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Ozone is not for rent.

Space means 1) a place or an area that is empty or not used.2) the area which surrounds the planet Earth and the other planets and stars. Humans can not and should not let space be degraded because an individual or a syndicate has access to more resources because the damage caused by 1 rocket even if it is 0.01% of Ozone , is irreversible and a forced burden on entire human civilization. Bunch of lawyers slow poisoning a room full of people because they work for the court of law should not be acceptable to the audience! Billionaires might be paying majority of government taxes but the supply of money after it's physical and fiscal creation is coming from those who are not responsible for degrading the space. One man's boredom should not be another family's lack of oxygen! "As above so below" from the Bible when applied on 17th July 2021 results in money and power being the license to kill others lawfully and then advertise it. It is pitiful, the level of boredom. Since unlike bored billionaires others are busy living the role of 'citizens'. If programming is going to define the difference between billionaires and the rest of humanity by giving one group the right to destroy nature and other to see and hear that act as an achievement then we should change the programmers. I couldn't name individuals involved because my parents told me not to insult anyone publicly yet I hope the reader understands what I mean. Ozone if it were a flower would die if plucked!

Frank Moody
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Petition to Smt. Vijaya Laxmi R Gadwal, Sri K T Rama Rao

SAVE MUSI SAVE HYDERABAD Dear Citizens Historically any civilisation is revolved around the water fronts and river basins, as you all know that the Musi river is an inherent property of Hyderabadi's and it is the integral part of the Hyderabad city and the citizens, and its pollution in all forms affecting all of us as residents, communities and every visitor too. But for many years this problem has been neglected to resolve by all the governments, and the foul and stingent smell emanating from the River Musi and also the lakes like famous Hussain Sagar and the problems faced by the people residing adjacent to the river, ignored. The river has now become a sewage nala in the literal sense of the word, as the industrial effluent and waste and domestic waste are dumped in the river continually. The Telangana State government has promised to rejounevate the dying river through the "Musi Riverfront Development Authority" under the leadership of Sri KTR, the Honourable minister for Municipal Administration and Urban Development(MAUD) of Telangana, promising that Musi would be developed on the lines of any other rivers of India or abroad , setting aside 2500 crores, but no firm action has been seen to be taken so far. Not only the city but the villages adjoining Hyderabad have been direly affected. We hoped that at least when Telangana was formed, our Musi river - our lifeline, and the pride of Hyderabad, would be saved. However, it seems less likely with each passing day. We have been witnessing the systematic denial of the very basic human requirements for life. The human rights of the people been getting violated. The pollution percolating to all the "Pancha Boothas" (FIVE ELEMENTS). The air we breathe, the water we drink, Soil through which the food we eat, the sky under we live. They're all polluted now. It's now time to act to declare the "Musi Emergency" and raise the emergency funds to rejenovate the Mother River Musi and let the present and future generations Live happy and safe life. Please give a thought and act accordingly but an urgent action is necessary SAVE MUSI SAVE HYDERABAD

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