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Petition to Andover Police, Andover Residents, Paul J. Salafia, Andrew Flanagan, Massachusetts residents, Elizabeth Warren, Barbara L'Italien, James Lyons, Massachusetts Governor, Edward Markey, Russell Holmes, John Keenan, Sheldon Berman, Patrick Keefe, M. Colford, Philip Conrad, Director , Cory Booker

63y Black Woman Attacked by Andover Mass. Chief of Police Patrick Keefe. Sign for Resign!

READ WHAT HAPPENED HERE When I entered the Andover public safety building on October 5, 2017, and declared that I would remain there until someone speaks with me about the concerns that I had expressed over the phone, I essentially triggered the First Amendment. Subsequently, any action by any police officer to infringe upon my Firs Amendment guarantees, was going to necessarily be unconstitutional, including any attempt to physically remove or arrest me. The bottom line is that if I were to be removed by any means other than due process of law, at that time, such action was bound to collide with the First, Fourth, Fifth, and the Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution. See U.S. Supreme Court Tennessee v. Garner (1985). Police Perversion of the United States Constitution and The Bill of Rights After their racially-driven and unconstitutional arrests, fraudulent use of the civil commitment law, hoax criminal charges and harassment, all failed to deter me from demanding accountability from the Town of Andover and its Police Department and Fire and Rescue Department, a Chief Commander who also should be fired, called the Police Chief when he was off-duty, to come into the police station to handle something such “so-called” Chief Commander should have been able to manage by himself, especially, since I had written down for them two of several ways they could have legally brought my protest to an end: (1) A police officer, or anyone else, for that matter, could have come into the lobby and talk to me. I would have waited if they were busy, and that would have addressed and resolved the reason for my protest in the first place; or (2)They had the means and a dedicated video and audio set up to seek an immediate injunction within the comfort of the building, people like me contribute to pay for. Had they chosen to use that readily available mean, and they prevailed, I would have gone home to appeal any such injunction, but I would waited at home for the Appeals Court’s decision. What is really ironic, and almost Shakespearean, is that they were very likely to get injunctive relief, even on my appeal, in which case, the ruling judge would have framed the parameters for my protest, for not even a judge can tell anyone that they have to stop protesting. How Did a Chief of Police Go so Berserk? The Chief Commander and the Chief of Police did not want to do anything that would fall under the legal jurisdiction of the court. I am holding back on mentioning the names of these individuals for now, out of a sense of deference for the residents of the Town of Andover. I want to afford Andover Town residents the kind of benefits Andover Town officials have intentionally and recklessly denied me.That is a chance to finally do the right thing. I did give this Town and every official, police and otherwise, the benefit of the doubt for 7 years, until I did not. Now, I am re-instating that benefit to them temporarily, to see if they have the capacity to earn it back. They also had the option to make up some false pretense, as they are very good at doing, and had done before, to arrest me. That would have been unconstitutional, but at least, it would not have been the brutal felony assault and battery this unfit Chief of Police and his co-conspiring Commander ended up perpetuating on me. What they did was, rather than taking any of the several legal routes at their fingertips, they chose to scrape the very bottom of their dirty bag of tricks for the last, filthiest, and illegal trick: The illegal use of force, resulting in severe injury to me. The Residents of Any Town Must Be Too Proud for This! No Town deserves a Police Chief who so obviously shows himself or herself to be a possible danger to its residents. There are too many elephants laying around in our police departments, our legislatures, our courts, and in town offices. We all know where they are. Ignoring them will not make them go away. They will simply continue to undermine and compromise the structure and foundation of the rights, privileges, and immunities, the Founding Fathers built into the checks and balances system, and left behind. Those are the best things we have going for us, and the only things that makes America Great in any meaningful way. To allow this particular Police Chief to get away with such reckless act and illegal conduct, along with the violation of well-established rights, would defile the sacrifices of those who have fought to secure life, liberty, and justice for all in this country. These are ideals that we are still trying to achieve. It will take time, even more sacrifices by my many — some famous and others unsung heroes, as well as determination and staying-power to help give birth to, thus contribute to the formation of that more Perfect Union. In order to safeguard the integrity of the Town of Andover, the community at large and the nation must demand accountability from this Police Department and Town officials. Chief Patrick Keefe must be made to resign, be fired, or undergo a mental health evaluation to ensure that, under the right set of circumstances, he will not attack and injure anyone else who is freely and peacefully exercising rights that are guaranteed by the United States Constitution, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Get Involved! Holding Police Accountable for Misconduct Requires An All-Hands on Deck Strategy Call and Demand Reform and Accountability from Andover Officials by Contacting: Chairman of the Board of Selectmen, Paul J. Salafia at 978-623-8200 Town Manager Andrew Flanagan: 978-623-8210 Andover Police Department: (978) 475-0411 Andover Chief of Police Patrick Keefe at 978-475-0411 ext. 1005 Andover Fire and Rescue Chief Michael Mansfield: 978-475-1281 Town Clerk Lawrence Murphy: 978-623-8230 Tweet: @AndrewPFlanagan @AndoverMassPD #Andover @AndoverMaGov @Town_Mgr_Maylor #customerservice CONTACTS FOR MASSACHUSETTS ELECTED OFFICIALS Andover State Senators:  Barbara L’italien: (617) 722-1612 Email: barbara.l' James Lyons: (617)722-2460 Email: U.S. Senators: Markey, Edward J. 255 Dirksen Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510(202) 224-2742Contact:  Warren, Elizabeth 317 Hart Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510(202) 224-4543Contact: Massachusetts Governor: Charlie Bake: 617-725-4005 Massachusetts Attorney General: Maura Healey: (617)7274765 Massachusetts Senate:   President Stanley C. Rosenberg: (617) 722-1500 Email:  Citizen Engagement Committee Chairs: Harriette Chandler: (617) 722-1544 Email:  Senator Bruce Tarr: (617) 722-1600 Email: Joint Committee on the Judiciary Senate William Brownsberger: (617) 722-1280  Email: andoverma.govSonia Chang Diaz: (617) 722-1673 Email: House Claire Cronin; (617) 722-2396 Email: James Cantwell: (617) 722-2396 Email:              #civil #civilrights #uniteforcivilrights #vetstakeknee #lawyers #committee #RaceForward #RacialJustice #iwalkforjustice #abaday #outatwork #lebronjames #BlackLivesMatter #colinkeapernik #WeAllWeGot #RoadRiverRail #PatersonRaised #NAACP #nojusticenopeace #eagletribune #andoverhighschool #andover #mshs #nawebnews #billerica #tewksbury #hastags #andoverpatch #northandover #massstatepolice  Follow me on Twitter    

