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Audit Past Politicians Pension Entitlements

  At the time of the last election it was estimated that the current political pension plan is costing the Australian taxpayer $40,000,000 per year. For too long, the Australian Tax Payer dollar has been disrespected, used to feed the silver spoon mentality of politicians the country over. Paying for expensive offices, gold card travel, staffers and offices even post-parliament. This kind of abuse of the public purse needs to stop! We can make a start on changing this right now. All Parliamentarians, past and present, need to be audited for eligibility to sit. Those who aren’t will to be removed from office, debts owed waived as currently customary for those ineligible, and all future politicians put on notice! – Sit in the Parliament of Australia, be eligible or pay the price; close the loophole, don’t allow a waiver of monies paid in future cases, get the money paid back. It would be more in line with the government’s expectations of the people (see Robo Debt notices). Once those who previously sat in Parliament have proven their eligibility to sit under section 44 of the Constitution, then and only then should they be able to continue to receive the lavish Parliamentary pension which they currently enjoy. I say this knowing, that if Centrelink contacted a loved one of any Australian, and they were told that they were not eligible to have received monies from the government, there would be an expectation for it to be paid back, and if it was not, then it would be forcefully obtained/collected/garnished. Given that the public purse is funding these pensions, fair is fair.

Shaun Gilbert
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Petition to Ivan Dalzell


In the retirement village where my mother resides, there was this happy fellow who used to drop in when I visited my mother. He was always laughing and always helping others, well that was until two weeks before Christmas when he started to look like he was living on lemons. On questioning him about this sudden change, he showed me an insensitive letter he received from Centrelink, saying that they were reducing his pension payment by $180.00 per fortnight. After receiving this letter, his health deteriorated fast. He visited several doctors before being diagnosed with Shingles, which was a stress related infliction caused by Centrelink and the Turnbull Government with its new pension laws inflicting further pain on the battler. Now he is not a rich man, his total assets are below $600,000, his place of residence value is below $200,000 and now he receives an insensitive letter telling him his fortnightly pension has been reduced to $370. What he wasn’t told by Centrelink was that if he sold his present residence and purchased one with an additional value of $160,000 he would receive the full pension. My understanding of Centrelink was that it was set up to help those in need, people needing jobs, people facing the transition from employment to retirement and giving the retiree financial advice to help them through this change. That is those that couldn’t afford a team of lawyers or accountants to set up family trusts to ensure they could continue to live in million dollar plus homes and still receive the pension. Centrelink now works hand in hand with the Government, gouging every last dollar they can from the poor. This person is 80 and perhaps if he had received the right advice 5 years ago when he moved inti his current residence and upgraded his place of residence at that time by $160,000 he would have received the full pension. After all $340,000 is a long way short of a million dollars plus. Centrelink, you are dealing with humans, not animals, Instead of sending these people insensitive letters telling them that they were going to slash current pension (by 33% in this case) each affected pensioner should have been personally interviewed by Centrelink and as long as the interviewer had half a brain they surely would have seen by the value of his place of residence and other assets did not warrant a reduction in his pension.  Just how many more people on the borderline have had the same rough deal?  My recommendation to him is: Sell your current residence for approx. $180,000 and with this money purchase a place of residence for approx. $340,000.You will receive the full pension as against the $370 on offer under the changes, an increase of $500 per fortnight thus you will be $13,000 better off annually and the Government will be $13,000 worse off.Another case of policy changes not being worked through properly.With economics like this no wonder the country is in debt. The instigator of this flawed policy should be tarred and feathered and exiled to Cuckoo Lamd.  The Government with its continual gouging from the poor, just don’t get it. Even Robin Hood knew that you rob, or collect dues from the rich as the target pool is far greater and it is about time the Government woke up. Here are some of the things they should be concentrating on:   Examples Companies should pay a fair share of tax. Don’t say they’re operating within the rules. The rules are both unethical and immoral. You are in Government so change the rules.Legislate to stop businesses registered in overseas tax havens from operating in Australia on line or otherwise, unless they pay a fair share of tax. Money earned in Australia goes overseas and does nothing for our economy.Overseas Visa workers should be minimized as once again the majority of the earnings go overseas.Legislate to stop politicians from being a drain on taxpayers long after they leave office.Legislate to stop politicians from rorting the system by using their office to feather their own nests.Legislate to make it compulsory for politicians to undertake a course on Ethics and Morals so they can tell the difference between right and wrong. The public are sick to death of hearing politicians saying “I did nothing wrong” followed by “I acted within the rules”. With the additional revenue the Government could stop gouging the poor and start to balance the budget.  

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