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Petition to Andover Police, Andover Residents, Paul J. Salafia, Andrew Flanagan, Massachusetts residents, Elizabeth Warren, Barbara L'Italien, James Lyons, Massachusetts Governor, Edward Markey, Russell Holmes, John Keenan, Sheldon Berman, Patrick Keefe, M. Colford, Philip Conrad, Director , Cory Booker

63y Black Woman Attacked by Andover Mass. Chief of Police Patrick Keefe. Sign for Resign!

READ WHAT HAPPENED HERE When I entered the Andover public safety building on October 5, 2017, and declared that I would remain there until someone speaks with me about the concerns that I had expressed over the phone, I essentially triggered the First Amendment. Subsequently, any action by any police officer to infringe upon my Firs Amendment guarantees, was going to necessarily be unconstitutional, including any attempt to physically remove or arrest me. The bottom line is that if I were to be removed by any means other than due process of law, at that time, such action was bound to collide with the First, Fourth, Fifth, and the Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution. See U.S. Supreme Court Tennessee v. Garner (1985). Police Perversion of the United States Constitution and The Bill of Rights After their racially-driven and unconstitutional arrests, fraudulent use of the civil commitment law, hoax criminal charges and harassment, all failed to deter me from demanding accountability from the Town of Andover and its Police Department and Fire and Rescue Department, a Chief Commander who also should be fired, called the Police Chief when he was off-duty, to come into the police station to handle something such “so-called” Chief Commander should have been able to manage by himself, especially, since I had written down for them two of several ways they could have legally brought my protest to an end: (1) A police officer, or anyone else, for that matter, could have come into the lobby and talk to me. I would have waited if they were busy, and that would have addressed and resolved the reason for my protest in the first place; or (2)They had the means and a dedicated video and audio set up to seek an immediate injunction within the comfort of the building, people like me contribute to pay for. Had they chosen to use that readily available mean, and they prevailed, I would have gone home to appeal any such injunction, but I would waited at home for the Appeals Court’s decision. What is really ironic, and almost Shakespearean, is that they were very likely to get injunctive relief, even on my appeal, in which case, the ruling judge would have framed the parameters for my protest, for not even a judge can tell anyone that they have to stop protesting. How Did a Chief of Police Go so Berserk? The Chief Commander and the Chief of Police did not want to do anything that would fall under the legal jurisdiction of the court. I am holding back on mentioning the names of these individuals for now, out of a sense of deference for the residents of the Town of Andover. I want to afford Andover Town residents the kind of benefits Andover Town officials have intentionally and recklessly denied me.That is a chance to finally do the right thing. I did give this Town and every official, police and otherwise, the benefit of the doubt for 7 years, until I did not. Now, I am re-instating that benefit to them temporarily, to see if they have the capacity to earn it back. They also had the option to make up some false pretense, as they are very good at doing, and had done before, to arrest me. That would have been unconstitutional, but at least, it would not have been the brutal felony assault and battery this unfit Chief of Police and his co-conspiring Commander ended up perpetuating on me. What they did was, rather than taking any of the several legal routes