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Petition to EDMC Commisioner, RWA Mayur Vihar Phase 1 Pocket 4, Mayur Residents Welfare Associaton Pocket 4, Police Commissioner, Divisional Magistrate, M/s TowerVision India Private Ltd, National Green Tribunal, EDMC Horticulture, Department of Telecommunication, Mr. Manish Sisodia

To stop the installation of Mobile Tower from residential area

Mobile Telecom Tower installation is going on in Residential Zone of DDA Flats, Pocket-4 Mayur Vihar Ph-1, New Delhi 110091. It’s a Park with Kids play area Near Flat No 143 & 157 and Sadbhavana Apartment Gate which is a residential complex of DDA Flats surrounded with more than 5000 residents including Kids & Senior citizen. Installation of mobile tower is not as per the norms of DoT. This can be verified with the distance of tower from the backyard of flat no 143A Pocket 4 MV 1 01. This Telecom Tower may create radiation which is very harmful for humans especially for kids and senior citizen. 02. Its being erected in Park Kids Play area where any kid may also get electrocuted with its electrical equipments. 03. There are 3 Schools within 100 Meter radius including Higher Secondary schools 04. Most of the society residents are not agree in the erection of this tower. 05. There is sufficient commercial compound such as Market or Metro Station available outside this DDA Flats complex where these telecom towers may be placed. According to Hindustan Times, "The World Health Organisation's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) says radiation from cellphone handsets and towers is "possibly carcinogenic to humans" and may cause glioma, a type of brain cancer. Towers are more dangerous than handsets because they emit greater-intensity radiation 24X7" Hence requesting you to please do needful to stop this Tower Erecting work immediately. When DDA allotted us flats – they were allotted with a “Right to live”. We were sold flats with assurance that our parks will remain as parks and will not be used for any commercial purpose. By allowing the commercial use of our parks DDA is breaching the contract which it made with us when it sold these flats to us. Children playing in DDA parks and families living here have right to live and not die of deadly diseases. To think of installing a mobile tower would be a blatant infringement of public space. This park is in a residential hub with children of all age groups playing in it every day. We as residents are shocked as DDA even thinking of permitting installation of Mobile Towers in a public park and thus denying the children their basic right to play and it’s a clear case of violation of their Basic Human Rights. Infringement of Public Place – DDA Parks are meant for use by residents and not to be taken over by the staff of M/s   to either stay in the park or visit frequently for maintenance which will lead to security problem in the colony. Clearance By National Green Tribunal -  As per the ruling of National Green Tribunal parks are meant for use by residents and to keep the environment clean and safe. Allotment of DDA Children’s Park land to M/s TowerVision India Private Ltd is a commercial activity and a big health hazard. As residents, we are within our rights to demand that any infrastructural requirements be balanced against health hazards and environmental concerns and in  this case the risks are of far greater magnitude than the demands of infrastructural development. Any change in DDA parks should be aimed at enhancement of quality of life of residents.  We will never permit crony capitalism of mobile tower companies to spread cancer in our colony. Mobile towers have become major causes of cancer; which is caused by the radiation spread by them. Mobile Tower Radiations are causing Cancer.   A number of reports have indicated that radiations being emitted from mobile Towers are causing Cancer of all types including Brain Cancer. We do not want their children and families to die of this deadly disease which will drain them financially, mentally and psychologically. Residents cannot be living under constant fear of Radiations being emitted by Mobile Tower. Noise Pollution – Mobile Towers in DDA Park will have generator and other infrastructure at the base of tower. Running of generator will cause noise pollution for the residents staying very close to mobile towers. We the residents wish to lodge a vehement and unanimous protest against the proposed installation of mobile tower in DDA Park of Pocket 4 near Sadbhavana gate. In view of the above it is submitted that installation of mobile tower in inside residential area of Pocket 4 is big health hazard and a grossly commercial endeavour which should be stopped immediately.

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Petition to Mayor Murlidhar Mohol, Mr. Saurabh Rao, Mr Shravan Hardikar, PCMC Commissioner

