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Petition to Kelly Thomasson, Jennjfer Crown, Justin Fairfax

U.S. military veteran with mental health history seeking 2nd chance at freedom.

I'm posting this petition for my son, MarQui Clardy, Sr. I’ll start with some background information on MarQui's character and the circumstances that led to his present situation. MarQui is a 33 year old father of four. On September 24, 2001, two weeks after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, he joined the United States Navy. He served as an Information Systems Technician while also attending ECPI University and serving as a Ship's Self-Defense Force (SSDF) team leader where he received intensive weapons, combat, and antiterrorism training. He was deployed to the Persian Gulf in 2003 for Operation Iraq Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Two weeks prior to being discharged in 2005, MarQui was referred to a psychiatrist (due to some behavioral deviations, hallucinations, and a suicidal preoccupation) where he was diagnosed with "Adjustment Disorder." The psychiatrist noted that MarQui had a "major impairment in [his] thinking and judgement, manifested by inflexible thinking." Despite this clinical assessment, MarQui wasn't given any treatment, counseling, medications, or even a follow-up appointment, nor was he made aware of the diagnosis. He was simply released from service and left to transition back into civilian life on his own. In 2006, MarQui enrolled at Old Dominion University to study computer science. This is where his financial troubles began. After his car was totaled in a flash flood, he lost his job due to a lack of transportation. He was able to find a succession of other lower paying jobs, but lost each of them for the same reason. As a result, he defaulted on his tuition payments, so his school registration was placed on hold. He also defaulted on his rent, and was notified by his landlord that he was being evicted from his apartment. Being jobless, carless, moneyless, facing imminent homelessness (without even the ability to improve his circumstances by finishing his college degree), and not able to financially support himself or his children caused an unfathomable amount of stress that likely triggered MarQui's Adjustment Disorder, and he made the ill decision to commit three robberies to get some money. In 2008, he was arrested and tried in court. Since the military had never notified MarQui of his mental health diagnosis, this information was never presented for the judge's consideration (even though MarQui's condition undoubtedly played a MAJOR factor in his decision to aberrantly break the law). MarQui was convicted on all charges; although he has a good background, NO prior criminal history, and absolutely NO physical violence had occurred in either offense, the judge sentenced him to 33 years in prison. MarQui just learned about his mental health diagnosis in 2014, six years AFTER being incarcerated. He has taken full responsibility for his actions, however, we must also recognize the military's role in discharging him back into society while neglecting to treat the mental health condition with which THEY diagnosed him! There's no limit to the behavioral effects that "impaired thinking and judgement" can have on those afflicted, especially if it's left untreated. Even the Department of Defense acknowledges that untreated mental health conditions among veterans pose a greater safety threat than those which are being treated. In MarQui's case, his impairment went untreated for THREE ENTIRE YEARS, leading up to him making the poor decision to break the law. His background shows that he clearly was not a criminally-inclined person. Had the military treated his condition before discharging him, or even afterward at one of the V.A. medical centers, it’s very likely that MarQui would have exercised better judgement and not commited those robberies. Because of the post-conviction discovery of MarQui's mental health diagnosis, as well as the positive strides he's made throughout his incarceration- which include earning college credits by completing classes at Washington and Lee University, completing classes through Emmaus Correspondence School and Life's Key Ministries, enrolling in all of the requisite DOC rehabilitative programs, remaining free of institutional infractions, maintaining employment as a GED tutor (among other jobs), remaining an active member of "incarcerated veterans" groups throughout DOC, being consistently rated as a "very low risk of recidivism" by DOC's COMPAS assessment, writing two novels (one of which has been published), several articles for Hamilton College, The Marshall Project, and Cell Door Magazine, and a social justice / criminal justice book he's currently working on - Redemptive Life Foundation has filed a clemency petition on his behalf, asking Governor Northam to commute his prison sentence and allow him to be released. MarQui has gained ample support from family, friends, former coworkers, college coeds and class instructors, military veterans organizations, and religious groups. But we're seeking even more support to ensure that he gets the chance he has worked hard for. After ten years in prison, JUSTICE HAS BEEN SERVED! MarQui broke the law, however, given the fact that he was suffering from an unknown (by him) and untreated mental illness, his harsh 33 year sentence is unfair and unjust. It is also a slap in the face to all those who have served our country's military that were left physically and/or mentally impaired. He has also shown throughout his incarceration what type of person he truly is, and why he should be granted a second chance at his freedom. Please sign this petition to help us get him that chance. Thank you!

Dianna Clardy
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Petition to Kentucky Parole Board

From Death row to Parole?

