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Petition to Mike DeWine

Voices for Mackenzie Basham

My daughter Mackenzie Basham pled guilty to 9 counts of burglary in August 2014. She was advised by her attorney to take a deal unethically. She was 19, with a prior of 2 seat belt violations at time of arrest. Allen County Sheriff Samuel A. Crish made a statement publicly of others involved in these crimes in May 2014. No other persons were brought in on any charges associated with this case.Allen County Prosecutor, Juergen A. Waldick, also knew of others involved in these crimes.The head Crime scene investigator on her case was police sergeant Fredrick DePalma. DePalma, 49, was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2015 for 35 counts of theft in office and 24 counts of tampering with evidence. He committed the police misconduct on cases in 2014.  DePalma signed every single piece of evidence in Mackenzie's discovery packet against her in 2014. Mackenzie admitted to having stolen property in her apartment and car and being paid to take it to pawn shops. The sentencing judge said aloud that drugs and the "wrong" crowd had put Mackenzie in this situation. In a courtroom full of Mackenzie's family and friends, not one official of Allen County said a word as she pled guilty out of pure fear to every single one of these crimes alone. That would mean 9 burglaries in 3 days, done by one 19 year old girl. She was given a 14 year sentence.  Mackenzie had a 2 year old baby at the time of sentencing, he is now 6 years old.  Please help me be a voice to get Mackenzie a shorter sentence so she can be reunited with her son before 2028. In 2028 her son will be 17 years old, and my daughter will be 34 years old. She has served enough time for her involvement in these crimes and has learned a very difficult lesson. She is now drug free and ready to have a second chance on life. She is a loving mother and a beautiful caring person. She is ready to function in society in a positive way now at 23 years old.  Please help me be her voice on the outside by signing this petition. My goal is to get Mackenzie a commutation of her sentence. This would make her sentence shorter and give an encouraging light at the end of the tunnel for our family who loves her so much. Positive letters of support for Mackenzie can be sent to: Ohio Parole Board Mackenzie Basham #090219 770 West Broad St, Columbus Ohio 43222.

Judy Frisby
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Petition to Trent Brignac

Drop the Charges Against Dequince Brown

On July 6, 2017 Dejuan Guillory and his girlfriend Dequince Brown were frog hunting in Mamou, Louisiana when they were accosted by Evangeline Parish Officer Holden LaFleur who had a previous complaint history involving police brutality and police misconduct. An altercation resulted which ended with Dejuan Guillory dead while begging for his life and later Dequince Brown arrested and charged with attempted murder of an officer for trying to stop Officer Holden LaFleur from killing Dejuan Guillory. Evangeline Parish was cited by the Department of Justice for their pattern and practice of arresting, charging, prosecuting, and jailing Blacks and poor people for minor offenses resulting in a modern day "Debtor's Prison" and routine history of systemic racism and discrimination. Arresting and charging Brown with murder is cruel and unusual punishment. She was preventing Holden from taking an innocent life. It was Holden who escalated the situation and lead to this deadly killing of this father of three Dejuan Guillory.  District Attorney Trent Brignac is well aware of the previous citations and history of Officer Holden LaFleur and the resulting funding of the killing and wrongful arrests of Evangeline Parish and Ville Platte citizens. We are calling on the Public to urge District Attorney Trent Brignac to drop the charges against Dequince Brown and hold Officer Holden LaFleur for the killing of Dejuan Guillory. Call, fax, email, or write a letter to District Attorney Trent Brignac, 1645 Nicholson Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70802-8143  Phone (225) 343-0171; Fax (225) 387-0237;  On November 2, 2017 at 9 AM Dequince Brown will be arraigned on charges of attempted murder of an officer. This is a total miscarriage of justice and a distraction from seeking justice for Dejuan Guillory.

Margaret Haule
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Petition to Federal Bureau of Investigation

Need signatures for petition to open investigation of 72 yr old Bartlesville police death

The Bartlesville police display abbuse of badge and power they have a long record of getting investigated of such wrong doing ,on Jan 16 taskforce did a raid at 1608 sw maple st Mike Anthony livingston was the target he used to be married to Amber Thompson, Jerry thompson daughter who is a Bartlesville reserve officer Mike was surrendering but cops was screaming loud Geraldine Townsend was asleep may I add she had a half a foot and a brain anarchism she doesn't really know what she's doing but since they did live in a bad area she had a bb gun for protection they also had camera to watch there house they say shot at them ,the officer that shot her was the one said to have shot in face when explaining he does say he came back around to cover Steven but said she pointed the gun at him again so he shot obviously Mike's yelling it'  my mom its'  a bb gun  but they could have tackled her  but then to put salt on the wound they show no remorse  they get rude with Mike who was pleading to see his mother still calling them sir they got tired of hearing him cry and scream for him to shut up they kept being a abusive and showing no remorse provoking Mike to threat to cause harm on them out of mental distress now they are charging Mike for making the threat even though it was provoked charging him for having cameras ,he has a disable mom to protect he lived for her and all they found was a mason jar of weed and I find out the video of the event was one of the cops cell phone do they normally  do that, they showed no remorse their story changed alo  now they are bringing up Mike's 1988 records and making sound like she was trying to keep her son from going to jail I read a lot of blogs so many in the commnity of their abuse of power I seen so many cases of some of the officers involved for brutality Mike' bond is set 500,000 this needs to stop who can we turn to

ladonna Powell
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