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Petition to Mike DeWine

Voices for Mackenzie Basham

My daughter Mackenzie Basham pled guilty to 9 counts of burglary in August 2014. She was advised by her attorney to take a deal unethically. She was 19, with a prior of 2 seat belt violations at time of arrest. Allen County Sheriff Samuel A. Crish made a statement publicly of others involved in these crimes in May 2014. No other persons were brought in on any charges associated with this case.Allen County Prosecutor, Juergen A. Waldick, also knew of others involved in these crimes.The head Crime scene investigator on her case was police sergeant Fredrick DePalma. DePalma, 49, was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2015 for 35 counts of theft in office and 24 counts of tampering with evidence. He committed the police misconduct on cases in 2014.  DePalma signed every single piece of evidence in Mackenzie's discovery packet against her in 2014. Mackenzie admitted to having stolen property in her apartment and car and being paid to take it to pawn shops. The sentencing judge said aloud that drugs and the "wrong" crowd had put Mackenzie in this situation. In a courtroom full of Mackenzie's family and friends, not one official of Allen County said a word as she pled guilty out of pure fear to every single one of these crimes alone. That would mean 9 burglaries in 3 days, done by one 19 year old girl. She was given a 14 year sentence.  Mackenzie had a 2 year old baby at the time of sentencing, he is now 6 years old.  Please help me be a voice to get Mackenzie a shorter sentence so she can be reunited with her son before 2028. In 2028 her son will be 17 years old, and my daughter will be 34 years old. She has served enough time for her involvement in these crimes and has learned a very difficult lesson. She is now drug free and ready to have a second chance on life. She is a loving mother and a beautiful caring person. She is ready to function in society in a positive way now at 23 years old.  Please help me be her voice on the outside by signing this petition. My goal is to get Mackenzie a commutation of her sentence. This would make her sentence shorter and give an encouraging light at the end of the tunnel for our family who loves her so much. Positive letters of support for Mackenzie can be sent to: Ohio Parole Board Mackenzie Basham #090219 770 West Broad St, Columbus Ohio 43222.

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Petition to LaToya Broughton

Justice for Michael Parks, Jr.

On November 26, 2012, there was an alleged encounter involving the Miami Police Department, my brother Michael Nathaniel Parks, Jr. and a deceased party by the name of Lebron Warren at the U.S.A. Flea Market located at 3015 NW 79th Street in Miami, FL. From what we were told by one of the detectives from the Miami Police Department, the incident occurred in the afternoon around 1:00 p.m. The vehicle that was driven by Mr. Warren was supposedly involved in some type of home invasion or robbery that occurred near the area of the U.S.A. Flea Market. My brother Michael Nathaniel Parks, Jr. met the deceased individual at the Flea Market and then proceeded to depart with Mr. Warren to get a ride home. Upon departing from the Flea Market, there was an alleged victim who pointed out and stated that the vehicle Mr. Warren was driving was at the crime scene of the robbery and stated he was the suspect and told the police who were on site. There were officers who allegedly worked as undercover officers who approached the vehicle and Mr. Warren who was the driver placed the vehicle in reverse to leave and the cops then opened fire shooting them both while inside the vehicle. My brother Michael Nathaniel Parks, Jr. had no involvement in the alleged robbery or invasion that occurred earlier. He came to the U.S.A. Flea Market to get his hair cut and met up with Mr. Warren while there. They felt they were being robbed by the disguises of these officers. Unfortunately, the officers somehow felt "threaten" and upon shooting at the vehicle, Mr. Lebron Warren was shot 10 times died on the scene, my brother was shot nine times. Uncertain details as such shows that something occurred where the police didn't have to open fire on these young men. What my brother has gone through was traumatic, insensitive and unjust. There were days where we would called the Jackson Memorial Trauma Unit to check on my brother's health status.  Every time our family attended court, the dates are rescheduled every three months, for what? When we want to have discussions with the Prosecutors and Public Defenders to fully understand the charges he's currently facing, there's no information, but on November 26th and November 27th of 2012 the media sure had a bunch of things to say with the information they were given by the Miami Police Department. On July 28, 2016, Judge Dava Tunis sentenced Michael Nathaniel Parks, Jr. despite his request for a speedy trial. She automatically knew in her mind that Michael committed all the crimes that he was allegedly charged with, she stated he was guilty and immaturely sentenced him to 30 years and an additional 5 years for the charges.  On August 29, 2017, Michael Parks, Jr. was acquitted by a jury on all charges and shortly thereafter was transported to the South Bay Correctional Facility in West Palm Beach, FL Alleged Defendant's Name: Michael Nathaniel ParksCase Number: F12029627 Charge: Robbery/Armed/Firearm or Deadly Weapon (Where's the weapon he had? When did he commit a robbery? Where was the scene of the robbery? Will the victim point him at the crime scene?) Jury's returned verdict "NOT GUILTY" Case Number: F12029268 Charge: Resisting Officer with Violence to His Person (How was he resisting arrest after being shot nine times? How did he become violent when he couldn't breath properly and was asking for help through hand and body gestures?) Jury's returned verdict "NOT GUILTY" Case Number: F12029910 Charge: Murder 2nd Degree/Felony (How can he be charged with the murder of the deceased party? He didn't have any weapons? He did not initiate any encounter with the police? THE OFFICERS SHOT AND KILLED MR. WARREN. THIS WAS A HOMICIDE BY THE OFFICERS OF THE MIAMI POLICE DEPARTMENT) Jury's returned verdict "NOT GUILTY" Case Number: F10006731 Charge: Grand Theft 3rd Degree/ Criminal Mischief | Warrant Case (No explanation on what this particular charge was given for... Michael was not involved in any robbery? When did he commit a robbery? Where was the scene of the robbery?) Jury's returned verdict "NOT GUILTY" There was a total of seven (7) charges against Michael Nathaniel parks, Jr and ALL CASES ARE CLOSED! MICHAEL NATHANIEL PARKS, JR WAS FOUND NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS. WE RESPECT THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM OF THE UNITED STATES, IN PARTICULAR MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, FLORIDA, BUT MY BROTHER IS INNOCENT AND HAS BEEN INNOCENT SINCE DAY ONE!  As previously stated I would like to ask or know how do I go about receiving some type of legal assistance or obtain some type of counselled knowledge in understanding what I can do for my brother Michael Nathaniel Parks, Jr. Thank you in advance. Sincerely, A concerned sister and citizen of Miami, Florida LaToya R. Broughton

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