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Tupac Shakur/Notorious B​.​I​.​G. Peace Task Force/Russia,Ukraine, Earth Peace. Warriors4Peace

       Mitakuye Oyasin, Lakota for We are all Related. Russians and Ukrainians are incredibly closely related Slav, Rus Viking - rooted brothers/sisters. We've seen horrific, brutal, apocalyptic War. Hitler's Operation Barbarosa that almost ended the Russian (Eastern) front within days, Soviet return scorched Earth/Stalingrad-launched vengeance, Stalin's starvation/genocide, 'kill anything that moves' Chechen Wars, brutal, stalemated Donbas Campaign. 'Those that have suffered understand suffering and can therefore extend their hand.' Patti Smith.        'Either mankind finishes war or war finishes mankind.' JFK 'Peace to you, if you’re willing to fight for it.' Fred Hampton, murdered at 21 by FBI and Chicago police. I've gotten a good deal of support for my Russia/Ukraine Victory Peace petition from Ukraine, although I'm primarily Russian and take a much harsher, anti-Nato/West's racism/lies/hypocrisy/imperialism stance than most in the West.       Real fighters, those presently/historically most cognizant of the brutal, horrific, fratricidal, Evil and insanity of War, fight for Peace, for Life. Virtually all current politicians/diplomats (with rare exceptions like New Zealand's Jacinda Ardern), armchair Nosferatu, vampire, parasitic clowns, white liberal hypocrites, feeding on Death and misery, will not end War. Only Warriors4Peace, Warriors4Life will.           Charles 'Lucky' Luciano (Sicilian) and Meyers Lansky (Russian Jew) squashed brutal, Old World blood feuds and gang wars in precisely the same manner Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman did in NW Mexico half a century later. They ruled their domains because they sought Peace, profits, altruistic generosity, saner Futures, more grounded, longterm power control.        I grew up with bitter East/West coast rap and overall Divisions. Celebrating rivals' deaths. Trash talking leading to drive-by killings. What I am suggesting is this. Over a million have signed a civilian police overboard petition. Parallel to the Global Military/Civilian Tribunals I suggested in other petitions to burn out Nazism, Czarism and Misogyny through scientific, heart-driven, Truth findings. I am only suggesting a harder edge by fusing this idea with global soldiers with the heart, courage and vision to fight, 100%, for Earth Peace.          The great love and respect billions throughout the world have for both Tupac Shakur and Christopher 'Biggie' Smalls, and the greed/jealousy/corrupt police Hell that led to their tragic mid Twenties deaths, could influence precisely the same people football legend Jim Brown reaches out to in his anti-gang violence work. Leaders, fighters, highly respected warriors whose transition to Warriors4Peace (particularly if it were targeted away from Oppressed communities, drug dealing need not be the bloodbath it currently is/and there are scientific, athletic, artistic, academic, etc. warrior path alternatives.)           Seven paragraphs in honor of Chairman of the Board, Charles 'Lucky' Luciano, what I am suggesting is a Tupac Shakur/Biggie Peace Task Force. Working with gang members, drug dealers, those must involved in brutal fratricide, to not just settle their personal beefs, but to catalyze positive, catalytic Symbiotic partnerships benefiting All and ending fratricidal suicide. Scientific, academic, athletic, artistic, etc. Paths ideally, but at least ending brutal turf wars and channeling drug trades away from their own communities where it does the most harm. Linked to Russia/Ukraine Victory Peace Petition, Uvalde, TX CowardBully Amerikkkan Justice Terror Accountability and MLK/Che's Corazon College MC3 petitions. God bless and thank you very much for your time and attention. 

Nikos Warrence
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Uvalde, TX/Amerikkkan Justice CowardBully Police Terror Accountability

       ' Fear is the Mother of Violence.' Peter Gabriel. Fear of death is the mark of a coward. Mark of Uvalde and most US police. 180 degrees from heroic Uvalde children stealthily/risking their lives to call 911 over and over again, to no avail. Global Military/Civilian Tribunals to scientifically, heart-driven, burn out Nazism, Czarism and Misogyny (see Russia Ukraine Victory Peace Petition) is what I am suggesting after 11 years of Hell to scientifically document this great White Nazi Orwellian Lie called Amerikkkan Justice.           While there are many decent police, even those I used to consider friends, literally zero appear willing to break through thin blue line Terror and good German silence. 'Police are always lackeys for war. Never guardians of Peace.' Quote from Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley's senior thesis on the IRA. Slave patrol and northern immigrant Oppression is why US police were formed. Very little has changed. Mainly racist One Percent's faithful gestapo task force.           Uvalde, Texas Police behaved with staggering cowardice, ineptitude, dishonesty, and completely disgraceful fascism in their reaction and follow up to the horrific, tragic Uvalde, Texas School shooting, 21 completely preventable deaths of those we should have most protected. While heroic, very young children and their teachers risked their lives to repeatedly call 911, 12 times in one case, covered themselves in slain classmates blood to appear dead, as their peers were systematically slaughtered, gunshots reverberating, almost 20 police stood outside and did absolutely nothing.            Nothing except tackling, handcuffing, pepper spraying, detaining, yelling at increasingly desperate parents. 'You telling us to go in and do our jobs' was their rationale for refusing to go in there and do their jobs. Parents simply wanting to rescue their or others' children, and stop this psychopath by any means necessary. Yet these Coward idiots spent 78 minutes assaulting parents. 19 Heavily armed, trained, protected professionals, even preventing outside agencies from entering the school. Then endless police lies of heroic, immediate intervention, fictitious John Wayne shoutouts, fabricated timelines, inane anti-logic.           This is Amerikkkan Justice Coward Bully Terror. Same as Derek Chauvin, Kim Potter and all the Rest. Virtually always fully protected by a good German on Steroids Thin Blue Line Wall of self-protecting Terror, prosecutors through judges, and literally all even pretend civil rights attorneys.           Radical change is necessary if these CowardBully thugs are to be held accountable. What I am suggesting, after over a decade of legally fighting this Nazi Oppression Hell (scientifically documenting everything with scientific precision, 40k pages, days of audio/video) are rational, scientific, proof and heart-driven Military/Civilian Tribunals to address the straight Fascist, Devil lies Coward Bully Terror exhibited by Uvalde, Texas Police, Derek Chauvin, and the entirerty of Amerikkkan Justice, up to and including the USSC. Objective judges and prosecutors is an obscene Orwellian lie. Parallel ICE Terror such as destroying desert food and water stashes for migrants desperately trying to escape suffocating poverty and violence. Charging those providing aid with a slew of felonies. All that is Bully Coward Terror and Oppression. An entirely new system must be forged. From. Military and Civilians not afraid of Death. Who therfore value Life. 180 degrees from these Uvalde, Police SWAT team Coward clowns.            By signing this petition, I support the creation of post WW II, anti-Nazi, Nuremberg-style Military/Civilian Tribunals to address currently effectively fully protected Police, attorney, judicial, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and One Percent Crimes. To scientifically/non-violently burn out pure CowardBully Evil such as that exhibited by Uvalde, Texas Police that left 21 totally innocent, beautiful souls dead.       God Bless and thank you very much for your time and attention. Action not Prayers is how we truly respect the Dead.              

Nikos Warrence
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