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Petition to Michael A. Thomas

Keep Police Dog Program

As our nation battles an "opioid epidemic", our town council voted to eliminate our police drug dog program!   And what makes even less sense...our police department has one of the most experienced police dog trainers in the country, who is nationally renowned, on its force.  We are in a narcotics crisis.  Our children are dying of overdoses.  Families are being torn apart.  Small-time pushers and big-time dealers are creeping into small towns everywhere.  No community is safe.  Why would anyone eliminate one of the best deterrents and detectors of narcotics from the police force...a highly-trained dog?   A dog's nose is tens of thousands of times better than a human's nose.  A dog can see in light 5x dimmer than a human.  A dog's hearing is 4x better than that of a human.  A dog can excellerate faster than an average human.  And of course, a dog has big strong jaws.  This makes a dog an intimidating, effective foe.  Simply put, eliminating a police K9 force (officer/dog partner) that is highly trained in narcotics detection is asinine.  Please sign this petition to urge our Borough Manager and Plum Council to not only save and keep this program and its officers, but to add more police dogs and handlers to the force.   As any parent, I want to protect my young children from crime and drugs.  Will keeping this program guarantee that?  Of course not, but it will prevent someone else's child from obtaining drugs.  Nothing good can come from eliminating the drug dog/K9 police program.

Jen Love
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