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Petition to Texas State House, Senfronia Thompson

3G offenders serving GOODTIME in Prison considered for early release.. HB2120

This letter is regarding a bill that was introduced in the 85th Legislature, on February 20, 2017, as HB2120. On March 23, 2017, it was left pending in the committee, at 25% progression. The committee being the “House Corrections Committee”. The legislature is now in recess which means that the bill will need to be reintroduced in order to be heard again. It’s pretty much dead in the Corrections Committee. This bill is regarding offenders classified as 3G, who are made to suffer to serve the mandatory requirements of half off their sentences regardless if they accrue *GOODTIME. Goodtime, is a calculation of time off an inmate's sentence for being on their best behavior and not receiving any major cases. It means they cannot have had any major cases. There are husbands, wives, and children with no expectations for early release who were incarcerated for mild mistakes, paying hard core consequences. It leaves offenders with nothing to work towards or look forward to. But, some have learned their life lessons and should be rewarded for their good behavior. Imagine the person you love most gets into a brawl then is mistakenly placed for an aggravated case for up to 30 years. That means your dear darling son WILL HAVE to serve a MANDATORY sentence of at least half (15 years) of his sentence before he is even considered for parole. That’s a mighty long time for just a brawl at the mall. 3G Offenders should have the same consideration as non-3G offenders when it comes to being considered for parole release. This will give those offenders who have worked steady jobs, enrolled in educational classes, graduated from the GRAD Program, found God and have been actively involved in the Faith-based programs and trying to help other offenders turn their life around too, and the opportunity to come up for parole after serving 1/4th of their sentence.. These acts of rehabilitation should not be discarded as if they don’t matter! Those that have changed behavior, lives matter because they actually want a better life for themselves when they parole. They want to be better role models for their children and grandchildren, and better spouses upon their release to come home. They work very hard to be better people coming out of prison than who they were going into prison and they deserve the opportunity to have their accrued goodtime considered as a means for early release just like non-3G offenders. It encourages good conduct, a changed lifestyle and hopes for the future. Getting this law passed does not guarantee the release for an offender. That needs to be made clear to those who think all 3G offenders will be released all at one time, regardless of what they’ve done. That is NOT how this law was written! ALL 3G offenders will still have to be reviewed by the parole board before they are considered for release. The parole board will decide who they believe to have changed behavior because not everyone deserves an early release. This law DOES NOT include capital murder or sexual assault offenses. NOTE: This bill was not written to release inmates. It's written to simply allowing them to accrue GOODTIME.Reading this, you may have and/or had, a loved one incarcerated for a 3G offense. If so, Then you understand the importance for them to be considered for their GOODTIME. If you haven’t, then you don’t know what it feels like to miss them at this great expense and you're lucky to have the opportunity to greet, hug, and kiss your loved one every day, as we do not, which is the reasoning for this petition. Whether you are in agreeance with this letter or not, please sign the petition attached to this letter with your comments concerning why or why not.If you agree and support this petition, please help me get the message out by sharing this to your social media sites like FB, because sharing will get the many supporters we need to get this bill passed! Thanks for your support!*HB2120- A bill relating to good conduct time earned by certain inmates and the consideration of release on parole for those inmates.*GOODTIME-Time deducted from an inmate's sentence for good behavior while in prison.

Tarra Love-Richmond
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Petition to Donald Trump, Kay Ivey