Treat 100% Sewage of Pune city on war-footing to avoid public health emergency

Recent findings of research done about microbes found in Mula-Mutha rivers are shockingly alarming and need immediate action on war-footing by PMC. According to this research, the diseases caused by microbes found in Mula-Mutha rivers will be untreatable as these microbes do not respond to even the strongest of antibiotics available. This is a serious health hazard for all the citizens of Pune city and has to be dealt with on top priority. Major cause of this is untreated sewage getting dumped directly in the rivers everyday for years together. It is a known fact that there is inadequate capacity of sewage treatment in the city (installed capacity is only @70%max). So there is urgent need to divert all resources to bridge this gap first instead of spending PMC budget on cosmetic beautification of the city. Also, the track record of performance of existing sewage treatment plants is extremely shady and has been pointed out time and again by various environmental experts and NGOs. Even basic essential facilities like power back up are not available in existing plants which makes plant ineffective in case of power outages. Because of this, the 'Life Nurturing' rivers of Pune have become 'Life Threatening' drainage. This has to stop immediately.The situation of public health has been steadily deteriorating over past few decades. If the situation is not controlled now it may wreck a havoc of epidemic of untreatable diseases. Following actions are needed to be initiated urgently - 1. Audit of existing STPs by independent agency 2. Taking measures to restore effectiveness of existing STPs based on observations /recommendations 3. Installing Real time continuous monitoring systems of water quality at outlet of STPs and making data public. 4.Formation of empowered committee to fast-track installation of new STPs to achieve 100% sewage treatment in committed and time-bound manner. मुळा मुठा नदीच्या पाण्यातील जीवाणू आणि विषाणू यासंबंधित अलीकडेच झालेल्या संशोधनातील निष्कर्ष अत्यंत गंभीर धोक्याची जाणीव करून देणारे आहेत. त्यामुळेच यावर महानगरपालिकेने युद्धपातळीवर त्वरित कृती करण्याची गरज आहे. या संशोधनातील निष्कर्षानुसार मुळा मुठा नदीच्या पाण्यातील धोकादायक सूक्ष्मजंतू हे कोणत्याही प्रजैविकांनाही (Anti-Biotics) दाद देत नाहीत असे दिसून आले आहे. त्यामुळे त्यांच्यापासून होणाऱ्या आजारांवर कोणतेही औषध उपयोगी पडणार नाही. सर्व पुणेकर नागरिकांच्या दृष्टीने हि अत्यंत गंभीर बाब आहे आणि यावर त्वरित कृती होण्याची आवश्यकता आहे. अनेक वर्षे प्रतिदिन प्रक्रिया न करता नदीत सोडले जाणारे मैलापाणी हे मूलतः या परिस्थितीला कारणीभूत आहे. शहरातील मलनिस्सारण प्रक्रिया केंद्रांची क्षमता हि गरजेपेक्षा अत्यंत तोकडी (पाहिजे त्याच्या फक्त ६०- ७०%) आहे हि बाब अनेकदा समोर आली आहे. शहराच्या वरवरच्या दिखाऊ सुशोभीकरणासाठी होणारे खर्च टाळून प्राधान्यक्रमाने मनपाचे बजेट या मैलापाणी शुद्धीकरणाच्या प्रकल्पांवर खर्च होणे गरजेचे आहे. सध्या अस्तित्वात असलेल्या प्रक्रिया केंद्रांचा अनुभवही काही चांगल नाही हे वास्तव या क्षेत्रातील तज्ञ आणि स्वयंसेवी संस्थांनी अनेकदा अधोरेखित केले आहे. या केंद्रांना अखंडित वीजपुरवठ्यासारखी अत्यंत मुलभूत सोयही नाही. यामुळे काही तास वीजपुरवठा खंडित झाला तर त्या दिवशी कोणतीही प्रक्रिया न करताच मैलापाणी नदीत तसेच सोडून देण्याशिवाय पर्याय नसतो. या परिस्थितीमुळे पुण्याच्या ‘जीवनदायिनी’ असलेल्या नद्या या पुणेकरांसाठी अत्यंत धोकादायक नाले बनल्या आहेत. हे तातडीने थांवण्याची गरज आहे. गेल्या ३-४ दशकांमध्ये पुण्यातील सार्वजनिक आरोग्य अधिकाधिक ढासळत गेलेलं दिसत आहे. या परिस्थितीवर आता नियंत्रण आणले नाही तर आपल्या शहरात असाध्य रोगांच्या साथीचे थैमान येऊ शकते! हि परिस्थिती टाळण्यासाठी खालील कृती त्वरेने घडणे अत्यावश्यक आहे- १.       सध्याच्या प्रक्रिया केंद्रांचे निष्पक्ष तज्ञांकडून परीक्षण करून घेणे २. या परीक्षणातील निरीक्षणे आणि निष्कर्षांवर आधारित त्यांची कार्यक्षमता सुधारण्यासाठी त्वरित उपाययोजना करणे ३. या केंद्रांमधून प्रक्रिया होऊन बाहेर पडणाऱ्या पाण्याची गुणवत्ता तपासणारी आणि देखरेख करणारी स्वयंचलित यंत्रणा राबवणे आणि हि माहिती नागरिकांना खुली करणे. ४. १००% मैलापाण्यावर प्रक्रिया करण्यासाठी नवीन प्रक्रिया केंद्रे उभारण्याची योजना कालबद्ध पद्धतीने पूर्ण होण्यासाठी उच्चस्तरीय आणि निर्णयक्षम समितीची स्थापना करणे.  