My sister Barbel Poore, was murdered on January 7,1981..after being subjected to hours of sexual torture, by Kevin Stanford and two accompliances. Barbel was a 20 year old single mother, working to support her child. She was closing the gas station that she worked at, upon going outside to read the gas pump numbers, Kevin Stanford and David Buchanon quickly closed in on her, while Troy Johnson remained in his car as lookout. She was forced back inside at gunpoint..where immediately the attacks upon her began, after approximately 2 hours she was than abducted, driven just blocks a way, there she was shot point blank in her beautiful face, the second shot to the back of her head ended her life. Kevin Stanford, the ringleader was sentenced to the death penalty in 1982. In 2003 than, Governor Paul Patton commuted his sentence to life without parole, citing his age as his reason. Stanford was 17 at the time of the crime., even though more than 100 courts had affirmed the sentence including the U.S. Supreme Court in 1989 (Stanford v. Kentucky) Governor Patton did this, while he himself was involved in a huge sex scandal that shocked the citizens of the Commonwealth of Ky. Now years later the U. S. Supreme Court rules, if you were under 18 you can not receive life without parole. So Stanford now plans to apply for resentencing, or to go straight to the parole board. This will be beyond a misjustice , it will be a danger for the family of Barbel Poore, it will be a danger for the community. Contrary to what newspaper articles have wrote, Stanford has never shown remorse, actually the opposite, bragging and boasting of what he did to my sister. He has not been an ideal prisoner, 22 infractions on death row alone, most all of a sexual nature, including forced sodomy. Since joining the general population , he has proven to go after the weak, again forcible sodomy..and many other infractions. We the people believe Kevin Stanford should never be released from prison. We ask that Kevin Stanford be resentenced to life without parole.

Mona Mills
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Petition to California State Senate, California State House, Gavin Newsom, United States Supreme Court, Donald J. Trump, California Governor, California State Attorney General Xavier Becerra, John Garamendi, Jerry Brown

Keep Daniel Marsh in Prison: Justice for Chip Northup & Claudia Maupin

Six years ago, on April 13, 2013, Daniel Marsh savagely stabbed to death Chip Northup & Claudia Maupin, as they slept inside their Davis, California home. Marsh delivered 128 stab wounds between the two...after Marsh finished his rampage, he cut out their torsos & placed foreign objects inside them to "throw off investigators" (his exact words). He wore duct tape on his shoes, glove, & ski-mask, so as not to leave any forensic evidence; all of which is the definition of PREMEDITATED murder!!! His age doesn't matter when something this precise & meticulously was planned. And had it not been for Marsh's friend calling in the tip line, there would have been more random, brutal murders in this small town, as Marsh was already in the process of planning his next when he was finally arrested, 2 months after the murder.  A Blended family lost their beloved mother and father.... all because a sociopathic, 15-year-old (who was no stranger to the mental health system) simply wanted to fulfill a fantasy. He was sentenced to 52 years to Life in Prison. But since convicted, Marsh has gone on to challenge the "Public Safety and Rehabilitation Act of 2016, as enacted by Proposition 57 on November 8, 2016", thankfully his sentence upheld, and the judge found that the crime was so heinous, premeditated, & meticulously planned that Marsh was fit to stand trial as an adult. But now former Governor Jerry Brown, before leaving office in 2018, signed Bill 1391 (Chapter 1021; An act to amend Section 707 of the Welfare and Institutions Code, relating to juveniles), enacting that NO PERSONS under the age of 15- years- old (no matter how brutal, horrific, or downright wrong against society) could be tried as an adult. Since Marsh's case was technically still opened, he may be granted retroactive relief under this new bill & walk out of prison in less than 4 years from now. PLEASE STAND WITH ME and Chip & Claudia's families and let's give the courts a solid reason to dismiss any retroactivity to SB1391 in Marsh's case!!! Not to mention, you'll help ensure that a sociopathic, convicted murderer would stay behind bars for his FULL sentence of 52 years and WON'T  be walking around looking for his next "thrill", you never know who the next victim could be!!!  If we the people of the United States don't do something to help STOP this, then we're no better than the people who help these killers get light sentences or off on cold-blooded murder charges!!! It's unconstitutional that a new Law Act or Bill be bestowed upon a person who's already been convicted & started serving their sentence; all because of a technicality (Prop. 57, which, he wasn't granted) which allowed his case to be reopened and now can possibly be brought open his case & now is possibly allowing him to fall under this new blanket law for juveniles and he'll either be immediately released or release at the age of 25; if that's the case then the court systems should be flooded with past cases...BUT most important, an individual of these sorts should not ever, EVER be allowed to walk the streets a free man, with a sealed background. Just think, he may end up in your town or city, as an employee, neighbor, friend, your child's friend or boyfriend, etc. WE NEED TO STOP ANY FURTHER PROCEEDING AND STOP IT NOW! And with your help and enough support, WE CAN!!!!!! Please help me in this fight to keep this man behind bars, where he belongs, for his full sentence; but most importantly, let's help Chip& Claudia rest in peace and FINALLY give their families the assurance that this killer will stay where he belongs!!! HERE'S A LITTLE BACKGROUND ON MARSH: At the age of 10, Daniel Marsh was hailed a hero by the American Red Cross, for saving his father's life by performing CPR during a heart attack. But over the next 5 years, all Daniel Marsh thought about and talked about was murder. He's killed an innocent CAT that was just walking by and after he stated: "I just didn't like it". Sometime after the killing of Chip & Claudia, he confided in a friend all the details of the murder. He also told him that he was planning to kill again, because of the 'high' he felt afterward. His friend went on to contact the police, as he actually feared for his own life and his family's lives as well. During the police interview, which included an FBI specialist, Daniel's EXACT words were: "I'm not gonna lie. IT FELT AMAZING. It was pure HAPPINESS, and adrenaline and dopamine, just all of it, rushing over me." You can read the entire 48-hour story on Daniel Marsh here:  Other articles related to further details of this horrible tragedy: NOTE: This petition and the originator doesn't own copyrights to any of the story's/case links, nor the photo used for the petition. It's all used in good faith, as educational purposes for the public.  

Ashley Anderson
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