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Petition to Xavier Becerra, Vinson Hall, Karen Bass, Gavin Newsom

Justice for Vinson!

Vinson is an innocent African American Los Angeles resident, musician, and tech entrepreneur that faces various civil and human rights violations at the hands of police, 2 suspects, and German citizens.Los Angeles, LAPD, local agencies, and California are intentionally failing to intervene, protect, condemn, and have joined in on-going abuses since 2019/2020, despite multiple 911 calls and letters. They don't want to be held accountable, and they don't want to stop the suspects from assaulting and hacking electronics.Civil-Human Rights Violations: Police officers were coerced to attack Vinson by German citizens via group chats.  The 2 suspects run the group chats that were originally meant to disperse music. They utilize group chats and hacked electronics to deny his right to access legal counsel and deny the right to diagnostic help from ear and brain doctors for evidence and treatment. German citizens, 2 suspects, and a police officer utilized group chats to set up Vinson, to have his eardrums blown out with megaphones to make him deaf he lost some of his hearing permanently. Police officers allowing 2 (suspects) hackers, a Russian and US Citizen to manipulate his life and brain for example: playing high-pitched screeching noises towards his eardrums, erasing short/mid-term memory, slowing cognitive abilities, causing pain to the brain/ears. And they run the group chats. Group chats and related mobile applications show his hacked Macbook/iPhone. Allowing police to conspire with 2 suspects to intervene in his daily life, preventing him from speaking to friends, family, and witnesses. The 2 suspects broadcasted Vinson’s apartments via unauthorized cameras/microphones into the group chat for people to watch throughout the US and internationally. Our goal is to stop police misconduct, corruption, and civil-human rights violations towards Vinson and others. We would like assistance from one or some of the following: (We already have the attention of multiple Congresspeople/Senators.) Congress and/or Senators to condemn and get a federal agency to intervene, stop, and investigate the actions of the on-going attack at the hands of the 2 suspects, and police! Shut down the group chats, which give brain damage, and stop police, and 2 suspects from engaging in misconduct, corruption, and on-going attacks towards Vinson! Get the Federal Government, sheriff, police watchdog groups, human rights groups, and/or ACLU  to condemn, intervene, and stop the abuses! Additional Info:

Vinson Hall
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Petition to Pennsylvania State House, Pennsylvania State Senate, Tom Wolf, Robert P. Casey Jr., Patrick J. Toomey, Robert Freeman, Daniel L. "Dan" Miller, Frank A. Farry, Jay Costa, Stanley E Saylor, Andrew E. Dinniman, Francis J Dermody, Jerry Knowles, Patty Kim, Lisa M. Boscola, Brian Sims, Vincent J. Hughes, Garth D. Everett


Chinese-American Christian Hall was brutally murdered on December 30th, 2020. He was experiencing a mental health crisis yet the police were not able to respond appropriately.  Shortly after his death, the Pennsylvania state police released a report stating that Christian possessed a firearm and that he was uncooperative with the police. They stated in the report that Christian picked up the firearm and attempted to use it against the police, and so they fired at him. In a newly released video from a nearby pedestrian, it showed that Christian had his hands raised in the air and that he never attempted to reach for the firearm. Even after the video, the police officers responsible for his death were able to continue with their jobs.  This type of treatment to POC is disgusting and we are tired of it. We must all take a stand together, united, to reconstruct this corrupt system. Without the help of everyone, the system will forever stay this way so please do your part and spread this message.    Here’s what you can do to help: * Create and sign petitions about and related to this issue * Educate family, friends, and others about this issue * Speak up on this issue! * Peacefully protest about this issue

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Petition to Josh Shapiro


Tragically, Christian Hall is not the only victim of police brutality. It is unfortunate that the system continues to fail those who are seeking help and support but end up becoming the victims of this form of modern-day lynching. Please sign this petition to demand justice for Christian Hall and his family.  Christian Hall was a 19 year old Chinese-American who was brutally shot by police officers while experiencing a mental health emergency on December 30th, 2020.  Following Christian's death, authorities released a report claiming Christian was in possession of a firearm. When the police officers ordered him to drop the weapon, he complied but allegedly became uncooperative. It was stated that Christian reached for the firearm on the ground and pointed it in the direction of the officers causing them to fire at him. However, newly surfaced videos show that Christian had his hands raised at the moment authorities shot him. Despite Christian's death and the body camera footage, the officers were still allowed to return back to work. "He was looking for help, but instead of getting help, he was killed by those who were supposed to help him." (Quoted by Christian Hall's mother)  Christian's family and attorneys are demanding justice for Christian by... Asking the Pennsylvania general attorney's office to hold a completely independent investigation on the case. PROSECUTING the officers who murdered Christian Hall. Source cited: Pennsylvania Teen Had Hands Up When Police Shot and Killed Him, New Video Shows

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Petition to Charlie Baker, Maura Healey

31 BULLETS #Justice for Juston Root: NEED AN Independent Investigation #PoliceBrutality

Our son and brother, Juston Root was killed by 6 officers who shot 31 bullets as he lay on the ground, in a semi-comatose condition with nothing in his hands!  He posed no threat to those around him. No one has been held accountable for his death. Please help us by signing this petition.  Our family is still grieving, but that won’t stop us from fighting for justice for Juston – and to make sure no other family has to face this kind of tragedy.  Will you help us? Add your name to tell lawmakers that there must be an independent investigation into his killing. On Feb. 7th, 2020, Juston was in a mental health crisis, on his way to his counselor at Mass Mental Health Center in Boston.  Juston had an oversized clear plastic paintball gun in his waist.  The Boston Police were called with a report of a person with a gun.  When officers arrived, one of them used deadly force immediately, injuring Juston.  Juston limped to his car, one of his legs was bleeding badly, he got in his car and drove away slowly. The Boston Police ensued a car chase, and minutes later Juston's car crashed, he staggered out, and dropped to the ground, covered in blood. A former EMT passerby ran to him to give him aid, because he was on the ground in a semi-conscious condition. Moments later, the Police arrived, yelling at the former EMT to get away from Juston. One officer kicked Juston, and then all six officers shot 31 bullets from close range, killing Juston instantly.  He posed no conceivable threat to the officers or the public and had no weapon in his hands.  The Norfolk DA exonerated these officers after just one month. Critical evidence and important witness statements were left out of the final report, including the former EMT who was there shortly before Juston was killed. The police have not released any footage of the actual shooting. The report says only one officer had a body camera on and filming, but their arm obstructed the lens when officers fired. The report is wholly inadequate and far from transparent. We, the Root family and the public, demand a timely, thorough, transparent independent investigation into Juston's killing by an impartial investigator with no ties to the police!  We call upon Governor Charlie Baker and Attorney General Maura Healey to appoint an independent investigator immediately. Click to JOIN OUR MAILING LIST for occasional updates DIRECT from us Thank you for your support! Twitter:  @JustonRoot 

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