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Petition to Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, Hon’ble Minister for Consumer Affairs Shri Ram Vilas Paswan, The Ministry of electronics and IT, The Hon'ble Chief Justice of India

Stop Asus Zenfone from misleading customers by selling Non Volte phone as Volte Phone

Based on the Flipkart Specification that the Asus Zenfone 2 Laser is a volte phone the customer buys the product and later on it turns out that the phone is not a Volte Enabled Phone. Every New Customer who buys the phone is commenting on the Flipkart has given the wrong specification about the product and the said product is not a Volte Phone. When an Email was sent to Flipkart and the same was brought to the notice of the Flipkart, The Flipkart clearly stated in writing that there is no Manufacturing Defect in to the product and they denied to refund for the product nor they accept the return of the product. The Asus and the Flipkart claims that the Asus Zenfone 2 Laser phone is Volte enabled but the claim of Volte enabled is false and baseless and the same is being done to cheat the customers. It establishes the fact that the Phone is not tested before it is introduced in to the market. The Manufacturing Company and the flipkart are misleading and misguiding the customers by providing wrong information / Specification about the above said product. When approached to Asus Service centre, they failed to register any Complaint as they informed that there is no Manufacturing defect in to the product and all users who have bought the phone in the year 2017 are still facing the same problem. The Service Centre also informed that users will have to wait for Automatic System Update till the Company releases it, for the same no Timeline was given. When the same was again brought to the Notice of the Asus, the Asus closed down the Complaint filed at the Concerned Ministry by falsely stating that the Customer denies to approach the service Centre and they again say the same thing that the service centre will assist. If they had really cared for the Customers who had bought the phones in the Year 2017 and are facing the Volte issue, Asus could have resolved the issue by rolling out Automatic Software Update, but the Asus failed to resolve the issue which are faced by all the users who have bought the phones in the year 2017. This is a case wherein a batch of 2015 year and 2016 year users got Volte Enabled phone and now the Asus and Flipkart misleading Advertisement / Misleading Specification influences the mind of the users of the batch 2017 year. Inspite of Recent Automatic System Update, All the users of 2017 who had bought the phone have commented that this is not a Volte Enabled Device. I have also highlighted the comments of the users in the Complaint which was sent to the Concerned Ministry. Since there is no Manufacturing Defect in to the Product as already stated by the Asus Service Centre and M/s. Flipkart, this clearly establishes the fact that there is a Misleading Advertisement / Misleading Specification done by the Flipkart and Asus in order to increase the sales of the product by influencing the minds of the users by deceptive Intention. This is a serious issue just like Freedom 251 wherein the Manufacturer misleaded and committed a fraud on the customer that they will get the phone at Rs 251 similarly Asus is misleading the customers by selling Non Volte Phone as a Volte Phone. Asus is liable for the civil action as well as Criminal Action for committing fraud, cheating and misleading the customers. If the same is taken lightly then in future another Manufacturer will mislead and cheat the customer. I request the Concerned Authority & Ministry to take Strict action against M/s. Asus for cheating & misleading the customers by selling Non Volte phone as a Volte Enabled Phone, also the Concerned Authority & Ministry may direct the advertiser i.e M/s. Asus and M/s. Flipkart to issue corrective advertisement / specification. Enough is enough. Please sign my petition to stop Asus Zenfone from misleading customers by selling Non Volte phone as Volte Phone  

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