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Petition to Theresa May MP, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, David Cameron MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Tim Farron MP

Free Nazanin Ratcliffe

My wife Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, 37 year old charity worker, was on holiday visiting her family in Iran. She was at the airport returning to the UK on the 3rd April when she was detained by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. She has been transferred to an unknown location in Kerman Province, 1,000 kilometres south of Tehran, and is being held in solitary confinement. Gabriella Ratcliffe our 22 month old daughter (who has British citizenship only) has had her British passport confiscated, and is stranded in Iran with her grandparents. Nazanin has not been allowed to access a lawyer or her daughter. She has not been able to call out of the country to speak to me, her British husband, and the Red Cross have not been able to make contact. There have been no charges. Nazanin has informed her family that she has been required to sign a confession under duress, its content unknown. Her family have been informed that the investigation relates to an issue of ‘national security’. It is hard to understand how a young mother and her small child on holiday could be considered an issue of national security. She has been to Iran to visit her family regularly since making Britain her home. Nazanin currently works as a project manager for the Thomson-Reuters Foundation; which delivers charitable projects around the world. It does not work in Iran. Nazanin has now been in solitary confinement for over 30 days. Please help bring my wife and daughter home by signing my petition calling on our Prime Minister Theresa May to use her power and intervene.

Richard Ratcliffe
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Petition to Theresa May MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Tim Farron

Free the 6 British Veterans from Indian jail #CHENNAI6

5 Years rigorous imprisonment in a Indian Jail is the Sentence for 6 of our Brave British Veterans In 2013 we started a petition after six British ex-soldiers were wrongly arrested and imprisoned without charge for straying into Indian waters without permission & carrying illegal weapons without licence by Indian authorities while working to protect merchant seaman in some of the most dangerous seas in the world. After spending 9 months in prison and a charge finally being filed against them 3 months in, they were released on bail, and began to fight to prove their innocence, which they done successfully and all charges were dropped in July 2014 leaving them free to return home. Unfortunately this was not the case. The Indian authorities held their passports and documents stopping them from returning home to their loved ones and denying their freedom. The Indian Q Branch police lodged an appeal to have their charges re-instated when a full trial was ordered by the Supreme Court. After a long and mentally torturing wait the trial began in September 2015 in the Magistrates court of the port where they were first arrested. On the 11th of January 2016 our hearts sank, our brothers, husbands, Sons, and fathers had been given a Guilty verdict and sentence to 5 years rigorous imprisonment. Not one of us or the people involved could have saw this verdict coming. All the evidence to prove their innocence was submitted in court, the trial had gone in their favour from day one, and most importantly they were innocent! The devastation and anguish this has caused us, the families is huge. It has left us crushed and with little hope. We know have no communication with the men and We don’t know who or where to turn to. This is why we are asking you to sign our petition, to Free our men and end this miscarriage of justice. We understand fully that one country cannot intervene in another’s judicial process, But when innocent men are being prosecuted for a crime they have not committed, then they should have a obligation to protect the human rights and freedom of these men and have them released and brought home. These men devoted their lives protecting others.  They fought for the British government now the British government must fight for them. Text FSGO66 £1 to 70070  if you wish to donate to our fund

Yvonne Machugh
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Petition to Governments of Iran & UK & EU, President Hassan Rouhani, HR Federica Mogherini, Theresa May MP, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, Ayatollah Sadeq Larijani

Please let Grandpa come home لطفا پدربزرگمان را به خانه برگردانید

My dad Kamal Foroughi is a 78 year old British-Iranian granddad. He is being held in an Iranian prison. He has been denied visitors and critical medical attention for over six years.  Amnesty International say that 'his health is deteriorating and he is in need of specialised medical care outside prison'. We, my dad's family, live in the UK and are terrified he will soon die. He is one of the oldest and loneliest prisoners in Iran.  Dad has been held in Evin Prison since May 2011, when he was taken in for questioning without an arrest warrant or explanation. In 2013, he was found guilty of espionage. This has been a terrible mistake. Dad is not a spy, he is a granddad who loves spending time with his family and friends, playing tennis and watching Wimbledon on TV. We have seen no evidence to justify the charge. Iran generally lets prisoners free at half their sentence for good behaviour. For Dad this was last May 2015 and his behaviour has been impeccable. Despite many assurances, he was not released and we do not know why. Our family is distraught. My dad, Kamal Foroughi, has not seen us for over six years and his granddaughters keep asking "When is Grandpa coming home?" Please help end our nightmare by signing this petition to encourage the UK Government and Iranian authorities to bring Kamal Foroughi home on compassionate grounds and allow him to spend the rest of his life in peace with his family, where we can look after him. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, President Hassan Rouhani, Head of the Judiciary Ayatollah Larijani, Iran: Please show compassion and let Grandpa Kamal Foroughi come home to his family.   Prime Minister Theresa May, UK, and HR Federica Mogherini, EU: Please continue to treat Grandpa Kamal Foroughi’s case as highest priority in your dealings with Iran.

