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Petition to Jody Wilson-Raybould

Create a National Database for Police Involved Deaths in Canada

I am starting this petition on behalf of my brother Michael MacIsaac. Michael was shot by a Durham Regional Police officer on December 2nd, 2013 while experiencing the combined effects of a high fever and epileptic seizure. He tragically died from his injuries on December 3rd, 2013. Since that time we have been troubled to discover that there is NO national database of police killings or use of excessive force incidents in Canada. In fact, there is no accurate tally of police shootings across our country, not even the deadly ones. How common are such incidents of police use of force, lethal and non-lethal in Canada? Are the numbers increasing? Has there been progress in our approach to policing in Canada? The undisputed reality is that we do not know. While this matter specifically raises important issues around the lack of training for officers who deal with people who are experiencing a moment of crisis or who have mental health issues; there are also human rights implications as well under Canada human rights code. Police abuse is one of the most serious and divisive human rights violations in Canada and we need to increase transparency of interactions between law-enforcement officials and the public. Morover, police can use national data about killings and excessive force to improve tactics and training – particularly when dealing with people who are in crisis or who are mentally ill. They can also identify shortcomings in recruitment, training and management. Any organization, wanting to become more effective should, welcome this data. Police officers can make mistakes, or allow personal bias and emotions to enter into policing – and because they are allowed, as a last resort, to use potentially lethal force to subdue individuals they apprehend – police must be subjected to intense scrutiny. We urge Jody Wilson-Raybould, the Minister of Justice, to lead the creation of a comprehensive national database of police involved deaths. This is a necessary step to prevent more senseless killings. We also ask to release it in an annual public report and we also emphasize how imperative it is that measures be taken to ensure that all Police departments across this nation are reporting this information, and if they are not doing it we need to make sure there are consequences. These statistics can drive the need for policy and training changes at National, Provincial & Departmental levels that will result in fewer officer involved shootings while improving outcomes and safety for both officers and citizens. ​ We cannot reiterate enough that just one death of a citizen at the hands of police in this country, is one too many. As a family that has suffered an enormous loss, we implore you to sign this petition. Both in light of public interest and the importance human rights, it is essential for our government to gain a national picture of police use of force. We would like to leave you with this question, when police officers are killed there is a very careful account and there is a national database …. Why not the other side of the ledger?

Joanne MacIsaac
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Petition to Ralph Goodale

Help Stop My Husband's Deportation to Torture

Friends, I agree when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says: "No one ever deserves to be tortured." So why is the Trudeau government trying to deport my husband, Mohamed (Moe) Harkat, to torture in Algeria? I have been married 18 years to this gentle, funny, hard-working man, someone who has never been accused – much less convicted of – committing a crime or act of violence. But in the Canadian racial and religious profiling sweeps that happened after 9/11, Moe was wrongfully targeted under a secretive, draconian process called a Security Certificate, which allowed hearings to take place in secret without him or his legal team allowed to be present. Moe was never charged with anything. Yet he spent over a year in solitary confinement, and after three more years in jail without charge, was transferred to the strictest house arrest in Canadian history. Although most of those terrible conditions are now gone, the Canadian government refuses to admit that what it has done – and continues to do – is wrong. An Illegal Deportation It is illegal under Canadian and international law to deport someone to torture under ANY circumstances. A decision to end Moe's deportation to torture proceedings would be wholly consistent with: England's Special Immigration Appeals Commission, which settled this issue in 2016 when it ordered Theresa May to stop deporting Algerian nationals at risk of torture; the Irish Supreme Court,  which in 2017 and, again, in July, 2018, blocked a deportation to Algeria because of the real risk of torture; and the German Parliament’s upper chamber,  which in 2017 refused to designate Algeria a “safe country of origin”. Holding this threat over Moe is a form of psychological torture as well. He calls it "this dark cloud hanging over our heads." I see the results of that psychological torture in my beloved husband's eyes every morning, noon, and night. He is terrified of what will happen to him if he is deported: he has nightmares, he is depressed, he suffers from PTSD. The stress on both of us is unimaginable. Our health has suffered greatly. We cannot plan for our future knowing that any minute border agents will show up at our door and take Moe away.  As for the so-called case against my husband? It is based completely on alleged guilt by association stretched so thin as to be almost invisible. All the original "evidence" has been destroyed by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS). It also appears that information gleaned from torture is being illegally relied upon as well. But with a security certificate, anything can be used as “evidence” even if it is not normally admissible in a court of law. In other words, it is NOT a court of law. A Baseless Case The court relied on a CSIS informant who was having an affair with his CSIS agent handler, as well as an informant who failed a lie detector test. The judge hearing the secret case refused to allow either of these informants to be cross-examined, even in secret hearings that Moe and his lawyers could not attend. (In three other security certificate cases, the information provided by spy agency CSIS was shown to be unreliable and dishonest, and those individuals were finally allowed to go free after years of fighting the process. That same dishonesty would have been revealed had the informants in my husband's case been cross-examined). I hope you will join me, Amnesty International, the International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group, and thousands of people and organizations across this country who are demanding that the federal government put an end to this nightmare for our family.  Stop Mohamed Harkat's deportation to torture, and allow him to become a permanent resident of Canada so he can finally, after 23 years of waiting, get on with his life. We have had enough of the fear, the uncertainty, as well as the harassment from Canadian Border Service Agency officers who continue to try and humiliate and frighten Moe and me at every opportunity. In addition to signing this petition, you can also visit this link and a letter will be sent to the Prime Minister on your behalf. Moe and I would like to thank the thousands of people across this country who believe in due process and who have spoken up, written letters, held vigils, and donated to our legal expenses. We trust that you will be able to help push the federal government to obey the law and end this nightmare. Moe and I just want to move on with our lives and live a normal existence like everyone else. We appreciate you helping us with this goal. It's not too much to ask. Thank you for your support. It means the world to Moe and me. Sophie Harkat, Ottawa, ON   PS: Hear the words of Amnesty International and other supporters calling for an end to this deportation with this video:  

