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Petition to Kathleen Wynne, Minister of Municipal Affairs, Alan Caslin, Jim Bradley, Cindy Forster, Wayne Gates, Sam Ooster, Brian Baty, Dave Augustyn, Sandy Annunziata, Bob Bentley, David Barrick, Frank Campion, Jim Diodati, Henry D'Angela, Kelly Edgar, Patrick Darte, Sandra Easton, Bob Gale, Paul Grenier, Brian Heit, Bill Hodgson, April Jeffs, Doug Joyner, Ted Luciani, Debbie MacGregor, John Maloney, George Marshall, Bart Maves, Tony Quirk, Wayne Redekop, Tim Rigby, Walter Sendzik, Bruce Timms, Selina Volpatti, Carmen D'Angelo

Resign: Niagara Region CAO Carmen D'Angelo

Following the shocking seizure of respected veteran reporter Bill Sawchuk's laptop and notes by staff at the Niagara Region on Thursday, the 7th day of December, 2017, we demand that Chief Administrative Officer, Carmen D'Angelo, resign. Freedom of the Press is the cornerstone of a free society and one of the tenants of Canadian democracy; an apology does not suffice for this flagrant disregard of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Emily Spanton
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Petition to Deputy Police Chief James Ramer

Bring back Kyle Ashley "@TPS_ParkingPal" to protect #BikeTO

NOV. 6, 2017 -- The members and supporters of Toronto's cycling community demand the restoration of Twitter handle @TPS_ParkingPal. The shuttered account belongs to Toronto Parking Enforcement Officer Kyle Ashley who has proven an unsurpassed, unwavering support for cyclists and bike lanes in Toronto. We want Toronto Police Services to expedite their review of PEO Ashley's account so it can be restored. We believe PEO Ashley plays a crucial role as a defender of cyclist safety throughout Toronto and we denounce the removal of his right to democratic free expression. Rather than having his protective voice crushed, PEO Ashley deserves to be restored to Twitter and retained in an advocacy role, filling a void that has historically existed in Toronto. Until PEO Ashley, supported by the cycling community, began speaking up against corporate scofflaws and vehicle drivers who were consistently parking illegally in the bike lanes with impunity, the dangers for cyclists were much greater than they are now. His efforts to call out corporate vehicles led to a public announcement from Canada Post stating they would no longer park in the bike lanes -- an announcement that never should have had to  be made. They should not have been parking there in the first place. We rally around PEO Kyle Ashley and support him because he has exhibited a genuine and unfailing concern for cyclist (and pedestrian) safety on the streets of Toronto. These are concerns that we, the undersigned, share. Follow #BringBackKyle, #FreeParkingPal as well as #BikeTO and #TOpoli on social media. Related stories by @dmrider, @TorontoStar: Bike riding parking officer still off the job Bike riding parking officer's Twitter account suspended  @TorontoStar editorial Stop gagging Toronto's feisty bike lane enforcement officer Shawn Micallef Tweeting bicycle officer a powerful voice that shouldn't be silenced Previous @TPS_ParkingPal petition: Toronto police: continue #bikeTO bike lane ticket blitz with PEO Kyle Ashley ** Pls note, Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders is on leave, so we direct this petition to his deputy who is currently in charge.

Julie Mollins
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Petition to Justin Trudeau, Rona Ambrose, Elizabeth May, Rhéal Fortin, Jagmeet Singh

Protect Whistleblowers Who Protect Canadians

People have tried to protect you and your family by blowing the whistle on governments wasting billions of dollars, approving dangerous drugs, and covering up scandals, and by blowing the whistle on big businesses gouging you, selling you hazardous products, and covering up pollution and oil spills. These whistleblowers have been harassed, fired from their jobs, sued, silenced and hurt by governments and big businesses – all because Canadian whistleblower protection laws are weak and enforcement is negligently bad. The federal Liberals failed to include any promises to strengthen whistleblower protection in their 2015 election platform.  The federal Conservatives did little to strengthen whistleblower protection from 2006 to 2015, and actually covered up scandals involving the Integrity Commissioner (who enforces the federal law).  Other federal parties have done little to push for key changes, and provincial governments across Canada have failed to protect whistleblowers fully and effectively. A House of Commons committee of MPs unanimously called for key changes to strengthen whistleblower protection in their June 2017 report. The federal government is reviewing the whistleblower protection law right now – please sign this petition calling on Prime Minister Trudeau and other federal party leaders to make key changes to protect whistleblowers who protect you and your family. Your time to be heard and counted is now! To see details about the House Committee's report, check out: Liberals weigh whistleblower protection update amid backlash over access-to-information bill (National Post, June 26, 2017) House Committee recommends key changes to strengthen federal government whistleblower protection – will the Liberals finally make the changes? (Democracy Watch, June 16, 2017)

Democracy Watch
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