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Petition to Donald J. Trump, President Donald Trump, New York Governor, Texas Governor, US Attorney General, Tedd Gassman

PARDON MY uncle- Release my UNCLE he’s served enough time!

My uncle Dionysius Fiumano was sentenced to serve 16 years is federal prison due to him fighting for himself, while the OWNERS of the actually company only received 2 years. My Uncle went to trial and they slammed him with 16 years, while 4 other (3 ACTUAL OWNERS AND ANOTHER EMPLOYEE)people got a slap on the hand. 3 owners got 2 years and another employee just like my uncle got 2-3 home arrest! Where is the Justice here?  Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force Is the force who placed over 15,000 white collar crime in prison and did not settle this in civil! Help spread the word FFETF Theres more owners who DID NOT GET IN TROUBLE at all!  My Uncle Dionysius Fiumano was part of a wire fraud situation, he was a SALES MANAGER not a owner, not a signer, not part owner, not a co owner just an employee. Sure he might have done wrong(first time in his life ever getting in trouble) but to give him 16 years for a white collar crime that US attorneys office can’t even get the correct amount straight into what they all truly took from others.  THE (3) OWNERS received 31 million dollars from people and my uncles salary for 3 years was only $550,000 living in California. Another employee just like my Uncle got 2-3 years house arrest!  My Uncle has been fighting in prison & deserves to be released! He deserves the same amount of prison time as the 4 others NOTHING MORE! He was sentenced to 16 years for going to trial.  Hes an amazing father to 1 son and 2 daughter who all lived with him. Please sign to help him come home! 

Chasity Walker
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Petition to City of Decatur Commission

Decatur Divest from Wells Fargo. Calling for an Ethics & Values Review.

  We, the undersigned, are residents, employees, patrons and/or small business owners of the City of Decatur. We ask City of Decatur to reexamine the city’s relationship with Wells Fargo bank. We believe that doing business with Wells Fargo is in opposition to our city’s values, ethics and fair business practices. We are proud of Decatur’s 2012 Environmental Sustainability Plan, which is “a direct outcome of the 2010 Strategic Plan, Principle C: Serve as Good Stewards of the Environment and Community Resources.”[1,2]  We want clean water, clean air and healthy soil.  We understand that national and global actions affect us locally.  We understand our actions affect other communities.  Wells Fargo is the City of Decatur’s primary bank. Our property, business and other taxes and the City’s funds are deposited with Wells Fargo. According to Investopedia, deposits are the primary source of loanable funds for almost every bank. Wells Fargo loans our money to fund fossil fuel infrastructure projects, such the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). [3] We do not want our tax dollars to support the DAPL project. Wells Fargo uses our city funds to invest in private, for-profit prisons [4] and has committed fraud affecting millions of customers [5]. After the fraud was exposed, Wells Fargo subsequently fired over 5,000 employees for having followed management orders and no executive leadership were penalized until after congressional inquiry. We consider this to be unethical behavior. We want our city to bank with a business that is aligned with our values! We appreciate the City Commissioner’s thoughtful consideration of this request.  ­­_______________________________________________________________ [1] (draft 8-15-16, page 7) [2] (draft 8-15-16, page 7)   [3] used the Oil Climate Index for the life cycle emissions of Bakken crude oil and the EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator for coal plant and vehicle equivalents. 95% utilization equates to average annual throughput of 541,500 barrels per day. Contact us for full details of this calculation. [4] [5] RESOURCES & LINKS  SeattleOrdinance Global Divestment Report Cities and People Profiting from Fossil Fuel are Hurting Future Generations The U.N. Paris Climate Accord  

Scot Hollonbeck
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Petition to Gretchen Whitmer, Michael Eagen

LIFE in Prison for Defending Your Life?

NANCY SEAMAN ACTED IN SELF-DEFENSE. SHE HAD NO OTHER CHOICE AT THE TIME. HER VERDICT WAS OVERTURNED BY THE STATE COURT IN 2005 AND BY THE FEDERAL COURT IN 2010.  SHE HAS THE SUPPORT OF THREE JUDGES!  WE URGE YOU TO SET HER FREE.   We are petitioning Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer to grant clemency for NANCY SEAMAN.  She has been in prison since 2004 and is 66-years-old.   Nancy killed her abusive husband in self-defense when he attacked her because she was leaving him. Her trial judge, Honorable Jack McDonald, overturned her conviction in 2005 because the jury had insufficient evidence. Federal Honorable Judge Bernard Friedman also overturned the verdict in 2010. You can read their letters to Governor Snyder on the Justice Thru Storytelling, Inc. website at    These judges support her clemency. And we do, too!  This three minute video of the Michigan Department of Corrections Psychologist and domestic violence expert Nels Thompson (retired) with Executive Director of Justice Thru Storytelling Kelle Lynn explains why she should be released from prison! Read the attached letter written by Nancy Seaman describing her own journey and advocating for change to Michigan's archaic ruling...People v Christel.   The jury verdict was overturned by the judge in August 2005 based on the severe limitations of expert testimony in the courtroom because of this law.  Had the expert been able to testify about Nancy Seaman in full to the jury, Judge Jack McDonald said that it's highly probable they would have never charged her with first degree murder and sentenced her to LIFE in prison.                

Justice Thru Storytelling, Inc
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