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Give Our NHS Back, it belongs to the people.

This article from the Independent tells us part of what`s happening and why we need to bring NHS contracts back in house, our health care system must be about care, not profit!!!  From the Independent: "NHS spending on care provided by private companies has jumped by £700m to £3.1bn with non-NHS firms winning almost 70 per cent of tendered contracts in England last year. Private care providers were awarded 267 out of a total of 386 contracts made available in 2016-17, including the seven highest value opportunities, worth £2.4bn. Richard Branson’s Virgin Care scooped a record £1bn worth of contracts last year, meaning the company now has over 400 separate NHS contracts, making it the dominant private provider in the NHS market. Failing privatisation of probation services putting public at riskMP warns of ‘galloping privatisation’ of NHS after Virgin contract winStephen Hawking joins lawsuit fighting against ‘NHS privatisation’Ministers warned over ‘botched’ privatisation plan for court finesThe extent of Virgin Care’s portfolio has angered campaigners, as the company pays no tax in the UK, and its parent company is registered in the British Virgin Islands – a tax haven. Virgin Care also sued six NHS commissioning care groups (CCGs) last year after it failed to win an £82m care contract, losing out to an NHS provider and two social enterprises. The figures, revealed in a report by campaign group the NHS Support Federation, undermine repeated government claims that private companies play a small role in NHS care provision. They also undermine NHS chief executive Simon Stevens’ stated plans to end the market structure of the NHS which currently gives separate roles to purchasers and providers. Mr Stevens has said that system, first brought in under Margaret Thatcher’s government, should be replaced with greater integration and joint planning between care providers. NHS Support Federation director Paul Evans said: “Ending the era of NHS organisations competing for contracts to treat patients is welcome, but promoting new roles, on its own, closes no doors on commercial involvement in the NHS. Thousands sign petition demanding Branson hands back money to NHS“New legislation is needed and that been postponed as part of the political fallout of the election result. The existing competition framework and tendering rules therefore still apply. Companies are continuing to win new NHS contracts and there are signs of investment shifting towards the new opportunities being created in community based care.” The organisation also warned that as the existing legal framework for putting contracts out to tender is to remain in place, significant further privatisation of the health service can be expected. Current trends suggest the private sector will win a further £10bn of NHS clinical contracts over the next three years. The news follows a forecast by the International Monetary Fund that the NHS may have to be privatised if the UK is to meet its budget deficit by 2025, a suggestion refuted by the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt. “IMF wrong to put NHS privatisation on the table. It was founded on the back of a white paper by a Conservative Health Minister in 1944, makes us proud to be British & will remain a National Health Service under this or any Government,” he tweeted earlier this month. A Department of Health spokesperson told The Independent: “Spend on private healthcare by the NHS accounts for just 8 pence of every pound and this Government is fully committed to a world class NHS owned and funded by the British taxpayer and free at the point of the use, now and in the future. “Decisions about use of the private sector, charities, social enterprises or other organisations, such as Macmillan Nurses, who provide vital patient services, are taken by local doctors who know their patients best.”"  Yesterday, Theresa May refused to rule out giving US companies access to NHS contracts:

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Provide help for UK homeless

More than 300,000 people in Britain alone are currently officially recorded as homeless, with London having the highest statistics of 1 in every 59 people. No doubt however, there is many more unrecorded cases of people suffering this injustice everyday, having nowhere to go yet are not recognised as being in need of housing assistance. This lack of understanding and empathy for this extremely vulnerable minority group is deeply worrying. The government has recently brought into sight a 'homeless reduction act' which attempts to help those who are homeless in the shot-term but this is not nearly enough to truly impact and change the lives of those living on our streets for good. We need to establish support with long-term, permanent effects. There is much more we could still do to offer our genuine support to those struggling. Firstly, I believe the access to free sanitary protection for homeless women such as tampons and sanitary towels should be funded. When given the choice between food or hygiene, many are forced to go without. This should not be the case. However, with lack of government funding its the harsh reality of women sleeping rough everyday. Access to clean water, food, shelter and medical needs, must have a clearer and more thorough way of acsess, including support for the overwhelming proportion of the homeless population suffering from mental illness and social isolation. Many charietes and organisations are working to help ensure this but so many people cannot get into shelters and are still spending their days and nights hungry, and with no roof over their heads. More needs to be done to ensure the basic nessesities of people living on the streets are met. With 8 out of 10 homeless people reporting having been subject to some form of attack it the last year, we must do more to support the homeless population suffering regular violence. This is why it is so crucial we supply both permanent and adequate accommodation for rough sleepers and not turn away those in need. Lastly, the use of homeless spikes is unethical and unfriendly way of dealing with the most vunerable, these have no place in our towns and cities. They're beyond unsympathetic and dehuminising. We cannot continue to ignore and disregard the lives, deaths and suffering of those around us. 

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