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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, President of the United States, Department of Justice

Make turning on the body cams MANDATORY EVERY TIME police engage the public

Make turning on the body cameras MANDATORY EVERY TIME police engage the public instead of discretionary. Although police body cams and dash cams are widely distributed, the use of them is discretionary, rather than mandatory. The intent of the cam footage is currently to guard officers and departments against wrongful prosecution, and does not effectively shield the citizenry. There is evidence of abuse of power, and wide belief by the people that murder is taking place under color of authority. Violence is resulting. Currently, Departments are being allowed to police themselves, which is inherently a farce. This is creating resentment which has now reached the level of outrage. The sworn oaths of officers of the law dictate service, and protection, yet discrete video taken by citizens at large reveals that in too many cases, officers are defying their oath with virtual- if not actual- impunity. At the time of this writing, millions of American citizens and in particular, minority communities, fear that they are being unlawfully slain with great regularity. This fear is driving too many to irrational and even violent thoughts. Civil rights are being violated in large part due to this failure of the civil authorities to act in defense of the populace. Again: Make turning on the body cameras MANDATORY EVERY TIME police engage the public instead of discretionary. To counter this trend, and save the lives of both citizens and our heroic and vital officers of the law, we must compel them to honor the oaths they have sworn. Make turning on the body cameras MANDATORY EVERY TIME police engage the public instead of discretionary. Honorable policemen and women will not fear this, and would obey with alacrity. To these valiant protectors, such a law would be a simple rubber stamp. All others are part of the problem this great nation is facing; even the root of it. They bring shame on good cops, and are causing great hatred to be directed against them. All right-thinking officers and citizens desire to root out the 'bad apples' among the ranks of the police. Though the vast majority of officers uphold the law and defend civil liberty, now ALL must be made to do so. They should fear retribution for destroying the lives of citizens of EVERY race or creed without just cause, and for failing to make every effort to lawfully arrest violators without deadly force. Make turning on the body cams MANDATORY EVERY TIME police engage the public instead of discretionary. This is not the case at this time. We must bring universal truth and verity to the noble efforts of the lawmen and women, and to the performance of their functions. They will benefit greatly from this compulsion, and the people will feel themselves to enjoy protection from their government, and from the police force that actually engages them on a daily basis. This is the logical next step in the honorable effort to enact good policies in law enforcement.

John Mc Clinton
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Petition to Walnut Creek Police Chief Thomas Chaplin, Contra Costa District Attorney Diana Becton, Walnut Creek Mayor Cindy Silva, Walnut Creek City Manager Dan Buckshi

Request Advanced Crisis Intervention Training and Full Transparency Throughout the Process

On June 2, 2019, Miles Hall, a 23 year-old citizen of Walnut Creek, CA, was shot and killed in his own neighborhood by officers of the Walnut Creek Police Department. Miles was a graduate of Las Lomas High School and a great friend to many. He struggled with his mental health and his family wanted to get him help, not put his life in danger. Family members told police dispatch that he suffered from bipolar disorder, so officers should have been prepared to enter the situation with additional vigilance for the safety of all involved. Instead of attempting to de-escalate the situation, Walnut Creek Police officers shot at him with non-lethal rounds, ultimately heightening intensity and increasing fear for both Miles and the officers involved. After negative results, Walnut Creek Police officers chose to take deadly action and fire their weapons with malice aforethought, striking and killing Miles Hall. While we acknowledge that the Walnut Creek Police Department and the Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office are actively conducting independent investigations, we strongly believe that this situation could have been prevented had each of the officers been through advanced Crisis Intervention Training. As of 2018, there was one, two-person Mental Health Evaluation team for the entirety of central Contra Costa County. This is in no way sufficient enough to assist even a fraction of mental health patients in our city, let alone the county. We request that the Walnut Creek Police Department joins forces with local healthcare officials and mental health clinicians to create a more efficient process for assisting those in need. We also request that the Walnut Creek Police Department retrain it’s officers in use-of-force scenarios. We hold good faith that additional training and mental health resources will benefit both the citizens and police officers of Walnut Creek. We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge the Walnut Creek Police Department to thoroughly amend their protocol regarding critical incident calls involving mentally-ill subjects. We are calling on the Walnut Creek Police Department and the City of Walnut Creek to provide every officer with Crisis Intervention Training and re-evaluate the department’s current use-of-force training. We also request the development of additional Mental Health Evaluation teams to prevent any further similarly tragic situations while also providing Mental Health Resources in the City of Walnut Creek for its citizens and officers equally. We plead for the transparency from the City of Walnut Creek, Walnut Creek Police Department, and Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office. With this petition, we feel it is imperative that the City of Walnut Creek and the Walnut Creek Police Department work together to establish and administer new policies that will assist officers in understanding, supporting, and thus helping to prevent another killing of a Walnut Creek citizen such as Miles Hall.

Remember Miles
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Petition to Christopher R. Becker

Charge GRPD officer Drew Rau in the assault of unarmed man as six year old watches

"A Grand Rapids police officer's job is hanging in the balance after video surfaced of him repeatedly punching a man during a March traffic stop.Grand Rapids Police Department officials announced Tuesday that Drew Rau has been moved from paid leave to unpaid suspension after Internal Affairs found he violated policies.In video of the March 17 stop, Rau and other officers can be seen pulling Bronquel Brown out of his car when he disobeyed orders to exit the vehicle. Officers used a Taser and pepper spray. Rau is seen punching Brown nearly 30 times. He is also heard using profanity.In the GRPD body camera footage 24 Hour News 8 obtained, Brown can be heard yelling "I'm not doing nothing" as Rau continues throwing punches.GRPD officials say Rau violated several policies. The Kent County prosecutor reviewed the case but no charges were filed." Kent County Commissioner Robert S.Womack stated: "The prosecutor did not charge the police officer for hitting this man over 21 times while he's being held down. Prosecutor did not prosecute that police officer for that, but I guarantee this young man is probably going to be prosecuted for being afraid of getting out of the car" "Brown still faces a felony charge of resisting and obstructing officers." "Womack said Brown's young son was in the back seat during the nightmare that unfolded: When you got a 6-year-old son in the backseat and you're telling an officer, 'Hey I got my son in the backseat' and he's only responding with profanity ... a lot of people say follow instructions, but when someone's yelling at you using profanity it's very hard to understand those instructions and exactly what they mean," Womack said. "You could tell somebody the nicest thing in the world but if you put F-bombs in there, how serious are you about this? Some of these officers that commit these heinous crimes -- and they are crimes whether he gets charged or not; I believe that he should've been charged -- those that commit these crimes are now knowing that the police department will not be able to stand up for them," he said. -Originally posted by WOODTV8  Article link:

Zoe Gibson
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