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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate

For our Children: Campaign Finance Reform

There are many voices advocating for changing the way our government operates, some are even calling for violent revolution and that call for violence scares me, not just for myself, but for our children. I agree that our current system needs to be changed, but that change can happen from within and without violence. However, the only way to peacefully change the way our current system of government operates is to eliminate the influence of corporations, PACs, and wealthy individuals. We need a way for everyone's voice to be heard, not just those of the 2 major parties and their allies. Therefore, I propose a bill, or possibly a constitutional amendment that would restructure the way our campaigns are financed. If we do so it would ensure that the halls of power are not strictly influenced by those who hold the purse strings, but rather by WE THE PEOPLE!  1- Businesses will not be allowed to contribute to any federal election campaign, 2- Limit individual contributions to a one time only amount of 200 dollars. 3- NO Politcal Action Commitee contributions.  4- Require all FCC licensed outlets to broadcast debates which include ALL candidates, not just those from the 2 major parties, free of charge.  5- NO MORE LOBBIES  We must hold our congress people responsible for serving the country, the entire country, not just those who can financially support them. My fear is that if we cannot enact this reform soon our country will be hopelessly divided and descend into violence and injustice for all. 

Madeline Cheers
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Petition to George Temple, Oxford Board of Selectmen

Require Town of Oxford to Bring CPV Tax Stabilazation Plan to Referendum Vote

On May 1st the residents of Oxford were required to vote on a very important issue. Residents were required to be present in a not well publicized meeting at 6pm in order to vote. This deal was to establish a 20 year relationship with a private company involving millions of tax dollars, approximately 117 million dollars to be exact. There were a few hundred people able to attend this meeting out of the 12,000 residents in the town. This is a very important contract that will have major economic and health issues for all residents current and future. The previous votes were left to a referendum vote. The referendum votes gave a window of time to vote via secret ballot. This was the best solution to allow a larger number of residents to express their opinion. The Board of Selectman knew this was not a favorable issue as it has been voted down in the past. They chose to have the vote at a specific time by a show of hands vote. An issue as controversial as this should have been brought to referendum. By signing this petition you are expressing your dissatisfaction with the unprofessional process the Board of Selectman chose to use. Also by signing this you are requesting that the vote from tonight be determined to be non representative and nullified in favor of a referendum vote. -There are reports that IDs were not checked to vote at the meeting. This should invalidate the vote based on the general town practice of checking for proof of voting status. The towns meeting notice was addressed to "qualified electors and voters". If it is true that they did not verify the voting status of those attending the meeting, the vote should be invalidated.  

Matthew Cohen
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