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Petition to Prime Minister of India, High Court of Odisha

Justice for Saumya

The people of Odisha have been in deep pain and anguish since 13th July 2021 over the mysterious death of a young and dynamic forest officer  Saumya Ranajan Mohapatra, who was only 32 years old. Saumya was working as Assistant Conservator of Forests, Paralakhemundi in Gajapati district of Odisha since June 2020. This was his first posting after completion of induction training at CASFoS, Coimbatore. He got married in December 2020 and was living with his wife at his official residence. He was doing exceptionally well in his professional journey. But, he was found to have sustained burn injuries under mysterious circumstances around 9PM of 13th July 2021 at his official residence and admitted at DHH, Paralakhemundi by his wife and staffs. As his condition was very serious, he was referred to MKCG College & Hospital, Berhampur. But, again the decision changed and referred to Ashwini Hospital, Cuttack, which was more than 300km distance from Paralakhemundi. He succumbed to death due to the burn injuries after 12 hrs of struggle at the hospital. As per the media reports and the revelations of family members, the death of Saumya is not an accident, rather it seems like a pre-planned murder. It has also been alleged that some influential persons are involved in this case. The circumstantial evidences gathered so far are also raising doubts in the minds of all and they are demanding a time bound investigation through Crime Branch or CBI to unearth the truth behind the mysterious death of Saumya. Hence, we support the family members of Saumya in their demand before state government for causing investigation through Crime Branch or CBI and punish the culprits at the earliest. Let's seek justice for Saumya. Say his name Thank you everyone who are helping us in our fight to get justice for Saumya.

Rajesh Sahoo
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Petition to Narendra Modi, Chief Justice of India, Shri Arvind Kejriwal, Office of Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Law and Justice, Ministry of Health and Family welfare, ministry of social justice and empowerment, National Human Rights Commission of India

Declare “Martyr” status for Corona-warrior Doctors - they laid their life serving humanity

“Martyr” status for Corona-warrior Doctors On 19th May 2021, the medical fraternity as well as the entire country was shocked and saddened at the news that Dr. K. K. Aggarwal (Padma Shri awardee and former IMA President), a doctor who prioritized the well-being of his patients till the very end, passed away after succumbing to Covid-19. In another news, Dr Manisha Jadhav (above photo) from Sewri TB Hospital Mumbai also lost her life fighting covid-19. Living closest to the virus The sad story unfortunately does not end here: since the massive spread of the pandemic in India, there are disturbing reports almost every day about such frontline Corona warriors falling prey to the hands of this deadly virus while selflessly taking care of their patients.   Some of the below headlines are just a few examples to show how grim the situation is: “Mumbai: Doctor dies of Covid after saying goodbye on Facebook” “747 doctors died of Covid-19 in first wave: IMA” - NEWSEXPRESS “Record No. of doctors dies in Bihar during second Covid-19 wave.” – NEWS18 - NDTV“50 doctors reported dead in 1 day from Covidacross India: Medical Body”  “270 doctors have died in the second wave of Covid-19, says IMA” – Hindustan Times An honourable tribute is the need of the hour In spite of these telling numbers, what is most heart-wrenching is the fact that these doctors who have sacrificed their lives for the nation have not even received a fitting and honourable tribute so far. We must not forget that they too are human beings like you and me. They too have families and loved ones to take care of. Isn’t showing them a little more respect by way of a fitting homage an absolute need of the hour? AICL: hand-in-hand with the bereaved families It is rather appalling to note that while the President and the Prime Minister of the country mourn the death of TV anchors and reporters, they never publicly express any grief for these doctors who have laid down their own lives in a bid to help patients combat this deadly illness. Till now, more than 1100 doctors had died fighting this disease. At present India is witnessing more than 2-3 lacs cases per day and so the number of doctors is also getting in the jaws of this deadly virus while treating the humanity.  Sign My petition Being a conscientious organization, we at APEX Insurance Consultant Ltd.(AICL) feel it is high-time we pay tribute to these doctors by signing our petition to declare these deceased Corona-warrior doctors as ‘MARTYRS’. After all, death in the line of duty is any doctor’s ultimate sacrifice. Thus, we urge the Government of India, through our Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi, to declare martyrdom status to these selfless medical professionals who lost their own lives while performing their duties for Covid-affected patients.  You too can do your bit for them by signing our petition and boosting the morale of the other frontline doctors who continue to strive tirelessly to serve humanity, in this moment of a national health crisis. Sign My Petition We make this appeal to you with utmost sincerity, hope and expectations. Jai Hind! Jai Bharat! APEX Insurance Consultant Ltd. (AICL is one of the only genuine risk management companies working as well-wishers for the entire medical fraternity in India)

Apex Insurance Consultant Ltd
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Petition to indra gandhi national open university, UNIVERSITY GRANT COMMISION, Education Minister

Improvements in IGNOU working system

We all students of ignou.. Passed earlier..or currently in any course or gonna pass out soon..have faced many anomalies in their system of work. We all the students get irritated by the way of working . Specially in management area. Whenever we have any greviences ..we try to reach out but no body listen even if when we call main regional office just like in delhi its at maidan garhi.. No one attends the call.. And in giving marking structure ..every where its an issue for students.. Ignou just became an profit making organisation. Who just focus on profit.. We know ignou have its own facilities like its offer distant learning.. But still in case of giving marks they just play games.. And when we go for..revaluation they charges  750 for one paper ..and if we need revaluation in all paper ..we cant..coz its huge amount..which is a like our 1 year fees. Which is totally unaffordable for students and they tend to choose to give another exams.. Which ultimately is wastage of students carreer life which indirectly effecting indias human resource captial..  Our demand is to improve administration and management system and make affordable revaluation fees. And dont play with students life.. We know its an convention that student made teachers attitude but not all students are same. There are some who have to handle nation responsibility in future after you..but they cant..untill you waste their money and time. There will be no change by bringing eduaction policy untill the intentions of implementers are honest..whether its constitution or education policy or improving ignou.. But we need this asap.. If ignou having shortage of funds then ask UGC for it.. Still if not..then ping government ...but dont make education a business by charging high fees from students..  Even once i got to know somewhere that a teachers gets 4rs per paper checking ..and perhaps that little 4rs effects that teachers so much that the teacher take out anger of that on the students answer sheets. Try to improve something there that teachers can also get their greviences done. Thanx we hope you understand..

Sumit Kumar
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