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Petition to Marco Rubio, Ron DeSantis


Dear Mr. Rubio and Mr. DeSantis I am writing you today to let you know that I think it's really unfair what the justice system is doing to people that are trying to get jobs after they have committed petty crimes or, crimes that are over seven years old. With the pandemic going on I think that there should be some type of position to where employers are only allowed to see the background check if it is a charge that affects working at that particular job. For example if someone applies to be a schoolteacher obviously he cannot be a registered sex offender her. Even though this has happened in the past that registered sex offender's have slipped through the cracks and, ended up working near or, even in schools. Going to jail and going to prison is supposed to rehabilitate people is it not? In my experience I have been arrested for a felony battery on a Leo how ever what was NOT shared was that the MALE officer continued to search me for the third time without calling for a female. It was my second nature to turn around and react to the fact this man is putting his hands all over my body and, making me extremely uncomfortable. This is absolutely illegal because females are only allowed to search female suspects. That simple charge has cost me one of the most important jobs of my life. Working with the developmentally disabled. It is a job that I have been doing since I was 18 years old and now I am 31. However, since the prison system is supposed to be this so-called rehabilitation system then why not let us ,that  have been to jail wether it is county or prison show you that we truly are rehabilitated? Why turn us down before we get a chance to let our voices be heard? Just because some of you guys bury us in the prison backyard with nothing but a number doesn't mean that is all that we were and all that we are. A prison ID or, a Social Security number. WE ARE HUMANS. We as a nation, America , The melting pot of the world were all different cultures can live together and hopefully with the movements that are going on today in fairness and, in peace is what we need. I am a refugee from the Bosnian war and came here when I was six years old. I know the potential America has do you? please let me know via email sincerely, Ines hoffmann   

Ines Hoffmann
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Petition to FAMM , Prison Reform Trust, Human Rights Campaign, United States Supreme Court, United States Department of Health and Human Services, Vera Institute of Justice, Michelle Obama, Bernie Sanders, Meek Mill, Shaun King

Prison Reform, Justice For Khynesha

On January 24, 2019, my mother Khynesha Grant aka Kynesha Moore died while being incarcerated at Cambridge Springs Prison. She died as a result of neglect. Over two years my mother complained of migraines and headaches. So much so that she begun to faint because of it. She tried asking for MRIs and CT scans a numerous of times and yet she had none performed on her. Instead in 2018 she was injected with Topamax behind her ear. The medication did not work because she still suffered the same pain. In December of 2018, we got a disturbing call from a few other inmates stating that my mother had fainted but this time she had no signs of breath. In which we made several calls to the prison and its medical center to see what was going on with my mother. They tried to ensure us that she was taken care of and fine, but we questioned them because when we asked if she was stable they said yes and if she’d had a CT scan yet they said no and gave us no reason behind that. We spoke to her that day when she gained consciousness and she seemed to sound a little distressed. She let us know that she had to face consequences dues to the other inmates calling us and telling us about the whole situation. She said they’re revoking my phone calls until whenever they feel like it. We didn’t speak to her until January 17,2019 . Then a week later she was found fatally unresponsive. Once we got to the hospital where she was brain dead with no signs of life but her heart beat. Doctors tried all the tests to see if she would react but nothing, she was brain dead and organs were shutting down. She’d been to two hospital within two days in which we were lied to about her transportation to the second hospital. We were told that she was air lifted to the second hospital yet that hospital told us she was driven for 4 hours there in an ambulance. My mother did not deserve this, she was only 34 for God sake. She left behind 3 children, a younger sister, and her parents. And we are all suffering and want justice for her. There needs to be a change in the prison system, prisoners are dying and being neglected, and their rights are being revoked constantly. Do you believe that’s right? Prisons shouldn’t be an automatic death sentence unless a judge rules so, please help me and my family get justice for my mother and other inmates that died or are currently being mistreated while incarcerated. For any questions or concerns you may have my email is

Ahmesha Grant
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Petition to Didi Barrett, Andrew M. Cuomo

Release my mentally challenged son from prison

I have a (now 24yr. Old) mentally challenged son Donovan who has been incarcerated since 2014 after being charged with robbery. That was six years ago. Since the age of 2, Donovan was on medication and delayed. Not knowing the potential harm, at 16 Donovan was taken off all his medication at once. I just wanted my son to live a "normal" life. At 17, Donovan graduated Arlington high school with a special education diploma. In 2014 (easily peer pressured) my son was charged with robbery for going into a home and taking things tht did not belong to him. Not only did Donovan turn himself in but decided to take all the blame because his "friends" said his disability would set him free.  How wrong they were.  In closing, my son carries the name of a childhood friend who was charged with murder and that is believed to be one of the reasons he was dealt with so harshly. Even though in all reality that is not his father and they had no relationship. Also a few weeks before my son was found guilty of this crime, he was beat up and knocked unconscious by two men (over the age of 40). I had to go (with the video tape) to the city police, the mayor's office and finally district attorney before the officials finally arrested one of the 2 men. He was processed and released the next day with a promise to pay restitution. Where was the Justice then?  My son is currently being housed in Clinton Correctional facility. He has spent the majority of his time in a cell confined. I am pleading with you Mr. Cuomo to please help bring my son back home.

Sparkle Kenner
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