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Petition to Multnomah County District Attorneys Office, Rod Underhill DA, Kelly Burris DA


 JUSTICE FOR OUR MOM'S Mr. Rod Underhill-Multnomah County District Attorney/ADA Kelly Burris. This petition was created and is being circulated to keep continued attention upon the deaths of Charlene Niles-Hauth, and Robin Macready. Specifically, the signed petitioners wish to share with your Office, their concerns regarding the senseless, untimely, unnecessary, and tragic deaths of both Charlene Niles-Hauth, and Robin Macready, who were killed when a car driven allegedly by Antonio Montgomery, "plowed" into their vehicle while traveling at a high rate of speed ran a red light while apparently fleeing from another hit and run that he allegedly is the suspect of as well, and in doing so his actions left family members, friends, and community members in emotional shock and has made an international impact. Individuals affected by these deaths are struggling to understand why this occurred, and why this repeat offender/criminal was left out on the street to kill these two (2) innocent people based upon his criminal record and Alleged connections to the Track Suit bandit robberies and gang affiliations.  Charlene, died at the scene of the accident, and Robin subsequently died the following day from injuries sustained from the crime, and others were injured as well. That said, and while this terrible, senseless, and tragic event can not be undone, family and friends of these two innocent ladies want to "ensure" that this selfish, reckless, careless, and dangerous individual is NOT let out as he was previously to be given a chance  to kill more innocent persons.  Furthermore, we request that the full measure of the law be applied and imposed by way of a maximum penalty and that sentence be given to Antonio Montgomery, as meets this senseless horrible crime.  We ask that maximum sentence be given for the death of Charlene and maximum sentence be given for the death of Robin we do NOT want the sentences to run together we want him to serve each term back to back  In retrospect, facts would suggest that the "poor lack of judgement and decision previously made" when granting Antonio Montgomery probation instead of prison time for crimes he was charged with last year (allegedly) in connection with the Tracksuit bandit Robberies as stated by police agencies on their own webpages  as well as countless media outlets, along with Montgomery's alleged reckless actions "did cause the deaths" of two innocent persons and loved ones as well as injuring others both physically and emotionally.  Therefore, people signing this petition are calling for justice, sharing their voice to be heard letting the Multnomah County District Attorney's Office and The Judge who oversees this case  know they are demanding that justice be served this time with no lapse or failure no mercy. Thank you in advance for signing this petition and sharing your compassion and voice for Justice For Our Moms.               

Randy Hauth
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Petition to Montavilla Neighborhood Association Board, Amanda Rhoads, David Linn, Brad Donahue, John Rotter, Olivia Alsept-Ellis, Antigonus Jarrett, Marc Jolin, Ted Wheeler

We Oppose Sanctioned Camping in Montavilla Neighborhood

We are a group of concerned neighbors, business owners, and members of the Montavilla Neighborhood Association (MNA) who are writing to oppose a City of Portland Sanctioned Homeless Camping Zone in the Montavilla neighborhood, which was discussed at the June 2018 Board Meeting (Video Link) of the Montavilla Neighborhood Association Board of Directors.The proposed plan discussed at the MNA meeting did not incorporate neighborhood dialogue and discussion, provide sufficient notice, nor allow for outreach of the topic’s discussion to the neighborhood.  We must insist that plans like this be discussed with neighbors because implementing them can potentially cause considerable negative effect to our neighborhood’s livability. Furthermore, this method of board decision-making is not the transparent and inclusive process that neighborhood associations are supposed to operate under. We are all concerned when people in our neighborhood are without shelter; however, we believe that everyone in our community must be considered, including our children, our financially vulnerable families, and our property and business owners. Montavilla is one of the largest neighborhoods in the city and decisions should not be casually implemented without having considerable neighborhood deliberation.  We welcome a dialogue with the Montavilla Neighborhood Association Board in which the entire neighborhood is notified and those who wish to have a voice in the matter can be properly represented and heard on this issue.MNA is having a homeless forum on June 30th where more details around their vision for a sanctioned camp will supposed be shared. RSVP for the Forum here: may vote on a resolution endorsing the vision at their July 9th Board and General meetings: can email the entire board input at:

Montavilla Initiative
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