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Petition to Anne Kirkpatrick, Mayor Libby Schaaf

Petition to Mandatory Training on Educating the OPD

Every 98 seconds an American is sexually assaulted and every 8 minutes that victim is a child. This means that over the span of a year at least 321,796 Americans had become a victim of sexual violence, and this is only in the US alone. But what makes this issue worse is the fact that most of this victims do not fully recover from their experiences, even with the help of the police by their side. Not only this but the investigations that the police conduct in order to find the perpetrator of the victim always seem to lack evidence due to the poor equipment they use to collect evidence around the crime scene. One equipment that would be amazing in collecting evidence if someone was a victim of sexual violence would be the rape kit. The rape kit is essentially different tools that collect the DNA that is left on the victim by the perpetrator and could easily figure out their identity. However, the police don’t use this tool as often as they should, because of the time and cost that it will take. Even though they do successfully find the perpetrator, the police don't necessarily have enough evidence to prove the person guilty of the crime, leading them to walk away freely. In fact, out 1000 perpetrators 994 of them walk away freely with no charges. Due to this many people could commit this crime because they know the chances of them going to prison are insanely low. Making the people in our community vulnerable and may be able to be a victim of someone who went to trial and walked away freely in the past. Considering that many people may have been a victim of sexual violence, the police decide to focus their attention more at other victims than other, for example the male population of this violence often get ignored because of the outdated stereotype that tells people that men are always strong and not likely to be victims of this type of issues, although the percentage of male victims are really low, that doesn’t give the police enough reasoning to be focusing on more victims than others, in fact anyone should receive equal treatment, especially when coming from someone who represents the justice system. According to a survey that we created and given to the general population of Oakland when asked the question, “If a police is contacted by a victim or witness of sexual violence what do you think their action should be?” 50 out of 74 people said that the police should collect enough evidence to prove the perpetrator guilty. Based on the impacts this issue could have in our city’s community, we demand a citywide, mandatory training that will be held monthly for the Oakland Police Department, where they will learn how to properly handle the scenes of sexual violence and in supporting the victims of sexual violence with empathy and care. The Oakland Police Department would be trained on how to approach victims of sexual violence with the right mindset, giving empathy and comfort to the ones who got sexually attacked. This means that they would treat the victims not only with the mindset of righteousness but with also a caring attitude that will provide the victim’s need for comfort. Not only this but they will also be trained to the proper use of the rape kit in order to better the chances of finding the perpetrator that committed the crime. This means that they are not just going to keep the rape kit behind doors of storage rooms and that they will know how to handle it if they are going to need it for a case of sexual violence. This will better help provide evidence to prove the perpetrator guilty of their doings. By doing this training we can better imagine a future where there would be more rates of people going to prison because of their crimes and decreased rates of sexual violence happening not only in our city, because if this does get implemented some other places may notice and start copying this training, which overall could decrease the rates of sexual violence around the globe providing a safer place for the next generations to come.