FREE COLBY DWIGHT BIRDSONG, Unfairly Charged, Unfairly tried, Unfairly Convicted

Can you imagine being put into prison knowing that you are actually innocent? Can you imagine your mother paying $6000 to an attorney then finding out he has been disbarred and that you'll get your money back in payments of $20 each month? Well due to lies, corruption, and lack of justice this has happened to Colby, he has been incarcerated for over four years. The Court of Criminal Appeals read the letter we wrote to them and appointed an attorney to look into this matter. The appointed attorney saw that Colby should have never been given a prison sentence and asked for a resentencing hearing. The same judge who sent this young man to prison set the resentencing hearing for August 2019! That is over two years away! He was sentenced as if he was a habitual criminal but had no criminal history. He was given the maximum sentence for charges that did not exist. He is in a maximum security prison where the majority of the inmates are serving life sentences without parole and Colby has to try to survive every day because other inmates have nothing to lose if they kill him. He has been threatened along with his family. He has been assaulted and shanked but nothing was done. Please take a moment and read the facts. Please sign this petition, this young man is living a nightmare and fights to not give up because he knows he is innocent. At the very least, please pray for Colby. It is with sincere hearts that we beg for help, sign this petition to show faith in a fellow human being. The corruption in Morgan County Alabama has put him in prison with a 25 year sentence and won't look at their mistake for two more years and possibly let him out (it might make someone look bad). It seems that he could be released if someone with some common sense would look at his case - the facts are there and simple. President Trump we ask for your help because you have the wisdom to see Colby's case fairly, because you have the heart to reach out and give this man his life back, and because you have the power to take action and pardon him.    Colby Dwight Birdsong was involved with a woman who tried to ruin his life. She has a pattern through her relationships with others that seems to repeat itself. He became involved and they began to have altercations because she has a volatile temperament. She took out several protection from abuse orders but then she would contact him, pursue him, and spend time with him. This female was also involved in multiple relationships with people who were connected to members of law enforcement and made it difficult for Colby to get treated fairly. Getting him out of prison will give our community a good man to be our neighbor and friend, who will be a productive citizen.  This is our letter:To the State of Alabama Court of Criminal AppealsReasons why we ask you to consider Colby Dwight Birdsong for an appeal on his case. He is not guilty.Poor representation by court appointed attorney.The hired attorney was disbarred.Colby's file was lost, when hired attorney's office was closed by the bar association. Hired Attorney fled with all the fees he had been paid by Colby's family.Court appointed attorney voiced anger toward Colby because he was reappointed after being fired by Colby.A judge ruled that the protection orders were null and void.The judge stated that the other Judge could not void the protection orders.The plaintiff violated all the protection orders by contacting Colby and continuing to have a relationship with Colby.Maximum sentencing was given although Colby had no prior criminal behavior.The plaintiff has documented a history of mental illness and violent behavior.Plaintiff had an influence on law enforcement officers involved in police reports to favor the plaintiff.Witnesses were not called to testify at trial that were critical to Colby's defense.A crucial witness was not allowed to speak in favor of Colby who would have shown that Colby was not guilty.An eyewitness was not allowed to testify the whole truth.Plaintiff perjured herself at trial.One of the prosecution's witnesses perjured herself.Evidence for the defense was not presented by a court-appointed attorney that was crucial for defense.Plaintiff had adequate time to self-inflict alleged marks and wounds after grandparents left the scene and before law enforcement arrived at the scene because she was left alone at the scene.Zip ties allegedly used to kidnap plaintiff were not present at the scene or presented at trial.Photos of plaintiff's marks/wounds did not show who was in the photos.A sworn affidavit from a witness was not presented that would have shown the plaintiff was not being honest and was threatening Colby and this witness.Court appointed attorney told the witness with the affidavit that he did not need to be present at trial and then the Judge would not let court-appointed attorney admit into evidence the affidavit because the witness was not in the courtroom. The rules during the trial were not followed by the prosecution preventing the defendant from being able to show he was not guilty.The court-appointed appeals attorney displayed anger toward Sharon Jett and withdrew from the case without waiting for the deadline for Colby to send in the appeal letter.

Sonja Abernathy
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Petition to Donald Trump, Barack Obama, President of the United States, Texas State House, Texas Governor, Bernie Sanders, U.S. House of Representatives

Free Elderly Prisoners (Consider Alternatives)

   I would like to propose the release of elderly prisoners (70+ yrs old) depending on the crime, how recent the crime, and other factors. There has been a long standing issue in America of spending more money on the prison system than the education system. By releasing the elderly prisoners, we could reallocate those funds to the education system. Not to mention, that at some point in the sentence of the elderly prisoner, it becomes very costly to deal with geriatric ailments. At what point do we realize, we are wasting money on imprisoning certain if not the majority of the elderly prisoners.     I don't suggest that this will be an easy task to undertake but small committees could compose a checklist of eligibility and reveiw the files of each elderly prisoner. The committee would need to review how likely the prisoner is to repeat the offense and their ability. I'm not suggesting releasing elderly serial killers. Moreover, I'm not suggesting the release of someone middle-aged who recently committed a crime. I'm suggesting an honest and unbiased review of the prisoner, the crime(s), their mental state, and whether or not it was an isolated event. I mean why keep a prisoner if he/she is 72 with arthritis, dementia, and requires a bevy of medication who committed a robbery in their youth?    A big question you may have is where would they go? They could be released to their families. Or, we could evaluate the possibility and cost of creating special living communities at the fraction of the cost of incarceration. Also, the prisoners could obtain small employment opportunities within their abilities to keep them busy and aid the overall costs of the program.    I know this is a very complex situation and likely to evoke many different emotions and opinions but I think it is worth initiating the discussion. I think it is worth considering and evaluating the factors to determine if it is possible. There is no clear cut solution but it is worth combining the great minds of America to evaluate and devise less costly alternatives. Please, sign and share the petition if you agree.    Furthermore, if you would like to read about this subject more thoroughly, you can visit the website below. I am not associated with the article but it is worth reading to obtain more detailed information. If we can reallocate the money from the funds of prisons, we can prevent the future youths from entering into a life of crime by using that money to improve the education system. Below is an article about the high rate of imprisonment among high school dropouts.   

Telea Wade Lahart
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