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Petition to Pradeep Khosla, Suresh Subramani, David Brenner, Sandra Brown, Juan Gonzalez, Margaret Leinen, Gary Matthews, Pierre Ouillet, Becky Petitt, Clare M. Kristofco, Janet Napolitano

Stop the closure of the University Art Gallery

We the undersigned oppose the proposed closure of the University Art Gallery (UAG) at University of California, San Diego (UCSD). UCSD Administration cites the demand of a growing student population as necessitating the closure of this historic and vital space of learning. We believe this proposed closure of the UAG is short sighted and diminishes the reputation of the University. Moreover, the process by which this proposal has been made has lacked transparency and meaningful consultation. We appreciate that the University is struggling to accommodate a huge growth in enrollments, but the UAG must not be closed because it represents a historic and internationally recognized cultural space that provides students and faculty with a distinctly valuable learning environment that is open to the public at large.                        Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Suresh Subramani and Director of Communications for the Office of the Dean of Arts and Humanities, Cynthia Dillon, concede that the UAG at UCSD was founded in 1966, and has served as a vibrant campus space for hosting student and faculty exhibitions and visiting artist lecture series. The UAG remains a cultural space that functions to give back to our local community and is recognized nationally and internationally as a vital site of cultural significance. The ongoing vitality of the UAG space is essential to maintaining the reputation of this historic program.             The UAG is a valued and valuable cultural space, which already plays an important instructional role for the Visual Arts Department and the campus. Not only does it provide an appropriate venue for the capstone projects of both our undergraduate majors and MFA students, but by bringing the works of important artists to campus it helps education, students and teachers across disciplines.                        With all due respect to the administrative assertion that other exhibition venues would remain on campus, we respond as follows. The Stuart Collection is a curated and privately funded outdoor sculpture collection of blue chip artists that excludes contributions of students and faculty. The gallery@calit2 in the Atkinson Engineering building, is an interdisciplinary curated space dedicated solely to digital art. The Adam D. Kamil Art Gallery, located in a hidden corner of the basement area of the Mandeville building, is not an appropriate for high profile public display. The Visual Arts Facility Gallery is needed for MFA student exhibitions required for advancing to degree.  The Visual Arts Gallery at SME, though attractive is too small for significant group exhibitions and is not well designed for its function. In sum, only the University Art Gallery provides an appropriate space for exhibiting the works of famous alumni and emerging and diverse artists as well as undergraduate & graduate students, faculty and visiting artists.. In short, we are witnessing the dismantling of art space crucial to the professional training of Visual Arts students and to the vibrancy of the arts community on campus.              We finally ask the administration to consult meaningfully and in good faith with faculty and students. How has this closed process undertaken by these administrators led them simply to announce the appropriation of this one site of learning and its reconfiguration into something which at present has yet to be defined? What alternatives were considered?                        While we appreciate that the university must make difficult decisions as growing enrollment outpaces capacity, it is our responsibility to safeguard the quality and reputation of that education and what makes departments unique for the future. In other words, we ask administrators to make wise choices, not merely expedient ones.

Students and Community in Support of “The University Art Gallery”
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Petition to Save Sonoma 9 Cinemas

SAVE SONOMA 9 CINEMAS! We need to save it now before the cinema closes!

  The Sonoma 9 Cinemas has been an important part of our community for many years. Both residents and tourists can come to the Cinemas for a great movie experience. The theatre provides entertainment for children, teenagers, and adults. It gives a cultural and educational experience that helps keep kids off the street, provides a fun family outing, keeps people from being isolated, and much more. It is the only theatre in the town of Sonoma that shows first-run movies every day of the week, including $5.00 Tuesdays. The price to go to the movies is nominal compared to many other forms of entertainment, thus making it affordable to almost everyone. If the Sonoma 9 Cinemas closes, many will not be able to walk, bike, or have easy access to see the movies. People will have to drive long distances.  The operator of Sonoma 9 Cinemas will close the business unless its Fiesta Shopping Center if he is unable to upgrade the Springs facility, We feel this cinema is of great importance for our community. While our town may not be as large as others, the town of Sonoma needs a place for all to enjoy movies. We call on the following people to negotiate with the community. 1.    District 1 Supervisor, Susan Gorin 3.   Cinema West, David Corkill 4.   Fiesta Plaza, Richard Upjohn & Associates  We would like to work together to make a plan to keep this cinema, and to act on that plan. We need to keep this asset in our community!  

Liz Hart
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Petition to Dawn Prasifka, Andrea Chewning, 2016 Girl Scouts Diamonds Council Board of Directors

Stop the closure of Girl Scout Camp Noark in Northwest Arkansas

We implore you to reconsider your decision to rest, close, and consider the sale/mining/leasing of Girl Scout Camp NOARK, located in Huntsville, Arkansas. Camp NOARK has had a bumpy road these past fifteen years: with sections sold away, the camp closed to all Scouts for long periods of time, and a severe ice storm that nearly destroyed much of the camp, she has struggled. Most recently, a caretaker has left the property, and perhaps closing it seemed easiest to our board and council headquarters down in Little Rock. At this very point, however, she's become most useful to us once again, with her roads and trails cleared and her buildings in working order. Volunteers have worked hard to prepare her for use again, and she is.  The Girl Scouts of Northwest Arkansas (formerly Noark Council) have a long and treasured history of gathering together and enjoying this property. With recent council usage records being iill kept and incomplete, it is impossible to prove our devotion, but rest assured: we love and use Camp Noark regularly. We are seeking information, and reassembling a record of recent usage to demonstrate that we do, in fact, need this facility to learn and play and adventure as troops and scouts in Northwest Arkansas. Camp Noark has continued to be one of Diamonds' most scout-used and scout-rented properties in all the council, year after year. The Friendship House gives us air conditioned comfort; the dining hall and meadows, room for large group camps and events; and the nearly-new cabins at Enchanted Hollow and tents at Daisy Patch, the classic camp experience for troops and service units alike. Travel to other camps is prohibitive for many of us, and we cannot make many of the day camps and other activities across the council without considerable investment in hotel rooms or public campsites, which are less safe for our girls. Camp Noark, then, is essential to scouting in Northwest Arkansas. There is so much we would love to do at Camp Noark, and without her, we fear that Girl Scouting in our region of the council will be severely stunted- both because of the difficulty of travel to other properties outside the Ozark Mountains, and because of the loss of spirit and confidence in the council as a vital tool and treasured memory maker is taken from us.   Our trainers need a place to train us; our service units need a place where we can gather in larger groups; and our troops and girls need a place for inexpensive and safe troop outings and overnights.  We need this more than anything else the council can provide-- including the new NWA office. With at least 145 troops and over 1000 Girl Scouts within a short driving distance of this property, an E. Fay Jones cabin, and its proximity to the NWA business corridor, it surely bears a closer look with the creativity and input of area Girl Scouts, who know the camp and the region so well. Please invite us to the table to discuss ways that we can make Camp Noark and the northwest part of your council a living and growing part of Diamonds' future.

Kimberly Smith
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