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Petition to Edmund G. Brown Jr., California Governor

FREE BARRY DENTON. 1st termer on his 18th year of a 30 year sentence for robbery (unarmed)

Barry Denton (P96760), has been incarcerated within the California Department Of Corrections and Rehabilitation for 18 years and counting. Barry, is a first termer who was struck out under the California Three Strikes Law, in where his juvenile case was used to complete the three strike process. His crime was committed in Long Beach, California, where he grew up under the optismistic eyes of two loving parents who support his cause for freedom. His days as a minor speaks to the radical shift into crime due to the fact that he graduated from Wilson High School in Long Beach, California (1997), was employed and attending college at the time of his arrest, while playing a pivotal role within his family structure.  Barry, committed a robbery P.C. 212.5 when he was 20 years old, and no, this is not a plot to garner leniency due to his age, but I feel that society recognizes that the time should fit the crime and he has exceeded the ascribed time allocated for his crime 5 times over when you consider Barry's sentence: 25+5-to-life under the Three Strikes Law. He is now 39 years old and, as he expresses, a stark contrast of who he once was in his younger days when he was trying to discover his place in society.  A gun was not used in the commission of the crime and  no one was hurt or touched. Ordinarily,  a crime of this nature would warrant less than 5 years, and oftentimes probation but this is not the case. We want to bring Barry home and we all agree that he deserves a second chance at a life he never had, especially considering his  accomplishments inside of prison.  Barry, is apart of that is gaining momentum to free three strikers through a petition to the Governor of California. And,,_Parole_for_Non-Violent_Criminals_and_Juvenile_Court_Trial_Requirements_(2016) helped Barry by reducing his sentence (Prop. 57 deducted 3 years). But, it still leaves him with more time to do for an unarmed robbery after 18 years. It is time for Barry Denton to have that second chance at life. Let's band together and promote Executive Clemency to free Barry from this egregious sentence.  He has become an advocate for peace inside of prison, becoming the chairman of the alternative to violence program (AVP) and a facilitator, while acquiring the necessary skills in his college studies, various self-help groups like GOGI (Getting Out By Going In) and vocational welding that equips him with the tools to be productive in society. The beginning years of his incarceration was rocky and confusing to say the least. But as he declares, Barry has figured out how to be the facilitator of his own destiny, avoiding the pitfalls of prison violence for over 10 years now.  Words from Barry: Since my incarceration I have experienced numerous struggles and triumphs. I have undergone an evolution that equates to a transformation of a notable kind where I recognize the power in redemption, and along with God's grace, I have survived the many pitfalls that have defeated so many. Prison is a place of defeat and shattered dreams that leaves the soul yearning for the unreachable. Many trapped behind the walls fail to see the motivating force that causes the spirit, the mind, and heart to seek something contrary to the historical plight that lands us in the cages of consequence. But, there are some who get into the operation of change and become apart of the solution. When I began to operate on myself, healing and patching up old wounds and emotional lacerations that ran deep, I begin to realize where I went wrong. There was nothing and no one to blame but myself. I had to stand tall in accountability and this moment gave me the power and awareness to understand that i am more than my environment. I am more than the street culture that has ruined so many lives. I am more than just a number to be counted and analyzed for statistical fodder inside of prisons. I am an element of change where I can be a gift to set the course of dysfunction along a path of correction. This is my purpose. One of service to society and also to myself. We have a social and moral obligation to make the world livable, loveable, and consciously unique. It is the price we pay for existing where others have perished. It is the road we pave for forthcoming generations who deserve something better than the hardships that have hardened the hearts of so many. This is what I am striving to do. On the inside I am in the trenches striving to change the culture of prison one handshake at a time. I want to see a world where lockup fails to be the first option and those who are confused, I want to be the light that shows them the option. I feel i am ready to be apart of the greater society and I want to add value to the process of world building and I am only asking for my moment. I am a husband, a son to unwavering parents, a father by marriage, and a son of God. I am a champion of changing this notion that prison is the dumpsite of America and I work to ensure that a better world can exist within the electric fence so that the beauty in redemption spills out into society so that you and I can live in eternal peace. I want to  step into the next phase of righting my wrongs. This is the accumulation of justice and us uniting as a people to recognize that Change is possible if we are to believe in the civic and social obligations of our democracy. Please sign the petition and give life a chance. Let's forge an undying pulse beating within the hearts of humanity and allow freedom to persist in the face of harsh sentencing laws. Be proactive. Let Governor Brown know that there lies a people on the inside of prison walls who have the power and potential to be elements of the answer .

Quianna Denton
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Petition to Dixon Family

Sentence reduction for Eddie Dixon,either commutation or clemency. Help us Gov.Hutchinson

