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Petition to Channing D. Phillips

Drop felony charges against journalists who covered Inauguration Day protests

On January 20th, 2017, at least seven journalists were arrested and charged with felony rioting while covering the Inauguration Day protests in downtown Washington, D.C. These charges carry a maximum of 10 years in prison and up to $25,000 in fines--not to mention the lasting impact of having a felony charge on one's record.  These journalists were arrested simply by virtue of their presence covering the protests. They were not participants in the demonstrations and clearly identified themselves as members of the press to police. You can review the charging documents here--note the boilerplate, verbatim language in each of the complaints, which does not specify individual actions by these journalists. Please sign this petition to tell the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia to drop all charges against these journalists. You can also contact the U.S. Attorney for the District of Attorney directly at and his spokesperson at  UPDATE: Below is the remaining journalist who faces charges of felony rioting: Aaron Cantú, independent journalist Below are the journalists against whom the charges have been dropped: Alexander Rubinstein, reporter for RT America (  John Keller, documentary producer for Story of America (  Evan Engel, reporter for Vocativ  (  Matt Hopard, web-based video journalist ( Shay Horse, independent photojournalist Alexander Stokes Contompasis, independent journalist If other journalists are known to have been arrested and charged while covering the Inauguration Day protests in Washington, D.C., notify me via Twitter at @ScottCRodd and I will promptly update the list. 

Scott Rodd
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Petition to Charlie Hales, Kelli Sheffer, Galina Burley, Michael Marshman

End Rising Property Crimes in Montavilla Neighborhood

Dear Mayor Hales (Police Commissioner), Chief Michael Marshman, Commander Kelli Sheffer and Park Bureau Security Manager Galina Burley We are petitioning you as neighbors very concerned about the continued increase in crime in the Montavilla neighborhood. Over the last two years, we have observed a very substantial increase in crime activity: vehicle and property theft, gun violence, shootings, drug usage, drug dealing, and bike chop shops. We have not experienced any increase in patrols or efforts by Portland Police to address the crimes neighbors have been reporting. Many neighbors indicate they do not bother calling in crimes anymore to non-emergency or 911 because they know the likelihood is no arrest will ever be made and no investigation will ever take place. Wait times have also been on average of 20 minutes, sometimes even for 911 emergency calls which puts those who do call at great risk. As a community, we are frustrated and tired of illegal activity:  Our home, vehicle, and business property are being violated and stolen both during the day and especially more late at night, typically from 12am - 4am. Vehicles and valuable personal belongings left outside our homes (no matter how trivial the value) are stolen everyday: flower pots, hoses, yard ornaments, etc. Small businesses in our neighborhood are being burglarized and vandalized. In the Montavilla neighborhood, three small businesses were recently burglarized overnight in the same style over a one week period. This demonstrates that even burglars feel that being caught is low risk so repeating burglaries in same area is the norm. Bicycles are being stolen from our families and children only to know that neighbors have called in bike chop shops that operate in the neighborhood and yet go unaddressed by the City of Portland or Portland Police.  We are requesting that you and the City of Portland take the following actions:  Assign vehicle patrols at night to streets with property crimes to increase visibility and deter future property crime. Assign a day shift officer do some beat walking on NE Glisan and SE Stark Street during the day to connect with businesses and neighbors and show a visible Portland Police presence. Use NRT more frequently to target nuisance drug houses which attract individuals who are involved in these type of property crimes into our neighborhood. Prioritize the Bike Theft Task Force to investigating the bicycle chop shop near Montavilla Park that has been reported by neighbors living nearby for several months. Coordinate with Park Rangers to have a more effective approach to addressing camping at Montavilla Park. With winter months, approaching we know houseless people need shelter from weather and so we are asking that you not sweep those simply seeking shelter but address those inappropriately using the park to use drugs and who vandalize our park facilities or leave human waste, hypodermic needles and other trash. Neighbors should not feel unsafe using our public spaces.Participate in a town hall with Montavilla residents to answer questions about resource availability and actions taken and future actions to be taken to address concerns. Participate in a town hall with Montavilla residents to answer questions about resource availability and actions taken and future actions to be taken to address concerns. Please coordinate a date and time with the Montavilla Neighborhood Association. We ask that you communicate your agreement to take the above steps to the Montavilla Neighborhood Association so it will demonstrate to neighbors and businesses that you are taking action to help keep us safe.If you are unwilling to take any of the above steps, we ask you provide a reason and any alternative steps you are undertaking to address our concerns we have outlined.We will not accept the increasing property crimes and need your collaboration and leadership with this ongoing matter. We no longer want Montavilla to be ranked as one of the top neighborhoods for crime in the city. * This petition is organized by Montavilla Public Safety a grassroots group of neighbors organizing around public safety and crime prevention  

Montavilla Public Safety
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Petition to Citizens of United States

Decrease Police Engagement with Citizens

This change will bring policing into the 21st Century. It will decrease opportunity for over policing. It will increase safety of citizens and police. We the citizens of the State of ---------------- propose the following changes to the states policing law.  We the people of said State propose to  change to the law as it relates to minor infractions. We the people propose that minor infractions of traffic laws be treated as civil offenses and NOT criminal offenses. .  We the people believe there being no merit, value or worthiness to police interaction with the citizenry for minor infractions do propose that the police shall not stop a motorist for any Minor Infraction, we recognize minor infraction to include: 1. Driving with expired license plates. 2. Driving with broken taillight or headlights. 3  Driving with broken brake lights. 4.  Not wearing a seatbelt. 5. Driving 10 miles or less above the speed limit. We the people of said State propose that these be Civil offenses only, and not Criminal offemses. We propose that a PHOTO TICKET be issued. A photo of the violation, , along with a photo of the license plates shall be mailed to the person to whom the vehicle is registered. The citizen shall have 30 days to pay the Photo ticket or contest the ticket before a judge or magistrate. Thereby decreasing police/citizen interaction, and decreasing the possibility of over policing in ALL communities.

Citizens for Responsible Policing
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