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Petition to Mayor Lori Lightfoot City Hall 121 N. LaSalle Street Chicago, Illinois 60602 Mayor Lori Lighfoot and

Chicago police targeting a Latino family on the south side of Chicago

CHICAGO POLICE ARE INVESTIGATING US FOR OVER 9 YEARS. They committed all these crimes to try to FRAME many INNOCENT PEOPLE and as RETALIATION. We were discriminated against, slandered( everywhere), harassed,(everywhere), Hate crimes, Falsely arrested DUI, Invasion of privacy, Jobs destroyed(harassed and wrongfully terminated twice, They caused this) LOST over 400K back pay benefits and LOTS MORE POLICE MISCONDUCT AND DAMAGES. These criminal cops caused trouble for the whole family Mother 75 yrs old, sisters and brother-in-law. They were discriminated against, slandered, harassed on the street too.  These are Federal Civil rights and Human rights violations Chicago police 8th district and their sick POLICE INVESTIGATORS are still continuing with their crimes today targeting us illegally while spying in our home as RETALIATION(They have police records on them).  We are  being monitored, harassed, even death threats and lots more It was 8th district Chicago police and their sick POLICE INVESTIGATORS who committed all this police terrorism. 3420 West 63rd St Chicago, IL 60629, Phone: 312-747-8730 Fax: 312-747-8545  Nobody in Chicago does anything in over 5 years of complaints. We filed complaints with everybody Mayor Lori Lightfoot, COPA(IPRA), States attorney Kim Foxx,  Governor Prikster, Inspector general, FBI, Attorney general Kwame Raoul and many others All this is 100% TRUE , we can prove all this in court with many witnesses, many documents, police video and they have police records on file to prove they are investigating us and proves they committed all the police misconduct and damages for over 9 years. We are looking for lawyers also We want Chicago police to be investigated, prosecuted for all their police misconduct and they have to pay us for over 9 years of police misconduct, damages, back pay  and future damages too

Oscar Gomez
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Petition to John F. Marchisotto

Petition for NJ A​.​G. Gurbir S. Grewal Resignation & NJ State Police Mudduser Malik Fired

A retired New York Police Department sergeant is asking for New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal, along with his Deputy A.G. minions to resign, and NJ State Police Detective Mudduser Malik to be fired! A.G. Grewal has not cleaned up CORRUPTION in New Jersey, and he and his Deputy Attorney General Minions have only added to it.   John Marchisotto, the man launching the petition, says both men have violated their oath of office. He accuses the detective of perjury. He accuses the AG of defending the detective while knowing the officer lied under oath. He calls the defense an egregious waste of taxpayer dollars. In a filing with the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, John Marchisotto v. Margaret Goodzeit, et al; 0:20-cv-01870, he says the officer failed to tell the court everything the judge needed to know about obtaining a search warrant for Mr. Marchisotto's New Jersey home. The purpose of the search was a Red Flag gun seizure.Mr. Marchisotto said the Red Flag was also a red herring as he'd done nothing wrong. He said he is not totally certain why Det. Malik has a vendetta against him. "His personal problems with me are beside the point. He is an officer of the law, just as I was before I retired. I know what a law enforcement officer is supposed to do. Det. Malik is not doing that," he said. "I am the target of discriminatory and baseless attacks." Police officers must set aside their personal opinions and views and enforce the law fairly, the retired sergeant said. When officers do not do this, they must be held accountable under the very law they are to enforce. "I'm seeking justice, not just for me, but for everyone. If Detective Malik came after me this way, then who else has he unjustly pursued in the past? Who will he go after in the future? This is just not right," Mr. Marchisotto said. In a related filing, the retired NYPD officer is seeking $10 billion in damages, none of which he plans to keep. He said every penny will go to a charity; MARCHISOTTO v. MALIK et al; Case No.: 3:20-cv-20426-BRM-LHG. "I am just after justice. I want the right thing to be done," he said. "The New Jersey State judicial system should be fair and impartial. It is not and we need to change things. Please help me with my petition and together we can make a difference and set things right. For more information on the petition or a copy of the transcripts, email,_et_al

Ret NYPD Sergeant John F Marchisotto
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Petition to Chief of police Steaven Watson

This is a petition to gather names of people that have been victimised by Stg. Sanchez .

