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Petition to Deputy Police Chief James Ramer

Bring back Kyle Ashley "@TPS_ParkingPal" to protect #BikeTO

NOV. 6, 2017 -- The members and supporters of Toronto's cycling community demand the restoration of Twitter handle @TPS_ParkingPal. The shuttered account belongs to Toronto Parking Enforcement Officer Kyle Ashley who has proven an unsurpassed, unwavering support for cyclists and bike lanes in Toronto. We want Toronto Police Services to expedite their review of PEO Ashley's account so it can be restored. We believe PEO Ashley plays a crucial role as a defender of cyclist safety throughout Toronto and we denounce the removal of his right to democratic free expression. Rather than having his protective voice crushed, PEO Ashley deserves to be restored to Twitter and retained in an advocacy role, filling a void that has historically existed in Toronto. Until PEO Ashley, supported by the cycling community, began speaking up against corporate scofflaws and vehicle drivers who were consistently parking illegally in the bike lanes with impunity, the dangers for cyclists were much greater than they are now. His efforts to call out corporate vehicles led to a public announcement from Canada Post stating they would no longer park in the bike lanes -- an announcement that never should have had to  be made. They should not have been parking there in the first place. We rally around PEO Kyle Ashley and support him because he has exhibited a genuine and unfailing concern for cyclist (and pedestrian) safety on the streets of Toronto. These are concerns that we, the undersigned, share. Follow #BringBackKyle, #FreeParkingPal as well as #BikeTO and #TOpoli on social media. Related stories by @dmrider, @TorontoStar: Bike riding parking officer still off the job Bike riding parking officer's Twitter account suspended  @TorontoStar editorial Stop gagging Toronto's feisty bike lane enforcement officer Shawn Micallef Tweeting bicycle officer a powerful voice that shouldn't be silenced Previous @TPS_ParkingPal petition: Toronto police: continue #bikeTO bike lane ticket blitz with PEO Kyle Ashley ** Pls note, Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders is on leave, so we direct this petition to his deputy who is currently in charge.

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Petition to L'honorable Philippe Couillard, L'honorable Stéphanie Vallée

Québécoises et québécois contre la Loi 62 / Quebecers against Bill 62

[English version follows] Les membres de l’Assemblée Nationale du Québec viennent de voter en faveur de la Loi 62, qui stipule que les québécoises et québécois auront à donner ou recevoir des services publics à visage découvert.   L’application de cette loi vise de manière disproportionnée les femmes musulmanes et leur liberté de religion, notamment celle de porter le niqab ou la burqa. Plusieurs personnes auront à choisir entre limiter cette liberté d’expression et de religion ou recevoir des services de base, tels que les transports publics et les services de santé. Cette loi aura un énorme impact sur leur capacité à aller à l’école, se trouver un emploi, participer à notre démocratie et assurer leur santé et bien-être.   Cette loi a été fortement critiquée par plusieurs organismes des droits humains, des groupes de femmes musulmanes, Charles Taylor (commissaire de la Commission sur les accommodements raisonnables Bouchard-Taylor), Denis Coderre, maire de Montréal, Québec Solidaire, et Valérie Plante. La loi 62 doit être suspendue. //  The members of Quebec's National Assembly have voted to enact Bill 62. Bill 62 stipulates that Quebecers will have to uncover their faces when giving or receiving a public service. The application of this bill will disproportionately target Muslim women, who sometimes choose to exercise their religious freedom through the wearing of the Niqab. It will also target people who wish to exercise their freedom of expression by covering their face. Many people will have to choose between limiting their personal freedoms and receiving basic services like access to healthcare and public transportation. This could severely impact their ability to go to school, get a job, actively participate in our democracy and guarantee their health and well-being. The bill has been criticized by multiple human rights organizations, Muslim women advocacy groups, Charles Taylor (one of the co-authors of the Commission on Religious Accommodation), the Mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre, Québec Solidaire et Valérie Plante. Bill 62 needs to be suspended immediately. //  En considérant que: Le projet de loi 62 légifère que les Québécoises et Québécois devraient donner et recevoir des services publics à visages découverts; Il est alarmant que l’application de la loi 62 vise spécifiquement et de manière disproportionnée les femmes musulmanes en limitant leur liberté de religion; Il est alarmant que l’application de la loi 62 limite la liberté d’expression des personnes souhaitant se couvrir le visage; Celles et ceux que la loi 62  affectent devront désormais choisir entre leurs libertés individuelles et leurs droits à recevoir des services de base, tels que la santé ou le transport; La loi 62 a été reconnue comme discriminatoire par plusieurs organisations des droits humains et groupes de femmes musulmanes, Nous, en tant que citoyennes et citoyens du Québec, Demandons au gouvernement du Québec de suspendre immédiatement le projet de loi 62; Demandons également que le gouvernement du Québec s’engage à défendre la liberté d’expression et de religion des personnes souhaitant se couvrir le visage; Recommandons que le gouvernement du Québec, s’il souhaite s’intéresser aux enjeux de laïcité et d'accommodements raisonnables, proposent plutôt des mesures qui reconnaissent la nature discriminatoire de la loi 62 et la diversité multiculturelle de notre province. // Whereas Bill 62 legislates that Quebecers would have to uncover their faces when giving or receiving a public service; Noting with deep concern that the application of Bill 62 will disproportionately target Muslim women and will limit their freedom of religion; Further alarmed by the fact that the application of Bill 62 will limit the freedom of expression for those who wish to cover their face; Recognizing that many of those affected by the law may have to decide between limiting their personal freedoms and receiving public services such as access to healthcare and public transportation; Recalling that Bill 62 has been criticized as discriminatory by many human rights organizations and Muslim women advocacy groups, We, the undersigned citizens of Quebec, Call on the Government of Quebec to immediately suspend the enforcement of Bill 62; Further request that the Government of Quebec guarantee the freedoms of religion and expression for those who choose to cover their face; Suggest that the Government of Quebec, if they choose to revisit the issue of secularism and religious accommodation, recommend new measures that recognize the discriminatory nature of Bill 62 and the multicultural nature of the province.