at their fingertips, they chose to scrape the very bottom of their dirty bag of tricks for the last, filthiest, and illegal trick: The illegal use of force, resulting in severe injury to me. The Residents of Any Town Must Be Too Proud for This! No Town deserves a Police Chief who so obviously shows himself or herself to be a possible danger to its residents. There are too many elephants laying around in our police departments, our legislatures, our courts, and in town offices. We all know where they are. Ignoring them will not make them go away. They will simply continue to undermine and compromise the structure and foundation of the rights, privileges, and immunities, the Founding Fathers built into the checks and balances system, and left behind. Those are the best things we have going for us, and the only things that makes America Great in any meaningful way. To allow this particular Police Chief to get away with such reckless act and illegal conduct, along with the violation of well-established rights, would defile the sacrifices of those who have fought to secure life, liberty, and justice for all in this country. These are ideals that we are still trying to achieve. It will take time, even more sacrifices by my many — some famous and others unsung heroes, as well as determination and staying-power to help give birth to, thus contribute to the formation of that more Perfect Union. In order to safeguard the integrity of the Town of Andover, the community at large and the nation must demand accountability from this Police Department and Town officials. Chief Patrick Keefe must be made to resign, be fired, or undergo a mental health evaluation to ensure that, under the right set of circumstances, he will not attack and injure anyone else who is freely and peacefully exercising rights that are guaranteed by the United States Constitution, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Get Involved! Holding Police Accountable for Misconduct Requires An All-Hands on Deck Strategy Call and Demand Reform and Accountability from Andover Officials by Contacting: Chairman of the Board of Selectmen, Paul J. Salafia at 978-623-8200 Town Manager Andrew Flanagan: 978-623-8210 Andover Police Department: (978) 475-0411 Andover Chief of Police Patrick Keefe at 978-475-0411 ext. 1005 Andover Fire and Rescue Chief Michael Mansfield: 978-475-1281 Town Clerk Lawrence Murphy: 978-623-8230 Tweet: @AndrewPFlanagan @AndoverMassPD #Andover @AndoverMaGov @Town_Mgr_Maylor #customerservice CONTACTS FOR MASSACHUSETTS ELECTED OFFICIALS Andover State Senators:  Barbara L’italien: (617) 722-1612 Email: barbara.l' James Lyons: (617)722-2460 Email: U.S. Senators: Markey, Edward J. 255 Dirksen Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510(202) 224-2742Contact:  Warren, Elizabeth 317 Hart Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510(202) 224-4543Contact: Massachusetts Governor: Charlie Bake: 617-725-4005 Massachusetts Attorney General: Maura Healey: (617)7274765 Massachusetts Senate:   President Stanley C. Rosenberg: (617) 722-1500 Email:  Citizen Engagement Committee Chairs: Harriette Chandler: (617) 722-1544 Email:  Senator Bruce Tarr: (617) 722-1600 Email: Joint Committee on the Judiciary Senate William Brownsberger: (617) 722-1280  Email: andoverma.govSonia Chang Diaz: (617) 722-1673 Email: House Claire Cronin; (617) 722-2396 Email: James Cantwell: (617) 722-2396 Email:              #civil #civilrights #uniteforcivilrights #vetstakeknee #lawyers #committee #RaceForward #RacialJustice #iwalkforjustice #abaday #outatwork #lebronjames #BlackLivesMatter #colinkeapernik #WeAllWeGot #RoadRiverRail #PatersonRaised #NAACP #nojusticenopeace #eagletribune #andoverhighschool #andover #mshs #nawebnews #billerica #tewksbury #hastags #andoverpatch #northandover #massstatepolice  Follow me on Twitter    

