statue will now be positioned above the tunnel where the Ravens are introduced. Billowing smoke and a few chords of “Hot in Here” [sic] will precede player introductions as part of an effort to make said introductions a bit more electric." Moving this statue to a location inside the stadium will prevent many from being able to visit and touch the statue except when the stadium gates are open for an event. This will prevent many Ravens fans from be able to visit Ray to mark special events in their lives that happen to occur on non-game days. Countless couples will be denied the opportunity to have engagement or wedding party pictures taken with Ray unless they can make special arrangement with M&T Bank Stadium. Many newborn Ravens fans who happen to be born between March and July will not be able to include a photo of them with Ray in their birth announcement pictures. Ravens fans will not be able to visit with Ray for a few moments of quiet introspection before a big job interview or marriage proposal. Please help convince the Ravens management NOT to move the statue from its current location. If we can get enough support for this petition and public support from Governor Hogan and Mayor Rawlings-Blake, maybe we can convince the Ravens to keep ray where he belongs: standing outside Gate A as an inspiration to Ravens fans and a warning to Ravens foes. The idea of adding billowing smoke and a few chords of "Hot in Herre" to the statue, however, is a very good one that will add to the Ray Lewis statue experience for everyone.  

Keep Ray Out Front
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