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Petition To Fix Our Broken Immigration System

  We are calling on Congress to pass an omnibus bill as a requisite first step toward fixing our broken immigration system.  US immigration has long reached a crisis point. Immigration processes remain inexplicably impractical, inhumane, unfair and anachronistic. Human rights violations are widespread while banks and private prisons profit immensely from the suffering that the system itself creates. Additionally, we now have a population of 12 million undocumented immigrants who fell through the cracks of immigration pathways that were designed to readily accept European and other "desired" immigrants, while immigrant families from so-called "shit hole" countries are forced to "wait in line" for years - or decades in some cases. A businessman in Norway may decide to move to America on a whim and still get his green card for residency sooner than someone from a so-called "shit hole" country, who was already "waiting in line" for 9 years prior. An Irish immigrant family is able to navigate our immigration pathways without much inconveniences and zero fear of having their child taken away from them. Meanwhile, "undesirable" immigrants are separated from their families like chattel, even if they are already a permanent resident or have legally applied for asylum. We are concerned that President Trump's designation of some countries as "shit hole" countries and some immigrants as "animals", accurately reflects the age-old prejudices that have informed and continue to inform our immigration laws. We are concerned that current enforcement tactics create even more human suffering, pours more profits into the pockets of benefit banks and private prisons operators - and does little to address the real problems. Moreover, many of us are asking about the elephants in the room - what happens to the 12 million undocumented immigrants who are already here? Will our deportation force remove them all? Whose interest does it serve to keep millions of immigrants in limbo while delaying the passing of an omnibus, comprehensive immigration bill - thus eliminating piecemeal, ad hoc responses to the multiplier impact of our broken system? Comprehensive immigration reform provides an unprecedented opportunity to redesign the US immigration experience while creating new pathways for those immigrants who have built their lives here and continue to contribute to the country's leadership as a fair, just, equitable and enterprising nation. The time has come for our elected representatives in Congress to honor their commitment to immigration justice. Without comprehensive immigration reform, there will be more incidents of state-sanctioned child kidnappings, indefinite imprisonment of families, separation of families and abuse of due process. The longer we take to pass comprehensive immigration reform, the more desperate our responses will become. We are asking Congress to pass an omnibus bill that: Ends family detention and separation Provides pathways to citizenship for undocumented immigrants in America Translates a clean Dream Act into law Identifies and eliminates current pitfalls and prejudices in our immigration system Replaces I.C.E with a more humane and transparent enforcement agency Comprehensive immigration reform proposals have been debated by Congress for years, so too has pathways to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. It's time to turn these discussions into meaningful action. A responsible, humane and rational immigration system IS possible. ----

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