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Let's Organize an Independently-Run 2020 Democratic Presidential Debate with Jon Stewart

What We Need No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, we can all agree that having an informed public produces the best outcomes for our Democracy. We must ensure the candidate we nominate in 2020 is the one best suited to not only win the general election, but to tackle urgent and difficult problems like climate change, healthcare, and guaranteeing Americans the full continuum of human rights. Why We Need An Independent Debate The sad truth is as much as all the mainstream media we rely on for our daily news may want to be or claim to be impartial, their for-profit nature makes that impossible. The very act of having a profit-driven agenda means your news coverage is based not on the merit of the story, but what will garner the most attention to drive up your revenue from advertising. This includes the choice of how to cover presidential candidates. And the problems only snowball from there. How We Do It We demand the DNC sanction an independently operated and moderated debate hosted on independent networks. By introducing each candidate to the public in a forum unburdened by network biases and agendas, free of leading questions and coordinated attacks. We do it with an honest, independent debate focused on the issues that most concern everyday working Americans. The Debate Format The specifics of the debate format are still to be determined, but here's the cliffnotes: We won't be cutting candidate responses off at 15 seconds. The American public deserves a substantive debate on the issues, not a bunch of soundbites. Each debate topic's discussion will proceed for as long as it takes for each candidate to adequately explain their positions. This discussion will not be artificially capped to meet the official broadcast end time. If the debate ends up taking 6 hours, so be it. We need to know our next president can go the distance and that their positions stand up to scrutiny. Where We Host It Our debate won't be hosted by CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, or any other mainstream media channel. There will be no pharmaceutical commercials aired during our broadcast. Instead, the debate would be hosted on a wide array of independent streaming channels, such as (but not limited to): Rebel HQ Status Coup The Jimmy Dore Show The Humanist Report Secular Talk Rational National Free Speech TV The Real News The Ring of Fire Joe Rogan Experience Crooked Media Means TV Caitlin Johnstone Democracy Now Majority Report Young Turks Vice Krystal Ball (Rising - The Hill) Michael Tracey Redacted Tonight Newsy C-Span PBS Your Suggestion Here! Who Will Moderate It The dream would be for Jon Stewart to moderate. Jon Stewart, former host of the Daily Show, is not only one of the most politically savvy minds of our lifetime, but also one of the most compassionate. His recent victory for the 9/11 first responders demonstrates his political savvy, his sense of duty, and his immense capacity for empathy. Will he actually agree to moderate? Maybe. Maybe not. He's a busy guy, but he's also acutely aware of what happened the last time people decided not to get out and vote. Another fantastic choice would be Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. She is a fierce, intelligent, unapologetic young woman, deeply in-tune with the everyday struggles of working people, and the iconic face of the future of the democratic party. Her questions to Michael Cohen during his testimony in the House Oversight Committee demonstrated that she isn't interested in making a spectacle of herself. They were precise, to-the-point, and focused on getting exactly the answers the public needed to hear. The Bottom Line The truth is that who moderates an independent debate isn't nearly as important as making sure it happens. So please sign today, and tell your friends. Let's show the Democratic National Committee, the Commission on Presidential Debates, the candidates, and our entire nation that we the people demand a fair and independent democratic presidential debate. Tweet about us with hashtag #IndieDemDebate!

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Petition to 2020 Presidential Candidates

Willing to Wait 2020 #W2W2020

To all 2020 Candidates, we want to say, "We're willing to wait". We are willing to suspend focus on our political differences to ensure that presidential character is the central issue of the 2020 election. Who We AreWe are Americans spanning the range of the political spectrum. Some of us are passionate believers in President Trump’s policy agenda. Others of us are passionate believers in the progressive agenda. But all of us are passionate believers in the urgent need to change the character of the Oval Office. ExplanationDespite our personal agreement or disagreement with President Trump’s policies, we believe his character as president has done significant damage to our country. While some may debate the relevance of personal character in the Oval Office, our focus is not the president’s private life. By presidential character we mean the public words and actions of the president. Publicly, President Trump has: Personally attacked critics [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] Bullied journalists [1] [2] [3]  Bullied a member of his own cabinet members [1] Lied chronically [1] Encouraged racism [1] [2] Shamefully fired high-ranking staff [1] [2]  Perpetuated demeaning nicknames [1] [2] [3] [4]  Attempted to politicize the judiciary [1] Attempted to politicize the justice department [1] Insulted our closest allies [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] Coddled dictators [1] Denigrated the life of and joked about the death of a former POW and 3-decade senator [1] [2] President Trump's presidential character has caused instability and dysfunction in the executive branch. It has diminished our respect and reliability in the world. It has encouraged vicious ad hominem political discourse. It has strained and weakened the effectiveness of our democratic institutions. And it has sharply divided the nation, not based on ideology, but based on loyalty to the president. A national disavowal of this character must be the central issue of the 2020 election. Therefore, we are urging all 2020 candidates to place presidential character at the forefront of your campaigns. What should the character of the president be? How will you restore what has been lost at home and abroad? How will you promote reconciliation between the “Send her back” chanters and the Green New Dealers? We understand the importance of policy as we also hold strong policy positions. However, if we all insist on narrowly pursuing our personal policy preferences, the election will likely result in a far-left Democratic nominee (who will win the far-left and moderate-left vote) losing to President Trump (who will win the far-right and moderate-right vote). Consequently, we urge all 2020 candidates to provide credible assurance that you are “willing to wait”. We are not asking you to change your policy positions. Rather, we are asking you to prioritize the character agenda above your policy agenda. We are asking you to commit to elevating the character of the presidency even if that requires a delay in the pursuit of the most radical aspects of your policy agenda. Note: Our focus is exclusively on the White House which is but 1 of 3 co-equal branches of government. Pursuing personal policy preferences in Senate, House, and state/local races does not conflict with this campaign. It is our sincere hope that today’s world and tomorrow’s generations will be able to say, “In 2020, like no other time in her history, America put aside her political differences to make an unequivocal stand for her character.”

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Executive order Kill Title 4-D&E Mr. President

Support American Families.    Defund and deactivate Title 4-D & E. This amendment to Social Security has depleted Social Security and destroyed the American Family. Since enacted the divorce rate has soared. Millions of children without Fathers. Broken families and broken values. Title 4-D and E punishes father’s as well as families and pays states for collection of child support and foster care for ever $3 they get $3-15 back from federal. Stop governmental systems and attorney’s from profiting off children’s ruin, off the ruin of America and American families. America first. We need real American’s to step forward. Defend, terminate and kill Title IV-D and E. Registered Voters of the USA only please... Goal of 1 Million signatures. To put this on President Trumps desk.

United Parents 4Children
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