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Petition to LaToya Broughton

Justice for Michael Parks, Jr.

On November 26, 2012, there was an alleged encounter involving the Miami Police Department, my brother Michael Nathaniel Parks, Jr. and a deceased party by the name of Lebron Warren at the U.S.A. Flea Market located at 3015 NW 79th Street in Miami, FL. From what we were told by one of the detectives from the Miami Police Department, the incident occurred in the afternoon around 1:00 p.m. The vehicle that was driven by Mr. Warren was supposedly involved in some type of home invasion or robbery that occurred near the area of the U.S.A. Flea Market. My brother Michael Nathaniel Parks, Jr. met the deceased individual at the Flea Market and then proceeded to depart with Mr. Warren to get a ride home. Upon departing from the Flea Market, there was an alleged victim who pointed out and stated that the vehicle Mr. Warren was driving was at the crime scene of the robbery and stated he was the suspect and told the police who were on site. There were officers who allegedly worked as undercover officers who approached the vehicle and Mr. Warren who was the driver placed the vehicle in reverse to leave and the cops then opened fire shooting them both while inside the vehicle. My brother Michael Nathaniel Parks, Jr. had no involvement in the alleged robbery or invasion that occurred earlier. He came to the U.S.A. Flea Market to get his hair cut and met up with Mr. Warren while there. They felt they were being robbed by the disguises of these officers. Unfortunately, the officers somehow felt "threaten" and upon shooting at the vehicle, Mr. Lebron Warren was shot 10 times died on the scene, my brother was shot nine times. Uncertain details as such shows that something occurred where the police didn't have to open fire on these young men. What my brother has gone through was traumatic, insensitive and unjust. There were days where we would called the Jackson Memorial Trauma Unit to check on my brother's health status.  Every time our family attended court, the dates are rescheduled every three months, for what? When we want to have discussions with the Prosecutors and Public Defenders to fully understand the charges he's currently facing, there's no information, but on November 26th and November 27th of 2012 the media sure had a bunch of things to say with the information they were given by the Miami Police Department. On July 28, 2016, Judge Dava Tunis sentenced Michael Nathaniel Parks, Jr. despite his request for a speedy trial. She automatically knew in her mind that Michael committed all the crimes that he was allegedly charged with, she stated he was guilty and immaturely sentenced him to 30 years and an additional 5 years for the charges.  On August 29, 2017, Michael Parks, Jr. was acquitted by a jury on all charges and shortly thereafter was transported to the South Bay Correctional Facility in West Palm Beach, FL Alleged Defendant's Name: Michael Nathaniel ParksCase Number: F12029627 Charge: Robbery/Armed/Firearm or Deadly Weapon (Where's the weapon he had? When did he commit a robbery? Where was the scene of the robbery? Will the victim point him at the crime scene?) Jury's returned verdict "NOT GUILTY" Case Number: F12029268 Charge: Resisting Officer with Violence to His Person (How was he resisting arrest after being shot nine times? How did he become violent when he couldn't breath properly and was asking for help through hand and body gestures?) Jury's returned verdict "NOT GUILTY" Case Number: F12029910 Charge: Murder 2nd Degree/Felony (How can he be charged with the murder of the deceased party? He didn't have any weapons? He did not initiate any encounter with the police? THE OFFICERS SHOT AND KILLED MR. WARREN. THIS WAS A HOMICIDE BY THE OFFICERS OF THE MIAMI POLICE DEPARTMENT) Jury's returned verdict "NOT GUILTY" Case Number: F10006731 Charge: Grand Theft 3rd Degree/ Criminal Mischief | Warrant Case (No explanation on what this particular charge was given for... Michael was not involved in any robbery? When did he commit a robbery? Where was the scene of the robbery?) Jury's returned verdict "NOT GUILTY" There was a total of seven (7) charges against Michael Nathaniel parks, Jr and ALL CASES ARE CLOSED! MICHAEL NATHANIEL PARKS, JR WAS FOUND NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS. WE RESPECT THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM OF THE UNITED STATES, IN PARTICULAR MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, FLORIDA, BUT MY BROTHER IS INNOCENT AND HAS BEEN INNOCENT SINCE DAY ONE!  As previously stated I would like to ask or know how do I go about receiving some type of legal assistance or obtain some type of counselled knowledge in understanding what I can do for my brother Michael Nathaniel Parks, Jr. Thank you in advance. Sincerely, A concerned sister and citizen of Miami, Florida LaToya R. Broughton

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