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Petition to MN State Representatives

Support Bill "HF 951"

House Bill HF 951 states "Civil right to vote restored to an individual upon release from incarceration or upon sentencing if no incarceration is imposed, notice required, and county attorney obligation to promptly investigate voter registration and eligibility repealed." The bill will give convicted felons in Minnesota the right to vote. HF 951 did not receive a vote nor a hearing. This bill is critical to criminal justice due to the disproportionate number of people of color being incarcerated. As convicted felons, they have lost their right to vote in perpetuity. The bill will return the right to vote to convicted felons in Minnesota that have completed their sentences and have returned to society. Here are some real facts: In Alabama, a total of 34% of black men (even ones who are not in the criminal system anymore), have lost the right to vote.  African Americans are incarcerated at more than 5 times the rate of whites. In 12 states more than 50% of the prison population is African-American. There are more than 2 million people in prison across America. An estimated 5.3 million Americans are denied the right to vote based on a past felony conviction. 1 in every 10 black men is in prison or jail at any time. The nationwide average shows that 1,408 per 100,000 black people are incarcerated compared to 275 per 100,000 whites Now that the 2018 legislative session is over, we need to bring up this bill and make sure that it passes for next year's session (2019). Please sign this petition to bring attention to this bill, we will be emailing every single new state representative following midterm elections.

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Petition to Eric Holcomb, Rick Niemeyer, Douglas Gutwein, Joe Donnelly, U.S. Department of State, Todd Young, Indiana State Senate, Indiana State House

No ICE Detention Facility in Newton County

It has recently been revealed through the press that Geo Group is considering building a for-profit private ICE Detention Facility in Newton County Indiana.  Local citizens are concerned and many have no desire for such an entity to be established in the community,  having seen the recent events if other nearby communities rejecting similar plans, and sharing the same concerns.  Many are especially concerned by recent zoning decision by the county commissioners to zone a large plot of land in Lincoln Township PGD. The petition was brought forth by El Dardo llc, otherwise known as Matt Anderson, a private citizens and owner of the property,  who sought the rezoning in order to make it "shovel ready," citing that he couldn't sell the property if the entity had to go to the trouble of seeking the zoning on its own. The Newton County Planning Commission (which Commisioner Drenth is a part of), voted unanimously against the petition,  however the county commissioners disregarded all concerns and unanimously accepted it less than a week later. This makes it possible for Geo Group to build this facility and the local community to have no say in the matter.  Lincoln Township is the largest residential community in Newton County. This facility would be surrounded by homes and just minutes from Lincoln Elementary School if it were to be placed at this site. Local residents want to know if this is the site Geo Group is looking into, and if so what will the elected leaders do to represent the best interests of the community. 

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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, Donald Trump

Fix Our Federal Prison System: Pass the First Step Act

In May, the House Judiciary Committee overwhelmingly passed the FIRST STEP Act, a bill that would start the long process of transforming federal prisons into places of rehabilitation. The provisions in the bill would expand life-changing classes for thousands of men and women in federal prison and prepare them to come home job-ready with the skills and support they need to succeed. Now we need to get it through the House floor because President Trump has agreed to sign this bill if Congress gets it to his desk. Our federal prison populations are growing at an astonishing rate, taking up a larger and larger share of resources that would be better spent on treatment, education, housing, and other social services. Our prisons have become warehouses often leaving people more traumatized and with fewer opportunities than when they entered.  The FIRST STEP Act will begin to ensure that people have the support they need to come home from prison job ready.  It will: Ban the shackling of women during childbirth and provide sanitary napkins and tampons at no charge; Give thousands of men and women an opportunity to earn their way home sooner (by fixing “Good Time Credits” retroactively); Get people who have participated in life-changing programs out of federal prison earlier and into halfway homes or home confinement; Require the Bureau of Prisons to place incarcerated people within 500 driving miles of their families; Allow formerly incarcerated people to serve as volunteers and mentors; Expand compassionate release, giving the elderly and terminally ill prisoners a pathway home. The FIRST STEP Act has received support from some leading Democrats and Republicans. Reps. Keith Ellison and Tulsi Gabbard just joined as a co-sponsors, alongside Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Bob Goodlatte, two of the most powerful Republicans in the U.S. House. There are also new oversight and accountability over Jeff Sessions and the federal Bureau of Prisons, all backed with an authorization of $250 million over five years. #cut50 has joined more than 70 groups in support of this bill. People who work with men and women inside our prisons and jails across the country understand how transformative these changes would be for the men and women who are living in prison cells right now. Let’s put partisan bickering aside and take a step in the right direction with the FIRST STEP Act. I hope you’ll join me and many others in reaching out to your Members of Congress, TODAY. It’s urgent that we let them know we are in strong support of these changes. Appreciate you always,Jessica Jackson Sloan#cut50

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