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Petition to Justin Trudeau, Tom Mulcair, Elizabeth May, Rhéal Fortin, Andrew Scheer

Stop Political Lapdog Appointments

In contrast to Britain's Prime Minister, the Prime Minister of Canada has the power to appoint whomever he wants to head up watchdog agencies that enforce key laws to protect our democracy and human rights, and to protect the environment, consumers and your family from being abused. More than 2,000 people are hand-picked by Canada's Prime Minister to head up these key watchdog agencies, with very few restrictions on whom he chooses.  The Prime Minister even gets to choose the watchdogs who enforce the laws that require himself, and his Cabinet ministers and top government officials, to be honest, ethical, open and waste-preventing! As a result, Canada's Prime Minister can easily pick lapdogs to be the Ethics Commissioner, Auditor General, Chief Electoral Officer, Lobbying Commissioner, RCMP Commissioner, Information Commissioner, Parliamentary Budget Officer, and Integrity Commissioner.  And the Prime Minister can pick lapdogs for the Canadian Human Rights Commission, Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, National Energy Board, Immigration and Refugee Board, Competition Bureau, Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, Transportation Safety Board, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, and for many more key watchdog agencies.  Those lapdogs can then protect the Prime Minister, his Cabinet ministers and government officials instead of strongly enforcing laws and holding them accountable for wrongdoing. This has to stop – unchecked political lapdog appointments that put unqualified people into powerful, important government jobs hurt our democracy, our environment and our families, and waste our money. And it can be stopped – the Ontario government has an independent committee to find qualified people to be appointed as judges for Ontario's courts.  And Britain has an independent committee to find qualified people to be appointed as the heads of judges and all law enforcement and watchdog agencies, boards, commissions and tribunals. You can help stop political lapdog appointments by signing and sharing this petition which calls on the federal government to set up a fully independent appointments committee, like Ontario and Britain have, to ensure that qualified, non-partisan people are chosen to be strong watchdogs for all these key law enforcement agencies. Prime Minister Trudeau will choose several key government watchdogs in the next few months, and the Liberals are using exactly the same process to choose lapdogs as former Prime Minister Harper's Conservatives used. The pressure is increasing on Prime Minister Trudeau to set up an independent appointments committee to stop him from appointing political lapdogs.  Your time to be heard is now -- please sign and share this petition with everyone you think may want to sign it. You can also help stop political lapdog appointments by your provincial government by clicking here now to send a letter to your Premier and provincial politician. See details about political lapdog appointments in the following recent news stories Toronto Star (May 23, 2017) -- Government shouldn’t choose watchdogs meant to hold it to account National Post (June 6, 2017) -- Trudeau Cabinet in conflict of interest when appointing ethics and lobbying watchdogs as both are investigating Trudeau Democracy Watch (May 17, 2017) -- Federal Liberals should suspend Ethics Commissioner, Lobbying Commissioner and other judicial and watchdog appointments until they make the appointment process independent and merit-based

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