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Petition to Rahm Emanuel, Rebekah Scheinfeld, Eddie Johnson

Explicitly Remove Police Traffic Enforcement from the Vision Zero Chicago Action Plan

Explicitly Remove Police Enforcement from the Vision Zero Chicago Action Plan and Implementation Strategy [READ THE FULL VERSION OF THIS ARTICLE HERE] I am Olatunji Oboi Reed, Co-Founder of The Slow Roll Chicago Bicycle Movement. I am writing on behalf of advocates and researchers working to ensure the City of Chicago implements Vision Zero Chicago in a manner where this important policy and plan will do more good than harm in communities of color here in Chicago. We are calling for the City of Chicago to explicitly remove police traffic enforcement from the Vision Zero Chicago Action Plan and their implementation strategy. While police should continue to enforce citywide traffic laws, we do not support the role of the Chicago Police Department (where racism, implicit bias, inequity, corruption and overpolicing are all present) in executing a police traffic enforcement strategy as part of Vision Zero Chicago in communities of color. We are also calling for the ownership of Vision Zero Chicago to reside with the residents, stakeholders and community-based organizations who live and work everyday in the Vision Zero targeted neighborhoods on the Westside and Southside of Chicago, nearly all of whom are low- to moderate-income communities of color. I am a 43 year old Black man, born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, spending most of my life in the Chatham neighborhood. Here's my story... Myself, my Slow Roll Chicago Co-Founder Jamal and several members of a brotherhood we joined as Sophomores at Lindblom Technical High School in Englewood (all of whom I consider brothers to this day) were hanging out one night in front of my mother's building and gathered around one of my brother's car. Yes, we were loud and clowning around, because we were uproarious and loved to have fun. No, we were not drinking, smoking, carrying guns or engaging in any other illegal activities. As we were talking, laughing, chanting, stepping and all the other social activities befitting a boisterous group of male teenagers, we began hearing the faint sounds of police sirens. We brushed it off, we hear police sirens all the time in our neighborhoods. It was nothing new and it was unworthy of our attention, for we had more important things to attend to that night. We continued what we were doing, as the sirens became louder and obviously closer. Suddenly, we see flashing police lights at the end of the block. We turn around and see similar police lights at the other end of the block. We immediately understand there are several police cars, with sirens blaring and lights flashing, racing in both directions on a one-way street toward us as we stand frozen around my brother's car in front of my mother's home. Within seconds, about four police cars had descended on us. Like something out of a well choreographed movie, before the the police cars even came to a full stop, their doors were opening and about 6-8 police officers were jumping out with their guns drawn on me and my brothers.  We stood there, confused, shocked and scared, as the officers quickly approached on foot, guns drawn on all of us. Perhaps, a couple seconds tick off, then an older Black male officer yells out at the top of his voice, "Same ol' nigger shit". As me and my brothers stood there, the officers searched us and quickly realized their level of aggression and tactical readiness was completely unwarranted. With little conversation and no acknowledgement of their having put us all at risk and within a matter of minutes, like the experience was all a dream, the officers were back in their squad cars rolling away. In front of my mom's home, on the very block I was raised on, in Chicago, a city I dearly love, to that officer who yelled out, I was nothing more than a nigger, worthy of the loaded gun he was pointing in my direction. To all the other officers, me and all of my brothers were niggers that night. And, their guns pointing at us was necessarily deserved. Now, read this paragraph, then close your eyes and experience how easy it is for you to see this reality played out with a different ending. Imagine my hotheaded self jumping into the face of the officer who had just let us all know we were all "niggers doing nigger shit". Imagine my brother Jamal, who has always been comfortable challenging authority, "mouthing off" at one of the officers. Or, imagine my brother Nate instinctively reaching into the car to grab his wallet. Over the past several days, I've cried many times imagining what may have been. One of us may have been abused that night. One of us may have been arrested and convicted. One of us may have gone to jail. One of us may have been shot. And, yes, one of us was the twitch of a finger on the gun's trigger away from being killed unjustly at the hands of the Chicago Police Department.  