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Petition to Environmentalists, Supreme Court of India, Delhi Jal Board, Goevrnment of India, Governement of Uttarakhand, Samarth Chaturvedi

Kalash Pad Yatra from Yamnoutri to Mathura 20th March - 18th April

People visiting Braj need to understand that no matter how many big temples they visit and how many Shloks they listen to from Baba's , its of no use because what makes braj is Braja (one of the names name of Yamuna Ji). People from Uttrakhand and other areas have extended their support towards this attempt, and now it's turn for people living in areas responsible for death of Yamuna Maiya. These people must raise their voice against errors of Humanity against this Yamuna. In case your voice cannot be heard, then atleast walk with us. Help us in our Aatmanirbhar attempt to carry her water from its source (paternal home) and release it in her on her Birthday where she is married and becomes one with her love and lord, #BrijasBraj So it's our appeal to come and celebrate her birthday as a Yamuna Maiya Janma Maha-mahotsav to honour none other than Kaliyug's Kali - KAALINDRI herself (since the river originated from Kaalindi Mountain) Be it in Braj or wherever she flows the citizens of that area must clean the ghats on that day, worship her with Aarti , make sweets at their homes, and also distribute to people, do a havan, pooja of her father Surya dev and her brothers. Worship her husband Lord Krishna and tell all these god's and devtas that you will promise not to pollute the Yamuna and raise a voice for her. Walk a few steps in this first ever Yatra starting on 20th March 2021 and through the entire route along the banks of Yamuna for 610 km with main stoppages at Yamnoutri, Barkot, Vikas Nagar, Hatni Kund, Delhi, Managarhi (where it enters the Braj Mandal), Shergarh, Biharvan, Bachvan, Vrindavan, and finally from Vrindavan to Mathura, where on the 18th April 2021,the original form of Baby Yamuna (the purest and divine daughter of the Surya Narayan himself) will be immersed in her life less form we see in Braj, and try to bring her back from the coma she's been put into by her own children's flaws and neglect. रणजीतमहेश©RANAJEETMAHESH® WANTS TO CAUTION ALL THE READERS OF THIS POST People who never listened to Krishna in the Mahabharata period, saw their clans, families, kingdoms, and generations die fighting each other. And the worst deaths came to the people in power who, despite being the greatest warriors, were silent when a Queen, a wife to most powerful Yodhas of that time, daughter to a powerful King, and a friend to Lord Krishna, and who's modesty was attacked in the palace hall of the King himself. This act was the main reason why the entire Kuru Vansh fell and there was no one to succeed. It was the end of an era, of a people who went so low on Morals and human virtues that it took a Mahabharat war to cleanse the land of sinful people. But in this case, the matter is different: THIS is Kaliyug. The era of Kali, the goddess that kills without mercy and it takes AdiDev Mahadev Shankar (Lord of Destruction) to fall in her feet to stop her wrath. And Kaliyug's Kali is none other than Kaalindri, MAA Yami, twin sister to lord of death Yama, who we so selflessly devastated. This Devi is none other than River Yamuna. Haven't we played enough with nature, after the Kedarnath incident, Chamouli Dam incident, we must realize that Prakriti and Purush cannot survive without each other, so let's rise and make peace with nature. Put a break on our needs, our desires, our greed, and use our resources wisely and give back what we take from our planet, atleast in the form of gratitude. The most ancient holy scripture in the world the Vedas and Greek mythology resonates with the common belief of giving godly status to Apollo (Surya), Zeus (Indra), AGNI, VAYU, HADES (YAMRAJ), and many other natural elements and planets and stars, that we can see and feel. So, walk with us, or join us if you love nature, or you want to stand for this lady goddess, or simply please her brothers, Shani and Yamraj, OR to reignite your own spirit with virtues so that our future generations don't remember as people who mutated humankind by making children smoke 16 cigarettes a day (Delhi pollution) or drink and eat toxic food laden with chemicals. To be the people who stood up for mother nature. I THANK YOU ALL FOR READING THIS LONG NOTE THAT SUMMARIZES THE ENTIRE REASON FOR THE PADYATRA, SO LET US START WITH ONE STEP AND CELEBRATE THE BIRTHDAY OF THE ONLY DIETY IN THIS KALIYUG THAT WILL PROTECT US FROM EVILS THAT MODERN TIMES BRING AND SHELTERS OUR SOULS WHEN WE ARE JUDGED IN COURTS OF DHARMA. #projectaatmanirbhar #AatmanirbharBharat #yamunariverproject #temple #templesofindia #Mathura #support #nonprofitorganization #nonprofit #nonprofitsorganizations #Bharat #India #yamunariver #yamunaji #Yamuna #kalashyatra

Project Aatmanirbhar
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