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Avoid plastic- Use Sustainable products

We are becoming plastic every day. We all consume so much of plastic in terms of snack wrappers, straws, containers, milk/curd packets, tooth brushes, ear buds, etc. It is because we find plastic easy and low cost substitute of other materials, but this easiness is killing our Nature, changing the environment, clogging soil, polluting water bodies and all this is happening only because we don't know how to stop or avoid plastic. It is difficult to use sustainable products instead of plastic, but we can surely reduce the use to some extent and give a chance to heal nature. We can start by carrying a jute/cloth bag for shopping instead of taking polybags with every purchase, we can collect our plastic waste and give it for recycling, we should avoid using straws or plastic food storage boxes as much as possible, also straws can be easily re-used after washing, instead of buying plastic pots for keeping plants and other decorative items, go for more eco-friendly clay pots, also we can use old plastic tubs/buckets to grow plants instead of buying new plastic pots, etc. There are so many ways to help nature get back on its feet. So much of plastic goes in ocean and other water bodies, consumed by fishes and sea birds, they all suffer and die, it is in our hands to do some good and return the favor. So let's join our hands together and pledge for a making a better future for us.

Srishty Singh
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Started 1 year ago

Petition to Sh. Nitin Gadkari

Fraudulence in the name of PUC- Pollution under control certificate

I am an active member of since 2015 and have signed many petitions through out these years. I thought it several times to start my own petition regarding various environmental, corruption issues etc. Most of the time I abandoned the plan but this time I want to raise my voice and I need support of all the community to stop the fraudulence in the name of PUC (pollution under control) certificate. PUC is a certificate issued to the vehicle owner if the pollution emitted by the vehicle is as per norms. It is checked by instrumentation after running vehicle engine and measuring emission of gases from vehicle exhaust. If the measurement is under the norms, then certificate is issued after charging nominal fees of ₹60-100.  Few months back I went to get PUC certificate for my four wheeler. When I turned on my engine, the checker told me that there is no need to turn on the engine and he himself set the values of different gases on the computer and issue me certificate after charging the fees. I asked him to do it honestly but he replied now-days it works this way. Again same thing happened when I went for PUC for my two wheeler. I don’t know that if it happens at all PUC checking centres but if it happened with me then I am sure there are others who do the same. My point is on one hand we say that we want to have our surroundings clean and pullution free but if the vehicle we are driving is emitting toxic gases to our environment, how is this going to work? Whenever I talk about this issue with people no one seems to be bothered but if this fraudulence is happening in the name of PUC, we should fight and stop this. We are paying for PUC every 3 month or 6 month period depending upon our vehicle and if they are just issuing this certificate without checking then it’s just a FRAUD.  Please sign my petition so that Ministry of Road Transport and Highways can be made aware of this and can control this fraudulence before this thing become universal. 

Tejinder Sidhu
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