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Petition to UNICEF, United Nations, Arvind Kejriwal, Devendra Fadnavis, World Health Organisation

Saplings planted in a year equals the population in India.

With the increased level of contamination in the environment it has become a lively risk to even calculate the age till which we will survive. We on one hand have kept expanding our needs and wants and also devised methods to achieve them but dropped the basic formalities we owe to the Nature. The Nature since inception has compromised on everything large and small to satisfy livelihood and while we must have been benevolent towards the contribution of the Plant Kingdom, we decided to outrageously uproot all their existence and create concrete jungles to satisfy more of our greed.  But since the last few years, geotropical conditions have changed erratically creating a massive void between the compromises made by the Ecology around us and how much we have contributed to restore its balance. Since we are already running way off the schedule it will be better to scrap off further plans of depleting the environment and try work to the do even the minimal possible.  Thus I am here with a petition to all my fellow country-mates asking for your due support to elevate and evaluate this initiative that demands sapling plantation over a year from now to equal the population of our Country. If we take a pledge, its possible. It actually is way more easier to actually plant a sapling that the time we waste in thinking that we have done the same. Help me, help us, help the Nature to gain its magnificence. Thank you to one and all supporting this initiative and bringing in more people to join the common goal. We want our deed to pass down to the Government of India, the Ministry of Environment and Forest Restoration, the United Nations conservation wing and many others from the dignified society we live in.    

Raunak Nayak
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