The problem is that   that there are many citizens in our comunity that have had experiences with officer Sanchez. That claim this officer is using the color of his badge to mask his corrupt ways, and that they are coming forward wial Sgt. Sanchez is in the spot light. To bear witness that this officer has a extensive history of misconduct that would have otherwise gone unreported. We are calling soon Chief Steave Watson to do what is right and end Sgt. Sanchezes reign of unconstitutiinal distasteful and cowardly policing. We are calling for the chief  terminae this officer and any other officers that are found to be involved. Some if us that has signed this patition would like to even go further and would like to provide testimony and bring to light some of the many cruel and unusual tactics that officers Sanchez and the men under his command have used against them. I know that the chief gas to agree with this patition because it inspires to do exactly what he inspires to do. And that is weed out any officers that don't portray the EPDs values in everything they do. So I'm sure we will have his support in welcoming people to come forward if they have had experiences of police misconduct from this officer in the past. And will always welcome any information that leads to the discovery of misconduct of any of his officers . caused so much unreported damages to the homeless  community's entire population over the years he has been able to hide his cruelty behind the cover of his EPD badge. He has prevented gaining any trust between the city and our most vinersble homeless community. He has ruined people's lifes, reputations, and faulsly defamed countless homeless and mentally ill citizens in eureka. He has used the powers invested in to him to, and belittle people for witch he is sworn to protect. Targeting  only those he sees as week andless likely to challenge his corrupted ways of policing. He was sworn to protect and to serve and to up hold the law.  Instead he hides behind a false image and reputation as a good officer, all the wial he's  use been leadership position to teach a hole squad to fallow in his foot steps and partisapate in dirty Sanches type of policing.  Sanchez squad essentially aimss to cause misary and make life unbearable in the attempts to persuade the people living in the streets to leave the area. Most these people have nowhere else to go and can't stand up for themselves. So they turn into repeat victims of dirty Sancheze type of policing. Him and his squad target thier many repeate  victims that are stuck on the streets. They unconstitutionally and disrespectfully destroy people's property and steal people's servival gear over and over again and again. Untill these people are broken and afraid to even own any extra camping gear. Or own anything at all because police will find a way to take it from  them. They come illegally, without warning. They will sneak into people's camps at night unannounced. Then still only the valuables and personal belongings. Then not clean up any of the garbage..  Sanchez views everyone who is homeless to be in the wrong weather they are guilty of something or not. . Sgt Sanchez has built his career as a two faced police officer. Always keeping his near perfect image as an outstanding officer that really cares about all citezuns. When all along he has a hiden personality. That he only lets his victims and the other officers in his squad that condone or partisapate in two faced policing. towards the homeless and mentally ill or people that live on the streets. Only Sgt Sanchez knows when he choose to be a dirty cop , and must go to great lengths to plan when, where, and to whom he aims his attacks. Selecting to act as a good cop with normal citesins, and then being an evil bias and hateful cop to those he dislikes. Treating incident people with this kind of outrageously disrespectful and unconstitutiinal  policing. While officer sanchez has been getting his jolleys from treating people this way.  It wasn't enough for snachez to be the only cop on the force to undermine the values, of the edp. So he started teaching his squad his dirty Sanchez tactics. Leading a handful of these officers to think undermining the values of what the EPD stands for is the norm under officer sanchezes watch.  Everyone that puts thier name on this partition has had a personal experience or has been witness to questionable policing done by Sgt sanches, And or his squad. Each person signing is a witness to thier own separate accounts of police misconduct that has went unreported over the course of Sgt sancheze career.  Many of  these people have been to afraid to report Sgt Sanchezes  actions  because fear of the retaliation, some out of fear that nobody is going to believe them over a police officer Like Sgt Sanchez.  If it wasn't for these resent text being brought out into the light by the news many of the people signing this patition would have forever been silenced by Sanchez. All people sign this are asking for no less than these officers be stripped of there athority  and be  removed from the force perminanly.

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