     On behalf of Mr. Eddie Dixon; these petitioning concerned Citizens of the United States Of America who believe in the redemption and reformation of Mr. Eddie Dixon we support and call for immediate consideration of the current bi-partisan initiative for criminal justice reform; we the concerned Citizens of the United States and the community of Blytheville, Arkansas who supports the exercise of executive clemency (including pardon, commutation of sentence, remission of fine or restitution and reprieve but not limited to other forms).      We humbly respectfully request that you grant Mr. Dixon request for a commutation of sentence. It is our firm belief that Mr. Dixon deserves a second chance to right his past wrong doings against the community at large.     A jury trial was held on September 25 and 26, 1991. The jury found him guilty of two counts of delivery of a controlled substance, cocaine, and imposed a fine of $25,000 and a life sentence plus 30 years in the Arkansas Department of Correction. It is true Mr. Dixon made an unwise and imperceptible decision when he became involved with drugs as a young man growing up in Blytheville, Arkansas at the time Mr. Dixon believe that no other options or alternatives existed as means to support his family (Parents, Sisters, and children) other than by selling drugs, he now longer think that way and have matured. We acknowledge he did in fact break the law and deserves to be punished, but a life sentence plus 30 years is not a just punishment. Eddie Dixon has spent over 23 years of serving a life sentence plus 30 years learning the error of his ways and deserves the opportunity to redeem himself in the eyes of those whom love and support him, as well as the community at large. Eddie Dixon is currently incarcerated at Cummins Unit ADC# 075134 he have been there since 1991. While incarcerated, he has become an advocate for other inmates encouraging them to stay positive and out of trouble and if released, hopes to continue this type of volunteerism to prevent incarceration of our youth. Mr. Dixon love his family and friends dearly and would love another chance to be with his family and eat at his mothers locally known restaurant  "Mae's Grill" As a community we belief that Mr. Dixon should be the candidate selected for commutation of sentence. We respectfully are asking Gov.Hutchinson to commute Dixon’s sentence and allow him to redeem himself on the outside. Thank you for your time and consideration of expressed views. We also ask that all signers and supporters share this petition and email us at the following contact information below for more information May God Bless those who willingly support Eddie Dixon on our journey to help him!!

Dixon Family
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Petition to Edmund G. Brown Jr.

Free David Diaz: An innocent man who has served 20 years in prison.

David Diaz is currently in prison serving a 37 year-to-life sentence for a shooting that happened in 1998 in Los Angeles county. The victim of this shooting has stated that David is innocent and not the person who shot him and the key witness has confessed to "randomly" accusing David under police pressure. David was just 19 years old when an LAPD squad forced their way into his home and arrested him for attempted murder. In court, the police and prosecutor alleged that David approached a man named Remberto Preciado, asked him what street gang he belonged to, and shot him in the leg. At the time the shooting happened, David was at the movies with his girlfriend and family. He could not have committed this crime. But the jury was persuaded by the prosecutor's case and ultimately convicted David, resulting in his current life sentence. David is now 39-years-old and has been in prison for 20 years. To date, three key witnesses in the case and the shooting victim, have all declared that David is innocent and that they only selected David because they were pressured by police to do so. Despite evidence of his innocence, David remains in prison with his sentence. He won’t be released until he is 57 years old, in 2035. California Governor Jerry Brown must step in to right this wrong. He has power and authority to release David through the commutation process. David has not sat idle in prison all these years. He has completed numerous programs and correspondence courses including paralegal studies and bible studies. He is currently undergoing college classes to obtain his Associates Degree and is enrolled in a business entrepreneur class. He has held many prison jobs and is a peer mentor helping other prisoners with behavioral intervention, anger management,family relations, and life skills. I have known David since 1996. Last month, David proposed to me and we will be getting married in May. So many people want David free — including the victim Remberto — and we feel David's case is a perfect candidate for clemency. In 2015, we requested a commutation from Governor Brown based on David's innocence and the unusual length of sentence he received on gun enhancements (28 years-to-life), but to date, no action or response has been given. Please sign this petition to correct the injustice that occurred with David. We thank you for your support.  

Lidia Perez
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Petition to Edmund G. Brown Jr.

Please Grant Commutation for Incarcerated Survivor Rae Harris!

Rae Harris is a transgender survivor who has been incarcerated in California for over 20 years. In an example of the extreme and disproportionate sentencing of trans people of color, Rae was sentenced to two life without parole sentences and two 25-to-life sentences in 1998 for “conspiring to commit” two murders that he did not commit. Rae is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and he was in a psychologically abusive relationship at the time of his arrest, a key context for his conviction. At 23 years old, Rae did not take the stand to testify at his own trial because he had no faith that he would be believed. Based on how he was treated pre-trial, he was convinced that no police officer, prosecutor, juror or judge would care that he was not at the scene of either death, or that he was trying to protect his mother from harm. Rae also suffered from an inadequate legal defense. His paid attorney practiced civil, not criminal law and had never tried a murder case. As an example, he hired his 17-year-old son to investigate Rae’s case. After he lost Rae’s case, he did not even attempt to collect the rest of the funds from the family (over $20,000), indicating that on some level he knew he failed to defend Rae’s life. After 20 years in prison, Rae is now 44 years old. He is well-respected as a leader by his imprisoned community and staff alike. Among his many accomplishments, he founded Peace Day and Peace Games in 2007. He came up with the idea after incidents of racialized violence in the prison and successfully brought communities together to build networks of solidarity and care. Rae is a Certified Mediator and he works daily to decrease violence, reduce the harms of imprisonment, and support his peers. Currently Rae serves his community as the first trans Chairperson of the Inmate Advisory Council (the prison’s elected, representative body of incarcerated people), a Domestic Violence Program Facilitator, and a mentor to incoming youth, all of which he truly enjoys. In Rae’s own words: “To be sentenced to death by incarceration wiped my hope with the sound of the gavel. Fortunately my spirit to survive surpassed the lost hope that was trying to be embedded in my heart by a hammer and robe. Now that there is hope amongst the community of people serving life without parole (LWOP), I feel like it took that gavel for me to rebel against its hopeless intention to ultimately prepare me for freedom. I humbly ask for your support with my freedom and continue hoping for a living chance for all people serving death by incarceration.” Please join us in asking Governor Jerry Brown to commute Rae Harris’ sentence from life without parole to a parole-eligible sentence.

Survived & Punished
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