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Fix Our Federal Prison System: Pass the First Step Act

In May, the House Judiciary Committee overwhelmingly passed the FIRST STEP Act, a bill that would start the long process of transforming federal prisons into places of rehabilitation. The provisions in the bill would expand life-changing classes for thousands of men and women in federal prison and prepare them to come home job-ready with the skills and support they need to succeed. Now we need to get it through the House floor because President Trump has agreed to sign this bill if Congress gets it to his desk. Our federal prison populations are growing at an astonishing rate, taking up a larger and larger share of resources that would be better spent on treatment, education, housing, and other social services. Our prisons have become warehouses often leaving people more traumatized and with fewer opportunities than when they entered.  The FIRST STEP Act will begin to ensure that people have the support they need to come home from prison job ready.  It will: Ban the shackling of women during childbirth and provide sanitary napkins and tampons at no charge; Give thousands of men and women an opportunity to earn their way home sooner (by fixing “Good Time Credits” retroactively); Get people who have participated in life-changing programs out of federal prison earlier and into halfway homes or home confinement; Require the Bureau of Prisons to place incarcerated people within 500 driving miles of their families; Allow formerly incarcerated people to serve as volunteers and mentors; Expand compassionate release, giving the elderly and terminally ill prisoners a pathway home. The FIRST STEP Act has received support from some leading Democrats and Republicans. Reps. Keith Ellison and Tulsi Gabbard just joined as a co-sponsors, alongside Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Bob Goodlatte, two of the most powerful Republicans in the U.S. House. There are also new oversight and accountability over Jeff Sessions and the federal Bureau of Prisons, all backed with an authorization of $250 million over five years. #cut50 has joined more than 70 groups in support of this bill. People who work with men and women inside our prisons and jails across the country understand how transformative these changes would be for the men and women who are living in prison cells right now. Let’s put partisan bickering aside and take a step in the right direction with the FIRST STEP Act. I hope you’ll join me and many others in reaching out to your Members of Congress, TODAY. It’s urgent that we let them know we are in strong support of these changes. Appreciate you always,Jessica Jackson Sloan#cut50

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NANCY SEAMAN ACTED IN SELF-DEFENSE. SHE HAD NO OTHER CHOICE AT THE TIME. HER VERDICT WAS OVERTURNED BY THE STATE COURT IN 2005 AND BY THE FEDERAL COURT IN 2010.  SHE HAS THE SUPPORT OF THREE JUDGES!  WE URGE YOU TO SET HER FREE.   We are petitioning Michigan Governor Rick Snyder to grant clemency for NANCY SEAMAN.  She has been in prison since 2004 and is 66-years-old.   Nancy killed her abusive husband in self-defense when he attacked her because she was leaving him. Her trial judge, Honorable Jack McDonald, overturned her conviction in 2005 because the jury had insufficient evidence. Federal Honorable Judge Bernard Friedman also overturned the verdict in 2010. You can read their letters to Governor Snyder on the Justice Thru Storytelling, Inc. website at    These judges support her clemency. And we do, too!  This three minute video of the Michigan Department of Corrections Psychologist and domestic violence expert Nels Thompson (retired) with Executive Director of Justice Thru Storytelling Kelle Lynn explains why she should be released from prison! Read the attached letter written by Nancy Seaman describing her own journey and advocating for change to Michigan's archaic law...People v Christel.   The jury verdict was overturned by the judge in August 2005 based on the severe limitations of expert testimony in the courtroom because of this law.  Had the expert been able to testify about Nancy Seaman in full to the jury, Judge Jack McDonald said that it's highly probable they would have never charged her with first degree murder and sentenced her to LIFE in prison.                

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Meek Mills & Michael Rubin #Reform to assist in Cynthia (Cyntonia) Brown Case

ProblemJudge: Cyntoia Brown, a child sex slave who killed man who bought her, must serve 51 years in prison before she’s eligible for releaseCelebrities like Rihanna, Gabrielle Union and Kim Kardashian West have previously advocated for Brown's releaseCyntoia Brown was just 16 years old and a victim of child sex trafficking when she was charged in 2004 with killing a 43-year-old Nashville real estate agent who solicited sex from her. Today, the Tennessee Supreme Court ruled Brown must serve at least 51 years in prison before she’s eligible for release.The court ruled defendants like Brown, who are convicted of first-degree murder committed after July 1, 1995 and sentenced to life imprisonment, can’t become eligible for release from prison before serving more than five decades, according to Pix 11 News.Brown said she killed Johnny Mitchell Allen, also known as “Kut Throat” after she feared he would kill her. Allen allegedly drove Brown to his house in his pickup truck. There, Brown saw a gun cabinet in Allen’s room, she said during her trial. Brown said she became convinced he was going to kill her after he appeared to reach under the bed. Fearing for her life, she shot him in the back of the head, in bed, with a .40-caliber gun.In a unanimous decision on Thursday, the court’s five justices ruled that despite Brown’s age, her sentence was constitutional. Thursday’s ruling came in response to a lawsuit in which Brown argued her sentence was unconstitutional, citing a 2012 opinion by the U.S. Supreme Court that said mandatory life sentences without parole for juvenile offenders violate the US Constitution.In 2011, the PBS documentary, Me Facing Life: Cyntoia’s Story details the atrocities that Brown suffered. Allen, said to be her pimp, allegedly forced her into prostitution and she was regularly raped, choked, beaten and drugged, according to an earlier article in The Grio.In its ruling, the Tennessee Supreme Court explained in a statement that “under state law, a life sentence is a determinate sentence of 60 years. However, the sixty-year sentence can be reduced by up to 15 percent, or 9 years, by earning various sentence credits.”According to the Tennessee code, those credits include recognition for good behavior or participation in educational or vocational training programs.#FreeCyntoiaBrownA district court had earlier denied Brown’s motion, stating that she hadn’t been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole — rather a life sentence.The case is pending judgment by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, which asked the Tennessee Supreme Court to share its opinion.During a clemency hearing in May, the Tennessee Board of Parole was split on its recommendation to Gov. Bill Haslam. Two of the six members voted to grant clemency, two to deny it, and two to make her eligible for parole after 25 years.Prosecutors at that hearing said Brown killed Allen to rob him, not to defend herself.After the initial sentencing, Brown’s case drew attention from celebrities like Rihanna, Gabrielle Union and Kim Kardashian West who began advocating for mercy. Her story spread on social media using the hashtag #FreeCyntoiaBrown.By Dawn Onley GrioSolutionRapper Meek Mill and billionaire entrepreneur Michael Rubin partnered to fight for criminal justice reform through a new organization that will push to reform the laws that govern sentencing, probation, bail, and other aspects of the criminal justice system. Tennessee and other states that mirror its archaic system of justice need immediate reform.

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