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Petition to President of the United States, Governor Rossello


The aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico has left a situation where it is urgent for Lt. General Buchanan to command the resources he deems necessary in the course of his duty to save lives without delay. The lives of over 3 million American citizens are at risk. Lt. General Russell Honore, who President Bush tapped to alleviate the crisis that developed after Katrina, has gone on record saying that the magnitude and aftermath of Maria is even worse than Katrina. The mayor of San Juan has gone on record insisting on the urgency of logistics in relief efforts and saying that any delay results in "something close to GENOCIDE." Victor Ramos, president of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Puerto Rico, said the population is vulnerable to cholera among other diseases. Mayor Julia Navarro of Loiza, said residents are showing signs of illnesses. Rations of food and water in many areas are not adequate and some areas haven't been reached. With Governor Rossello's request, Lt. General Buchanan should be granted authority by President Trump, as Commander-in-Chief, to conduct his time imperative life saving mission without delays of approval for requests for military resources or operations, without delays from other agencies. He should also be able to streamline or adapt processes when necessary as time is of the essence. That is the request of this petition: FULLY AND CLEARLY AUTHORIZE GENERAL BUCHANAN TO HAVE THE RESOURCES AND CLEARANCE NECESSARY FOR HIM TO FURTHER THE URGENT LIFE SAVING MISSION IN PUERTO RICO, including reaching people with resources, evacuations and infrastructure support. Lt. General Buchanan should not be delayed in doing what needs to be done to save lives. He should be given clear authority to carry out the urgent mission of carrying out life-saving tasks with the full complement of the best military in the world. Dear Mr. President, You have the full resourcefulness of the United States military, Emergency Preparedness provisions, and the authority to act to make life-saving resources available to our fellow citizens in Puerto Rico. We urge you to do so. Thank you.

Tammy L. Havlik
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Petition to President Donald Trump

Send our military & volunteers -save Puerto Rico!

Do Not forget Puerto Rico - Read the Truth AS of Today; People Helping are Crying out for More Assistance: supplies, clearing roads, organization of food & clothing distribution, rebuilding infrastructure, etc.. Take the time to sign for Puerto Rico, and Please read. Who knows you might like or be inspired to write positive ideas! US citizens had a horrific experience with hurricane Irma & Maria! Thankfully, most states effected have received aide in the form of military, fireman, police, rescue teams, etc... However, Puerto Rico appears to STILL be be under a lot of suffrage with LIVES at STAKE! "We say send more military, add more aide, help us help our fellow Americans! If it’s a funding problem then lead the way for us to Volunteer!" People are collecting clothes, food and water here in Central Pennsylvania, but have no means to ship it. (See ABC Channel 27 News 9-26-17 Link Below)       For example, to solve this problem you could order aide in the form of; Free postage to one location of your choosing to which Americans can mail items collected for Puerto Rico. Then you can organize and ship these items to the island however you see fit. Remember ask for and organize volunteers! Send more National Guards and other volunteers along with these goods. How many people from Puerto Rico serve or have served in the armed forces? They usually have the highest enlistment rate, more than any other state. It is where you have some of the most patriotic citizens I have seen in the United States of America!The National Guard is trained to build a city in the sand to sustain life! They want to help their brother’s just like US citizens want to send supplies, if you will guide them. We just need a leader to lead!  United we want to be! Aiding those in need! A house divided against itself will fall! It so important to stay united, the beginning leader's of our country put it in our name for goodness sake! Helping others less fortunate is a positive way to unite us! #everyonematters #everythingmatters #wearetheworld #respecttheland #love1another #hope4all

Ashley Garland
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Petition to President of the United States

Presidential Medal of Freedom for Latino Security Guard: Jesus Campos

There were many heroes during the Las Vegas tragedy that need to be recognized and honored. The first should be Jesus Campos, a Latino security guard who played an absolutely critical role in stopping the gunman from killing more innocent people. On the night of October 1, 2017, in Las Vegas, Nevada as a killer continued to unload modified semi-automatic weapons into a crowd of thousands, one man would prevent his massacre from continuing: Jesus Campos, an unarmed guard. Campos was the first person to reach the shooter at his 32nd floor room at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, where he had amassed an arsenal of 23 weapons, with scopes, and an array of cameras to monitor the corridor outside of his base. Campos took the elevator to the 32nd floor, approaching the room where the killer had barricaded himself. When the gunman saw the guard approaching the room, he shot through the door, hitting Campos in the right leg and leaving him wounded. In distracting the shooter, Campos pulled him away from the window, where he had fired round after round into thousands of civilians. "I think that only God knows that number," says David Hickey, president of the International Union, Security, Police and Fire Professionals of America (SPFPA) when asked how many people Campos had prevented from facing the shooter's bullets, "but we certainly know that he distracted the gunman and so lives were saved." After giving the location of the shooter, Campos did not stop there. He continued to clear rooms on the floor with police despite his wounds. He only stopped when ordered to by police because of his injuries. Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said: "His bravery was amazing because he remained with our officers, providing them the key pass to access the door, and continued to help them clear rooms until our officers demanded he seek medical attention," Lombardo said. We ask President Trump to recognize Jesus Campos with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor in the U.S. This will be a great message to the world, to reaffirm that some of America's greatest heroes are Latino Americans. We also ask that the shooter's name shall not be mentioned in the official record. He should only be referred to as "the killer", "the gunman" or "the shooter". #JesusMOF  

Frederic Lumiere
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Petition to U.S. Senate, California State Senate, Nancy Pelosi, U.S. House of Representatives

Require Federal Background Checks for all firearms sold in the United States.

We live in a time when mass shootings are more common than days of the year and nothing but “prayers” are given to the families that lost their family to a gunman in America. With the overwhelming majority of Americans supporting Mandatory Background checks for guns (about 93%), Congress and the POTUS decide to do nothing. Nothing except taking legalized bribes from weapons manufacturers that is. It isn’t an issue of partisanship as most of America wants more reasonable gun legislation, so why isn’t anything done about it? Give more than “thoughts and prayers” in hopes that people won’t use the mounds of guns they have to kill others, instead let us prevent them from unjustifiably murdering innocent civilians. In America, there seems to be a craze for weapons with about 89 guns per 100 people in the United States with about one mass shooting (4 or more people injured/killed) a day. This isn’t an issue that solves itself. It isn't an issue of race or religion, it is an issue regarding the very fundamentals of being a person. The latest example of the broken system led to a tragedy in Las Vegas. Out of the average 33,000 deaths caused by firearms a year in the United States(suicide, homicide, and accidental deaths), almost 60 of them took place on the first of October, where a 64 man open fire on innocent citizens attending a country concert. We don't only need this, but we as the people of America need a reform in our entire judicial system. We need more funding for mental illnesses in America and the reduction in prescription drug prices to make them more available for those that need them.We need a focus on what is best for America, not big corporations that pay off politicians.We need these Federal Background checks for the sake of every American.

Isaac Cuesta
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