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Petition to Martha Lee Walters, Oregon State Senate, Jeff Merkley

Justice for Richard Meyers, Unarmed Oregon man and beloved dog shot and killed by police

Click here for footage of incident **GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING** watch at your own discretion In the early morning hours of February 7th, 2022, Richard Meyers, and his beloved dog Zeeva, were shot and killed by officers in Salem Oregon at Northgate Park. Neither Richard, nor his dog exited the vehicle during the encounter, and dash camera evidence suggests officers knew Richard was not armed with a deadly weapon. According to a press release from Salem police department, Officer Griffin McDowell initiated a traffic stop after running Meyers license plates and discovering he had no car insurance. According to McDowell, he attempted to pull Meyers over, but claims the driver eluded the stop. McDowell decided to turn off his lights and follow Meyers. The officer admitted he observed Meyers driving normally and “with the flow of traffic” at this point, but decided to continue perusing without his lights on. He followed the victim to the parking lot of Northgate Park, where the two made contact prior to the interaction that happened in the field of the same park, that left Richard and Zeeva Dead. The events that took place during that contact are unclear, due to McDowell's dash camera allegedly not recording during that time, as well as a lack of footage from Meyers personal dash camera that was confiscated immediately after he was killed. City officers in Salem currently do not have body cameras, despite having approved funding for that specific purpose.  According to Salem PD, Meyers drove into the field of Northgate Park while McDowell tailed him closely. McDowell claims to have opened fire on Meyers after “believing” he saw a gun raised in his direction (there is no footage to confirm this claim) going as far as shooting through his own windshield into Richard Meyers’ windshield. At one point the officer exited his vehicle, and proceeded to keep firing. He failed to communicate to other officers that he was the one firing. Other officers that McDowell had called for backup came in and opened additional fire on Meyers vehicle.  After shooting a total of 22 shots at him and his dog, police officers on scene then refused to render aid to Meyers for 3-4 minutes, as he clearly communicated to them that he was unable to put both hands up, was dying and couldn’t breathe. Police allegedly told reporters that Meyers was non compliant, the dash camera footage shows otherwise.  Before rendering aid, the police on scene handcuffed Meyers, despite having a broken arm that had been shot through, and had multiple gun shot wounds. There is clear footage of officers confirming Meyers’ hands were CLEAR, yet minutes went by before he was given aid.  In a dash camera video filmed from a Marion county police vehicle, and shared by the Salem reporter on YouTube, an officer can be heard saying to another “it should be an air pistol” (This piece of audio airs around 5:05 into the footage linked above)    Officers involved in the incident & their time on the force:  Chad Treichler (1 year, 8 months) Griffin McDowell (5 years, 7 months) Jonathan McNichols (1 year, 6 months) David Baker (8 years, 11 months)- A witness in this case due to how close he was to the incident, Baker fatally shot and killed a man in 2014 Police transparency is crucial if Salem police hope to maintain any shred of public trust from the communities they are supposed to be protecting & serving. There needs to be accountability on behalf of officers in this case, and others like it. We don’t want to hear “the dash cam only records in weird 30 second increments” We don’t want to hear “the officers did their best with the situation they were put in” when clearly they didn’t. Police officers should be trained and able to detain a suspect without shooting them.  It’s time to recall officer Griffin McDowell at the Salem Police Department for horribly failing to do his job and opening fire on an unarmed person who was struggling and needed help.  It’s time we demand police receive training in dealing with those in a mental health crisis, and in deescalating intense situations in which they are called to handle. If they cannot handle these situations, then I ask…why are they the ones we call? It’s time to call Salem Police chief Trevor Womak and let him know that his officers are out of line in treating our community members in this manner, and that we DEMAND they get body cameras for EVERY officer to wear during EVERY interaction with any other person(s), and that his police department receive better training in de-escalating intense situations, as they are often called for, yet fail to do.   Click here to help end qualified immunity in the US It’s time to demand transparency and justice.  No. Human. Being. Deserves. To. Die. This. Way.

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Petition to U.S. Congress, U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. President


Associate Justice Hugo Black, born in 1886 in Clay County Alabama. From Hugo Black’s 10th birthday until 1943, there were 195 lynchings in Alabama. From 1927 until 1937, there were 16 lynchings in Alabama while Hugo Black was Senator of Alabama. During Hugo’s time in Government, Senate from 1927 till 1937 and Supreme Court Justice 1937 to 1971 there were 391 Black people lynched on his turf. Hugo Black was a lifetime member of the KKK. In his mind he could not apply the 5th Amendment to Black People, which he admitted in open court. To him, blacks were Jim Crow and needed to answer to white cops. That’s just how he saw the world. Hugo Black went from KKK meetings to Senate Briefings to Supreme Court meetings, and eventually led the inquisition, in the Terry v. Ohio oral Arguments, that instilled the most invasive Civil Rights Ruling, in the modern era, that greatly affects us today. John Terry, a black man, is a Supreme Court case from 1963, decided in 1968. This case shifted how the Supreme court applied racism. Before 1964, they would deny Blacks basis rights. After 64, and since the crack epidemic cops created policies around Stop and Frisk to violate black peoples’ basis rights. Overturn Terry then black people will not be subjected to mass surveillance and unlawful killings. John Terry was racially profiled, reasonable suspicion was entirely based on McFadden, a white cops thoughts/feeling towards a black man. He grabs Terry, pats him down and find a gun. Before whites were arrested they must be read their rights. (Miranda v. Arizona, 384 U.S. 436 (1966).) Evidence obtained by violating a white persons’ rights is inadmissible. (Mapp v. Ohio, 367 U.S. 643 [decided by Earl Warren who also held the Japanese without due process in 1942].) None of this applied to Terry, because he was a black man. The Terry v. Ohio Oral Arguments are held in December of 1967. Records show that McFadden testified that he had no probable cause to arrest Terry, saying he “didn’t like how he looked”. There are three things that happen between the Oral Arguments in December of 67 and issuance of the June 9th, 1968 Opinion. In February 1968 - The Orange-burg massacre. Cops in Florida ambush and murder a bunch of black people, just like in the 1873 Colfax Massacre. And to be honest, I can’t even imagine how bad the massacre was because white-history labels it; a massacre. April 4th 1968 - Martin Luther King Junior is assassinated and riots breakout in every major city across America. We just found out that the NYPD and the FBI murdered Malcolm X. Who really murdered MLK Jr? The real crusher, that ruined America, was on June 6, 1968, Robert Kennedy is assassinated. Three days later, the Supreme Court creates Terry Laws, June 9th, 1968. “Terry Stop” was supposed to be about just lightly tapping on ya to see if you had any weapons. From 1968 until 1976, cops did this, to only black people. It could escalate and often did. Some cop, just walks up to you and saying, hey, you look suspicious, I’m going to pat you down for weapons. Cops then created Policy, around this Terry Process. Using the “Officer safety Doctrine” set forth by the Supreme Court, by the late 1970s, and into forcing onto your knees, on your belly, handcuffing you, locking you in a car and taking you to jail. If you are ever handcuffed during a Terry Stop, The “Detainment Procedures” can be challenged in court because those things mean arrested. The definition of seized cannot be changed to detained, simply because of a racist supreme court ruling. We must challenge the definition of detained and what that means. Especially in a digital era.

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