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Petition to We the People, Ryan Dennison, Donald Trump, Federal Bureau of Investigation, US State Department

STOP TREASON In Our Midst: Electoral College, MSM and Government Agencies Acts of Treason

STOP TREASON In Our Midst:  There is a well defined and orchestrated move from both in and outside forces to overthrow our Great Country, Our Constitution, Our votes, Our Freedoms and Our's and Our Children's Futures and all of these things which we hold so dear via an action that can only be described as attempted "Treasonous" Electoral College Turncoating. This MSM (Main Stream Media) fueled coupe is utilizing: intelligence agencies, purported fake news, rioting, death threats to our electors, celebrity encouragement to embolden this act and some reports from unverified sources have even suggested bribery in an attempt to have our U.S. Electoral College members abandon their Promised Electoral Oaths and cast votes for the losing Democratic party candidate Hillary Clinton in states where she lost. If this latest attempt to undermine "Our Great Nation" is successful it will wipe out millions upon millions of "American Citizens" votes for Donald Trump across the country while handing over "Our Country" to a radical group that has proven time and time again; they will do anything to win, including this in their latest attempt to hijack our Democracy, Our Futures, The Futures Of Our Children and Our Freedoms all of which we hold so dear. These acts all undermine the sole source of America's Greatness and Our Constitution that still echoes loudly today the words of our forefathers regarding, Our Rights To Freedom, Faith, Liberty And Justice For All. Treason: trea·son -ˈtrēzən (definition) The crime of betraying one's country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government. What is our Country/Government if not the written State and Federal Laws and Statutes including the Bill Of Rights but most importantly the U.S. Constitution upon and through which all of these other laws and ideas were established!Holding the previous statement to be in fact true; if the act of Treason is as stated above "Crime of betraying the sovereign or an attempt to overthrow the Government," then these people and anyone who seeks to sway the Electoral College in an attempt to Hijack the Presidential seat and its power by any of these means stated above is attempting to overthrow our written laws which these laws themselves are the sole source of Our Government, Our Constitution and Our Country as we know it. These facts put all such people and their supporters in the seat of blatantly engaging in an act of TREASON AGAINST OUR GREAT NATION The United States of America and these people and their actions fully demonstrates a fundamental direct threat to Our Constitution, Our Country and Our Democracy. Furthermore given these facts any Electoral College members who follow suit and vote against their State's winner could be recognized by Multiple Government Agencies to be a party to this Active Attempted Of Treason Against the USA.As such because of this act of Treason every one of them to participate and that has participated should be disavowed and declare Enemies Of The State, apprehended and brought to justice before the American people to once and for all squelch any other inside or outside forces from an attempt to undermine and overthrow Our Democracy and it's people in the future! Let's join hands together and act now for the sake of Our Country and Our's and Our Children's Futures - We The People - We Are One, But We Are Many! America Stand Up And Be Counted - Please Join Us And Sign And Share This Petition. As Well Donate to "This Petition" So we can reach all of our fellow Americans ASAP to stop the Hijack of Our Election and Our Country in just a few short days on December 19th! Help Us, Help You Save America The Beautiful! We Love And Thank You All!!!

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Petition to Electoral College Electors

Electoral College Electors: Make Bernie Sanders President on December 19th

There is a lot of anger and outrage by how the 2016 Election was conducted. Because of substantiated election fraud and rigging of the Primary by members of the DNC & Hillary, Bernie Sanders was unjustly robbed of the Democratic nomination which severely impacted the final result on November 8th, 2016 with Donald J. Trump elected as the next President of the United States. Throughout the primary process, Bernie Sanders always polled to defeat Republican candidate Trump by double digit margins, signalling he would defeat Trump in the general election by a landslide. However, despite Bernie Sanders winning the popular vote, the DNC & Hillary colluded to suppress the vote, block voters, and rig the election system to ensure Bernie failed so they could insert Hillary as the Democratic nominee illegitimately. If this election fraud had not taken place, Bernie would have won the Democratic nomination, he would have faced off with Trump during the General Election, and Bernie would have won the Presidency. This petition not only serves to rightfully put Bernie Sanders into the White House, in which he honestly & legitimately earned, but it is also serves to voice our outrage in allowing such election fraud to undermine our democracy. It is an opportunity to correct a terrible injustice and restore faith in a political process that millions have given up on because millions feel their vote does not count; that our leaders are not elected, but selected, and the people have no voice. The electors of each state should recognize the terrible injustice and the election fraud that has been perpetrated on the people of this country, and electors should vote for the only true candidate who was literally robbed of the position he honestly fought for, and should be elected as the 45th President of these United States. Also keep in mind that Hillary conceded the election to Trump. Bernie Sanders never conceded at any point during the entire election process.

John Minton
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Petition to Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Democratic National Committee, Republican National Committee

America Join Us: We are Republican Women Voting for Hillary Clinton

As Republican women, we are united in our commitment to turn the disaster of Trump's candidacy into a teachable moment, to create a better future for our children and our communities. We represent mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, colleagues, wives, girlfriends, partners and individuals who are committed to our families and neighbors and dedicated to the work we do in its various forms. We ask America to stand with us to reject Donald Trump and elect Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump's indefensible words and actions have shined the brightest spotlight of our democracy—the presidency—on issues that were otherwise lying just beneath the surface: sexism, racism, xenophobia, divisiveness, hatred and autocracy. This vote is about the society we want to live in and our collective future. We stand for civility, empathy and equal opportunity. We stand for individual liberty and empowering individuals to affect change. We are beyond the current, intransigent extremes of partisan politics. We reflect and embrace the values of a balanced center that enable us to work together, and address the substantial challenges facing our great country. At this pivotal moment in history, we choose to make a positive statement with our votes, rather than waste them in protest on a third party, a write-in candidate or by opting out. There is strength in our ideas and experiences, and we look forward to working with Hillary Clinton toward a better, more equitable America. Please sign this petition -- woman or man, Republican, Democrat or independent -- and stand with us. Donna BarbischMartha ConteJean FeigleyJennifer Waisath HarrisPatricia HartmanKathryn HauserAnne MacMillan PedreroJenifer SarverNia Elizabeth van der VeldenElizabeth Wickstrom, MD, FACOG  

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