The advocacy work we do on Vision Zero Chicago is rooted in our commitment to dismantling structural racism in our society and ensuring my nephews and all the young brothers and sisters coming up never have to experience what I experienced that night, or worse. Here we are, many centuries later, experiencing the same White Supremacy and structural racism first endured by our ancestors. Here we are, nearly 30 years later, experiencing the same White Supremacy and structural racism which gave way to guns being pointed at us that night, continuing to give way to Black, Brown and Indigenous people being murdered unjustly at the hands of the police, here in Chicago and around the US. For those among us who still doubt the existence of White Supremacy, structural racism, inequity, corruption, overpolicing and implicit bias in the Chicago Police Department and other City of Chicago departments, this is all for you: In 2016, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and, in 2017, Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie Johnson, both publicly acknowledged the existence of racism within the Chicago Police Department and other City Hall departments. Earlier this year, the United States Department of Justice (USDOJ) announced their findings of its investigation into the Chicago Police Department and publicly released its accompanying investigation report. Chicago Tribune article by former U.S. Attorney Zachary Fardon of the Northern District of Illinois, entitled Commentary: Chicago, get that consent decree. The Intercept exhaustive, 4-part treatise on corruption within the Chicago Police Department, entitled CODE OF SILENCE: Two Chicago police officers uncovered a massive criminal enterprise within the department. Then they were hung out to dry. Read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4. The Atlantic article entitled The Corrupt System That Killed Laquan McDonald. New York Times article entitled Chicago Police Routinely Trampled on Civil Rights, Justice Dept. Says.  Chicago Tribune article exemplifying police enforcement inequity here in Chicago, entitled 'Biking while black': Chicago minority areas see the most bike tickets. Do your own Googles to uncover the many videos and articles documenting CPD's horrible track record of unjust murders, civil rights abuses and rampant corruption.  In the city I love, I am still considered a nigger by many. I am considered a nuisance, actively attempting to disrupt the City of Chicago's beautiful, equitable and well thought out Vision Zero Chicago Action Plan, dutifully crafted by mostly well meaning White people who don't live or work in our neighborhoods and without consultation from the very people of color impacted by Vision Zero here in Chicago. The Vision Zero Chicago Action Plan is not beautiful, it's ugly because it explicitly states on pages 44 and 48 that police traffic enforcement is part of the plan. The plan is ugly because it does not explicitly acknowledge the role of racism in our city toward causing traffic violence, continuing to only address the symptoms while putting an out-sized burden on people assaulted daily by racism in Chicago. The plan is ugly because the process of developing the plan was inequitable, where Vision Zero targeted neighborhoods were not engaged in the plan's development prior to the plan's release. The plan is ugly because it is another, consistent example of the City of Chicago's tireless commitment to harmful, top down policy-making and paternalism. The plan is ugly because it is owned by the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) and given the existence of racism in City of Chicago departments, including CDOT, Vision Zero should be owned by the people and organizations being impacted by the Vision Zero action plan and implementation strategy at the neighborhood level. The plan is ugly, biased, inequitable, paternalistic and potentially deadly in communities of color. All this said, the City of Chicago, Mayor's Office and CDOT enjoy my full support on Vision Zero reducing traffic deaths to zero within 10 years, by primarily focusing on the nationally-accepted Vision Zero strategies of Engineering (redesign streets to make them safer) and Education (implement a compelling, comprehensive educational campaign to teach and inspire people to drive safer). I do not support the role of the Chicago Police Department (where racism, implicit bias, inequity, corruption and overpolicing are all present) in executing a police traffic enforcement strategy as part of Vision Zero Chicago in communities of color. I am not a nigger. I am a strong, proud, powerful Black man. And, all of the brothers and sisters who stand with me are strong, proud, powerful Black, Brown and Indigenous men and women. We are organizers, advocates and activists. We love our neighborhoods and we love our people. We have faith and we believe intensely in our own capacity and all of our collective will to make the world a better place for those descendants of men and women who first encountered White Supremacy on the shores of Africa, North America and around the world.  We will do the work to ensure the City of Chicago implements Vision Zero Chicago in a manner where this important policy and plan will do more good than harm in communities of color here in Chicago. We will do the work for the City of Chicago to explicitly remove police traffic enforcement from the Vision Zero Chicago Action Plan and Implementation Strategy. While police should continue to enforce citywide traffic laws, we do not support the role of the Chicago Police Department (where racism, implicit bias, inequity, corruption and overpolicing are all present) in executing a police traffic enforcement strategy as part of Vision Zero Chicago in communities of color. We will do the work for the City of Chicago to transfer the ownership of Vision Zero Chicago from the Chicago Department of Transportation to the residents, stakeholders and community-based organizations who live and work everyday in the Vision Zero targeted neighborhoods on the Westside and Southside of Chicago, nearly all of whom are low- to moderate-income communities of color. Or, this strong, proud, powerful Black Man, from the Chatham neighborhood on the Southside of Chicago, will die trying. Please visit our website for our full Call to Action. Let's ride, Olatunji Oboi ReedCo-Founder, Slow Roll

