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Petition to Governor Ron DeSantis, James Casey

Governor Ron DeSantis- Please Reassign The Illegal Slaughter Farms Case To Another County!

(click on live red links for details)(VIDEO STATEMENT FROM ARM - RICHARD COUTO)Time is running out to reassign this case, there are only 2 years in which reassignment can happen.  Please voice your concerns by phone, email and postal mail to Governor Ron DeSantis regarding the corruption and lack of law enforcement in Lee County, FL.Update:  4/20/2018 - Assistant State Attorney Amira Fox appears to blatantly lie to the public stating the Illegal Horse/Slaughter farms were shut down.  See Amira's Youtube video statement.4/12/2018 - Sgt. Randy Hodges of Lee County Sheriff’s Office Agricultural Crimes Unit appears to lays blame on Animal Recovery mission for their failure of duty in a 2 1/2 year investigation.   4/19/2018According to Animal Recovery Mission, Lee County Florida Assistant State Attorney Cameron Ziggs, Assistant State Attorney Larry Justham and Lee County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Randy Hodges office are allowing Tragic Barbaric Felony Animal Cruelty Crimes to thrive in their County since or before 2016.  Illegal horse slaughter and unspeakable crimes against animals of torture and abuse, animals being butchered, boiled and skinned alive, as described in the non graphic video above.  These crimes also include domestic dogs/fighting and ritualistic ceremonies.  Atrocities and crimes children are forced to watch.Crimes against Society, gross violations of the Humane Animal Slaughter ACT equal -  FAILURE IN LOCAL GOVERNMENT  where the worst animal cruelty cases in America continue with no protection for the animals.We the Petitioners do not support this gross Injustice and Negligence from local Authorities.  We demand the 4 illegal slaughter farms be shut down, the animals rescued and the owners jailed for Felony Animal Cruelty and USDA violations.  We respectfully request the Authorities involved be held accountable for their misconduct of ignoring the state law which in our opinion, results in contributing to the heinous unspeakable cruelty in their County as they appear to knowingly disobey the law.  WHAT CAN YOU DO TO HELP?State Attorney Stephen Russell, Chief Assistant State Attorney Amira Fox, Assistant State Attorney Cameron Ziggs, Felony Division Chief Larry Justham, like other Attorneys, must adhere to the standards of professional conduct that exist in the state where they practice. Every state has a disciplinary system under which lawyers can be punished for violating ethical standards.  Please voice your concerns asking the case be moved to another County.Florida Governor Ron DeSantis850-488-7146 (Citizen Services) FBI - Felony Animal Cruelty Acts of cruelty against animals are now counted alongside felony crimes like arson, burglary, assault, and homicide in the FBI’s expansive criminal database.  Please contact local FBI and respectfully share your concerns.FBI Jacksonville James Casey  Jacksonville@ic.fbi.govInternal AffairsCitizens can file a complaint through any member of the Lee County Sheriff's Office, including in person at any Sheriff's Office facility, by telephoning any Sheriff's Office facility, by e-mailing a complaint to Internal Affairs, ( ) or by sending a complaint through regular mail to 14750 Six Mile Cypress Parkway, Fort Myers, Florida 33912 Attn. Internal Affairs".  You may remain anonymous. Please follow and support ARM (Animal Recovery Mission) on FacebookSign the ARM Petition

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Petition to Clifford Riedel, Carrie Daggett, Mayor & City Council Members, Jeffrey Swoboda, Professional Standards Unit

FCPD Committed Perjury To Convict Him. Please Help Overturn William's Wrongful Conviction!

