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Petition to Rob Stokes, James Merlino, Susan Close, Eva Dina Lawler, Sue Ellery, Jeremy Rockliff, Yvette Berry, Kate Jones

Say Yes to the Year One Phonics Screening Check

Say Yes to the Phonics Screening Check Specific Learning Difficulties affect 10% of the population. Three children in every classroom of 30 will struggle with literacy.   To ensure ALL children learn to read we need all states in Australia to #SayYesToThePhonicsCheck  More than 50 public schools in South Australia are trialling the new phonics check, which screens a child’s ability to identify the sounds that form words. The phonics screener is a simple check:  based on the UK version introduced in 2012 in ALL schools designed to help teachers easily identify children at risk identifies children who aren’t sounding out (decoding) words well Review the evidence and SAY YES to the #PHONICSCHECK A simple, five-minute Phonics Screening Check could identify all of Australia’s school children who are at serious risk of struggling with reading skills.  Read about why Australia should adopt the year 1 phonics screening check Speech Pathologist Alison Clarke explains why the new phonics check will help teachers see who’s guessing, not decoding. Read more from the experts Professor Pamela Snow, Anne Castles, Max Coltheart and Kevin Wheldall.  Say Yes to the Phonics Check by signing our petition so no child is left behind. ‪The phonics check will identify kids at risk and ensure early intervention. Thank you

Say Yes to the Phonics Check Australia
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Petition to Beerwah Primary School

Changes to the Sex Education Program

Petition to make changes regarding the sex education program at Beerwah Primary School. Hell everyone, I need your help to get some changes made to the sex education program at Beerwah Primary School. Tuesday the 18th of July was the first day of the program on this day the letter issued to all parents advised that what they would learn on this day would be -* male and female reproductive and excretory systems* protective behaviors* the physical and emotional changes that happen for boys and girls during puberty Unfortunately this is not only what they learnt, my son all of 11 years old came home and told me that the teacher had told him that the youngest girl to ever have a baby was 6 years old, she had gone through puberty early and was rapped. I know what your thinking WTF!! My daughter went through this program 2 years ago and learnt what a head job was, a friend of mines son learnt about anal sex. I believe that questions that are asked by the students should be responded to sensitively based on the question and if inappropriate, of a sensitive nature or something that is not related to the exact ciriculum of the program should not be answered by this teacher, instead it should be answered with "that is a question you need to ask your parents". Our children's childhoods are being stolen and yes we can opt not to have our children in the program, but then they here it all second hand from the other kids in the playground. So I have made a complaint to the school, however I am told that 1 mothers complaint cannot make a difference!!! So I am asking you to help me share this post and sign the petition and let's make a difference together....

Jacqueline Wicks
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Petition to Daniel Andrews, James Merlino, Victorian School Building Authority

Vital upgrade of hall facilities for Brandon Park Primary School

We, the Brandon Park Primary School community, wish to formally bring to your attention the inadequate current school hall facilities for the rapidly growing student population at Brandon Park Primary School.  Due to the large numbers forced to amass in the small space, the air-conditioning units no longer provide adequate coverage and the hall quickly becomes hot and stuffy, with some children and adults suffering from blood noses and other related ailments as a result of the heat generated in the room.  Community groups who hire the hall have also lodged concerns with the school in regard to the heat conditions, holes in the plasterwork, peeling paint and the unsafe flooring, as the carpet is threadbare and a potential trip hazard in some areas.  Building suitable infrastructure would mean the school could house full-school assemblies, conduct Physical Education lessons indoors when there is inclement weather and complete major exams such as NAPLAN in an appropriate environment. There are no indoor facilities elsewhere within the school premises that can be used for these purposes and major community events and activities have been cancelled due to the lack of space.  We therefore request funding be prioritised for the construction of a new indoor sports and hall facility that services the increasing needs of Brandon Park Primary School, and the wider community, that will also allow for future growth. 

HT Zarkovic
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