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Petition to Michael A. Thomas

Keep Police Dog Program

As our nation battles an "opioid epidemic", our town council voted to eliminate our police drug dog program!   And what makes even less sense...our police department has one of the most experienced police dog trainers in the country, who is nationally renowned, on its force.  We are in a narcotics crisis.  Our children are dying of overdoses.  Families are being torn apart.  Small-time pushers and big-time dealers are creeping into small towns everywhere.  No community is safe.  Why would anyone eliminate one of the best deterrents and detectors of narcotics from the police force...a highly-trained dog?   A dog's nose is tens of thousands of times better than a human's nose.  A dog can see in light 5x dimmer than a human.  A dog's hearing is 4x better than that of a human.  A dog can excellerate faster than an average human.  And of course, a dog has big strong jaws.  This makes a dog an intimidating, effective foe.  Simply put, eliminating a police K9 force (officer/dog partner) that is highly trained in narcotics detection is asinine.  Please sign this petition to urge our Borough Manager and Plum Council to not only save and keep this program and its officers, but to add more police dogs and handlers to the force.   As any parent, I want to protect my young children from crime and drugs.  Will keeping this program guarantee that?  Of course not, but it will prevent someone else's child from obtaining drugs.  Nothing good can come from eliminating the drug dog/K9 police program.

Jen Love
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Petition to John Mark Solovan 101 W. Main St., St. Clairesville, OH 43950

A community has been weakened and a grave injustice has befallen an honorable man in blue.

-The severely in-debt, financially struggling, small Village of Smithfield Ohio, (population roughly 806), desperately needed cruisers.  -Officers were patrolling in their own personal vehicles because they didn't have cruisers. -A budget was set of $45,000.  -One cruiser was bought at a dealership for $25,000.  -The officer in charge of obtaining information regarding the purchasing of the vehicles was not Smithfield Police Chief Robert Mieczkowski.  -The officer in charge of obtaining information approached Chief Mieczkowski regarding an older model SUV that his sister was selling.  -It was determined that the 2004 Chevy Tahoe was in excellent condition and worth almost $13,000.  -The officer in charge then approached the village council with the idea of purchasing the used vehicle.  -It was agreed that book value of $12,000 was A fair market price. -Council asked Chief Mieczkowski if they could pay $3,000 upfront and then pay $500 monthly until it was paid in full.  -Trying to help the already struggling community, the deal was accepted by all parties and then voted on by the village council & signed off by the mayor and village counselor (solicitor/lawyer).   -Chief Mieczkowski was not in attendance at that meeting.   -Chief Mieczkowski's sister had moved approximately 3 hours away and often travels to Florida to help her daughter (who has health issues -sometimes staying with her daughter for extended periods of time).  For convenience sake, it was decided that the title should be signed over to him. -The mayor, the village council, and village solicitor (lawyer) signed off on the deal.  -It was an even exchange, above-board transaction that was conducted in the open.  -Police Chief Robert Mieczkowski himself, having nothing to hide, had called the State Auditor's office and BCI because there was money missing from the village.  (He had hoped that the Auditor's office could help them find the missing money and bring those responsible to justice). -The investigator who investigated the sale of the Tahoe admitted in court that he (the investigator) had in fact inaccurately reported evidence.  -The special prosecutor admitted in court that the village records (that they had confiscated and that would exonerate Chief Mieczkowski proving that the transaction was conducted properly) were in fact missing. -To date, the village still has not paid Chief Mieczkowski in full. -Chief Mieczkowski has been wrongfully convicted. -Chief Mieczkowski has served for several decades honorably not only as a police chief, but also as a juvenile probation officer.  -He has mentored countless numbers of youth through out his 25 years service as a probation officer.  -He has organized food drives and freely given food baskets and Christmas presents to children and families in need.  -Chief Mieczkowski has taught criminal justice at the local college. -Chief Mieczkowski served other officers as a recertification instructor and an NRA conceal and carry instructor. -When a elderly local man with Alzheimer's disease went missing, Chief Mieczkowski flew over 2500 air miles on his own time and at his own expense attempting to help find the missing man.  No one had asked him to do it; he just freely stepped up and joined the search because it was the right thing to do -encouraging the family along the way to "not give up hope."  This is act alone describes who he is.  -The community has been weakened by this grave injustice.  -We are asking that the Honorable Judge John Mark Solovan 101 W Main St., St Clairesville, Ohio 43950 set aside the juries' erroneous verdict or reduce the conviction to a misdemeanor. -There is no penalty to be paid by Chief Mieczkowski because he did not do anything wrong; he has served his community with honor and integrity.  -Help us help this honorable man restore his exemplary reputation.  Thank you.

Ursula Williams Greenwood
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