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Petition to Lawrence R. Silverman, Ralph S. Northam, Mark Warner, Tim Kaine, Robert C. "Bobby" Scott, Donald J. Trump, Michelle Obama, barack obama

The Unjust Imprisonment of Nicodemus Acosta: Navy Veteran Sentenced to 25 Years in Kuwait

On August 25, 2018, Nicodemus Acosta was asleep in his home when Kuwaiti Officials kicked his door in and began illegally searching his house for drugs that he was accused of distributing by an individual who had been arrested days before.  According to the Kuwaiti Constitution, Article 38: "The home is inviolable; therefore, save in the cases determined by Law and in the manner stipulated therein, no person may enter any home without the dweller's permission." His home was ransacked and his property was destroyed. [Kuwait Constitution, Article 31: "No person may be arrested, imprisoned, searched, have his residence restricted or be restrained in liberty of residence or of movement save in conformity with the provisions of the Law. No person shall be subjected to torture or to ignominious treatment."] Nicodemus was arrested, beaten and then detained in a Detention Center. [Kuwaiti Constitution, Article 34: "The accused is innocent until proved guilty in a Court of Law which shall guarantee him the necessary sureties to exercise his right of defense. The accused shall not be bodily or mentally injured."] Once it was determined that his case would go to trial, he was eventually relocated to the public prison. Possession of 800 grams was what was written in the report, even though the evidence on file contradicted what was written.  Nicodemus submitted numerous requests for a Bail hearing and they were repeatedly denied.  He was detained in Prison without being formally charged with a crime from August 25, 2018 until March 13, 2019.  At his most recent hearing he was sentenced to 25 years on charges of Drug Use and Drug Distribution, although there was no evidence to support the distribution charge. Nicodemus Acosta is a loving father, a native New Yorker and a U.S. Navy Veteran. He was working as an IT contractor, supporting U.S. Forces in Kuwait for 3 years, prior to his arrest. He has no previous criminal record, and we cannot allow his life to be spent doing time based off of Fabricated Drug Charges and Falsified Evidence. In the US, we are given a fair trial, and are assumed innocent until proven guilty.  Currently, he is facing 25 years.  We will not allow this to go unnoticed, we are bringing this to the forefront.  There are many other Americans with eerily similar stories and this needs immediate attention! We have contacted the U.S. Embassy repeatedly and we have been told they are unable to help him, which is completely unacceptable.  All they have done are well checks and he has paid out of pocket for a Kuwaiti lawyer. Should we as Americans, be skeptical of traveling or working abroad for fear of this type of treatment from our own country?  Bring home Nicodemus Acosta and the many other Veterans that served and sacrificed for our country. This seems all too common in Kuwait and it needs to be addressed.  Time is of the essence.  My family and I are in desperate need of an intervention. He is missing out on the opportunity to witness his son grow up and mold him into a strong young man. So much has transpired in these last few months, he's lost two grandmothers, one of which who raised him. His father is also not in good health. Please make Nicodemus Acosta a priority and let's FREE HIM NOW!   Please sign and share this petition!  Help bring awareness for Nicodemus as well as the other American veterans in Kuwait by also signing Jermaine Roger’s petition and Tyrone Peterson’s petition. They all have eerily similar stories that needs to be addressed.  Please tweet, call, write, email to the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait U.S. Embassy Twitter U.S. Embassy Kuwait CityP. O. Box 77Safat 13001KuwaitTelephone: 00-(965) 2259-1001Fax: 00-(965) 2538-0282

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Petition to Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Free Ekaterina, the brown bear serving a life sentence in a Kazakh prison!

