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Petition to Attorney Grievance Committee, Internal Affairs Bureau, Governor Kathy Hochul, Pamela Helming

Police Misconduct & Rights Denied: Overturn Unlawful Judgement in Lyons NY Traffic Matter

On the night of March 30 2022, my son was returning home from helping a friend who had car trouble and had given him a ride home to Lyons NY. On his way back to his apartment in Newark NY he was traveling west bound around a descending curve when his steering wheel locked & turned all the way to the left and his brakes failed leaving him incapable of turning or stopping his vehicle. He crossed the center line at full speed over an embankment & through a parking lot before flipping into a creek on the other side of that lot. He was driving alone with no other vehicles in either direction & there were no witnesses to the accident. After the accident he climbed out of the back passenger side door into the creek in 20-degree weather, climbed out of the ravine walked to an apartment building and knocked on doors trying to see if someone would let him use their phone but was unsuccessful. After about 20 minutes or so he returned to his car & used his phone to call 911 which was the only number he could call as his phone was not in service.  When the State Trooper arrived, he proceeded to write a deposition that completely conflicted with the actual events of the accident creating a scenario of his own that could’ve only played out in Hollywood. In this deposition he stated that he used radar to confirm the speed my son was going despite not actually having done so, lied about the speed limit & wrote that he was going in the wrong direction. The whole deposition was a lie. In addition to this he voiced his assumption to me that my son was distracted and lost control of his vehicle & ticketed my son with 4 tickets. 1 for speeding and 3 for changing lanes unsafely during a crisis that could have killed him. As a result of this conversation, I took several pictures of the scene all which corroborated my son's story and the evidence of the crash itself including the road and conditions.  In the Trooper's version of events, my son would have had to have drifted off the road going “East” while speeding at between 60-65 mph over the white line on his right, past guardrails over an embankment through ice and snow before making a U-turn, missing a telephone pole directly ahead of him as well as the building to the right in the lot and driving straight into the creek ahead at high speed. Making his assumption completely ludicrous. Several aspects of the accident including my son's statement of what occurred during the accident were distorted to justify ticketing him and the Trooper testified in court under oath to those lies.  On May 26 2022, my son and I appeared for trial to challenge the deposition & tickets he received as a result of the accident that he had on the night of March 30th 2022.  In court the Judge denied him an advocate, denied him council, denied his witness, denied his ability to present evidence and documents in his defense, & the District Attorney threatened him with jail time and additional charges despite the fact that he was in an accident due to mechanical failure of his vehicle. He did not receive a fair trial and the matter was already decided before we arrived in addition to intimidation in the court room. So much for being innocent until proven guilty.   This matter is a case of discrimination, abuse of power and a violation of my son's rights. He is a young hispanic male, with no record, that was driving through a small town in the country in Wayne County NY, in the middle of the night after helping a friend in need. He was sober, committed no crimes and was the only person harmed in the accident in addition to losing his vehicle. As a result of the actions of the Trooper, DA and Judge he is now facing almost $2000 of fines and DMV penalties on top of facing losing his job, his new vehicle & his license in addition to the future repercussions this is going to have on his insurance and driving record. He also is facing warrants if the fines are not paid but is being stripped of his ability to get to and from work in order to pay the penalties inflicted on him which appears to us like their ultimate goal. The court did nothing to preserve his rights and denied him the opportunity to defend himself and the DA tried to enforce jailtime and a permanent record on him in addition to blaming him for the failure of his brakes and steering AND threatening him with a misdemeanor. They treated him like a criminal instead of a young man that had been in a traumatic accident.  I am writing this petition to hold the Trooper accountable for his actions as well as the Judge and the District Attorney for their part in this miscarriage of justice. I am petitioning to overturn this ruling as it was not ”fair or just” on the basis that the Trooper misrepresented the facts of the accident causing a domino effect of punishments on a young man who had an accident that was out of his control.  Last but not least I am petitioning to ask that this case be investigated and that my son be able to present the evidence that will clear his name and prove his innocence so that he can recover from this accident without the penalties he is now facing looming over him. Thank you for your time & support in signing this petition to try to bring justice to this matter.   I am imploring our elected officials to do the same.  Sincerely  Jessica M Carrasquillo  Adrial A Santiago-Carrasquillo 

Jessica Carrasquillo
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Petition to Mayor Lori Lightfoot, States Attorney Kim Foxx, Department of Justice Civil rights Division, Governor Prikster, Attorney General Kwame Raoul, Lulac, Maldef, UnidosUs,

Chicago police are Targeting, Terrorizing a Latino family on the southside of Chicago