Kamran Foroughi
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Petition to Prime Minister Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif

Release and Repatriate Kulbhushan Jadhav

Mr Kulbhushan Jadhav a 46 year old Indian national and a former Indian Navy officer and currently a business man, travelled to the Chabahar Port area of Iran on a valid visa in or around February 2016 during the course of his business. This was not Mr Jadav's first visit to Iran; he had previously travelled to Iran on business. He has businesses based in Mumbai, India and in Iran. Mr Kulbhushan Jadhav failed to return to the place he was staying in Iran during this visit. It is believed that he was captured by a disperate group in the volatile region on the border between Iran and Pakistan. It is believed that Mr Kulbhushan Jadhav was targeted because he is an Indian national and formerly, an Officer in the Indian Navy. Mr Kulbhushan Jadhav was most likely handed to the Pakistani authorities by these Iranian groups in exchange for a reward. This is an accepted practice in the region. Reports support that Mr Kulbhushan Jadhav was kidnapped inside Iran by drug smugglers or by extremist group Jundullah with the support of Inter-Services Intelligence and handed over to Pakistan’s spy agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence. The narco-terrorist networks are at play in the region and merit additional scrutiny which evidently, Mr Kulbhushan Jadhav did not have. Media reports suggest that Mr Kulbhushan Jadhav was received into the Pakistani authorities on the 3rd of March, 2016. He was accused of "espionage and sabotage activities against Pakistan". This is a standard charge against Indian nationals who have strayed accidentally or by force into Pakistani territory. Following a summary trial in a closed Court (not in public), Mr Kulbhushan Jadhav was convicted of the charges laid against him, namely of: "espionage and sabotage activities against Pakistan". He was tried "through Field General Court Martial under the Pakistan Army Act PAA) and awarded the death sentence" according to Pakistan's Inter Services Public Relations statement released on Monday 10th of April, 2017. No indication was disclosed in relation to the execution Concerns:Mr Kulbhushan Jadhav's execution is imminent. By their own admission, there is lack of tangible evidence that Mr Kulbhushan Jadhav is a 'spy'. This was admitted by the Pakistani authorities and their Foreign Minister Sartaz Aziz: Mr Kulbhushan Jadhav was tried in a military court even although he is a civilian.  The Pakistani authorities have not produced any forensic evidence linking Mr Jadhav to the alleged attacks in Pakistan that he supposed to be responsible for. Mr Jadhav's case is following the path of Mr Sarabjit Singh's case who was also convicted of 'esponiage' in very similar circumstances (Note:  Since his detention, Mr Kulbhushan Jadhav has been DENIED: 1. Access to Consular service despite repeated requests by the Indian authorities. At least sixteen formal requests have been made by the Indian authorities; 2. Access to independent legal advice; 3. Immediate access to an independent medical examination and assessment of his mental and physical condition. Access to the Red Cross. Mr Kulbhushan Jadhav has not been seen in public for over a year. 4. Contact with his family since his detention in or around March, 2016; 5. Contact with his Government; 6. Disclosure of the alleged evidence against him; Disclosure of the Prosecution's case, copy pleadings and forensic reports in support of their case; 7. Evidence that the death sentence was made following a judgment rendered by a competent Court - ICCPR (international Covenant on Civil and Political Rights) article 6, para. 2; 8. Fair trial; Mr Kulbhushan Jadhav's trial was conducted in Urdu - not the language spoken by Mr Jadhav; 9. Access to legal representation: Mr Kulbhushan Jadhav did not have legal representation and he was not provided with a copy of the case papers in relation to the case against him. The Pakistani media alleges that Mr Kulbhushan Jahdev has a 'right to appeal' and yet he has not been provided with the case papers and/or supporting evidence against him. Further, he has been denied access to an independent lawyer. So how can he be expected to assess and evaluate the case against him and exercise his alleged right to appeal without sight of the case against him?  10. His human rights, dignity and respect under international Conventions and law in relation to human rights. Mr Kulbhushan Jadhav is mostly likely to have been tortured as part of his interrogation by the Pakistani intelligence agencies. The undated video released by the Pakistani authorities in which Mr Jadhav 'confesses' to 'espionage' clearly indicates a confession obtained under duress. It is claimed that the video recording has been edited at least 127 times.  The Pakistani authorities have made much of Mr Kulbhushan Jadav's passport; neither his video or his alleged passport has been subjected to independent examination and/or forensic interrogation by appropriate experts  in accordance with the standards of evidence deemed to be admissible in Court. No further and/or recent video recordings of Mr Kulbhushan Yadhav have been released. His current physical and mental state is unknown. The Pakistani authorities must produce Mr Kulbhushan Jadhav in public and they must ensure that he has Consular access and facilitate his right to take independent legal advice. The case against Mr Kulbhushan Jadhav lacks facts and is solely based upon the Pakistani authorities' intense animosity and belligerency towards Indian nationals who have had the misfortune of entering Pakistani terroritory and  ended being detained. So far in this case, the Pakistani authorities have demonstrated a  blatant disregard and disrespect for the Rule of Law. We the undersigned urge the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif to release and repatriate Mr Kulbhushan Jadhav to his family in India. Further reading:Kulbhushan Jadhav: India to do 'whatever it takes' to help 'spy'

Justice Upheld
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