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Moringa, Solar energy & Biofuel

How Moringa can end poverty by year 2025?   "Poverty today is becoming a state of mind rather than a state of living"   Who Am I?   My name is Zane Smythe, I am 25years of age and I am currently a fashion designer and filmmaker. I was born and raised in Battersea, South London where growing up was not easy at all, especially under the peer pressures of drugs, gangs and violence. Notorious Winstanley estate is where I used to live in one of the high rise flats known as the local council housing estates, I had many friends that were caught up in the gang life, prison system and the so called 'trap' including myself.   Fortunately I am one of the very few who managed to escape the societies trap that we had all once been a part of and use my experiences to become a better a person which has lead me to do amazing things such as designing beautiful clothing and being able to tell stories that will inspire others using film.   I co founded my production company called Global Swag Pictures in 2013 where I have been lucky enough to work with a variety of artists and gain acknowledgment for a short film I directed and produced called CAPTURE. We screened our short at the London BAFTA and at the prestige Cannes Film Festival, our story was featured on the ITV news, Wandsworth Guardian, Newsshopper..   I love telling stories whether its through my fashion or films, its something I enjoy doing and gives me a sense of freedom, a platform to share my beliefs, feelings and insecurities. Overall I have a burning desire to make a difference in society today which is big motivation for me to do the things I do with the persistence and enthusiasm I have, I am truly passionate about my craft   What am I doing?    I have been lucky to spend some time in West Africa, Ghana, Volta Region. I was invited through doing some work with a charity helping them with doing work in a community in Volta called Tokokoe which is a small village. I assisted in donating clothes, medications and food for the truly poor to eat, being a witness to seeing people like myself helping others in a worse situation gave me a fresh perspective and immediately I looked at life and poverty in a different light.   One of the projects I have been an ambassador for and responsible for is our Moringa programme, where I have managed to raise funds and gain donations for the programme to start. We have already employed people from the community to help that are now living better lives and are pioneers in their community because of the drastic change in circumstance.   We call our farms Suavey Gardens, this name is derived from my fashion brand which we decided to use in order to brand and market our Moringa products to keep a luxury, prestige and personal feel. We farm over 2 hectares of Organic Moringa and have a factory powered by solar panels where we cultivate Moringa seeds and leaves to produce and process our 100% pure Moringa powder and Moringa oil. In Ghana we have managed to distribute our products and collaborate with stars such as Ama K Abebrese to help advertise and model our items.   Africa is a prime example of the statement that "Poverty is becoming a state of mind". I say this because from my experience in Ghana, Sierra Leone and other african countries there is a similar issue when it comes to poverty, it being the forefront of these beautiful countries where we have resources that are on high demand. The black culture will not be able to evolve if this "state of mind" becomes the acceptable because I have also experienced this in the society I grew up in in London which is why it had proven to be so hard to escape it and utilise my strengths in order to make a difference   I am more determined than ever to empower a poor mindset of the common world in order to make an end to poverty by year 2025. I am to do this through my Moringa project and It has already proven to be working as there has substantial change on a specific individual who works as my partner and keeps the charity running over in Ghana. His name is Philip Kwame and his mindset has changed since working with myself and has shown a huge amount of dedication and passion towards the farming and production of Moringa. Philip has come from nothing and now is an inspiration for his family and others in his community after seeing the transition he has made aswell as what he has managed to do for several communities by offering employment and charitable work to provide for people who don't have anything at all.   Why I started?   I started the Moringa programme because I saw the potential it had to make a difference to peoples health and offer a better standard of living. I have been using Moringa regularly for 3years and I can say that it works and has definitely me through a lot incuding addictions, poor health, depression and weight issues.   Moringa is increasingly becoming more and more popular not just because of it nutrients but also an essential plant in meeting global security and sustain the livelihood of many millions of people   I aim to empower the "poor" minded and help rural communities around the world escape poverty and become self sustainable creating themselves a supply of great health and financial freedom.   Moringa trees can be used for as paper which is an industry itself as well as resources for schools. Moringa seeds can clean up to 99% of bacteria from dirty water in impoverished areas, this will stop a lot of deaths by disease and enable better health with access to clean water. The Moringa tree is increasingly considered as one of the worlds most valuable natural resources, as the main constituents of the tree have nutritive ingredients.   Globally 870 million people or more do not have enough to eat and more than two billion suffer from micro nutrient deficiency according to (UN) united nations food agencies. Making Moringa available to those people will have a huge effect and decrease in these figures because its leaves, pods and flowers are considered a good source of vitamins; A, B, B2, B3, B6, and C, folic acid, absorbic acid, beta carotene, calcium , iron and amino acids. More importantly its leaves are highly nutritious being a significant source of beta- carotene, vitamin C, protein, iron and potassium arial   When Project started?   Our first Moringa seedlings were planted January 2016, this was after a recent visit I made in December 2015. During this period was when we raised funding and gained several donations towards the project which enabled us to build our factory where we work from today. We also managed to acquire more farm land throughout this time from donations and the local community supporting the project, our cold pressing machine that extracts the oil from seeds was also a very kind donation and it has changed the lives of many people in Ghana being able to provide an income.   We aim to build the awareness around the brand and products to become one the leading Moringa suppliers in Ghana. The objective is to also spread awareness around economical benefit it can have for the enviroment and its future for a global biofuel. This will be done through campaigns around the globe and actually going into rural communities to enable them to grow Moringa   How Moringa can end poverty? What I will do to achieve this?   I aim to raise funds to build on my current Moringa programme to start biofuel production on a global scale. Giving people the knowledge on farmings of Moringa Olefiera in the exchange of supporting me and a forever growing industry. I can set up farmers in countries with impoverished communities such as West Africa, South America, Carribean etc.   Global biofuel has grown seven fold since 2000 and today biofuel provide 3% of road fuel transport by energy basis. To date food crops like (corn, sugar, vegetable oil) have been the primary source of biodiesel for transportation but increased use of these fuels has created more problems than solutions: rising food prices, food price volatility and accelerated expansion of agriculture in the tropics. Future biodiesel production can and will be sourced from feedstocks such as Moringa that can be grown on marginal land.   I aim to start a chain of Biofuel petrol stations in and surrounding Africa aswell as opening the opportunity up to foreign markets, by doing this I am making sure that famers growing Moringa not only have a better state of living but are equipped for a future where the poor do not have to be poor anymore being are main supply of a natural resource which will not only our country but the world will become very dependant on.   "THE END OF POVERTY IS A ROADMAP TO A MORE PROSPEROUS AND SECURE WORLD" - Jeffrey Sachs

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