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Petition to Election commision, ECI

Election System

LEAD US FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT - This saying holds true at every point in our life. But who can be our leaders , our role models? All of us look up for someone to motivate us either be it our parents, siblings, any relative or any dignitary. But have we ever thought of any politician as our role model?May be a few of them…. So the people who are leading our Nation , our State are not even efficient of becoming our role models. How are we letting them lead our Country and our States? How are they representing us all over the world?Don’t you think first they should be educated and intelligent enough to lead us and our states and country?We the AAM JANTA have to pass so many competitive exams and interviews to prove ourselves. To prove that we are well Knowledgeable, Educated, Proactive and Efficient enough for a particular Job either it be in the IT Industry, Core Companies, Civil Services or any Government Jobs. We work so hard Day and Night just to get a respectful Job in the society. Then don’t you think this should be made applicable for the Politicians as well. If we need to prove ourselves to them , then isn’t it their duty to prove themselves to us? So, do you think there should be a process of selecting our Politicians as well, a written exam followed by a Group Discussion and lastly an Interview? The applicant can be any Graduate. The selected candidates who crack the interview will then be given the Election Ticket and then the AAM JANTA can select their leaders through Election Voting. Just imagine the difference between the existing Politicians and the Politicians we will elect through this Procedure. Their Process of Thinking, the idea of developing our Nation, the work of Action and how they can make the big difference.If you agree Please sign the Petition and Let me know your views.Thanks.

Kaushal Agrawal
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Petition to Narendra Modi (Prime Minister of India), Maneka Gandhi, Shashi Tharoor

Demanding stringent laws to protect Women and bring their violators to instant justice

As a Daughter of India (sometimes it's hard to take that as a compliment), I urge everyone of you to look into Nancy Jha's case and sign this petition. Nancy, a 12 year innocent girl from Bihar was brutally killed by her own uncles in an acid attack. The police won't budge initially and had been suspended on grounds of negligence. An SIT team had to be set up to probe into the case. Though the accused turned themselves in to the police hoping for lesser punishment, the manner in which they killed the innocent and the reasons behind are spine chilling and deserve no forgiveness. It's unfortunate how India has to mourn a daughter lost every day. To know what happened with Nancy, let me paint a picture for you. She was gang raped (which is still to be made official), her wrists and throat were slit and acid was poured into her body which led to her fateful death. Her body was found in an unspeakable condition just a mile away from her home, leaving her family devastated. And this happens not a week after another infant was thrown out of a moving vehicle and killed by some rapists, and her 19 year old mother raped to rags. No one should ever go through this again! Today it's them, tomorrow it can be a dear one, but India stands on the spirit of treating everyone with utmost respect. Rape and murder is not the culture of India. We do not tolerate these crimes here. So I want you to come forward and sign this petition, so our PM, Narendra Modi can resolve this issue by escalating it and making stricter laws to punish the culprits. It's the only way to minimize and prevent future crimes at this level. Thank you! Sincerely Daughter Of India

Daughter Of India
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Petition to Mr. Narendra Modi, PMO India, Hon'ble Shri PRANAB MUKHERJEE, Supreme Court of India, Sh. Gajapathi Raju, Mr. Gajapathi Raju, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Airport Authority of India

Change in Arbitrary Internship Policies in Government Offices

First of all Greeting for the day! I am Shashank Shekhar Pandey , 3rd year student of Symbiosis Law School Noida. Today I am addressing this petition to you all as my belief on the current system of governance has been distorted by the reply that I got from one of the "Miniratna" Enterprise i.e. Airport Authority of India. This incident happened around 1 PM today when I called the HR department of Airport Authority of India to Inquire about the procedure of how to apply for an internship in Legal Department as I was very keen to work with the said authority. The reply I got from the officer on the other side was in form of a question "Do you have any reference?". Further, I replied it in a negative as I and none of my family members do have any contact in Airports Authority of India. Furthermore, He went on and told me "We do not give Internships without any reference". This statement of the officer has sent me to a shock and my belief on the governance and laws in this country has been destroyed. By this Petition, I want to attract your attention towards such practices happening across the country in many other offices and we the people who do not have "Contacts" and "References" are not getting Equal Opportunities. This is prima facie violation of our right to equality given to us under the Indian Constitution itself. The AAI is not having a set parameter for providing internship but the HR Policy says only for people with a reference can get the work done. And the current government talks about providing equal opportunity to all, to reduce corruption, to promote skill India and what not. But they fail to understand that the problem is in the machinery and we have to feed the virus so that our lives can be less cumbersome. All I aim through this petition is to question the government on the issue of policy making and existence of such arbitrary rules in the government enterprises.  Sir, with due respect, I want you to ask you all through this petition; Aren't such practices such as one mentioned above is promoting corruption? How will we hone our skill as students or professionals if every other office starts giving the reason that, if you do not have a reference then you are not entitled to an internship? Isn't It high time to move on from such contact approach to rather an approach where everyone gets a fair opportunity to work with such offices and hone their skills.  Also, I would like the government to promote such internship programs in each field where everyone gets an equal opportunity and also gets a first-hand experience of how the administration or governance works? How do these enterprises function? How does machinery and offices function? As after promoting such programs we can develop database as well of the people having sufficient skills and they can be further helpful to hone skills of other people and thus improving the Human Capital of this country. I could go on and on but there are contraints here , I wish all of you see the motive behind this and will support this cause selflessly. If I get your support in this I will be forever grateful to you all. Thanks     

Shashank shekhar Pandey
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Petition to Election Commission of INDIA, Pmo, President of India, Prime Minister of India

Bring back the ballot paper and stop using EVMs in Elections

Here are my points regarding my petition & why Ballot Papers are better than EVM:- Today in all over the world Ballot paper is the most reliable method for voting. Many countries like Japan, US, Germany, Netherlands etc had refused to use EVM. After spending close to $75 million on its EVMs, Ireland found them to be so insecure they literally scrapped them. If people start believing that EVM are fishy or fraud happening in the election then it's very bad sign for democracy.  The problems with EVM security have been widely known since the large-scale irregularities in Florida during the 2000 US elections. Many countries have moved to get rid of them. In 2006 Dutch TV aired a documentary showing how easy it was to hack the EVMs that were about to be used in their general election. The machines were subsequently withdrawn and the Netherlands went back to paper ballots. Ballot papers can’t be hacked like EVMs. One can easily change thousand of votes in EVM withing few minutes. People can’t complain that our vote gone to other candidates as ballot papers are not virtual. Ballot papers method may take few extra time on the day of counting but in India, we already spent months in elections and it happens in several stages so for the sake of transparency we can give some time. Supreme Court of India had also asked for EC for a plan on EVMs with the paper trail:- A bench, comprising Justices Ranjan Gogoi and L Nageshwara Rao ordered: “… we direct the Election Commission to bring on record the approximate time within which the entire system of VVPAT can be introduced, subject to the grant of sanction and release of funds as and when required.” “We also request the Solicitor General of India to assist the court in so far as sanction and release of funds is concerned. List the matter after eight weeks,” the bench said. News Link -  You can watch this video (This explanatory video shows EVMs can easily be manipulated) Youtube Video Link - Therefore I want from to Election commission of India to stop using EVM and start using Paper Ballot like many countries did. I appeal every political party & people to raise voice against EVMs.  

Atul Kumar Dwivedi
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