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Petition to Prime Minister of India, Finance Minister of India, Smt. Sindhushree Khullar, Shri Arvind Panagariya

"Declare Special Status to Andhra Pradesh"

Respected Sir,   We people of Andhra Pradesh are against Bifurcation when the bill was placed in Parliament. People here were aware of the problems they are going to face after bifurcation. Many Hunger strikes took place but Congress has passed the bill with support of BJP. Later in the election BJP leaders have promised to give Special Status and Funds for the state which has deficit Budget. Revenue was not divided on the basis of population during the time of Bifurcation."While the state has a population of 58 per cent of the entire population of Andhra and Telengana put together, they are only getting central assistance of 48 per cent of the total central assistance to the region.           "On the other hand, Telangana, which has 41 per cent of the entire population of Andhra and Telangana, is getting 52 per cent of the central assistance," “The State will get around Rs.5 lakh crore funds if special status is accorded. Tax concessions will make entreprenuers to set up their industries in backward region. Its time for Narendra Modi ji to keep all his promises made to Andhra Pradesh... "We had lots of expectations on the union budget 2015-16 and hoped that the NDA government will announce measures towards fulfilling the promises the BJP-TDP alliance made," "At an election meeting in Tirupati, Mr. Modi had promised that a world-class capital city would be developed which would be better than Delhi," We urged the central government to extend every help to the state both in terms of policy decisions and provision of funds. Rs.100 crore in the budget for Polavaram project, We wondered how long it would take to complete the project. "Andhra Pradesh had a bad year. Even United Nations has said in the world maximum damage in the year was due to cyclone Hudhud, Rs. 61000 crore. In other areas there is 36 per cent drought. Now there is no money, There is cyclone damage. There is drought. What Government of India is providing is totally insufficient. Even Budget we are totally disappointed,"    Its time for BJP to remember what happened to congress when they back stabbed us. Hope you keep all your promises before people start loosing confidence on BJP.    BJP leaders as saying that other states have to agree for giving Special status to AP dear sir's please remember you have supported the bill (AP Reorganization Bill) with out support of people living here.    Please dont make escaping politics stop blaming congress people here already punished them for life. Its your responsibilty today to keep your promise and trust people of seemandhra showed on you. Center should ensure that there is a level-playing field for Andhra Pradesh, which has been financially affected post of the division of the state. Regards, Sai Aditya.  

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Petition to Department for Communities (DfC) Northern Ireland, David gauke, James Brokenshire

Pause the roll out of 'universal credit' for all regions of the UK

Universal Credit has been proven to be unfair and creates poverty and stress for many thousands of people.  Waiting times for payments are too long (minimum of 6 weeks) with over 20% waiting more than 6 weeks for first payment. On Wednesday 18th October 2017 The Labour Party motioned in the House of Commons to pause the roll out of Universal Credit while the many issues are fixed.  The motion was passed 299 for and 0 against. The government, so far, have not responded to the will of parliament. Universal Credit should be paused for all regions of the UK, however, Universal Credit for Northern Ireland was enacted by the "Welfare Reforms Northern Ireland Act 2015" and is controlled by The Department for Communities not the DWP as for England and Wales. Furthermore, Northern Ireland, currently, does not have a working executive or parliament due to the ongoing power sharing deadlock between DUP and Sinn Fein.  So there is no mechanism for Universal Credit to be automatically paused, in Northern Ireland, inline with the DWP if this government finally decides to act on the will of parliament.  Therefore the Department for Communities (DfC) needs to act now and pause the Universal Credit roll out and allow these many issues to be put right before many more people of Northern Ireland suffer.  Now proudly sponsored by Unite Community Northern Ireland

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