INTRODUCTION: William was wrongfully convicted of being in a park by a Fort Collins Police Officer who unlawfully arrested him on a public sidewalk using an internal-use-only maintenance map carelessly obtained from the wrong city department, and who then unlawfully secured his conviction in court by lying to a jury about its purported officialness and authenticity. William has since obtained the correct park boundaries from the correct city department, as well as the lease itself for the property, and has even found a survey pin in the ground that precisely coincides with such – all of which substantiates conclusively that he had been standing well outside of the true park boundaries when he was wrongfully arrested by the officer – and has presented this plainly exculpatory information to both city and county governmental officials, only to be further systematically denied relief by them. Evidently the government would rather “ratify” the wrong boundaries of a park as now the new, official boundaries of a park, than hold themselves accountable. William has exhausted all traditional avenues of relief in this matter, and is now seeking assistance from the outside world. Such unethical, unacceptable, and downright unconscionable behavior on the part of his perpetrators does not deserve to go unnoticed and unaddressed. Please look into the extensive information that William has compiled on the subject, and consider helping him overturn his wrongful conviction / have the officer who caused it charged with committing felony perjury. Thank you! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - SYNOPSIS: In September of 2015, an Occupy Jefferson Protest was held in the city of Fort Collins, CO. During this protest William Montgomery and other protesters eventually moved themselves from inside Jefferson Street Park, to a nearby publicly owned and maintained sidewalk that was not part of the park, so as to keep being able to protest throughout the nights without fearing arrest. Sergeant Giddings of the Fort Collins Police Department, along with several other officers, arrested William and these other protesters on this public sidewalk anyways, for allegedly still being inside the park, by using an internal-use-only service-and-maintenance-related map that Giddings had erroneously and carelessly obtained from the wrong city department. In William's trial over the matter, Sergeant Giddings committed first degree criminal perjury by fabricating two lies to the court: (1) that the map he used was “the official boundary map for Jefferson Street Park” and (2) that he had obtained this boundary map from “the official source for park boundaries within the city, the Fort Collins Parks Department.” Both claims were left unsubstantiated, however, and were otherwise supposed to be considered inadmissible hearsay, as nobody from the Parks Department had been subpoenaed to court that day to testify to their truthfulness. William was wrongfully convicted nonetheless, of being inside the park when he actually hadn't been, despite the map offered by Sergeant Giddings not being the true boundary map of Jefferson Street Park. Sadly, William could have fairly been found not guilty, in fact, had the prosecutor simply acknowledged his legitimate objections to the map's purported authenticity, and had the jury likewise rejected its admission into evidence for not being fairly substantiated and legitimate testimony otherwise. During the protest and after it ended, William visited several city departments to investigate into Sergeant Giddings' claims. First, he spoke with the Streets Department, who confirmed with him that the public sidewalk at issue was part of the adjacent street's 100-foot-wide right-of-way, and not part of the park. Next, he spoke with the Parks Department itself, who personally informed him that (1) they were not, by any means, the official source for park boundaries within the city, (2) the map to which they had once provided to Sergeant Giddings was not the official boundary map for Jefferson Street Park, and (3) they had never once attested to such things, let alone to Sergeant Giddings. In fact, said map was no longer able to be found on their servers when they went to go look for it. Moreover, while William was there he even spoke with the creator herself of the controversial map they had originally provided to Sergeant Giddings, and who informed him that it was purposefully drawn up by her to include the nearby sidewalk, but was otherwise intended specifically and exclusively for internal, service, and maintenance purposes only. (She, and other Parks Department members, said that their internal maps are commonly drawn up to include nearby sidewalks, so as to make it easier for the city to service and maintain them.) Eventually William discovered the official boundary map of Jefferson Street Park at the Fort Collins GIS Department, and was even able to find the official lease for the park down at the Fort Collins Real Estate Department (and to which also included in it an official boundary map of the park). William attempted to appeal his wrongful conviction with this plainly exculpatory information he had recently gathered in mind, but was unsuccessful in doing so. Unfortunately, despite receiving more than enough “clear and convincing” evidence to exonerate him with, the Larimer County District Attorney refused to acknowledge that he had wrongfully convicted William, and decided, instead, to “ratify” what Sergeant Giddings had unlawfully established in court one day – that the official source for park boundaries within the City Of Fort Collins, is, in fact, “the Parks Department” (even though it's not), and that the map obtained by Giddings was, in fact, “the official boundary map for Jefferson Street Park” (even though it wasn't). Despite remaining wrongfully convicted in the matter, William still reported the verifiable perjury committed by Sergeant Giddings, and the fact that he had since discovered the correct park boundaries of Jefferson Street Park, to the Fort Collins Police Internal Affairs Department. Unfortunately all five members of the Internal Affairs Department systematically denied all wrongdoing on the part of their inferior officer, and summarily dismissed William's claims as unfounded. At one point in time, William was even told by a member of the department that they considered him to be “lawsuit scammer,” and that he should otherwise “give up and let go” of the frivolous claims they thought he was trying to bring otherwise. This upset William greatly, considering that he knew for a fact that his claims were genuine, and that he had discovered irrefutable, unequivocally verifiable information that completely implicated Sergeant Giddings, and to which also fully exculpated him. He did not appreciate becoming the “scapegoat” to somebody else's wrongdoings. Not convinced that all his avenues of relief were yet exhausted, William reported the fraud and corruption he had caught of Sergeant Giddings, the Larimer County District Attorney, and now the Fort Collins Police Internal Affairs Department, to higher members of the Fort Collins City Government. He eventually spoke with the Fort Collins City Attorney and its Assistant Chief Of Police. Unfortunately, during his discussions with them, he was met with the same intellectual dishonesty, complacency, and opposition. Even though by this point in time William had discovered (and shared with them) the City's 146 year old plat, and a picture of the actual survey pin he had since found in the ground – that even further conclusively substantiated the truly public nature of the publicly owned and maintained 100-foot right-of-way sidewalk at issue – they still refused to acknowledge any wrongdoing on the part of their officer, let alone that the boundary map used by him in William's trial was indeed not the correct one that should have been referred to. The City Attorney further failed to rectify the situation by convoluting it into something more complicated than it actually was, by erroneously claiming that the whole thing was merely some non-genuine dispute over the “exact” right-of-way line (and that perhaps William was just trying to create a controversy where there otherwise was none) versus a more critical and genuine dispute over what the actual “published” boundaries of the park are in the first place, and to which are of truly paramount importance in determining whether or not William is actually guilty of the charges (or not). She also referred to the “rights” William had to a jury trial, and to file an appeal, and that if he was unsuccessful in defending himself, that there was nothing her office or the police department could otherwise do to help him. This determination, of course, flies in face of Rule 3.8(h) of The Colorado Bar Association Rules Of Professional Conduct, which specifically mandates that wrongful convictions be overturned when a prosecutor becomes aware of “clear and convincing” evidence of a defendant's innocence, as well as law enforcement's unquestionable obligation to hold police officers accountable when they commit crimes like perjury and offering false instruments for recording (all independent of any appellate process taken). Ultimately, Fort Collins Police Officer Sean Giddings, and the Larimer County District Attorney who pushed his case, poisoned the court system with their lies and corruption, and violated the truth seeking function of the trial process. Then, their superiors, once informed of the situation, left William in “no man's land” through their own systematic denialism, discrimination, and defamation of him as guilty until (evidently never) proven innocent. Having been presented with issues quite extremely easy to figure out, it can only be said that all city and county government officials involved were just too busy lynching William as some sort of pro se, homeless, “lawsuit scammer,” to actually see that he was innocent. Without a doubt, their narcissism, elitism, image problem, cognitive dissonance, intellectual dishonesty, intellectual laziness, willful blindness, reckless disregard for the truth, sheer incompetence, and classist bigotry, have cumulatively rendered them wholly objectively unreasonable people, and otherwise requiring William to seek outside assistance at this point to overturn his wrongful conviction with. He humbly asks for your help now to finally right such a simple wrong that he just doesn't deserve to live with. He is looking at (or is already!) spending 72 days in jail over this issue, and with his severe and debilitating medical condition (a sliding duodenal hernia) he his deeply concerned that he may not fend well.  Please help William overturn his wrongful conviction! Thank you! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - LIST OF GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS THAT ARE DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR WRONGFULLY CONVICTING WILLIAM AND/OR MAINTAINING HIS WRONGFUL CONVICTION:           - Sergeant Sean Giddings          - Officer Bryan Grosshans          - Officer Josh Golden           - Lieutenant Jarred Kinsman          - Lieutenant Craig Horton          - Lieutenant Daniel Murphy          - Sergeant Jackie Pierson          - Sergeant Heather Moore           - City Attorney Carrie Daggett          - Former Assistant Chief Of Police Kevin Cronin           - Larimer County District Attorney Michael Deschenes          - Larimer County District Attorney Laurie Dean          - Larimer County District Attorney David Vandenberg          - Larimer County District Attorney William Starks          - Larimer County District Attorney Clifford Reidel           - Larimer County Judge Kraig Ecton          - District Court Judge Stephen Howard - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - FACTUAL BACKGROUND: To view the entire report, please visit: To view the youtube playlist, please visit: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Also, William and his brother can always use more financial help to process this and their many other cases with, so if you can, please consider donating to their cause here: Thank you!

