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Fire Flagler Beach City Manager William R. Whitson

Current Flagler Beach City Manager William R. Whitson has shown that he is incapable of properly managing Flagler Beach. He has “dropped the ball” on two major recent events for the city that we know of, first he and his staff failed to secure the fireworks vendor for the annual Fourth of July celebration. The vendor we have used for decades, he said it “slipped through the cracks” the biggest event of the year and especially important given the recent committee formed to see if it was to continue (it was recommended to continue on). Second “ball drop” was failing to apply for a potential grant from the local tourism development council that could have potentially given the city up to $730,000 to improve things like the beach boardwalk, parks, etc. He said this slipped by too. How is someone in a position to manage a city, being paid $127,000 a year a given 2 staff members allowed to continue to fail to do his job. In a corporate setting he would have most certainly been fired for dereliction of duty.  The people of the City of Flagler Beach deserve to be represented better and by a person closer connected to the community. Whitson has a history of being considered for firing but resigns before termination happens. He’s responsible for budget deficits, failed initiatives and connected to people investigated for defrauding city government (he denies any wrong doing) he also has stated he would omit his resignations from the positions for future employment opportunities. He obviously has loose moral ground he stands upon. How can the citizens allow such a character to continue to “manage” the city?  Here are a few links giving insight to his prior failed city management employment:  

Joseph Lynch
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Citizens for Congressional Term Limits

     On March 21, 1947 Congress passed the 22nd Amendment limiting the President of the United States to a 2 terms in office. They added it for the reasoning the fear of someone getting in and getting power hungry and the possibility of the United States becoming a country ran by a socialist or dictatorship.  The reasoning was good.      So here we are 75 years later and we have a Congress that has had multiple people in office for 30-40 years and some even longer. The problem with this is that they are the ones making the laws. Congress is the one approving these laws and sending them to be signed into law. Congress also has people in office that is getting rich off of laws that has been passed in the United States and abroad.     They have stocks in companies they bail out. They have stocks or family making money off of oil or exports and imports that they send aid to or buy from. They are also the ones that approve their own pay raise. I think the term limit was set on the President to prevent what Congress has become.     These people that are suppose to serve you are sitting in an office playing with the American citizens lives while they are making 175,000+ Dollars a year and we as Americans are suffering and can barely afford food for our families. Congress is being controlled by people that are giving jobs to their kids and spouses and traveling on private jets to where ever their heart desires on the taxpayers dime. They raise taxes so they can make more money and help other countries and make us suffer. Enough is enough.      Today starts the journey to forcing congress into Term Limits by anything means necessary and finally get rid of the people that are working for other countries interest and not ours. We The People must stand up and fight for this country or else it will be ran into the ground by people that no longer works its citizens. Sign this petition today so when I take this to the Attorney general of my state we can get involved in removing these lifetime congressional Terrorists and get our money, our lives, and our country back. Help me fight for you. Help me by signing my Petition.

Joshua Miller
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