Sophie Harkat
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Petition to British Columbia Government, John Horgan, Carole James

Stop BC's Speculation Tax

Twitter: @StopBCSpecTax The BC Government has proposed what they call a "Speculation" Tax in their 2018 Budget.  The objective of this tax is to prevent "foreign" real estate owners from driving up the price of BC real estate by purchasing BC real estate, leaving the properties vacant and then flipping the properties simply to make a profit, thereby driving BC real estate prices higher. As submitted to B.C. Legislature: To the Honourable the Legislative Assembly of the Province of British Columbia, in Legislature Assembled:The petition of the undersigned, residents of the province of British Columbia, states that:The tax as proposed must be stopped. Any tax written must target ONLY real estate speculators, partially vacant homes must be excluded regardless of ownership.The B.C. Speculation Tax is unfair to all owners of non-primary residence homes in British Columbia and is unfair to the local communities these owners support. These home owners are not real estate speculators and legitimately own these homes for a variety of personal reasons unrelated to real estate speculation. Rental of these homes when not in use cannot be a factor for taxation and the new tax on these homes must not go forward. And the requests of municipalities that wish to opt out of this tax must be respected.Your petitioners respectfully request that the Honourable House Stop British Columbia's Speculation Tax as currently proposed. Dated 2nd day of April, 2018. I am caught in the tax below as a “Satellite Family” except that we are a Canadian Satellite Family not what the term generally means in the BC Real Estate world, i.e. wealthy investors from outside the country. I am currently an Alberta resident but I have owned property in BC as a vacation home since 2006. I consider the Okanagan home. My husband was raised in Coquitlam and attended UBC. We will retire there in a few short years. We are residents, not speculators. We and many of our friends and family from BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan have visited our Okanagan home and spent many weeks and months there as residents.  We spend thousands of dollars in our home community every year, at restaurants, Superstore, Save-On Foods, wineries, restaurants, Home Depot, Canadian Tire, the list goes on.  We are residents, not speculators. BC Residents: Please sign this petition. We do not want to leave our home but we cannot afford the "speculation" tax which more than doubles, and then more than quadruples our property taxes. If we sell, and we would have to, we not only have to abandon our dream vacation home but we take all of our spending with us. Who will buy our home? A BC resident? Maybe, or maybe an actual speculator. Ministry of FinanceTax Information SheetISSUED: February 2018 Information Sheet 2018 Tax Info Sheet The speculation tax will target foreign and domestic speculators in BC. These are homeowners who have removed their units from BC’s long-term housing stock –meaning they are not owner-occupied or a qualifying long-term rental property.Satellite families - households with high worldwide income that pay little income tax in BC - will also be captured by the tax.The speculation tax will initially apply to the Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Capitaland Nanaimo Regional Districts, and in the municipalities of Kelowna and WestKelowna.In 2018, the tax rate will be $5 per $1,000 of assessed value. In 2019, the rate will increase to $20 per $1,000 of assessed value. The owners of this petition can be reached at Find your MLA here:

Stop BC Speculation Tax
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