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Petition to Beth McCann

DA Beth McCann: Investigate the Taser that Killed Marvin Booker. Hold Deputies Accountable

We, the undersigned, join the Booker family in calling on Denver District Attorney Beth McCann to reopen the criminal investigation into the 2010 killing of Marvin Booker, with specific attention to the discrepancies in testimony and evidence around how the taser that was used to kill him was handled by Denver Sheriff deputies. There are compelling, unresolved reasons to believe the deputies involved may have tampered with, hidden, or even destroyed the original taser - a key piece of evidence in their and the City’s defense - and we believe that DA McCann has a responsibility and a mandate to reopen the investigation based on the new evidence brought forward by the Booker family.   The new DA, Beth McCann has the power to reopen this criminal case to finally seek answers and closure for Marvin Booker’s family and to definitively learn whether the Sheriff deputies involved attempted to hide the evidence of their wrong doing.  Join us in solidarity with the Booker family by demanding that this case be reopened. Beth McCann: reopen the investigation of the murder of Marvin Booker. Show us that you will not hold law enforcement to a different standard for criminal wrong doing. More Context: On July 10, 2010, Marvin Booker was killed. Known by his community as a street preacher, Marvin was brought to the Denver County Jail where he ended up being physically confronted by police officers before they piled on top of jumped on him, restrained him, beat him, tased him, and killed him. During the investigation of his murder, then District Attorney Mitch Morrissey declined to press charges against the officers involved, however a later ruling in a civil lawsuit determined that there was significant wrongdoing. For over two years, Denver Justice Project has been focusing on the power of the district attorney to increase accountability for law enforcement and combat mass incarceration. Thanks to input from the community, we developed a ten-point platform for what our ideal district attorney would look like to push the 2016 candidates to better-represent the community in their role should they be elected. We have continued to press newly-elected Beth McCann to embody our platform in meetings and in public. One of our platform points was that the new DA establish a Conviction Review Unit to review past convictions of people who have maintained that they are innocent, but also to look at past cases of non-indictments against an officer who used deadly force or caused grievous bodily harm and reopen such cases if necessary. One of the driving forces for why we wanted this of a new DA was Marvin Booker’s murder which was particularly devastating to our community and as time has passed, has revealed serious concerns with the investigatory process that ended in a lack of indictment for police and deputies who have hurt or killed members of our community. As the new documentary Marvin Booker Was Murdered revealed with new video footage that had never before been public, there were major discrepancies in the officers’ testimonies and significant concerns with the investigation, especially with regard to the issue of the taser. According to the documentary, the taser that was entered as evidence into the criminal investigation appears not to be the same taser that was used to kill Marvin Booker. The details of that discrepancy and the family’s new demands can be found in this article by the Susan Greene of Colorado Independent: What we want from a District Attorney is to be responsive to the community. We want them to be deliberate in seeking answers and justice when our community has been hurt. The DA has the power to go back and reopen such cases as Marvin’s, and we are asking that Beth McCann use that power. In the past, she has claimed that she is reluctant to reopen such cases because she doesn’t want to reopen old wounds, but the reality is that these wounds never fully-healed for the families who lost loved ones. Marvin’s family is still left without answers and is still in pain, and our city is still left suspecting its own law enforcement officers of a cover up. The community deserves to know that their DA will seek justice, regardless of how uncomfortable it may be. At the end of the day, Marvin Booker was murdered, and Denver deserves a DA that will hold his murderers accountable. Join us in demanding that District Attorney Beth McCann reopen this case to seek closure for the family, justice for the community, and accountability for law enforcement.

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