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Petition to Nominet

Nominet, allow all (co).uk domains to have WHOIS privacy active again

Nominet registers .uk domains for: .uk Since 11th of June, 2014, anyone who registers a .uk domain (including the above) can not opt in for WHOIS privacy. This means sensitive private details are shown: your full name, personal address and phone number. In essence, all of their personal details. Only those who run a website as a "consumer", meaning no advertisements on their website, no professional transactions and no business related purpose may opt in for WHOIS privacy. There are many aspiring entrepreneurs based in the UK, and their details are exposed to the public without them being able to take any action. There are several flaws to this approach adopted by Nominet: 1) Protecting your identity. The fact is, anyone with an Internet connection can access this personal information. It’s easy to find with a quick online search. Don’t let that information get into the wrong hands. Say you run a controversial website, nothing illegal or harmful - your personal details are out there despite you wanting to keep it separate from your professional and family life. 2) Spam. Having your email address/phone number available publicly makes you an easy target for spam, junkmail, telemarketers and the like. Having a WHOIS protected domain can save your inbox from an influx of unsolicited mail and a voicemail box that’s full to bursting. 3) This unusual use of the word “consumer” suggests a binary view of the world: website owners are either businesses, or they’re customers. They’re either selling, or (potentially) buying. It’s either all business and professional content, or none at all. 4) Avoid Unwanted Offers. Having your information available online can make it easy for anyone to contact you to make offers to buy your domain/website. Whereas if someone wanted offers, they could make it public themselves via a "contact us" page.  

John Adams
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Petition to Theresa May MP

Keep an Non-Government Controlled Internet for the UK.

The UK should be allowed to have an internet which is NOT controlled by the government. We shouldn't need to let our privacy disappear because the government wants to. If you're here, you've used the internet. Think of the previous thing you did online before coming here. Now, what would happen if that thing was restricted or manipulated to the government's needs? Would you enjoy the changes? The answer is probably no. But this could happen. If Theresa May's party is re-elected on the 8th of June, one thing that will be put in place is an internet controlled by the government. What will happen is; Freedom of Speech will be disallowed. This means that the government can change or delete whatever you say or post on the internet. Specific sites will be hard to access. Anything that was posted under the age of 18 will be deleted. Only news articles that are approved by the government will be allowed. And I'll be honest, Britain becoming "the global leader in the regulation of the use of personal data and the internet" is not what I had in mind when Theresa May wanted "a country that works for everyone". Even if there won't be a "safe space for terrorists to be able to communicate online", what about all the people who have done nothing wrong. You know, like me and you. We should need to be able to keep all of our personal lives, personal. And think about what would happen if the government, with all of our private data, got hacked. Think it's unlikely? Ok, so what happened to the NSA? Didn't their 'tools' get stolen and given to the public, so we have to deal with issues like Ransomware going on the loose (WannaCry). Exactly. Now think that the government can handle all of our data? "We will put a responsibility on industry not to direct users – even unintentionally – to hate speech, pornography, or other sources of harm,". So, the government is going to disallow our ability to see both sides of the story? No offense, but I thought we don't want to live in a restricted place. Again, saying "a country that works for everyone" isn't correct, because by everyone, that includes us, and if some of us don't agree with what is happening, then the quote above, is not followed. Additionally, there's a line between protecting a person, and over exaggerating. I want to talk a bit more about content uploaded under 18 will be deleted. The Independent says that 'The laws would also force technology companies to delete anything that a person posted when they were under 18.' (Read their article here). If I understand correctly, this means that these things will be deleted, if this law is put into action (I'm using my things as a reference); Childhood Memories. I was on Facebook under the age of 18 (over 13 of course). With my class (Year 6), we went to Paris. My friends uploaded pictures they had took, and it gives me memories of my friends. Sadly, I don't see most of my friends any more. So, that now has to be removed? My memories? My friends? Well, if this 'new internet' is created, it'll prove that protecting a child is apparently now more important than that child's sanity. I would be upset to see what reminds me of my friends disappear. Old Videos. I upload to YouTube. In fact, I have since about I was 10. I have put a lot of effort into what I create (sometimes) and now I've been streaming fairly often. Does my content have to be removed? Does there have to be a gap in when my channel was created and my now to be first video? The restricted internet will cause this to happen. Anything else personal. I don't want to specify more here. This may not affect a quantity of people, but it will affect a few people. A lot of my things would be deleted, and if some of you are young enough, some of your things would be deleted too, depending how strict the rule is. Wouldn't this devastate you and the people around you? By supporting this petition, you'll give everyone in the UK a chance to keep their privacy on the internet. You'll be able to make sure that the public knows about what is actually going on. Thank you for reading.

Pawel Kedzia
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Petition to Rashtrapati Bhavan, Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, Pranab Mukherjee, The Chief Justice of India (CJI), The Supreme Court of India

Aadhaar must not be compulsory when we have other Govt. certified and verified ID proof.

Against Supreme Court orders and despite repeated outcry from several sections of the society, the Union Government has been imposing Aadhaar for various essential services such as the usage of mobile phones and for paying Income Tax. We, the citizens of India, have enrolled ourselves in the voter list and also have several other legal documents such as a birth certificate, driving license, PAN card, passport, etc. There are many people do not wish to apply for an Aadhaar card for different reasons, some of us feel violated when Aadhaar is used for commercial purposes (as Know-Your-Customer) which could enable data trackers to gather a lot of personal information, some of us don't like such information being in the hands of private companies, others question the security of that information from hackers (a lot of Aadhaar related information has already leaked without even hacking), other people may have other reasons. The Government may have intended to root out corruption by making a single UID but a computerised system is capable of linking accounts to a person without Aadhaar. If good governance and anti-corruption was their only motive, the Government would've made passports (since they are police verified) or voters ID mandatory instead of giving private companies the contract of collecting and storing personal information of citizens. Some of us fear that this act of enforcing citizens to link and authenticate every action related to telecommunication, banking and economic transactions could lead to a possible future where we'll be bound in an authoritarian and oppressive State where every action of every citizen will be monitored by their Aadhaar number and such a State could easily curtail those who disagree with the actions of the ruling party. This implication threatens more than our privacy, it threatens our freedom and democracy itself.

Pashupata Aranyapala
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Petition to Theresa May MP, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, David Cameron MP

Stop the UK Government from Spying on us. A 1984 style surveillance bill.

Theresa May along with the government are about pass one of the most terrifying and dangerous security bills in the county's history. Dubbed the "Snoopers Charter" this bill will force UK ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to store every one of their customer's browsing history for up to a year, whilst on the surface it may not seem that threatening, there are several sections that have been written so vaguely it could be easily abused. By law ISPs would also need to give immediate access and decryption on a person's data on demand and would also allow government to hack into personal devices and personal computers with very little resistance. "If you have nothing to fear, you have nothing to hide" is the phrase being tossed around. However, many Human Rights groups, Silicon Tech companies and even representatives of the United Nations have opposed this law when it was first brought to public light in 2012 saying that privacy is a human right and, from my personal standpoint, no one deserves to be surveyed 24/7 unless they have legitimately done something to cause surveillance to be needed. "But it’s not about having nothing to hide, it’s about being you. It’s about being friends with who you want to be friends with, without worrying about what it looks like on paper or inside some private record in some dark government vault. It’s about realizing there’s a reason we close the bathroom door. There’s a reason we don’t want the police to have a video camera so they can watch us sitting in the bubble bath." - Edward Snowden Sources/Extra Information: - - - -

Tom Beaumont
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