See Russian translation below English. The correctional colony of the city of Kostanay contains 730 ‘dangerous criminals’ and one brown bear named Ekaterina. She was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment for the crime she committed 15 years ago. This bear was accused of attacking two people in a tourist camp in 2004 and is now the only female prisoner in this penal colony, the only one who is serving a life sentence. Ekaterina was placed in a cage near a tourist camp after she was expelled from the local circus. One day she caught an 11-year-old boy who got too close to the cage. The boy survived, with ‘serious injuries’. During the same year, Ekaterina attacked a 28-year-old drunk man, who tried to "shake her paw". She was accused of all "crimes", for simply being what she is: a wild and potentially dangerous animal that is not a tourist attraction, doesn't belong in a cage and needs to be handled with extreme care and caution and only by trained experts. 15 years behind bars of a small cage made Ekaterina very obedient. Even other prisoners often spend time in close proximity to her to be distracted from a life in jail. The bear is fed a poor diet of kitchen scraps, for only seven months a year. The prison management says she goes in hibernation for the rest of the year, which is highly doubtful given her concrete enclosure with no hibernation den and poor diet with not enough nutrients to get her through the hibernation period. Ekaterina became a symbol of the prison; the statue of a bear was erected in her honor near the walls of the institution and we believe that the humans of the prison genuinely care about Ekaterina, but a human prison with its tiny empy concrete cell is no place for an animal. Ekaterina deserves to live the rest of her life in a sanctuary with other bears. Since the news of her imprisonment became known outside of Kazakhstan, the international NGOs Bears in Mind and Forgotten Animals demand her immediate ‘release’ and placement in a sanctuary suitable for captive bears. Please sign this petition to urge the responsible Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan to help free Ekaterina and re-home her to a proper facility. She has already suffered for 15 years inside this prison (and in a circus before that) so let's give her a few years to enjoy life as a bear again! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Свободу Екатерине, бурой медведице, отбывающей пожизненное заключение в Казахстанской тюрьме! В исправительной колонии города Костанай отбывают наказание 730 опасных преступников и одна бурая медведица по имени Екатерина. Она была арестована и приговорена к пожизненному заключению за "преступление", которое она совершила 15 лет назад. Медведицу обвинили в нападении на двух человек в туристическом лагере в 2004 году, и теперь Екатерина является единственной заключенной женского пола в этой исправительной колонии и единственной, кто отбывает пожизненное заключение. Более 15 лет назад Екатерину посадили в клетку возле туристического лагеря после того, как ее выбросил за ненадобностью местный цирк. Однажды она травмировала 11-летнего мальчика, который подошел слишком близко к клетке. Мальчик был серьёзно травмирован, но выжил. В том же году Екатерина напала на 28-летнего пьяного мужчину, который пытался «пожать ей лапу». Екатерину обвинили во всех этих «преступлениях» лишь за то, что она вела себя как та, кем она является – диким и потенциально опасным животным, а не туристической достопримечательностью. Медведи, как и многие другие животные, не приспособлены для жизни в клетке, не имея возможности быть выпущенными в природу, дикие животные должны жить в специальных парках-приютах "sanctuary", где с ними работают специально обученные этому профессионалы. 15 лет за решеткой в маленькой тюремной камере сделали Екатерину очень послушной. Другие заключенные часто проводят время рядом с её клеткой, отвлекаясь тем самым от серой тюремной жизни. Екатерину кормят неадекватной для медведей диетой, состоящей из кухонных отходов, и то всего лишь семь месяцев в году. Руководство тюрьмы утверждает, что остальные 5 месяцев она залегает в спячку, что весьма сомнительно, учитывая отсутствие в камере берлоги для спячки, ее плохое питание и недостаток витаминов, необходимых для поддержания медведей в спячке. Екатерина стала символом тюрьмы – около тюремных стен воздвигли статую в её честь. Мы верим, что работники тюрьмы любят и искренне заботятся о Екатерине, но, не смотря на это, крошечная железно-бетонная камера — не место для животного! Екатерина заслуживает прожить остаток своей жизни в адекватном парке-sanctuary в компании других медведей. С тех пор как информация о ее заключении стала известна за пределами Казахстана, международные благотворительные организации «Bears in Mind» и «Забытые Животные» требуют ее немедленного освобождения и помещения в подходящее для нее  учреждение. Пожалуйста, подпишите эту петицию, чтобы убедить правительство Республики Казахстан освободить Екатерину. Уже 15 лет она страдает: сначала в цирке, сейчас в тюрьме. Давайте вместе подарим ей несколько счастливых лет, чтобы она снова могла наслаждаться дикой жизнью настоящего медведя!

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