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KAR - NATAKA in a Resort

I am a humble resident of Karnataka, a responsible citizen of India; I pay my taxes on time and vote for my state and country diligently. I do all this in anticipation of making my life worth living and for making my state and country the best place to live. I believe that by voting, we give responsibility to certain people to take care of our state, these public representatives chosen by us, so-called politicians, promise us to reform and develop our state for better at the time of the election but after winning the election their interest is only fathered by gains. Today, when I am witnessing an upheaval in our state with regards to politics, I feel like being used by these politicians to get a license to exploit the general public. After coming into power, they start their dirty business of politics. To get into power, they play crude games like resort politics, number game, understandings, fights, etc. I don’t understand the complex equations of politics, but I do understand one thing that these politicians have no agenda for the development of the state. They are not concerned about how the functioning of the state has come to a standstill. No work is happening, no water management in Bangalore, the state is going through agrarian crisis, energy crisis and development crisis, but these problems do not affect them. All they are worried about is their charter planes, expensive resorts, services in resorts, and spending their time endlessly discussing how they are going to be valued. I certainly feel that the state has gone to the dogs. We don’t want these money chasers to rule and thwart the vision of our state. We all should come together, and make some noise against them. We don’t want our hard-earned money to be wasted and splurged on them. The slogan of “Please Vote, Please Vote!” must stop, as our politicians have no sense of responsibility towards the common public who elect them. I have no qualms in saying that, I appreciate those who did not vote, they are in fact intelligent people who have understood the dynamics of politics better and have given up on our politicians.  I request the President of India to bring relevant amendments in coalition policy, so that, the stability of the government is not jeopardized. I also appeal to the people of Karnataka to come together and tell the President that we don’t want politicians to run our state for their ulterior motives. We want a peaceful government which is of the people, by the people and for the people. My request to all of you is to open your eyes to the current situation at hand and forward this to as many people as you can, so that, this appeal reaches the President of India and he feels compelled to pass some strict laws which can teach these politicians a lesson of a lifetime.  

Dinesh Nilkant
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