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Petition to Colorado Bureau of Investigation, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Governor Jared Polis, Jared Polis

Justice for Mindy Lee, a 33 year old mom who died suspiciously in Woodland Park, CO.

Mindy Lee was 33 years old when she was discovered by the Woodland Park police department on December 1, 2010. Mindy disappeared on Thursday Nov. 26th. The circumstances of her death, how long it took for the police to locate her as well as some missteps the police made have muddied up what really happened to Mindy. Here is what we know: It was a cold night in Colorado. Per friends who were in the vehicle with Mindy, they parked the vehicle & Mindy took off running towards the woods. Mindy has no shoes or socks on. She was wearing lightweight clothes & perhaps most disturbing is that she left her 4 year old daughter in the vehicle. Friends supposedly notified police that Mindy was missing. Around day 3, the cops used the search dogs to locate any traces of Mindy. The dogs “hit” on a abandoned house YET the police never thoroughly searched the house. WHY? It was 5 days after Mindy disappeared when she was located on the opposite side of a locked 6ft fence. She was found by a school police officer BUT the same area she was found had already been searched by the Woodland Park police. When Mindy was discovered, she had two 55-gallon tubs on or around her that SHE supposedly moved herself.  Remember that Mindy had no socks & shoes on when she ran towards the woods YET she had absolutely no abrasions, scratches, rocks or thorns on her bare feet. The police claim Mindy had a drug addiction and died of hypothermia. The Woodland Park police initially ruled Mindys death was a suicide.  There were 4 different death certificates issued for Mindy.  The Teller County, Colorado DA will not reopen Mindy’s case.  Please sign this petition and share so that we can get justice and answers for Mindy and her family. 

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