CHICAGO POLICE ARE INVESTIGATING US FOR OVER 9 YEARS. We have NO criminal record. They committed all these crimes to try to FRAME MANY INNOCENT PEOPLE and as RETALIATION. We were Discriminated, Slandered(everywhere), Harassed,(everywhere), Hate crimes, Invasion of privacy, False arrest, Jobs destroyed(harassed and wrongfully terminated, They caused this), I lost over 400K back pay benefits.   These criminal cops caused trouble for the whole family Mother 75 yrs old, sisters and brother-in-law. They were discriminated against, slandered, harassed on the street too sometimes.   They are still continuing with their crimes today targeting us illegally as RETALIATION because we reported their misconduct everywhere. We are being monitored, harassed, even death threats by their sick Police Investigators and their racist criminal friends It was 8th district Chicago police and their sick POLICE INVESTIGATORS who committed all this police terrorism(they have POLICE RECORDS ON THEM). 3420 West 63rd St Chicago, IL 60629, Phone: 312-747-8730 Fax: 312-747-8545 Nobody in Chicago does anything in over 6 years of complaints. We filed complaints with everybody Mayor Lori Lightfoot, COPA(IPRA), States attorney Kim Foxx,  Governor Prikster, Inspector general, FBI, Attorney general Kwame Raoul and many others EVERYBODY, PLEASE EMAIL, MAIL, CALL MAYOR LIGHTFOOT AND TELL HER TO INVESTIGATE OUR COMPLAINTS, PROSECUTE THE COPS, POLICE INVESTIGATORS AND PAY FOR ALL THEIR MISCONDUCT AND DAMAGES  Office of the Mayor LORI LIGHTFOOTPhone: Call 311 and (312) 744-3300121 N LaSalle StreetChicago City Hall 4th FloorChicago, IL

Oscar Gomez
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Petition to Mayor Dan Gelber

Stop Miami Beach from Arresting Black Tourists for Recording Police

Earlier this year the City of Miami Beach passed Ordinance 70-8 that makes it illegal to remain within 20 feet of a law enforcement officer after they tell you to leave. This ordinance has been exclusively used to arrest 13 young Black men and women who were legally recording the Miami Beach Police. On March 23, 2022 the city of Miami Beach declared a state of emergency, banning alcohol sales after 6pm and enacting a midnight curfew, all to arrest and deter Black tourists from enjoying an area that markets itself on being a party spot. "On July 25th, [Name Redacted] stumbled upon a traffic stop at Sixth Street and Collins Avenue and decided to use her phone to record it from the sidewalk. An officer shouted at her, quickly hit her with his bicycle, and pepper-sprayed her, video shows. Records show she was arrested at 3:20 a.m., booked at 8:28 a.m., and released at 9:10 p.m," reported Local 10: Video shows another controversial arrest of New York tourist recording Miami Beach officers during Rolling Loud weekend. The article continued: "Other MBPD officers also used the new city law to justify the arrests of two other tourists from New York... who decided to pull out their phones to record officers shortly before 2 a.m., on July 26. Miami-Dade prosecutors used body cam video and surveillance video to file misdemeanor battery charges against three MBPD officers." Now, Miami Beach has suspended enforcement of the ordinance (Miami Beach Police Ordered to Stop Enforcing Law Used to Charge Only Black Bystanders Filming Cops After Slew of Problematic Arrests) but it has not been removed from the books. In fact, we fully anticipate that the ordinance will be enforced again during Memorial Day weekend and other gatherings of Black people in South Beach. We learned all too well in the murder of George Floyd how important it is for individuals to be free to record the police. Florida Justice Center is leading the charge to have this ordinance declared unconstitutional in the courts and has represented some of those arrested under this law. But we need to rally together and urge the City Commission and the Florida House of Representatives to nullify the law and stop targeting Black men and women. Florida Justice Center was able to have all cases they represented dismissed, but the law remains on the books as prosecutors dropped the cases just as a judge was to hear constitutional challenges. They're running scared and we have to keep fighting for what's right.

Florida Justice Center
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Petition to United States Supreme Court, Kate Brown, President of the United States

Change the law that allows officers to violate our 2nd amendment right

As the law is currently written, there are some questionable situations in which an officer is legally considered “within their rights” to use deadly force against another person. One of those situations is, if an officer simply says they believed or thought they saw a “suspect” armed with a deadly weapon. This means that, as the law is written, a person can simply hold up a cell phone in the dark, and an officer can say they believed it was a deadly weapon, that officer, by the current legal standard, can then be considered “justified” in using lethal force on that person. A person can also be within their legal right to bear arms, police can simply say they saw a weapon or believe one was pointed at them and still use that as a justification for using lethal force.  The way this law is written gives far too much power to police officers to make calls that can end in death, when they are not properly trained to make such calls. Officers are not trained to deescalate a situation in which someone in crisis may be unarmed, but claiming or acting as if they are, due to their current mental state. We must stand up to this unjust law. Yes, we understand officers need to have protections in place, but so does the public, and our community, especially those suffering with mental illness, homelessness and suicidal thoughts or tendencies. It should not be so easy to have police take a life that those in great distress can use it as a means to end their life, by making a simple threat that has no truth. Or, on the other hand by remaining within their constitutional second amendment right to have a gun in their possession. If an officer can simply shoot and kill you for suspecting you have a gun, or seeing you possess one, then we don’t truly have a “right” to bear arms, do we? 

Rach C
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