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Petition to J.B. Pritzker, Michael J. Madigan, John J. Cullerton

Protect those who protect us from dangerous explosives

This petition asks Illinois Governor Pritzker, Speaker Madigan, and Senate President Cullerton to show support for and allow Senate Bill 2265 to be heard during Veto Session 2019. This bill, known as the Protecting First Responders Act, seeks to protect police and firefighters from explosion hazards next to their stations. This act recognizes that certain substances are too dangerous to be used, stored or made next to police and fire protection stations due to their explosive nature. The bill limits quantities of these chemicals to a safer level to avoid the catastrophic destruction of life and property of those who have to respond to emergencies. The law prohibits within 1,000 feet of a first responder station the use, storage and manufacture of over 100 pounds of substances that are found to be designated all three of the following:  Extremely hazardous substances under the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act,  Designated degree 4 flammability hazards under the National Fire Protection Association Standard 704, and,  Are chemicals listed by the Department of Homeland Security Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards list. The bill is flexible in allowing for counties and municipalities to redefine distance requirements, but sets a baseline for protecting first responders.  Help those who serve and protect us to be able to respond to emergencies by limiting explosion hazards by police and fire stations. 

Protecting First Responders
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Petition to Mayor Bill de Blasio

Mayor de Blasio: Mob Attacks on NYPD Officers Are Unacceptable

The recent disturbing videos of officers of the NYPD being doused with water and having buckets flung at them while in the performance of their duties should outrage anyone who values a civil society. The tremendous restraint shown by these officers, some of them rookies with less than a year on the job, in carrying out their duties and not rising to the bait of these street thugs is testament why these Officers are known as the finest.   One could not help but wonder if the laughing fools videoing this would not be the first to shout for these very same officers if they were similarly attacked by a mob.  To apologists who will attempt to minimize the  attack as “only water” note that these incidents and the internet fame they garner invariably inspire “copycats”. The next attack could be with a hazardous material and an Officer injured if this situation is not decisively addressed. It is particularly disturbing that it has been stated that the officers involved did not initially report the incidents as they felt they would face repercussions from the superior officers and city administration that is supposed to have their back. New York is consistently rated as one of the safest cities in the world, despite having a population of over eight million people, a mecca for tourists and a target of terrorists.  For the past 27 years, violent crime has declined in NYC.  These impressive statistics, which Mayor de Blasio likes to claim on the campaign trail, are the product not of the Mayor, but the brave men and women of the NYPD similar to those attacked.  Mayor de Blasio styles himself a leader, but appears ignorant of the observation made by an undoubted leader, General Patton, who said: “One of the most frequently noted characteristics of great men who have remained great is loyalty to their subordinates.”  However, Mayor de Blasio has consistently shown a willingness to make the men and women of the NYPD surplus to his political aspirations.  It is not enough Mr. Mayor to say that these reprehensible actions "Can lead to charges", "They MUST lead to Charges".  Mayor de Blasio has made clear that he aspires to the office of President, it is reasonable to ask if when as Mayor he would not back his Cops against unprovoked attacks by low-level street hoodlums how effectively will he as Commander-in-Chief back our troops when attacked by our nations enemies. We, the signatories of this petition call on Mayor de Blasio to do the following: To publicly honor the officers attacked and recognize their professionalism in the face of extreme provocation and to use that occasion to clearly and unambiguously denouncing these attacks. To issue a department-wide directive that the behavior exhibited in these videos is unacceptable by the Mayor’s administration and will not be tolerated by the NYPD brass, that no officer should fear repercussions for reporting such an attack. For the Mayor and City Council to enact legislation increasing the penalties for those who attack officers in the performance of their duties.    Specifically,  hate crime penalties should be introduced when such attacks are staged for promotion on the internet as a means to incite further attacks on police officers.

Guard the Guardians
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